Tuesday, January 1st: New Year’s Day
Monday, March 11th: National Heroes and Benefactors Day (in lieu of Saturday, 9th March)
Friday. April 19th Good Friday
Saturday, April 20th: Holy Saturday
Monday, April 22nd: Easter Monday
Friday, May 1st: Labour Day
Monday, May 27th: Sovereign’s Day/Commonwealth Day (in lieu of Friday, 24th May)
Tuesday, September 10th: St. George’s Caye Day
Monday, September 23rd: Independence Day (in lieu of Saturday, 21st September)
Monday, October 14th: Pan American Day (in lieu of Saturday, 12th October)
Tuesday, November 19th: Garifuna Settlement Day
Wednesday, December 25th: Christmas Day
Thursday, December 26th: Boxing Day

Not A Good Year For Long Weekend Warriors

The list of public and bank holidays for 2019 has been released and those who love extra long weekends won't be too happy with what they see.

First off, New Year’s Day falls on a Tuesday, so that means New Year’s Eve is on a regular working Monday.

The year’s first long weekend comes two months later, when Monday March 11th will be observed as National Heroes and Benefactors day - since the 9th of March falls on a Saturday.

Easter falls from April 19 to the 22nd which is the longest weekend of the year.

Labour Day will be observed mid-week on Wednesday May first.

Sovereign’s Day, also known as Commonwealth day - falls on Friday May 24th - but it will be observed on Monday May 27th, so that even those who work Saturday’s can get the benefit of the long weekend.

Tenth September falls on a Tuesday, drearily book ended by work days. But you can get your celebrations-month long weekend on September 23rd, which will be a holiday in exchange for Saturday September 21st. In such cases, the official ceremony and parades are usually held on the Monday - we’ll see how it will be handled this year.

Pan American day, on October 12th is another case of a holiday falling on a Saturday, but being observed on a Monday - in this case, Monday the 14th.

Garifuna Settlement day falls on and will be observed on a weekday, Tuesday the 19th.

And similarly, Christmas and Boxing Day fall midweek on Wednesday and Thursday, meaning, you’ll have to go back to work on Friday after the Christmas spree.

And so while 2019 will have fewer long weekends - we also see the Minister responsible for Holidays creating as many as he can by observing three Saturday holidays on a Monday.

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