Belize’s basketball team won 71 to 67 vs EL Salvador national basketball team in a nail-biting finish at the spanking-new-modern CIVIC

If you were outside the building last night, you would have thought that 10 thousand people were inside the Spanking-Modern-New Arena, THE CIVIC. but the crowd was just 1/3 of the arena’s capacity.

A lively crowd cheered on the National Basketball Team to a nail-biting victory over the National Team of EL Salvador. The Belize team lead in points for most of the game and at one point they had a lead of 10, but El Salvador was on their heels, played well and narrowed that lead to just 1 point in the final minutes of the game.

In the last few seconds of the game, EL Salvador attempted a 3 point shot that would have even the 70-67 lead that Belize had. The shot almost went in and the crowd went wild and ….. shouted – defense, defense !

EL Salvador fouled to get the ball in the final 10 seconds and Belize made 1 of the foul shots and won 71 – 67.

The security personnel at the CIVIC and the Belize Police Dept. did a great job and it was a pleasant orderly, very clean and cool venue, including lots style, well dressed ! and notable Belizean sports fans.


Final 30 Seconds of the game:

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Full Game: