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The San Pedro Sun

Gary Greif to contest Minister Heredia’s BRS seat
Early this month, the governing United Democratic Party (UDP) released a list of candidates aspiring to run in the 2020 General Elections. Island residents were surprised to learn that among the candidates was San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) Councillor Gary Greif who will be contesting the Belize Rural South (BRS) constituency. The seat is currently held by four-term Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr. Greif says that his main platform in representing BRS in Belmopan is to seek empowerment for the SPTC and the Caye Caulker Village Council, and for them to have more autonomy in their respective affairs. Greif told The San Pedro Sun that as Area Representative, he will work for his constituency and demand from Central Government what the islands need. He spoke about the fees collected for each dock on the island, believing that jurisdiction should be given to both San Pedro and Caye Caulker to use this income for the betterment of its residents. Greif stated that he will push for most, if not all, government departments to have offices on the island, in particular, the Department of Environment. He is a strong advocate for the environment and sustainability and is against projects that could destroy it. “The process by which these projects are vetted and approved must change,” said Greif. “There must be representation from the community in the approval process.”

Environmental authorities justify project at Cayo Rosario; islanders oppose
Ambergris Caye residents are extremely concerned following the approval of a tourism project on Cayo Rosario off the north-west coast of the island. Tourism stakeholders, fishermen, and residents have been opposing the development on the 10-acre island, as it sits within the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Despite widespread outcry warning the Government of Belize that such a project could have a huge impact on the fly fishing industry that provides a livelihood for many Belizeans, dredging was approved on Cayo Rosario, with the justification that it poses no threat to the marine reserve, and that the size of the development has been significantly scaled down. Initially, the plan for the proposed project included some 90 over- the- water structures, and several other buildings on the island itself. It is alleged that the National Appraisal Environment Committee (NEAC) asked the developers to scale down the project. A few changes were made and the over-the-water structures were cut down to 54, but on the island itself, the plan is to build 50 additional buildings, a club, spa, restaurant and two docks. There also a beach reclamation project that will require dredging.

Wolfe’s Woofers: Futbol
“You must be hungry this morning,” my friend George said, as I picked up the bags of food and cups of coffee in the deli. “No. I lost a bet last night shooting pool so I have to buy breakfast for the guys. I made the shot but scratched on the eight ball.” I took the food out to the deck of the Holiday Hotel and distributed it to the other members of the Boca del Rio Eight Ball team. Just before we started to eat, George came from the deli and joined us at our table.

Misc Belizean Sources


Here are some current photos, just taken Saturday morning, of the continued paving of the Caye Caulker Airstrip
I appeared they had used all of this mornings hotmix by the time I got there and they were loading the trucks to take them back to BC. I do not know if they bring more than one barge of hotmix over/day. I will head over there later this afternoon (after the Bristish Open is over ;-P ) and see what's going on.

2018 Taste of Belize
Congratulations to the winner of the 2018 Taste of Belize competition, Eliza Carr of Hamanasi! 2nd place went to Mahogany Bay's Cesar Gomez and 3rd place went to Michael Acal of Chef Rob's Gourmet Cafe!

2018 Taste of Belize
Congratulations to the winners of the Pastry Chef and Junior Chef competition at the BTB Taste of Belize 2018! Pastry Chef Winners: 1st Place: Einar Marin, 2nd Place: Tiffany Dawson and 3rd Place: Eliza Quetzal Junior Chef Winners: 1st Place: Rojel Ian Lisbey, 2nd Place: Dolores Gillett and 3rd Place: Ernestina Acal!

One man stabbed in Caye Caulker
Police in Caye Caulker are investigating a stabbing incident that left 27-year-old Fernando Oliva injured with a cut wound to his left upper arm. According to an official report, police visited the Caye Caulker Polyclinic on Saturday, July 21st, and observed Oliva a Belizean salesman suffering from a stab wound. Initial investigation revealed that Oliva was in front of the China Town Hotel on Estrella Street when he was stabbed by a known male person. After being treated by medical authorities on the island, Oliva was later transported to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City where he remains in a stable condition.

Corozal Bay Area Fire Fighters
The Corozal Bay Area Fire Fighters were out today practicing there regular routine practices for emergency fire practice at Rainbow Beach. Today, they had to practice how to fight a fire by groups aiming at areas when its on extremely hot. The organizer of the group said that it is nessecary for this regular routines because if another fire happens in the future, they know what to do. We use this area because it is on the water side and the beach is an open area for our workers to have more experience outing off a fire. And, we use the water to refill the truck. Today, the fire truck was used to fill out the engine for practice and used to aim on areas when a fire is happening. At the end of the practice the engine is filled back for any fire to happen in the future.

The Reporter

Two men robbed a Western Union branch in Belmopan last night, making off with over $4,000. The men went to Diversified Life Solutions located at No. 17 Mahogany Street, Belmopan City where, around 1:05 p.m., one of them armed with a gun, held up Juninio Santiago, 19, who was working in the store.


Police are investigating a shooting incident that happened in Toledo last night where a woman was shot to the lower body. Police say that Renita Jackson, 23, of Punta Gorda Town, was sitting at the corner of Far West Street and Church Street along with her common-law husband and another person when two men with rags covering their faces approached. The men fired several shots, one of them hitting Jackson in the right hip and causing an exit wound to the inner right leg.

The National Sports Council is reserving comment on the $5,000 it is charging the Orange Walk Town Council to host Fiestarama at the People’s Stadium until next week. Director of the National Sports Council, Ian Jones, said that the council will be issuing an official press release sometime next week. Currently, the $5,000 fee and the 10 percent charge from the monies made at the gate is still in effect. The town council said that it has been having issues with the sports council since last year, but that the parties worked out the problems and Fiestarama, one of the largest events on the municipality’s calendar, went on without any problems

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Two men arrested in PG for keeping gun and ammo without license
Punta Gorda Police arrested two persons yesterday around 11:50 PM for keeping a gun and ammunition without a license. According to reports, police conducted a search on a white Ford Ranger pick up at the corner of Main Middle Street and Queen Street in Punta Gorda Town where they found a gun and ammunition under the passenger’s seat. […]

Man stabbed in Caye Caulker Village this morning
Caye Caulker police are investigating a stabbing incident that occurred at 3 this morning. According to reports, police went to the Caye Caulker Clinic and saw Fernando Oliva,27, with a cut wound to the left upper arm. Police investigation revealed that Oliva was in front of the China Town Hotel on Estrella Street when he was stabbed by a man he knows. […]

Police find weed, gun, and ammo in Belize City
esterday a police search conducted in Belize City led to the discovery of marijuana, a.38 revolver, and ammunition. On the south side of the city, police discovered a total of 2,984 grams of cannabis, a .38 revolver and five .38 live rounds. […]

Woman shot in Punta Gorda Town
Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred last night in Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District. According to reports, around 8:55 last night, Renita Jackson, 23, was sitting at the corner of Far West Street and Church Street with her common-law husband and another person when two men on bicycles approached them. […]

Belize defeats El Salvador 71-67 in FIBA Americup 2021 Central American pre-qualifiers
Last night Belize’s national basketball team squared off with El Salvador’s national basketball team at the Belize Civic Center for the FIBA ( International Basketball Federation) Americup 2021 Central American Pre-Qualifiers. Belize went on to defeat El Salvador in a final score of 71 to 67. […]

Thieves rob over $4,000 from Western Union Office in Belmopan at gunpoint
Belmopan police are investigating a robbery that occurred yesterday. According to reports, around 1:05 pm, a Western Union operator who works inside Diversified Life Solutions in Belmopan was at his workplace when two men entered. […]

Heritage Bank coming soon to Spanish Lookout
On July 12, Heritage Bank made history when it became the first bank to open its doors to the residents of Santa Elena town. At the historic opening, it was also announced that Heritage Bank is planning to open a branch in Spanish Lookout, Cayo. Spanish Lookout boasts booming economic activity and commerce with grocery, hardware, auto part stores and the best ice-cream in Belize. […]

Belize~ Independiente y Soberana
Recientemente, Google reemplazó la línea solida de la frontera entre Belice y Guatemala con una línea de puntos, esta acción quedará marcada en la historia como uno de los esfuerzos más irónicos por revertir la independencia y soberanía de Belice. Resulta irónico que los mapas de Google son virtuales y ese tipo de maniobra se puede lograr con un simple clic en el mouse de una computadora […]

Belizean businessman busted in Melchor holds Guatemalan Citizenship
Yesterday, Breaking Belize News reported that a Belizean businessman was busted in Melchor, Guatemala with guns, ammo, and an assortment of currencies from different countries. Belizean Francisco Javier de la O Duarte and Guatemalan Aolibama Mengibar were arrested on Tuesday night when Guatemalan authorities conducted a raid in Melchor. […]

Two men and a minor charged for the murder of American National Cliff Kirk
Police have upgraded the charges of the three persons from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye who shot and robbed American National, Cliff Kirk, 60, on July 5, 2018, at his home in San Pedro Town. As BBN had previously reported, Christian Espat, 22, Nigel Williams, 25, and a minor, 16, had already been remanded to prison for aggravated burglary, dangerous harm, and attempted murder but since the victim passed away while undergoing treatment, the 3 persons will be arraigned again and their charges will be upgraded to include murder. […]


Ministers Try to Explain Approved Project in Hol Chan Marine Reserve; ACCSD Issues Statement
I’ve been posting quite a bit about the recently development plan at Cayo Rosario on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye. There have been quite a few statements in the news this week attempting to give justification and the Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development sent out a press release in response. The bottom line is THIS IS A MARINE RESERVE. And that there should be NO over-the-water structures in Hol Chan Marine Reserve and NO dredging in the protected shoals. This island – currently less than 5 acres. In the middle of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. It looks like this… Last week, the Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development (ACCSD) launched a social media campaign in opposition to over-the-water structures and dredging on Cayo Rosario within the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. A new logo and website,, were shared by individuals, groups and businesses in Belize and around the world to support the Tour Guides, Tour Operators, Fishing Guides and residents of Ambergris Caye who unanimously say NO to destructive development in the reserve.


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