Some sad faces are in Belize tonight and probably the coming week since Belize's National Basketball team lost to Costa Rica 52 to 57 in a low scoring match that was probably one of the worst games the team has played in as long as many can remember.

Belize had many fans rooting for the team at every basket, with a lot of OOo's and awww's when they missed many shots. The team seemed a bit tired, and may not have recovered physically from the win against EL Salvador on Friday night., so maybe that is the reason for the loss.

There were many good moments in the early stages of the game, especially when a Belize player slam-dunk during the 1st half, but they just didn't keep up the momentum in the 4th quarter, and Costa Rica was energized by their higher percentage scoring during the last quarter.

After the game ended, the players on both teams shook hands and conveyed good-sportsmanship to each other.

Costa Rica was awarded a large trophy. - - The team didn't stick around for the award ceremony.

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Belize vs Costa Rica - FIBA AmeriCup 2021 Pre-Qualifier