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The San Pedro Sun

After drifting ashore on Ambergris Caye, Jamaicans eager to get home
After landing on the shores of Ambergris Caye on Thursday, July 19th, three Jamaican Nationals remain stranded in Belize and hope to return home soon. The trio, 50-year-old Noel Samuels, 23-year-old Romeo Lewis and 44-year-old Karma Beckford spent eight additional days in San Pedro Town, housed at the international boat terminal behind the Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex. They are desperate to get temporary travel documents to return to Jamaica and say they have received little assistance from Immigration authorities or the Honorary Consulate of Jamaica in Belize. The San Pedro Sun was informed by the Jamaican Consulate on Thursday, July 26th, that getting the travel documents will take a few more days. However, after arriving in Belmopan, they would take care of the trio until they are able to travel.

Ambergris Today

Belize Forest Department Warns About Safe Wildlife Tourism Encounters
We hereby remind the public, tour operators and businesses that per the WILDLIFE PROTECTION ACT (CAP 220), “No person shall HUNT or ATTEMPT TO HUNT (defined as kill, take or molest by any means) any species of wildlife set out in the Schedule”. Both species of crocodiles in Belize are listed under the aforementioned Schedule. It is, therefore, illegal to kill, capture, feed, pet, or otherwise interfere with any crocodile or its eggs. It is also illegal to be in possession of any crocodile parts such as skin, meat and/or teeth. It is also illegal to carry out any form of trade of any crocodile or crocodile parts.

Belize Awarded US$150,000 For Advance In Access To Quality Health Care
Belize achieves substantial progress in the health of their most vulnerable populations – women and children The Ministry of Health receives award of US$150,000 dollars for having met the objectives of the second operation of the Salud Mesoamerica Health Initiative project.

Misc Belizean Sources


2nd Annual Grand Caribe DeepSea Classic
It’s that time of year again, The Grand Caribe Deep Sea Classic Fishing Tournament is back! We are excited and looking forward to our second annual international tournament to be held the weekend of August 10th – 12th. This year we have even more cash and prizes, totaling to over $50,000, thanks to our many sponsors. The weekend-day event is scheduled to kick off with a briefing night followed by a Captain’s and Angler’s dinner on Thursday August 9th starting at 6pm. Then the big event starts on Friday August 10th at 7am at our dock and end on Sunday August 12th at 2pm, where awards and prizes will be given out. The deadline for registration is Thursday August 9th at 10pm.

Congratulations to the young female athletes making up Belize's National U-15 Female Team
The Football Federation of Belize proudly presents the National Under 15 Female National Team that will be competing at the 2018 U-15 CONCACAF female championship games at Orlando,Florida from the 4th-14th of August 2018. We wish our Baby Jaguars the best of luck.

Information Day in Benque Viejo Town
Today, the Department of Youth Services in collaboration with the St. Martins Credit Union held an information Day in Benque Viejo Town. This initiative is part of an ongoing one week Financial Literacy/ Enterprise Summer Program where youths from Benque and surrounding areas are being trained to make more informed decisions with their finances. Today’s activity was opened to the wider public where they had the opportunity to learn more about the services the department offers, the history of the credit union movement and its services, and most of all the public had the opportunity to open their accounts as an encouragement to start saving with an intent and not by accident. @ Benque Viejo, Cayo, Belize

Women’s Empowerment Brunch
Kiah Pastor, who'll be vying for the Miss Belize Universe crown next month, will be hosting a Women's Empowerment Brunch this Saturday at the George Price Centre. It's completely free. Thank you, Miss Pastor, for hosting such an essential event. "Belmopan Active Youth and Dear Teenage Girl Presents to you: Women’s Empowerment Brunch, Under the theme “Your current situation, is not your final destination”"

Calla Creek Environmental Summer Camp
The 2018 Environmental Agents of Change Summer Camp starts on Monday, August 6th, and there's still time to register. The DYS, Calla Creek Village Council, and the FCD are teaming up to make this amazing Summer camp happen. The attendees will learn about sustainable development from many different guest speakers, and will perform some clean-up campaigns. Contact the DYS for more information.

This is the official lineup of local and international musicians and dance groups that will be performing live at the 2018 International Costa Maya Festival!

Caye Caulker Airstrip Paving Completed
These were taken Thursday. I didn't get over there Wednesday, but I believe they finished paving Wednesday. I understand they are going to be installing in ground runway lighting, so I imagine that is the next step in the process...just a guess. I'll try to stop and talk to someone tomorrow.

It’s a major problem throughout the entire Caribbean - Sargasso!
Caught these images of dead sardines caught in the bed of sargasso along the beach at Banyan Bay this morning.

Peace in the Parks ... THIS SATURDAY, July 28th, 2018!
Bouncy Houses, Cancer Screenings, Raffles all day, Live Performances, a Basketball Tournament, Massages & Manicures, Food on Sale, and much much more! Come out to Yabra Green on Saturday July 28th, 10 am - 4 pm and help contribute to #ASafeBelize Hosted by : RESTORE Belize, Ignite Ltd., Special Envoy Belize, YATA & Ncfc Belize and in partnership with Belize Family Life Association! Come out and enjoy!

Safe Wildlife Tourism Encounters
In the past months, the Belize Forest Department has received alarming reports of crocodiles being directly and indirectly fed as well as being molested for purposes of tourism attraction. The direct and indirect feeding of crocodiles is a dangerous practice as it increases the risk of crocodiles becoming accustomed to human interactions and relating people with food. This can result in unfortunate injuries to humans or domestic animals. Indirect feeding of crocodiles includes practices such as throwing food scraps or any other form of garbage in areas where crocodiles are known to be present.

SBDC Customer Service Workshop
SBDC Belize and the SPTC held its Customer Service workshop for business owners and managers, today, July 26, 2018, where a total of 7 participated. Thanks to SBDC Belize and those that participated.

BTEC successfully completes its first Childcare Training
The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), a unit of BELTRAIDE successfully completed its first ever Childcare Training. This training aimed to equip participants with necessary soft and technical skills needed to become excellent childcare providers. The training covered topics such as: professionalism, resume building, problem-solving, conflict management, communicating with children, safely caring for babies and children, recognizing signs of abuse and neglect, first aid and CPR as well as an internship at several daycare centres in Belize City.

Welcome to Belize to our new Chargé d’Affaires, Keith R. Gilges!
"I am excited to be in the 'Jewel' and am looking forward to getting to know the country and to meeting as many Belizeans as possible over the next three years." "I will work to continue and deepen the already warm and productive relationship between the United States and Belize."

Work begins with preparation of a wall for the Summer Art Wave's Graffiti Art Workshop
Taking place this weekend!!!

"Keep Corozal Clean and Safe" initiative
This news shack wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Mr. Eliser Rivero of Thunderbolt Water Taxi and Veterinarian, Dr. Andrew Charles for donating two plastic drums to our "Keep Corozal Clean and Safe" initiative. The wooden posts, paint, cement, accessories and labour have been donated by this news shack. The two drums were set up at the Thunderbolt Municipal Dock and we immediately got rid of the two rusty and unsightly metal drums. We would like to ask our entire business community to kindly donate the plastic drums and we will do the rest. We are targeting for 10 more drums by September 2018. The drums are a big help to our community. Call us at 602-2126 or inbox us through this medium. Please help!

Buena Vista Street in San Ignacio to be affected next Monday
Belize Water Services advises motorists travelling in San Ignacio Town, that starting Monday, July 30, 2018, due to project works to be done at the BWS Reservoir, Buena Vista Street will be reduced to one lane traffic going into San Ignacio from the San Ignacio Hotel to the Police Station for access to Downtown San Ignacio and the Hawkesworth Bridge. BWS apologizes for any inconvenience this will cause to our customers.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Payback is a Mother, Anchors Up, Hot Summer Nights, Overboard.

Channel 7

Stopped to Help Him Get Out Of The Mud, Got Him Into A Grave
44 year old Samuel Cosme was found dead early on Monday morning. He was killed by multiple stab wounds, his body lying next to his vehicle at mile five and half on the Northern Highway. Tonight police have charged the man who they believe killed the Honduran Construction worker who lived in the Gungulung area. He is 33 year old Reainard Randey Ferguson from Neal Penn Road. Today police told us it was a crime of opportunity as the suspect came upon Cosme and a female companion when they needed help to get his Ranger pickup out of the mud:

Brian Brown Arrested For Death Threat To Mom, Causes Commotion
Notorious George Street figure Brian Brown is in police custody tonight pending threat of death and other charges. He's accused of threatening to kill his own mother. But it wasn't easy detaining him - this morning after 11:00, Brown and those in his well fortified compound put up a fight. That caused a huge commotion on Jimmy Dyer Street which is off Faber's Road Extension. Now the residents and police have very different versions of what happened. We start off with the Brown's disgruntled common law wife as she explains how police dragged her and Brown down the stairs. She also shared a short video which you will see in the interview. It shows her on top of the roof asking the police why they want to detain Brown. Here is her side of the story.

Police Say It Was a Textbook Detention
Well, the police have a different take on the entire ordeal. They say they played it by the books against belligerent residents. Today at the weekly police press briefing, Commander of Operations Chester Williams detailed the police's version of events and applauded the cops for finally bringing Brown into custody. DCP Chester Williams, Commander - Operations: "The police received a complaint from the mother of Mr. Brian Brown and we had been in search of him for the past two days.."

Moving Forward With the Lessons Learned from Baby Etana
And while the Brian Brown arrest dominated today's news - what's more pressing for police is keeping the peace on Gill Street - where 3 year old Baby Etana Bennett was killed on Sunday morning and Eric Tillett was shot on Tuesday night. Etana was shot to her temple as she slept with her parents, an especially ruthless and indiscriminate killing - and Williams says it is deeply hurtful to him personally and a call to action for the security forces:...

Police Have Teenaged Suspect For Shooting Eric
And while Baby Etana was killed on Sunday morning on Gill Street - by Tuesday night, there was another shooting, this time it was 26 year-old Eric Tillett. Police had already set up a checkpoint on Gill Street, but that was still no deterrent for a gunman who hid in the bush out of the police's sight, and ambushed Tillett and his girlfriend when they arrived at their Gill Street home. As we reported, they pulled up at around 8:30 on Tillett's motorcycle. They were about to enter their yard, when the gunman burst out of the abandoned lot next door, and fired a single shot at Tillett, injuring him him to the left calf.

Sharp Cops Caught A Gunman On a Downtown Move
Alert police work may have thwarted another broad daylight armed robbery in downtown Belize City today. Williams told us how police tracked down a suspicious character and found a gun on Orange street:... DCP Chester Williams, Commander - Operations: "This morning the police were able to recover one firearm off the streets that occurred in Albert Street area. Police were in pursuit of a person who was seen looking suspiciously and the person managed to elude the police and when police searched an area, they came across one 9mm pistol..."

50 Years Later, Hon. Boots Finds The Woman Who Saved Him From Perishing In Fire
Anthony Boots Martinez tuned 55 a few days ago on July 15th - and he said that standard retirement age also marks the date of his retirement from electoral politics. We'll wait and see what that really means on the ground - but it suggests that he was in a reflective frame of mind this morning when he got a most unexpected call from his ministerial colleague, Beverly Williams. She told the honorable Boots that she has a lady he just had to talk to. We accompanied him on the trip to meet the remarkable Sonya Austin. Jules Vasquez reports on the moving reunion:... Jules Vasquez reporting: This is the public Boots Martinez you may be used to - brash, intemperate, argumentative. But this morning, this elderly Ladyville resident and our cameras saw something we hadn't seen before, a tender and thankful side of Boots - and, yes, behind those glasses, there were real tears.

Hon. Bev Filled In The Blanks
And Martinez has his colleague Beverly Williams to thank for the reunion. She's the matchmaker who filled in a 50 year gap in information with a phone call this morning. She told us how it went:.. Hon. Beverly Williams: "Miss Sonia visited me last week, as most constituents do and I was speaking to her and she kinda told me. She asked me not to say anything. She didn't want to appear like an exploiter. Somehow I just blurted it out. I thought it was something that Minister [Boots] should know and I didn't know it was going to have this effect, but I'm glad that Minister has closure as he says and that Miss Sonia finally met Minister."

Modiri and Paumen Back In Court
The dispute between the Franks Eddy neighbors Bradley Paumen and Michael Modiri hasn't made the evening news for some time, but they're back at it tonight. That's because Modiri has gone back to the Supreme Court to try and collect on the 300 thousand-dollar-award that Justice Shona Griffith says Paumen owes him. You may recall that these 2 landowners are landlocked, and they can't get access to their respective properties without stepping on each other's toes. That's a big problem for Modiri, since Paumen was running his million-dollar cruise tourism operation, Dark Night through Modiri's land.

Municipal Bus Dispute Goes to Court
2 weeks ago, we told you about the letter that attorney Godwin Haylock wrote to the Belize City Council. His father, the owner of Haylock's Bus Service, wants Mayor Bernard Wagner and his administration to rescind the "permit" that City Hall gave to bus owner Phillip Jones, to run the Belama to Belize City route. Haylock's Bus Service is the only company that has a road service permit to carry passengers between Belama and Belize City. That was granted by the Transport Board, which attorney Godwin Haylock asserts is the only body which can give permits to bus operators. Haylock's bus insists that the permit that City Hall gave to Phillip Jones is unlawful.

Police Caught Three robbers, Shot Two Of Them, Got Two Guns
And, before we got to break - we have an update on the police operation ongoing right now in the Lord's Ridge Cemetery. Police have foiled the robbery of a security firm on Antelope street. Apparently, it happened right near the Operation ACT caravan, and the police were quick to respond. They followed the three suspects into the Lord's Ridge Cemetery where two of them were shot in the legs - and all three are detained. Two guns stolen from the security operations - both 38 revolvers - have been recovered. Police remain in the cemetery at this hour gathering evidence.

Top Cop Teaches Tailoring
The Department of Youth Services is hosting a 6 week training program at the Yabra Community Center where they are teaching young men and women in the community a set of different crafts like sewing, cosmetics, expressive arts, barbering and information technology. All this with the ultimate aim of making them more financially independent. Communications Officer for the Department of Youth Services Renata Samuels told us more about the cosmetics aspect of the summer program. The police department also chipped in to support the program. They donated sewing machines and provided a teacher.

Girl Guides Summer in Mesop.
Today the Girl Guide's Association of Belize in collaboration with the Scouts Association and the St. Ignatius Church culminated a three week summer program aimed at teaching entrepreneurial skills to kids between the ages of 6 to 13 years. Over 11 schools were represented in the summer program that was held at St. Ignatius Primary School in Belize City. Today the program closed off with a children's business fair, where the kids got to put into practice the knowledge they gained during the summer program.

What Is Moya Doing in Mesop?
And she's not just the girl guides guru, former Belize City Mayor Moya has recently been raising eyebrows with reports that she has a political interest in the Mesopotamia division. But, it's going to be tough since Moya is now UDP persona non grata - and the PUP seem to have no interest in her as a candidate. So what's she doing in Mesopotamia? Today we caught up with her at the children's business fair and asked if this event was a preview of her political campaign. Here's what she had to say:

Restore Belize, Making Parks Peaceful
"A Belize that is safe for children," that is the theme under which Restore Belize hopes to host this Saturday's Peace in the Park event at Yarborough Green. It is an event organized as part of Restore Belize's ongoing efforts to make vulnerable places in the community safer to live. We learnt more from Communications Officer for Restore Belize Robin Schaffer.

Taximan Chopping Was Cabbie Confrontation
Police have finally gotten a complaint from the taxi-man who was chopped up by one of his fellow cab drivers. It happened two days ago in front of the Ocean Ferry Water Taxi. Police said it was a typical cab driver dispute:... ASP Alejandro Cowo: "There was a chopping incident earlier that Tuesday, just about 3:30. The matter was just reported to the police a while ago, hence the reason that your request was not met because the guy finally visited the station a while ago and made a report. He was Mr. Gerald Lewis. He was at North Front Street Ocean Ferry taxi stand when he had a dispute with another taxi operator..."

Cops Don’t Know who Was Driving Corolla
Police say they don't know who was driving the Toyota Corrolla that crashed on the San Antonio road two days ago and killed two brothers, Jamie and Anthony Archer from Forest Home. Two other men were in the car and they are both critical. Police told us today that samples have been taken:... ACP Joseph Myvett: "So far the police are unable to determine who the driver is, as the other two occupants, Darian Romero and Jerry Cruz both remain in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital."

Cops Lock Down Cemetery
The police department - including operations commander Chester Williams are finishing with the processing of a crime scene in the Lord Ridge Cemetery at this hour. As we told you, the police caught three men who had just robbed a security firm on Antelope Street. They shot two of the suspects in their legs and another had been detained. Two guns - both 38 revolvers - were recovered. We'll have more on this tomorrow.

Is Disruption of Marijuana Trade Fueling Robberies?
And so those criminals allegedly stole two guns after police took three off the city streets in the past two days. And that's the way it goes, it seems that every action by the police has an equal and opposite reaction from the criminal element. Our information suggests that's what's been happening with big marijuana busts on the police side, and a spike in business robberies on the criminal side. You might not know it, but marijuana sales fuel the underground economy - and when the supply is disrupted, those who live outside the law become desperate. We asked Deputy Williams about it:…

Channel 5

Mayhem on Fabers Road as Police Raid the House of Notorious Brian Brown
Before noon today, the police raided the gated-house of the notorious Brian Brown off Faber’s Road Extension.  It is the third such operation to be carried out at the residence. [...]

Brown Was Wanted for Threatening the Life of His Mother
As you heard, relatives and friends say that Brown was shot to the abdomen, but Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, says that he was never injured by lethal or [...]

Law Enforcement Crackdown Attempts to Stem the Bloodshed in Port Loyola
There has been an explosion of gun violence in the Port Loyola area of late. Ongoing conflict between rival gangs has ended in shootings and two murders, including the horrible [...]

Punta Gorda Police Continue to Investigate Double Fatality on San Antonio Road
The family of Jamie and Anthony Archer continue to grieve the tragic deaths of the two brothers. The siblings were heading to Punta Gorda when their car ran off the [...]

Reainard Ferguson Charged for the Murder of Samuel Cosme
Investigators believe that thirty-three-year-old Reainard Randey Ferguson killed Samuel Cosme. He is accused of fatally stabbing Cosme whose body was found on a dirt road off the Philip Goldson Highway [...]

Michael Modiri Has Court Freeze Bradley Paumen’s Shares for Non-Payment
Businessman Michael Modiri and tour operator Bradley Paumen have been going at it inside and outside the courts. This morning, Modiri won yet another legal round before Supreme Court Justice [...]

Michael Modiri Has Court Freeze Bradley Paumen’s Shares for Non-Payment
Businessman Michael Modiri and tour operator Bradley Paumen have been going at it inside and outside the courts. This morning, Modiri won yet another legal round before Supreme Court Justice [...]

Haylock Bus Takes Belize City Council to Court Over Belama Bus Route
An application for judicial review filed by Attorney Godwin Haylock for Haylock Bus Service Limited was rejected today by Justice Shona Griffith. Haylock Bus Service claims that the Belize City [...]

Belizean Linked to Sinaloa Cartel Arrested in Chetumal
A Belizean, believed to have links to the Sinaloa Cartel, was arrested on Wednesday night across the border in Mexico.  Online reports say that Dioney Rolando, who goes by the [...]

1 Man Detained for Eric Tillett Shooting
Twenty-six-year-old Eric Tillett narrowly escaped grave injury on Tuesday night when a gunman pounced on him while heading home on Gill Street.  According to police, Tillett and his girlfriend were [...]

Taxi Man Chops Taxi Man Over Cab Fare
A chopping incident in downtown Belize City on Tuesday afternoon has resulted in cabdriver Gerald Lewis receiving multiple injuries to the body.  The incident, however, was not reported to police [...]

Police Teach Sewing on the South Side
The Belize Police Department, through its Community Policing Unit, is teaching south side residents how to sew. Yes, you heard it right – the police partnered up with the community [...]

Hemodialysis Programme Negotiations Continue
The Ministry of Health says that it should know by the end of this week whether the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital and La Loma Luz Hospital have accepted the new [...]

Will More Persons Be Added to Dialysis Programme?
Once the Ministry of Health finalizes the facilities which will offer the hemo-dialysis services, the next step is to determine who gets on the list. C.E.O. Ramon Figueroa was ask [...]

Visiting Mission Concludes 3-Day Food Pantry & Schoolbag Programme
A Belizean American family is working along with the Belize City council to bring relief to hundreds of children in the south side. Brenda August-Leonard, through a Florida-based organization has [...]

Ministry of Health On Top of Meds Recall
Earlier this week, we reported on a common drug that is being voluntarily recalled because the drug contains a chemical that may expose patients to cancer risk.  The drug valsartan [...]

DYS Trains Women in Cosmetology
The Department of Youth Services has a six-week cosmetology training taking place at the Yabra Community Center. The training will see the ladies get a level one certificate which they [...]

Healthy Living: Make Life Deposits to Save Lives
We’ve seen the pleas regularly online. We’ve even seen few on this station, families of ill persons begging strangers to donate blood. There is one way to prevent you and [...]


Police take Guns and Smoke Grenades to Belize City Home
The police have a term they like to use to call anyone with interactions with the law as “known to the police.” Well one man who has been known to the police over his lifetime is Brian Brown. Brown is considered a kingpin of GSG, the George Street Gaza. His home on Jimmy Dyer Avenue …

Dangerous Real Estate : Gill Street addressed by Police
Gill Street resident, Eric Tillett was shot on Tuesday. Prior to that, a gunman shot into the window of the Felix family home and shot Alva Moody and killed three year old Etana Bennett. The police say it’s the work of rivaling criminal elements in the area and they are doing their best to quell …

Rotaract, an important arm of Rotary
Education is a key focus of many Rotary Clubs across the world. Belize’s Rotarians have also embarked on several projects in this area and also collaborate with the Ministry of Education. As part of his tour in Belize this week, Rotary International President Barry Rassin is visiting some of these projects in Belize City. His …

Driver of accident that killed 2 still not identified
Last night we reported about an accident involving four men from the Forest Home area of Punta Gorda. The accident which happened just outside of Punta Gorda totaled a 4-door Toyota Corolla and killed brothers 28 yearold Jamie and 27 year old brother Anthony Archer. The police gave an update on the case today and …

Scotia Bank hand scholarships to Belize City students
Scotia Bank handed out scholarships to school children as it celebrates its 12th anniversary of its Scotia Bank Education Foundation. The children attended a short ceremony late this afternoon at the Scotia Bank Belama Branch. Malenie Landaverde, the Manager of the branch spoke more about the program. Melenie Landaverde, Manager Scotiabank Belama Branch: This year …

Children being taught entrepreneurial skills
The Girl Guides Association of Belize, Scouts, and St. Ignatius Primary School are collaborating together to provide a summer camp for children from ages six to thirteen of the Mesopotamia constituency. The Mesopotamia Summer Camp is a three-week program which commenced on July 9th and will be coming to an end on Friday. Love News …

Let peace reign!
A wave of crime has been taking place in Belize that has robbed its citizens of their sense of security. As a result, several organizations have embarked on initiatives to restore peace and order. The latest initiative is Peace in the Parks. Love News spoke with Robin Schaffer, the Communication Officer at Restore Belize, about …

Hundreds of fish found dead along the Southern coast of San Pedro
Hundreds of dead fish lined the Southern beaches of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye this morning. The fish were seen floating above beds of sargassum. Some reports identify the fish as Grunts, Sprat and juvenile Permit fish. In pictures that surfaced on social media, residents are seen with their buckets picking fish along the beach. It …

Global Fund pulls chunk of funding from Belize
Since 2003, Belize has received ten million US dollars in grant funding to address the HIV/AIDS situation from the Global Fund. Presently, the National Aids Commission, which serves as the Country Coordinating Mechanism for the Global Fund grant, is concluding a project that commenced in 2016. The project focuses on HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis, a …

Police offer sewing classes to women
Despite, the big stick approach to policing, crime is still on the rise. As a result, the police department has embarked on several alternatives to crime initiatives in the hopes of reducing lawbreaking. Robert Mariano, an Assistant Commissioner of Police, is offering sewing classes to women of the Port Loyola area. Love News spoke to …

“No to the ICJ” campaign kicks off tomorrow
Eight organizations make up the “No to the ICJ” Movement and tomorrow they plan to officially launch their campaign. Derek Aikman, the National Coordinator of the movement said the event kicks off with a parade which starts at five thirty from Cinderella Plaza. The parade will make its way to Battlefield Park where a rally will take place …

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize City man threatened to kill family; Police arrest him as a result
Today, Belize City Police arrested Brian Brown. Brown is being accused of threatening to kill his […]

Man shot while walking with his common-law wife in Belize City
On Tuesday, July 24, 2018, Eric Gillett of Belize City reported to police that while walking […]

Police makes arrest in murder of Samuel Cosme
Belize City cops have made an arrest in the murder of Samuel Elias Zelaya Cosme, 39. […]

New US Chargé d’ Affaires arrives in Belize
Today, the United States Embassy in Belize via it’s official Facebook page announced the arrival of Keith […]

Belize Forest Department: Illegal Croc feeding for tourism purposes is against the law
The Belize Forest Department informed today that they have received alarming reports of crocodiles being […]

Tropic Air increases flights between San Pedro and Belize City
Today, Tropic Air announced that it is increasing service between San Pedro (SPR) and Belize […]

Rotary’s President concludes visit to Belize
Rotarians across Belize were excited to host Rotary’s President, Barry Rassin and his wife, Esther […]

Cost of living went up in June 2018
Yesterday, the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) released its consumer price index survey for the […]

Statistical Institute of Belize: Exports down in June 2018
For the month of June, Belize imported goods valuing $170.8 million, a 10.5 % increase […]


Tropic Air increases flights between San Pedro and Belize City
Tropic Air announced today that, effective August 1, 2018, it is increasing service between San Pedro (SPR) and Belize City Municipal (TZA). There will now be 15 daily roundtrip flights, with departures as often as every 30 minutes. Flights will now begin earlier (6:30AM), and end later in the day (6:00PM). “Our business customers have been asking for earlier and later departures, as well as greater frequency on this important domestic route,” said John Greif III, President of Tropic Air. “With more aircraft being added to our fleet, we now have the ability to offer them greater flexibility to make the most of their day.”

International Sourcesizz

Local doctor helps cure blindness in Belize
A local doctor, with the help of Fairbanks residents, helped to cure blindness in Belize. "We guaranteed one cataract surgery for every rider, so that was 100 percent - exactly what we said it was going to be," said Dr. Katherine Johnson. Dr. Katherine Johnson is one of the lead providers of ophthalmology at the locally run Mountain View Medical Center: Eye Center. Every year she doesn't just help Fairbanks residents improve their sight, but she travels to a remote location to help cure blindness for the Gift of Sight non-profit organization. "We went down to Belize, went down to an origination down there who is on ground has a clinic and an operating room"

World's top 10 places to snorkel
Here's some worldwide hotspots to get your snorkel on. HOL CHAN MARINE RESERVE, BELIZE: The colourful coral's there, as are the multi-coloured parrotfish, but the key attraction in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is the unimaginatively-named Shark-Ray Alley. No prizes for guessing what swims through here in large numbers, although they're ably accompanied by teams of splashing humans on day trips from Ambergris Caye.


  • West Fest 2018 - Police Department Profile, 2min. The promo video for the upcoming West Fest is out, courtesy of The proceeds will go towards acquiring resources for the SISE police department. The first of many West Fests will be on September 15th, at the Macal River Park. They have an incredible amount of raffle prizes. "We are proud to be hosting the first ever West Fest on September 15, 2018. All proceeds will be used to purchase resources for the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Police Department, in hopes of improving the quality of safety in our community..."

  • Reinland Meats commercial, 1/2min.

  • Caribbean Chicken Commercial, 1/2min.

  • Belize - El Pescador July 2018, 4min.

  • Exploring the beauty of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, BELIZE, 4min. Established in 1987, Amigos Del Mar is a SSI and SDI resort facility which specializes in full-service diving, instruction, snorkeling, and fishing expeditions and is ideally situated in the heart of San Pedro Town. Our boats provide a convenient complimentary pick-up service at most of the island's major hotel docking establishments.

  • Great Belize Television’s Channel Five Wins CBU’s People’s Choice Award, 1.5min.

  • Belize 2018, San Pedro Ambergris Kaye, Belmopan, San Ignacio, 3.5min. Good times in Belize. June 2018. San Ignacio: San Ignacio market, Cahal Peche Mayan ruins Belmopan: Cave tubing, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Secret beach

  • Belize 2018 EPI LTCC, 5min. A month in Belize, with Savannah Amos and Melissa Hadley. Lake Tahoe Community College Co-labs with Ecology Project International to give college students the opportunity to survey and study the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of Central America. An adventure into the Jungle of Belize to track and survey the Jaguars. Followed by a week snorkeling from Calabash Caye Research Island, 20 miles off the coast of Belize.

  • Talk Ah Di Town July 26, 2018, 40min.

  • Morning Matters with Bredda David, 60min.

  • DuPont’s in Belize 2018, 3.5min. From the Mayan ruins in San Ignacio to the beaches in Ambergris Caye

  • Beneath the Sea in Belize, B V I and Abaco, 24min. A trip beneath the sea in three wonderful diving areas of our Caribbean Sea.

  • On the road fron Dangriga to Belize City, 3min. Some impressions of the landscape on the road from Dangriga to Belize City.

  • Belize - 2018, 10min. My dive trip in Belize - 2018


  • TRAVEL VLOG - Belize Part 1 - Belize Bird Rescue [Jun 2018], 3min. I travelled to Belize so I could do a 5 week internship at Belize Bird Rescue. It was a life-changing experience, I met some great people and learned a lot about avian rehabilitation! Belize Bird Rescue do amazing work to rescue, rehabilitate and release birds back into the wild, as well as providing a permanent home for unreleasable birds.

  • INSIDE STORY From Blighty to Belize 1977 QRA Edition, 50min. First transmitted in 1978, this programme focuses on the day to day lives of the British troops guarding the Belize/Guatemala border and their celebrations on Christmas Day, 1977. It’s a very different life here than the squaddies are used to, but it’s not quite a ‘Caribbean holiday’. They struggle to come to terms with the daily routine, the boredom, missing their loved ones and meeting the basic needs of life such as ensuring there is enough fresh food to eat. First shown: 12 May 1978

  • I Got The Voice Season 3!!, 2hr11min.