There is going to be a mini-rodeo at the agric-show grounds tomorrow. It marks the end of the two week agriculture summer camp. Over 200 kids from Belize City, Belmopan and Cayo participated. We dropped by today as they wrapped up the camp. I found out just how much the kids learned.

Courtney Weatherburne reporting
The Belmopan police department and the Ministry of Agriculture surely hope these kids will find that happiness through the Regional Summer Camp for Youth Engaged in Agriculture.

Belize City kids as well as youth from Belmopan and Cayo are participating. This week, the kids from the west got to explore nature on a field trip to Banana Bank.

They also learned key tips on planting corn.

John Carr, Owner & Manager, Banana Bank
"Corn is a good thing and there is a lot of things because in Belize we eat corn and rice and beans all the time, corn tortilla's so it is very important to us."

But corn isn't the only crop they learned about. Back at the National Agriculture and Trade Showgrounds the kids planted a host of other crops including lettuce and cabbage among other vegetables and fruits.

They also went on a number of trips starting off with one of Belize's number one ice-cream joint.

PC Roberto Ical, Belmopan Community Policing Unit
"We started on Monday, the 30th of July, we went at Spanish Lookout at Western Diaries where the personnel's out there teach the children how to make ice -cream or introduce to them how to make ice-cream."

"On Tuesday which is the next day we were based at the show grounds here in Belmopan where by agriculture personnels came in and started to teach the youth how to plant trees, how to fertilize and what else they can do in regards to gardening. Then after that the agriculture personnel jump into food agro-processing whereby the children were taught how to store food etc."

It sounds like a lot of information to take in but it seems the kids are learning from the hands on experience and are appreciating how important agriculture, and aquaculture, among other practices are to everyone's livelihood.

Naphisha Zuniga, Belmopan Youth
"I liked when we went to the Tilapia Feed, that was the most fun and we learned to make the food for the cod eat. We learned how to make salsa casera and jalapeno sauce and different things. The summer camp has been fun so far and I hope it continues to be fun for the last day."

Naomi Canti, Maya Mopan, Belmopan
"I love when we went to plant the lettuce and we made the cow food and when they made the jalapeno and pineapple."

Antwone Lewis, Belmopan
"I learned about the planting so far, I love planting, we plant mangoes and stuff."

Courtney Weatherburne, reporter
"So you would say after this when you go home you will tell you mom and dad about it. You will maybe plant you own crops in your yard. When you grow up you will have your own farm?"

Antwone Lewis, Belmopan
"Yes ma'am."

The mini-rodeo begins at 9 and ends at 3:30 at the agric show grounds. There will be other activities as well.

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