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Today's Belize News: August 4, 2018 #531660
08/04/18 05:50 AM
08/04/18 05:50 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Ivy Queen is on La Isla Bonita!
The queen of reggaeton is on Ambergris Caye as she is slated to perform for International Night at the International Costa Maya Festival on Saturday, August 4th! Don't miss out!!

Murder in Downtown San Pedro!
Information reaching our news room reports that one male person was fatally stabbed awhile ago at a house located on Caribeña Street. Police are processing the scene, and according to unconfirmed reports, one person has been detained.

Costa Maya International Festival has begun!
The much-anticipated Costa Maya International Festival began on Thursday, August 2nd with the preliminary Costa Maya Pageant. The evening saw the girls gracing the stage in outfits created by talented designers from their countries of origin. The beauties also participated in a short chit-chat session with hosts Deli Eiley and Horacio Louis Guerrero. One by one the beauties shared their experiences in Belize so far, endearing them even further with the public and judges (who will be revealed at the actual pageant on Friday, August 3rd).

Tres Pescados Grand Slam fly fishing tournament is underway!
15 teams totaling 40 anglers are participating in this year’s 10th Annual Tres Pescados Grand Slam Tournament taking place from Thursday, August 2nd to Saturday, August 4th on the coast of Ambergris Caye. Participants in the annual catch and release event, which is the only international fly-fishing tournament in Belize, will have the chance to win thousands in prizes, while at the same time being part of the annual charity fundraising. This year, organizers will be donating to two importance causes- the Defend Cayo Rosario campaign and to the Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation.

SPTC delegation pays an official visit to Chetumal, Quintana Roo Mexico
With the purpose to highlight and showcase the tourism attractions and activities in Othon P. Blanco, Chetumal Quintana Roo, Mexico, a Belizean delegation headed by The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) made an official visit to the Mexican City from Friday, July 27th to July 29th. The invitation from the Mexican authorities is part of the sister city relationship between San Pedro and Chetumal, who visited La Isla Bonita during the ‘El Dia de San Pedro’ celebrations in June of this year. During the visit, the island delegation toured Chetumal City and the main tourist destinations of the Rio Hondo Riviera and the southern rural zone of Quintana Roo.

Ambergris Today

Costa Maya Festival Kicks Off With Packed Lineup Of Entertainment
With a very hot, lively and energetic line up of performances, the San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival kicked off last night on Ambergris Caye, Belize. The show included theatrical and lively performances by the Alma Caribeña dance group from Mexico, the explosive dance presentations by Grupo Crash of El Salvador, the cultural drumming and dancing of the Charikaniri Garifuna Dance Group of Belize and the lively sounds of Belize’s Youth Connection Band accompanied by an energetic Ernestine Carballo and Harrison “Dawgie” King; DJ Patron kept the music flowing.

Free Eye Exams By BelizeKids.Org At The Lions Den is a non-profit organization focused on helping kids in Belize. Currently they are only on our beautiful island of Ambergris Caye but plan to expand to help kids throughout the country. Doctors are back on the island and are offering free eye exams in collaboration with the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI).

Misc Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Airstrip Update
After much anticipation, it seems the final touches are being made for our airstrip to be re open very soon.

Corozal, DigiNet is HERE & we want to celebrate with a bang!
Come out to the Corozal Central Park tomorrow August 4th from 9am - 3pm to sign up for DigiNet and enjoy FREE Installation plus NO Deposit! Already have an internet service from the other provider? Well, Make the Switch and start experiencing the fastest most reliable internet service in the country and receive 2 months FREE DigiNet Service!

Miss Honduras wins La Reina De La Costa Maya 2018
After several hours of competition, Mary Cardona captured the crown with first runner up going to Mexico. Tune in at 6 p.m. on Saturday for the full coverage of the pageant right here on Channel Five

BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of July 23rd thru July 30th, 2018
We had a great group of folks with lots of returning guests. It is always good to see familiar faces in beautiful places. The bonefish, due to the weather, were also familiar faces. Here are the Bonefish successes! Russ, Christine, Charlie, Russ Y, Matt N and Isaac T both caught bones right off our dock!, Bruce, Linda, Randy, Peter, Monroe, Veronica and Riley O, Patrick, Bennett & Caitlin L., Damon, Chris R, Brandon Frank & Jack, Chris D, Jeff, and Jerry got into bones out on the flats.

The Ministries of the Environment from the SICA Region will Strengthen the Inter-sectorial Cooperation to Plan Against Climate Change and will Seek to Decrease the Impact of Droughts in the Central American Dry Corridor and the Arid Areas of the Dominican Republic
In taking office today of the Pro Tempore Presidency of the Central American Commission on Environment and Development (CCAD) -the environmental branch of the Central American Integration System (SICA)- the Minister of State within the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration of Belize, Hon. Omar Figueroa, together with his counterparts from Central America and Dominican Republic announced a bolstering of actions to decrease the effects of climate change, emphasizing on the drought that is affecting some of our countries.

Minister of National Security Presented with National Defense Plan
For the first time since the withdrawal of British troops in 1994, a National Defense Plan is being prepared. The first draft of this plan was presented to Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar at a two-day workshop conducted at the Coast Guard Headquarters. The National Defense Plan includes the use of all instruments of national power in the defense of Belize against any external aggression. The Plan ensures the achievement of a credible defense deterrent capability and defensive operational capacity to guarantee the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Belize. The Plan was commissioned by the Minister of National Security in April 2018.

National Trade Policy of Belize Public Consultations
In 2017, the Government of Belize through the Directorate General for Foreign Trade (DGFT), embarked on creating a coherent and effective Trade Policy, following the development and approval of the National Trade Policy Framework (2016). The Trade Policy, guided by this framework, is envisaged to stimulate and contribute to the growth of Belize’s trade domestically and internationally. This Policy is built upon four pillars i.e: institutional strengthening, supply capacity, market access and trade facilitation. The Policy further contextualizes entrepreneurship, higher living standards, efficient productive practices, trade governance and inclusiveness and ways to build and enhance beneficial trade relations.

Miss Honduras new Reina De la Costa Maya!
Honduras takes home the grand title of winner!

International Costa Maya Festival 2018

Channel 7

Did Santander Accountant Have Sticky Fingers?
Tonight, Flavio Tzalam is in custody of Belmopan Police after he was charged for misappropriating as much as two hundred thousand dollars from Santander - where he was an accountant. Reports are sketchy at this time - but 7News has learnt that he allegedly diverted company payments for social security and income tax withholding and cashed them himself. He is charged for forgery and theft. Reports to our newsroom say he has given a statement to police accepting some wrongdoing, but, in a smart twist, is urging the company to consider setting off the amount against what he is owed in severance. He is represented by Hubert Elrington.

Two More Alleged Murderers Get Bail
Two more alleged murderers are soon going to be home after being offered bail of $40,000.00. They are 39 year old Kenneth Barrow and 35 year old Jervis Diamond Valencia. Barrow has been on remand for almost 6 years, for the murder of 19 year old Raheem Requena. Requena, a fourth former was ambushed and fatally shot in December, 2012. Valencia is charged with the murder of 36 year old Moses Gonguez who was shot and killed on municipal election night, March 4, 2015. Police shot Valencia in his neck and chest in their effort to detain him.

Felix Bros. Denied Bail But Get Expedited Trial
2 other accused murders who weren't so successful with their bail applications today were the brothers, Maurice and Emory Felix. The two are on remand awaiting trial for the May 2015 murder of Mark Gentle, and attempted murder against Gentle's mother, the late Pamela Bennett-Cumberbatch. Their attorney, Oscar Selgado, applied before Justice Herbert Lord for bail for the 2 brothers. Maurice Felix's application was heard first. Selgado attempted to convince the court that his client deserved bail after 3 years on remand, but Crown Counsel Sherigne Rodriguez objected on the grounds that the DPP's Office is prepared to expedite the case against the 2, at the court's earliest convenience.

The Wrath Of Re-Registration Rejection
For months now we've been reporting on re-registration. It's part of the awareness campaign to get voters mobilised to go to their nearest polling station and get re-registered. For some, particularly those with the least resources in rural areas, it can mean long walks or bus rides on hot days to get to that polling station. But what no one told them is that - if they show up in a shirt or blouse without sleeves they'll be rejected. That's right - it wasn't part of the information campaign - but if you do not have sleeves on your shirt or top, you cannot re-register.

Woman Fires Licensed Weapon Outside Another Woman’s Home
Shots were fired on Cedar Street last night but no one was hurt. But this wasn't any gang warfare; it was a domestic case. A man seems to have taken his common law wife - and her licensed gun - to settle a dispute with his daughter's mother. Police are calling it an aggravated burglary. Around 8:00, 41 year old Barbara Myers was at her mother's Cedar Street home with her family when a woman walked towards the front door, took a gun from her waist and pointed it at them. She then fired a single shot in the air and walked away. No one was injured but Police recovered one expended .380 shell and live .380 rounds.

Cane farmers Say Fine Print On Cane Price Breakdown Is Troubling
For a week now, we've been reporting on the fallout in the sugar industry after the very low second payment for the sugar crop came in. And many are looking to ASR/BSI - because they suspect the multinational isn't being completely on the level in how it calculates the payment for sugar. And, doubters have seized upon a shipping term - which they feel shows that ASR/BSI is shorting them. The term is FAS - it means "Free Alongside Ship"- and according to internet sources, that means the buyer is responsible for paying the ocean freight. The buyer in this case would be Tate and Lyle in the UK.

The Most Constructive Summer Camp
There is going to be a mini-rodeo at the agric-show grounds tomorrow. It marks the end of the two week agriculture summer camp. Over 200 kids from Belize City, Belmopan and Cayo participated. We dropped by today as they wrapped up the camp. I found out just how much the kids learned. Courtney Weatherburne reporting: The Belmopan police department and the Ministry of Agriculture surely hope these kids will find that happiness through the Regional Summer Camp for Youth Engaged in Agriculture. Belize City kids as well as youth from Belmopan and Cayo are participating. This week, the kids from the west got to explore nature on a field trip to Banana Bank.

Belize Gets Defence Plan
Belize hasn't had a defence plan since the British pulled out of Belize in 1994. But, one is in the works now, and nearing completion. A draft version was presented to National Security Minister John Saldivar at a workshop held at the Coast Guard Headquarters. According to an official release, "The Defense Plan includes the use of all instruments of national power in the defense of Belize against any external aggression. The Plan ensures the achievement of a credible defense deterrent capability and defensive operational capacity to guarantee the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Belize." End quote.

Gay Pride Week To Be Openly Observed in Belize
If you follow of international news, you'll know all about Gay Pride Week. It's a big event for Gay communities in developed countries, where they celebrate their identities and freedoms. Well, in Belize, UNIBAM, the country's leading gay rights organization, is announcing that they're going to publicly celebrate their own gay pride week from August 4th to the 12th. This is the second year that that they've put together a series of events for gay pride, and today, 2 of the organization's leaders, Caleb Orozco, and Simone Hill, held a press conference to explain its importance:

Section 57 Judgement Appeal Still Wending Through Court
So, while the gay community gets ready to celebrate gay pride, UNIBAM's Executive Director, Caleb Orozco, is preparing to defend his Supreme Court victory at the Court of Appeal. 2 years ago, Chief Justice Benjamin decriminalized sexual acts between 2 consenting same-sex adults. The Catholic Church was supposed to have been the litigant to challenge that substantive ruling at the Court of Appeal, but as we told you, earlier this year, the Church abandoned the case.

Laser Like A Jackhammer Breaks Up Stones
If you know one thing about kidney stones, you'll know that it is an extremely painful, debilitating and complicated condition. Typically, taking those stones out means getting cut, and having them surgically removed. But a new technique that's common in the US has now come to Belize. It's called "endo-urology" and it's done with a device called a "Holmium Surgical Laser". We went into the operating theater at the Belize Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Center to see how it works - and to profile the doctor who brought the technology to Belize:…

Read Books, Not WhatsApp Messages
Read, read, and read some more: that is wise advice we all should take and members from the Belmopan Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program want to drive it home. They are hosting their "Tek time to read" book festival tomorrow at the Belmopan Civic Center. There will be free books for kids from ages 0 to 18. The members were putting their finishing touches on their displays for the book festival when we met them today. Here's more. Trisha Stokes, Coordinator: "It is the "Tek time to read" book festival. We didn't want to say book fair because it just sounds like a fair, it doesn't really sound like for kids like festival. We wanted to take a more fun approach to reading and literacy so that we believe that if children have fun books to read it will make reading a bit more fun."

Taiwan Sweetens Celebration Spirit with Cash
Once again, the Taiwanese are assisting with funds for Belize's national celebrations. One week ago, they handed over a $60,000 checque to assist in programs and National Celebrations. President of the NICH, Sapna Budhrani, received the cheque from Second Secretary at the Taiwanese Embassy Kelly Y. C. Chang.

How To Sell to A Salesperson
RF & G insurance held a training workshop at the Biltmore yesterday. Now, everyone knows that there's no sales person as relentless as someone who sells insurance. We found out how they motivate each other:..

Armed Robbery At Western Union OW.
Last night we told you about the daring heist at an electronics store in Orange Walk where the burglars came through the roof. Well, armed robbers jacked a Western Union Office in that northern town yesterday. At around 9:00 in the morning an armed man entered her business and demanded money. Terrified, she handed over $1,370.00 dollars in cash. The man ran off and no arrest has been made.

Channel 5

Tourism Minister Breaks His Silence on Cayo Rosario Project
Cayo Rosario is back in the headlines tonight. The island is located on west Ambergris Caye and is part of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve expansion where a massive development [...]

Gary Versus Manny for U.D.P. Rep for Belize Rural South
Minister Heredia Junior is a four-term area representative of Belize Rural South and has not lost an election in his political career. He has also been the Minister of Tourism, [...]

Minister Heredia Confident that He is Unbeatable
Whether Greif’s application will be accepted or not will be known next week after the party’s vetting committee meets. But disrespect aside, Heredia Junior is confident that he is unbeatable. [...]

Another NO to Arthur Saldivar Political Aspiration
There is another ‘NO’ to Arthur Saldivar; he aspired to run for the People’s United Party in the Belmopan constituency, but his application has been turned down one more time. [...]

Sedi Walks Back ‘Crazy’ Talk
Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington rubbed many the wrong way on July fifth when he used the word crazy to describe those who would vote ‘NO’ in respect of the upcoming [...]

Sedi Explains Government’s Push for a Yes Vote
Is the Referendum Unit’s education campaign being overshadowed by the United Democratic Party and government’s push for electors to vote ‘YES’ to the I.C.J.?  According to Foreign Minister Elrington, Belizeans [...]

BTV Letter of Complaint is Without Merit Says Foreign Minister Elrington
The Belize Territorial Volunteers, led by Wil Maheia, has written a letter of complaint to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.  Through that statement, the BTV is registering its concern [...]

Education Campaign to Intensify Ahead of Upcoming Referendum
The question of funding for the referendum campaign, however, remains a concern since it is a massive undertaking by the government.  Estimated to cost roughly nine million dollars, the countrywide [...]

Woman Threatened by Another with Gun in Belama
The evening news is often littered with stories of gun violence, portraying males as the sole perpetrators of incidents where other males are victims of armed assaults.  Tonight, however, there [...]

Accountant Detained in Connection with Forgery and Theft Case
There are very few details of a developing story in the Cayo District. Accountant Flavio Tzalam who has been with Santander, the Spanish company operating out of Valley of Peace [...]

No Salaries for Belmpan CitCo Workers? Admin Blames it on Revenue Collection
The Belmopan City Council is having some cash flow problems. And the most recent payroll problem will not be the last, as according to the City Council, they have been [...]

Belize City Council Consults on Urban Planning
The Belize City Council, with the help of consulting group, Grupo Innovoterra, is in the process of drafting a zoning ordinance for Belize City. It’s a document that will become [...]

Zoning Will Not Forget the Public Spaces in the City
The zoning ordinance looks on industrial and residential areas to determine the plans for the city. A big part of the planning also involved public spaces; and once the ordinance [...]

Another Store is Robbed in Orange Walk
Robbers hit another business in Orange Walk. Earlier this week, the security guard at Odette’s Home Center was held up and the thieves made away with cash as well as [...]

Who Will Be the Next Reina De La Costa Maya?
Seven beauties from Belize, the rest of Central America and Mexico are getting ready at this time to compete for the coveted La Reina De La Costa Maya pageant. It [...]

LGBTI Community Observes 2nd Annual Pride Week
UNIBAM and its partner LGBT groups are observing Pride Week in Belize from August fourth to the twelfth. It is the second time the LGBT community is observing the week [...]

No More Rainbow Flag at the U.S. Embassy in Belize? UNIBAM Weighs In
Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives are aiming to forbid U.S. embassies from raising “gay pride” flags, or any banner other than the Stars and Stripes. A Republican Rep is [...]

Smart Stars wrap up two-week summer camp
Young athletes completed today a two-week sports camp which tested their acumen and discipline on the football field. The camp has been held annually for over a decade by SMART [...]

Cancer Patient Needs Help
A father is seeking public assistance for his daughter who is stricken with cancer. The young girl, Sandy Carolina Maza, is hospitalized in Guatemala with brain cancer. She has been [...]


Is Funding for UNIBAM Affected by Trump?
Since US President Donald Trump had tweeted anti-gay sentiments regarding transgender people serving in the military, it cast doubt as to whether the US State Department via the US Embassy in Belize would continue to be supportive of UNIBAM. The Trump administration has sent a new Charge d Affairs but Orozco believes that nothing will …

Government isn’t using US funds for “Yes” to ICJ campaign
The Belize Territorial Volunteers(BTV), led by Wil Maheia had sent a complaint letter to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, leading senators and the Congressional Black Caucus, claiming that half a million dollars sent to Belize was being misused by the Government. The funds, according to the BTV, are being used to finance a biased …

Pride Week is being Celebrated in Belize
The United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) and the lesbian group PETAL held a press conference to discuss Pride Week under the theme “Championing a diverse and dynamic and inclusive community.” UNIBAM’s Executive Director, Caleb Orozco explained the significance of the week’s events. Caleb Orozco Executive Director,Unibam: The work of the Belize Advocacy Movement is evolving …

Breast is best
The World Health Organization and UNICEF have been championing the importance of breastfeeding. In August 1990, these organizations signed the Innocenti Declaration, which seeks to protect, promote and support breastfeeding. Every year, thereafter, the first week of August is observed as breastfeeding week to commemorate the signing of the declaration. Love News spoke with Nurse …

Special Olympics Children Camp
A camp that was aimed at children with special needs ended today at the Price Barracks in Ladyville. The camp, known as Shriver’s Camp, is held annually for children with special needs engaging them in fun filled sports and activities. Special Olympics Belize established the camp with the intentions of breaking the societal blocks that …

Diginet, one year later
The internet has transformed the way in which business is done and it has turned the world into a global village. Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) is in the process of switching from broadband to fiber optic through its diginet program in order to provide even faster internet service to its customers. Vanessa Bowman, Senior Product …

Smart hosts football camp
The annual Smart Football Camp ended today with participants receiving certificates and trophies. Smart’s Public Relations and Branding Officer, Adelaide Sabido spoke to us about this year’s camp. Adelaide Sabido – Smart’s Public Relations and Branding Officer: Foremost I must mention that this is the tenth consecutive year that the camp has been running and the …

Sedi Clarifies Crazy Comment
On July 5th, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said it would be crazy not to vote “yes” during the referendum. This afternoon Love News sat down with Minister Elrington and he said that he was making personal comments regarding himself that it would be crazy for him not to vote yes, considering his knowledge on …

Is Belize with 1 China Policy or with Taiwan?
Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington echoed the responses of CEO Andrews in that the funds are being channeled through the United Nations Development Program. The Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke of the upcoming visit of the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-Wen who will be arriving in Belize on August sixteenth to eighteenth. This has …

Minister of National Security revisits national defense plan
In April, Minister of National Security John Saldivar commissioned a national defense plan. At the end of a two day workshop Minister Saldivar was presented with a draft of the plan. The plan includes the use of all instruments of national power in the defense of Belize against any external aggression and ensures that the …

Drugs found in Belize City
Various police searches conducted in Belize City on Thursday allowed police to discover numerous amounts of cannabis. Searches done on the South side of the City, led to the discovery of approximately 2,805 grams of cannabis, however no one was found in the area and as a result, police labeled and deposited it as found property …

Firearm and Ammunition recovered in Unitedville, Cayo
On Thursday, a police patrol in Unitedville in the Cayo District, has police searching for Alexander Rios, after he was found to be in possession of an unlicensed firearm …

Aggravated Burglary in Belize City
Forty one year old, Barbara Meyers, reported to police that around 8 o’clock on Thursday night while at her mother’s house on Cedar Street in Belize City with a few of her family members, they were approached by a female who entered through the front door …


Shortage of Medical supplies nationwide
There is a critical shortage of Medical supplies in public health facilities across the country. Ministry of Health C.E.O Ramon Figueroa confirmed over the phone today that there is a shortage in bandages, gauze and syringes. Figueroa says that the Ministry has been facing problems with receiving ...

Another Western Union robbed
Another Western Union branch has been targeted by robbers. According to police reports, on Thursday morning, sometime around 9 o’clock, 45 year old Claudia Davila, was at her business place ,Mi Sericordia De Dios, which is a Western Union Branch located at 27 Guadalupe Street, Orange Walk Town. Tha...

Former Belmopan Mayor speaks of Citco’s current financial woes
On Wednesday, we told you that the Belmopan City Council workers and Transport officers were, once again, not paid on time. Workers told us that the issue has been reoccurring since April. On Wednesday, during their designated break, the members of the Christians Workers Union walked out of the City...

Crime and policing in Belmopan
On the first of July, the Belmopan Police Department received a new Commander. He goes by the name of Superintendent Henry Jemmoth and he has policing experience both in Belize City and San Pedro. This morning, we sat down with Supt. Jemmoth to hear what his experience has been like so far as comman...

Female shooter being sought
A gun toting female is being sought by police. According to reports, the female entered the doorway of a residence and fired a shot in the air. The report was made by 41 year old Barbara Myers, who told police that on Thursday August 2nd at about 8:00 p.m , she was at her mother’s home on Cedar Stre...

Police seeking Alexander Rios for gun charges
Police were conducting patrol in Unitedville Village, Cayo District at about 5:45 p.m., on Thursday August 2nd. They visited a creek that runs adjacent to the highway where they saw two male persons, one of whom was identified to be Alexander Rios. According to police, when Rios saw the cops, he g...

Guatemalan minor says she was forced into prostitution
A resident of More Tomorrow Village was arrested and charged for Human Trafficking of a Guatemalan minor some two months ago. The 17 year old girl told police that 60 year old Valentine Pop brought her to Belize from Melchor de Mencos when she was only 14 years old and allowed her to live with him i...

American Belizean suing for False Imprisonment
An American Belizean who resides in Tower Hill, Orange Walk is suing the Attorney General of Belize, the Immigration Department; Edgar Cano; Senior Immigration Officer, and the Belize Police Department. 63 year old Norman Kaufman filed the suit on Wednesday , July 27th, claiming false imprisonment...

British National wants Belizean nationality; says 13 years and no success
A 66 year old British National who says he came to the country of Belize with the British Army in 1971 and got married to a Belizean says that he has been unable to receive his Belizean Nationality papers...

Drug Trafficking charges for Belize City residents
On Thursday, police operations in Belize City yielded over two thousand grams of weed. Police say they searched different areas on the South-Side of the crime ridden city and collected a total of 2,805 grams of cannabis...

Belize Brain Awareness Society launched
Last Saturday, a newly formed organization held its launching ceremony. That organization is called the Belize Brain Awareness Society. The society is made up of individuals with a desire to see more awareness...

24 years later; Belize putting together a National Defense plan
The nation of Belize has been without a defense plan for the past 24 years. A press release from the Government press office issued today says, and we quote, “ For the first time since the withdrawal of British troops in 1994, a National Defense Plan is being prepared.”...

Minister of Transport and NEMO Meets Japan Parliamentary Delegation
On Wednesday, August 1, 2018, Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management Hon. Edmond Castro met with a visiting high-level delegation consisting of members of the House of Representatives of Japan and other officials...

Belmopan Bandits gearing up for Honduras team
The Belmopan Bandits Football Club Held a Press briefing at the Isodoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan today where they introduced their Players and unveiled their three new players’ Jerseys. Here is a look at the 2018 Jersey’s for the Belmopan Bandits football Club. We also took the opportunity to speak to the Belmopan Bandits head coach about...

Saldivar responds to Courtenay
Over the past two nights, we have been reporting on the People’s United Party’s internal friction between the Party’s legal advisor Eamon Courtenay and political hopeful Arthur Saldivar. The friction came about after Courtenay responded to questions presented by the media on Tuesday concerning Saldi...

Orange Walk business robbed
There was a robbery in Orange Walk town where a security guard was once again targeted. He was tied up and the business place he was guarding robbed. Police told us more. Wilfredo Ferrufino, Police NCIB: A security guard, Jose Matus, a 52 year old security guard for Odette’s Home center, which is lo...

BUFERHD seeking legal recourse
According to the law, persons who desire to participate in the National re-registration exercise are required to live at an address in Belize for a minimum of two months. Belizeans abroad are not able to meet this requirement whichhas caused the Belizeans United for Equal Rights at Home and Abroad, ...

Gas station robbers arraigned and remanded
Yesterday we told you about the arrests made by police in the robbery attempt at CP Gas station in Belize City. At today’s police media briefing, Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino gave us an update. Wilfredo Ferrufino, Police NCIB: On the 30th of July, sometime around 10am, police were called to the CP...

Police update on Belmopan chopping
On Tuesday we told you about 18 year Jose Lopez, who was chopped and robbed in the Rivera Community of Belmopan while on his way home from work. While Police informed the Media this morning that Lopez was in a critical condition at the KHMH, we were able to find Lopez at his residence this evening i...

Drowned man may have had asthma attack
Yesterday we told you about the drowning of 37 year old David Alamilla who was on a boat headed to St. George’s Caye when tragedy struck. Today, police updated on their investigation into that case. Wilfredo Ferrufino, Police NCIB: On the 1st of August, sometime around 1:30pm, police were called ou...

Authorities update on recent fires
An early morning fire destroyed the home of a family of three in Belama phase four, Belize City on Monday morning. The fire department was able to contain the fire, but not in time to save the structure. Chief Fire Officer at the Belize Fire Department, Orin Smith, told the media that the fire was s...

Questions over appointment of Honorary Consulate of Belize to Wales
British National, Arron Banks, claims that he was the Honorary Consulate of Belize to Wales for nearly two years. According to a ‘Wales Online’ article, published on July 18th 2018, the multi-millionaire British business man and political donor revealed on Twitter earlier this month that he had been the Honorary Consul for Wales on behalf of Belize from June 10, 2015, until March 15, 2017...

Police Department Receives Training on Stress, Trauma and suicide
The Employee Assistance Programme, under the Ministry of Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities, held a three-day training with the Belize Police Department at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan. Sixty-eight police officers with the rank of Inspector to Deputy Commissioner...

Evangelical Garifuna Council of Churches’ annual convention
The Evangelical Garifuna Council of Churches celebrated its annual convention with a parade through the streets of Punta Gorda town last week Saturday. The three day celebration saw various representatives from Garifuna communities across Belize...


American-Belizean suing for false imprisonment
An American man, Norman Kaufman, who became a naturalized Belizean, has filed a lawsuit at the Supreme Court Registry naming four defendants: the Attorney General of Belize; the Department of Immigration; Edgar Cano, Senior Immigration Officer; and the Belize Police Department. Kaufman, a resident of Tower Hill, Orange Walk District, is seeking exemplary and aggravated damages from the court for false imprisonment. He is also seeking aggravated and exemplary damages for malicious prosecution.

Popular cabinet maker and basketball enthusiast drowns near Moho Caye
A popular and skilled cabinet maker and basketball coach of the Belama area tragically lost his life at sea yesterday, Wednesday, while he was travelling to St. George’s Caye. David Alamilla, 37, was half a mile away from Moho Caye, which is about 1/3 of a mile away from the Municipal Airport on the north side of Belize City, when a series of events which led to his drowning, took place. The disastrous string of events which claimed Alamilla’s life began when he and four of his co-workers boarded a 32-foot boat which was towing a 26-foot skiff that was loaded with lumber. According to one of Alamilla’s coworkers, Andrew Middleton, 31, they were going to use the lumber to build a bodega out on St. George’s Caye.

Belmopan City Council employees stage protest over no-pay
Workers of the Belmopan City Council and their transport officers’ colleagues have reportedly been having difficulties collecting their pay since April. Today, during their break time, over 20 workers staged a protest at the main entrance to the City Hall building. The Christian Workers Union, which represents the workers of the Belmopan City Council, has written to the Council about the matter of their members not being paid on time. In response to the union’s letter, the City Administrator dispatched a letter to the union explaining that the workers would have been paid today, Thursday. Up to midday today, however, the council has still not paid its workers.

Darwin Lara, 35, targeted in retaliation for Baby Ethany Bennett’s death
A tearful Darwin Lara, 35, a laborer of Arlington Drive, told Amandala this morning that an attack on his house, in which his common-law wife was shot above both ankles, was an act of retaliation by gang members for the shooting death of Baby Ethany Bennett, 3, of Gill Street, Belize City, who was asleep in bed with her parents when she was mortally wounded. Lara said that a gunman fired ten to twelve shots at his house at about 8 o’clock Monday night, July 23, a little over a day after Baby Ethany was shot, and one of the bullets came through the house and struck his wife just above her two ankles.

Oceana vs Shark Fishers Association
For years, there has been talk, especially by Oceana, of banning the use of gill nets in Belize, because protected species of fish, such as bonefish and tarpon, are often included in the catch of fish pulled out the water by such a mechanism. In 2016, even Belize’s Coast Guard agreed with Oceana. Admiral John Borland, Commandant of the Coast Guard, had told the media that using gill nets was a “destructive and indiscriminate practice” and that the results were “more detrimental than they are beneficial.”

Rush International contingent visits the Jewel
Arriving in Belize this evening was a football contingent from Rush International, including 12 youth players and 4 adult coaches/chaperones. Among the adults are reportedly Brian Lux (Director of International affairs), Kris Downs (Global Outreach Director) and Matt Mittlestaedt (National Technical Director). The group will be in country until Saturday, August 4, and will be conducting training sessions in Belize City, Belmopan and Caye Caulker. According to the tentative itinerary provided by Rush Belize Country Director, Daniel Fabro, the group will be conducting football sessions tomorrow, Tuesday, at the MCC Grounds in Belize City from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon; and from 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. at the GG Field in Belmopan; they get to check out the Mayan Site at Altun Ha on Wednesday morning...

Firms basketball games resume at Swift Hall
Following a break the previous weekend for the FIBA AmeriCup pre-qualifying triangular at the Civic Center, the Firms Basketball League tournament resumed action this past weekend with games on Thursday, Friday and Sunday at the Swift Hall court. In the opener on Thursday night, July 26, it was Armed Forces, 72-56, over BWS Pressure. Armed Forces was led by Shaquille Crawford 18 pts 5 rebs, Raheem Zuniga 8 pts 10 rebs, Gregory Buckley 5 pts 10 rebs, and Frank Fuller 5 pts 10 rebs; while for BWS, Karim...

Belize District youths win FFB’s National U-13 Elite Championship in Belmopan
In a 3-day National U-13 Elite football tournament at the FFB Stadium over the weekend, the Belize District squad won the final in a penalty shootout against Belmopan. Selections from the 10 football “districts” of the country participated in the tournament, namely, in Group A – Belize, Stann Creek, San Pedro, Benque and Belmopan; and in Group B – Independence, Toledo, Cayo, Orange Walk and Corozal.

Inter-Office football continues at the MCC
The Belize District Football Association’s (BDFA)/McLean Insurance Brokers Inter-Office Football Tournament continues with scheduled games at the MCC Grounds: Wednesday, August 1 7:00 p.m. – City Council vs Belize Bank 8:30 p.m. – MOE Sports & Premium Wines vs BWS Thursday, August 2 7:00 p.m. – Simon Quan vs KHMH

The Reporter

EDITORIAL – August 3rd. 2018
To put it bluntly, we are disappointed in both the UDP and the PUP for not providing the leadership needed to address the Guatemalan claim to Belize with respect to the impending referendum. So far only the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs have declared themselves in favour of taking the matter to the International Court of Justice.

Chamber Concerned About Crime
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) has raised concerns over the increased crime, specifically robberies and burglaries, targeting business owners over the last few months, primarily in Belize

The memory of the little pink casket in a horse-drawn carriage through the streets to the Lord’s Ridge Cemetery on Wednesday will be a lasting reminder to the family and

David Alamilla, 37, was pronounced dead at 2:30pm Wednesday after he suffered an asthma attack after an accident at sea. His death has shocked not only the Belama community where

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Taiwan donates $60,000 to NICH for September Celebrations
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) today announced that on July 27, 2018, it […]

Ivy Queen is in Belize for Costa Maya 2018
Ivy Queen, the diva known as the ‘Queen of Reggaeton” arrived in San Pedro, Belize […]

Police seeking woman for randomly shooting inside a family residence in Belize City
Belize City police are investigating a report of an aggravated burglary that occurred last night. […]

Alexander Rios wanted by police for illegal possession of a firearm
According to reports, around 5:45 pm yesterday, police were conducting a patrol in Unitedville Village, Cayo, and […]

Business woman robbed in broad daylight in Orange Walk
Orange Walk police are investigating a report of an armed robbery that occurred yesterday morning. […]

Belize City man arrested, charged with drug trafficking
Police yesterday arrested and charged Rayan Smith, 24, from Dolphin Street, Belize City for drug trafficking. […]

National Defense Plan prepared to guarantee the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Belize
For the first time since the withdrawal of British Troops in 1994, a National Defense […]

Woman busted in drug trafficking operation in Belize City
Yesterday morning, police conducted a search at the home of Lucilla Petronilla on Santa Barbara […]

SICA Environment Ministers discuss climate change action plan for the region
In taking office today of the Pro Tempore Presidency (PTP) of the Central American Commission […]

Public consultations to be held for Belize’s National Trade Policy
Last year, the Government of Belize through the Directorate General for Foreign Trade (DGFT), embarked […]

Fair weather to continue
The 24-hour forecast is for mostly fair weather to continue. Sunny skies with a few cloudy spells are expected today with cloudy skies tonight. Isolated showers are expected over most areas...


Light Up Your Neighborhood: Order a Streetlight!
When my neighbor sent me this information, it seemed too good to be true. Anyone can put in an order for a street light. Or three. This can be ordered by a resort or an individual (or an organized neighborhood group.) BEL will install the light and the electricity will be billed to you. Here is the basic information: “BEL installs an LED light on the post you identify by the number (on a metal plate on each pole) and you pay only for the power consumption, roughly calculated for me at BZ$21 a month. “ He submitted his work order last month – and BEL suggests that you get in orders as soon as possible. So they can do a bulk order.

SAN JOAQUIN FIESTA - The Village of San Joaquin invites you for their 52nd Annual San Joaquin Fiesta from Thursday, August 16th to Sunday, August 19th. Schedule of Events Include the Following:- 16 August - Feastday Mass at 6:00 p.m. 17 August - 7:30 p.m. - Inaugural Ceremony and Coronation, - 9:45 p.m. Live Music by Dynamics of Belize Band. 18 August - 9:45 p.m. - Live Music by Dynamics of Belize Band.

San Ignacio Market Day
It’s a Saturday morning in San Ignacio. The sun is just starting to rise, but for many the day started hours ago. Stalls are assembled, burners are lit, merchandise is laid out, and produce is unpacked. For twin towns San Ignacio and Santa Elena, Saturday is market day. There are permanent market stands, but once per week the market grows 10x its original size. Traffic is redirected, streets become one ways, and downtown is swamped with people. Keep in mind that “swamped with people” is relative in Belize. “Swamped” in Belize is totally different from “swamped” in Chiang Mai, Thailand or Cairo, Egypt. The San Ignacio market day isn’t the largest or busiest in the world but if you seek cultural immersion and a glimpse of local life, then Saturday market is the place to go.

Officially on Summer Vacation and August Events
Yesterday, after meeting the Reicks for a Coconut Leo house fund donation, my friend Jenna and I made a special trip to Escalante, just past Maria’s new shop – soon to be on Google maps. My trainer Sarah tipped me off that I should catch the last day of a special summer school and help promote it. When we arrived, teacher Apo was off getting the kids juice and a snack so Claudia showed us around and filled us in a bit on how things worked. This is a great grassroots effort by Apo, who saw a need within the community to help kids who required some extra attention. Summer school ran for two hours per day and finished for a one month break at the end of July. During the school year, tutoring will resume on Saturdays.

International Sourcesizz

The Best Caribbean Islands for 401k Participants to Retire
For most people, relaxing on the beach with their toes in the sand and a frozen beverage in-hand means they are on vacation. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Living the island life permanently after retirement is more affordable than most 401k savers would think—if only one knows where to look. 1. Ambergris Caye, Belize A half-mile offshore of Ambergris Caye—Belize’s largest island—is the Belize Barrier Reef. Part of the largest reef in the northern hemisphere, and one of the most intact thanks to Belizean government regulations, this natural wonder is home to sea turtles, manatees, over 500 species of fish and 106 species of coral.

Caribbean Builds Resilience Through Enhanced Data Collection
By the end of September 2018, the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) would have installed the last of five new data buoys in the Eastern Caribbean, extending the regional Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS) network as it continues to build resilience to climate change in the Caribbean. At the same time, the centre is also installing an additional 50 Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) across nine countries to expand the existing network of hydro-meteorological stations- yet another push to improve data collection in the region. The data will help scientists to better evaluate potential risks and impacts, and provide the information national leaders seek to build more resilient infrastructures to mitigate climate risks.

Regional transportation issues highlighted at hemispheric meeting
The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) multilateral air services agreement (MASA) was among matters presented to a meeting of the North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACC) directors of civil aviation, held this week in Ottawa, Canada. CARICOM Secretariat’s head of the Transportation Unit, Dr Pauline Yearwood delivered a presentation on ‘Assistance towards the Finalization of the MASA’. This agreement recognizes that the principal means of transport within CARICOM, particularly for people, is by air, and that there are several airlines operating within the region and between the Community and other parts of the world. Some of the airlines, such as Caribbean Airlines and LIAT are also national airlines for some member states. The agreement points to the importance of all stakeholders operating by common rules.

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  • The Ministry of Health - H1N1 Flu, 45min.

  • The National Garifuna Council (NGC) - Afro Descendant Women's Encounter, 18min.

  • The Belize Medical Associates (BMA) is commemorating its 30th Anniversary, 35min.

  • Costa Maya 2018, 13min.

  • Placencia Town and Monkey River, 6min. This is the final episode of my Belize trip. Placencia was a fun town mixed with locals and tourists. Storms were on an off all the time. We witnessed a very special drum and dance ceremony. Our last tour was going to Monkey River by boat. We went up river and then into the jungle on foot. The jungle was covered in mosquitoes, even more than Oregon mountains in the summer. We saw some howler monkeys at the end.

  • Increased Robberies and Parents of Criminals Rise & Shine, 1.3min.

  • Fire in Boca Del Río!, min. Big fire in the Boca Del Río Area. Neighbors and firefighters are fighting the flames as they threaten to spread to other homes. No injuries have been reported! Fire has engulfed about four structures in the Boca Del Río area. Firefighters struggling with the large blaze.

  • Miss Costa Maya 2018, 4min. Miss Honduras is Miss Costa Maya 2018, Miss México places 2nd and Miss Costa Rica in 3rd place.

  • Drunk Tractor Driver Just misses hitting Police vehicle, min. A drunk driver in a massive backhoe put the lives of many in danger on the southern road as he missed colliding with various vehicles, even the Police Truck. It took some time to remove the stubborn operator of the construction vehicle from the steering wheel as he resisted for a few minutes. The police did a great job in detaining the man who told police to take care of his tractor as he was loaded on the back of their pickup truck. Thank You San Pedro Police for your quick action.

  • Queen of Reggaeton Ivy Queen Arriving in San Pedro, 11min. Performing at Costa Maya Festival Saturday, August 4th.

  • Miss Costa Maya 2018-2019 is Miss Honduras Mary Cruz Cardona!!, 1min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries, 4min.

  • Rides in Corozal being set up, 1min. Here is an update of the rides in Corozal being set up in front of the old Social Security Building. Hey kids, this rides will be rock and rolling fun time as you get on it.

  • Belize Boat Party, 4min.

  • Belize Scuba & Snorkeling, 10min.

  • Deep Sea Fishing Off The Coast Of Belize, 3.5min. A great day of deep sea fishing on a tropical island.

  • Belize 2018, 5min. This video documents my time in Orange Walk, Belize for the NCSU course Global Public Health and Physiology.

  • World Challenge Belize Trip 2018 Travel Video, 4min. World Challenge Gosforth Sixth Form Academy Belize Trip 2018

  • Pineapple Hill Belize, 7min. A 50 acre Paradise in the Maya Mountains of Belize!

  • Maya Pax, 3min. Maya Pax is a kind of Music played by the people of Yucatec Maya Descent of Belize . Maya Pax is mostly played for days of celebration in the Yucatec Maya communities of Northern Belize . One of the most known Belizean Maya Pax bands was La Banda de San Jose Alma Maya who played for many years in different places . This video is from a Belizean Maya Pax band playing in San Jose Nuevo Palmer (Orange Walk) . This kind of music was brought to Belize by the Yucatec Maya(Masewal) during the Maya Social War(Caste War).

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