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Richard Foster found killed in Belmopan #531726
08/08/18 03:46 AM
08/08/18 03:46 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Story below updated: A body was discovered late last night in the Rivera area of Belmopan, sources say it is missing British national, Richard Foster. Democracia was the crime scene, the car was found in Mahogany heights, his body found in Rivera. Same M.O. as before with the other expat whose house and car were burned. The Rivera area is the first road access when first getting to the roundabout near the Chicken place on the edge of Belmopan.

British Filmmaker, Richard Foster, Missing; His Home Was Ransacked and Guns Stolen

There is growing concern tonight for the safety of Richard Foster, the famed film maker who has made Belize his home for decades. When he did not answer calls from his wife Carol, who is in the United States, a check of the property revealed that something was awfully wrong.  His house was found open, it had been burglarized and Foster was nowhere to be found. News Five’s Hipolito Novelo was at the scene as police combed through the house looking for clues. Foster worked closely with the Belize Zoo and has filmed a number of documentaries for the Natural Geographic TV and BBC. At news time, Foster’s vehicle has been located, but he remains missing.

Hipolito Novelo, Reporting

It is believed that sixty-three year old Richard Foster, a renowned British filmmaker, was abducted from here: Savanna Guest House on mile twenty eight and a half of the George Price Highway. His business doubled as his home and scenes of crime technicians along with ACP Chester Williams were at the scene this morning gathering information and looking for clues to Foster’s whereabouts.

Foster lived alone for the time being. His wife, Carol is in the United States. At around seven o’clock this morning, Carol called Glen McFadzean- a sixty one year old Belizean retiree of La Democracia village, to stop by Savanna Guest House and check on her husband because her calls had gone unanswered. McFadzean did but when he arrived at the house, he realized that something terrible had happened. He found the house opened and ransacked. Foster was nowhere to be found. His Toyota Hilux and two firearms, a nine millimeter Smith and Wesson and a twelve gauge all purpose pump action shot gun were missing. According to sources, cash was also missing.

News Five has learnt that Foster’s vehicle, a Toyota pick-up, was found in a bushy area near a water reservoir in the Mahogany Heights community. Blood was seen inside the vehicle. Foster, however, remains missing. So this missing person report has evolved in what may be kidnapping. Tonight there are more questions than answers as to the whereabouts of Foster.

Foster lived in Belize for many years. He is an animal lover and Natural History Filmmaker. He worked closely with the Belize Zoo and on December first 2010, he gave News Five an interview after the zoo suffered major damages after Hurricane Richard in October of that year.

Richard Foster, Zoo Contributor [File: December 1st, 2010]

“When that hurricane came, Hurricane Richard, it was heart breaking, really heartbreaking to see what it did. All the big trees that had grown up and the beauty of the zoo was just destroyed but I tell you it didn’t put Sharon off and those guys worked like crazy over the last month. The catastrophe has attracted some funds so some things will be done better than they were before. I believe everybody has had some kind of shakeup and the zoo is gonna become more vital. It is amazing what can come out of disaster if you really will it and I think that is what is what’s happening there at the zoo.”

Channel 5

Award Wining Brit-B’zean Film-maker Missing

Family and friends of 74 year old British photographer Richard Foster are in panic mode tonight after he was reported missing this morning. Foster along with his wife Carol own the Savanna Guest House near the Belize Zoo. When the caretaker went to look for Richard this morning, he was nowhere to be found, his home had been ransacked and a few of his belongings were missing.

So, it is a missing person's case and apparently a home invasion. 7news was the first on the scene along with police this morning. Courtney Weatherburne has more.

Courtney Weatherburne reporting
Carol and Richard Foster have been living in Belize for four decades.

They have made this lovely quaint outdoor spot their home - it's known as the Savanna Guest House at mile 29 on the Western Highway - right next to the Belize Zoo.

Well, this morning, police and scenes of crime personnel were at the guest house searching for clues as to where Richard could be. He is missing.

He was alone at the Guest House because his wife Carol is in the US. Our information is that Carol spoke with him yesterday afternoon but when she tried to call him again at 8 last night, he didn't answer. But this morning around 7, the caretaker Glen Mcfadzen went to check on Richard. But all he found was a ransacked house - no Richard. He then called Carol and the police. According to the police report, two of his guns -a 9mm pistol and a shotgun and his vehicle were also missing.

But while the team were processing the scene, police got a call that they found an abandoned vehicle believed to be Richard's Ford pickup truck in Mahogany Heights.

It was found in the bushes on a back road. Police also went searching in the bushes to see of there was any sign of him but there was nothing. So the hunt continues for the highly acclaimed British photographer Richard Foster.

Foster is a world renowned photographer and film maker. He has won two Emmy's for his work with National Geographic. We will keep following this story closely.

Channel 7

Re: Richard Foster found killed in Belmopan [Re: Marty] #531734
08/08/18 05:24 AM
08/08/18 05:24 AM
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dabunk Offline
dabunk  Offline
Breaking News: The Reporter has confirmed that a body has been discovered in the Rivera Area of Belmopan about 20 mins ago. While Police have yet to confirm identity officially, sources say unofficially it is British national Richard Foster, 63, resident of Mile 28.5 George Price Highway who was reported missing today. Foster' s home was found ransacked and his Toyota Hilux and two firearms were missing. We'll have more information as it becomes available.

Re: Richard Foster found killed in Belmopan [Re: Marty] #531745
08/09/18 05:09 AM
08/09/18 05:09 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 71,964
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Our information is that the motive was robbery and that the attacker or attackers broke into Foster’s home, collected his guns, kidnapped him, took his pickup and then later executed him at the Rivera area.

Police are looking for a suspect from Hattieville - who is a well-known crime figure. As seen on this poster, there is a $1,000 reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest and charge of persons responsible for the murder of Richard Foster.

Foster had been living in Belize for over 40 years, and was loved and admired by many in Belize. The staff from the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center were close to the Fosters and they sent a release. It states, quote, "We deeply mourn the tragic loss of our long-time colleague and dear friend, Richard Foster. We are forever grateful and honoured to have had Richard as part of our Zoo family.... he was at the foundation and heart of this institution, and, through his camera lens, passionately shared our commitment to the protection of Belize’s wildlife and their habitats."

As you saw in the story, Foster was involved in many international nature documentaries, and this weekend Channel 7 will be airing two of his most seminal: “Selva Verde, The Green Jungle” and “Amate The Great Fig Tree”, both filmed in Belize.

From Channel 7

British Filmmaker, Richard Foster, Found Stabbed to Death

Shockwaves were felt across the conservation and film industry communities after it was learned that the body of seventy-four-year-old Richard Foster was found on Tuesday night. The well known British filmmaker had been brutally stabbed and his body was dumped in the Rivera area of Belmopan. The gruesome discovery was made at around eight o’clock by one of the residents who saw the corpse near a creek in the area. Foster disappeared from his home at Savanna Guest House along the George Price Highway. His home had been ransacked and monies were stolen. His two firearms, a nine millimeter Smith and Wesson and a twelve gauge shotgun were also stolen. His Toyota pickup was later found in the Mahogany Heights area. All the evidence pointed to a brazen kidnapping which resulted in Foster’s demise. But who would want him dead? News Five Hipolito Novelo was in Belmopan today looking for answers.

Hipolito Novelo, Reporting

The life of seventy-four-year-old British Filmmaker, Richard Foster, came to a shocking and tragic end on Tuesday. His body was found in the Rivera area of Belmopan, less than a day after being kidnapped from his home at Savanna Guest House on the George Price Highway.

Foster’s body was found by a resident of the area who told News Five that the corpse was seen dumped near the creek. According to the eyewitness, Foster was without a shirt. He was wearing a pair of pants only. That unnamed individual says that he observed Foster’s body with several stab wounds. This was confirmed by an official police report which also stated that injuries to Foster’s head were also observed.

Foster was abducted from his home sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning. His Toyota Hilux pickup was recovered in the Mahogany Heights community in a bushy area near a water reservoir. Inside the vehicle, investigators found blood.

One of the last persons to see Foster alive is Javier Molina. He is the President of Belize Audio Visual Association. He worked closely with the Fosters. In fact, he was with them last week.  It was Carol who called Molina to share the terrible news.

Javier Molina, Friend of Richard Foster

“When I first got the news, it was a text message from Miss Carol. I knew she was away seeking medical attention. The text message was basically ‘Javier did you know that Richard is missing and they robbed our house’. I was shocked. I mean they have been living in that location for so many years. I thought it was peaceful. I am sure they thought it was safe there. I was just seriously in shock.”

….and that shock is being felt across the conservation and film industry communities.

Richard Foster was living alone for a few days. His wife, Carol, had recently left the country. They lived in Belize for more than three decades. Their home was open to everyone, as they lived in a sense of security from the 1970’s.

Javier Molina

“If you go to their home you will see that it is open. It is just things to keep out insects and bugs. There were no burglar bars. They lived, I guess in a time when Belize was just like that from the seventies. That is how they continued to live, in an open, free and safe environment. That is how they felt in Belize.”

In Belize, authorities are trying to figure out the two most important questions: Who killed Richard Foster and why? British High Commissioner, Peter Hughes, says he has been communicating with the Belize Police Department.

Peter Hughes, British High Commissioner

“The brutal murder of Richard Foster has come as a massive shock to the many people in Belize who knew him. This is a horrible crime. Our hearts go out to his family, particularly his wife Carol during this incredibly difficult time. We have been in close contact with the Belizean authorities throughout this and will continue to do so but I cannot say any more because there is an ongoing investigation at this time.

At this time, there are more speculations than solid facts. One strong speculation is that the Fosters were under surveillance.

Javier Molina

“I have a feeling that they were probably watching them. I mean, to do something like that they had to have an idea that these people were somewhat vulnerable. The fact that he was wearing a hearing aid and all of that. When we communicate I have to speak a little louder to him so  that hears what I am saying. They felt safe in Belize.”

Hipolito Novelo

“Why would any want to hurt this elderly man who really did no harm no anyone?”


Javier Molina

“There is absolutely no reason. If you knew Richard, you yourself would say that there is absolutely no, zero reason for someone to want to hurt this gentleman. He is open, he is friendly. He is giving. There is zero reason. Knowing him personally, there is zero chance that someone would have a grievance with this man.”

This man wasn’t an ordinary man. He gave plenty to the conservation and film industry communities.  His work in documenting the lives of jaguars was crucial in conservation programs.

Janelle Chanona, Friend of Richard Foster

“He was certainly a giant in both the filmmaking industry as well as conservation efforts on a number of fronts. I certainly think that Belize is a little bit of a darker place now that we lost the light. His light has been snuffed out. It’s hard to imagine him being treated this way. Nobody deserves it. Certainly, I think for all us who knew him, worked with him, respected his work, and loved his work it’s really a very tragic loss to the nation. It’s hard to know how to feel about what he endured.”

Javier Molina

“I am really sad that something like this happened to such good people. There are so nice. They give of themselves freely. For something like this to happen to people like this, it’s shocking, it’s saddening, maddening and on a whole it’s a huge loss for the film industry in Belize and Belize on a whole.”

On the Phone: Tony Rath, Friend of Richard Foster

“Richard, as most people, is probably the finest, greatest wildlife photographer that lived in Belize. But more than that he was just a really good person. He helped people all the time. He was not afraid to give out information and teach people about photography. He had a real love for the outdoors and conservation. It is a great loss for Belize. My heart goes out to his wife Carol who is also a great wildlife photographer.”

And to the person or persons who brutally killed Foster:

Javier Molina

“You guys have no heart. This needs to stop. I don’t think what I want to say I can really say on TV. But seriously, they need to find love in their hearts because people who can do something like that have no love. It’s sad.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Hipolito Novelo.

Foster also worked closely with the Belize Zoo. This evening the zoo issued a statement which reads “We are forever grateful and honoured to have had Richard as part of our Zoo family; since TBZ’s inception, he was at the foundation and heart of this institution, and, through his camera lens, passionately shared our commitment to the protection of Belize’s wildlife and their habitats.” Carol and Richard had no children.

Channel 5

On August 7th 2018, filmmaker Richard Foster was at his home near the Belize Zoo (Democracia) when it is suspected burglars broke in, robbed him and then abducted him. His body was later discovered with multiple stab wounds in the Rivera area in the City of Belmopan. A $1,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest and charge of the person(s) responsible for the murder of Richard Foster. Please use the anonymous Crimestoppers hotline to report any information. These calls are answered by Miami Dade detectives in Florida. 0-800-922-8477 or 0-800-922-TIPS

GoFundMe: Justice and support for the Fosters
To help and contribute to a fund for Justice and Support for the Fosters, CLICK here

Internationally renowned British filmmaker murdered

Internationally acclaimed British photographer and filmmaker, Richard Foster, 74, was reported missing on Tuesday, from Savannah Guest House, his business and home, after the caretaker of his property found the house ransacked.

On Tuesday, around 9 p.m., tragically, his body was found in the Rivera area of Belmopan.

Foster, a British national, had lived in Belize for many years with his wife, Carol Foster. Since Carol is currently in the US, Richard Foster had been living alone when it appears that he was kidnapped. Carol tried to call Richard on Monday night around 8:00, and she grew concerned when she got no response. She then asked Glen McFadzean, the caretaker for the guest house, to check on him.

When McFadzean went to check on Foster the following Tuesday morning, around 7 a.m., he saw that the house was open. When he went inside, he found that it had been ransacked and he couldn’t find Richard.

McFadzean called the police, who, after searching the premises, reported that two guns, a 9mm pistol and a shotgun, and Foster’s Toyota Hilux, were missing – presumably stolen by Foster’s suspected kidnappers.

Later in the day, the police discovered the vehicle in the Mahogany Heights area in the Cayo District, in the bushes on a back road. The car had blood stains on the seat.

Police did not find any signs of Foster where the stolen vehicle was found, so they continued their search. Sometime around 8 p.m., police, acting upon information they received, discovered Foster’s body on the east bank of Roaring Creek, the creek from which the neighboring Roaring Creek Village got its name. He was found wearing only shorts and his legs were in the water.

The body was found with ten stab wounds, as well as head injuries. It was transported to the Western Regional Hospital and a post-mortem exam revealed that he died of traumatic asphyxiation due to being stabbed.

Although blood was found in Foster’s house and car, it was not substantial enough to indicate that he was killed in either place. There also was not enough blood found by the creek to indicate that he had been killed there.

Police currently have one person in custody, who they say is known to them. They also say that the motive for the kidnapping and murder appears to have been robbery.

Richard Foster was a pioneer in the establishment of The Belize Zoo. In 1983, a filmmaking team that was headed by Foster, who was the cinematographer, came to Belize to film a documentary called “Selva Verde.”

Sharon Matola, who now heads the zoo, accompanied the team as the animal caretaker.

After filming, the team debated about what to do with the animals, which included an ocelot, a puma, a jaguar, and several exotic birds. Since the animals were now tame, the team could not release the animals into the wild, but they also did not want to euthanize them.

When the filming crew left, Matola remained behind and created a makeshift zoo for the 17 animals. She used their enclosures as exhibits to generate funds for their care. The zoo was relocated to its current location at Mile 29 on the George Price Highway in 1991.

Shortly after producing the documentary, Foster moved to Belize and became naturalized. He and his wife, Carol, have filmed many nature documentaries for National Geographic and BBC right here in Belize, and developed them at their guest house at Mile 29 on the George Price Highway.

Some of Foster’s films include “Tales from Belize: Underwater World” and “Paradise on the Edge”; “Mysteries of the Ancient Maya”; “Land of the Anaconda”; “Jungle Nights”; “Jaguar: Year of the Cat”; “Hope – The Harpy Eagle”; sequences for the highly acclaimed BBC documentary Planet Earth; and much more.

The Fosters won two Emmys and many other awards for their work in Belize and around the world. Although they still made films, of late they had been primarily focused on conservation efforts.

The last time Foster was in the news was in October of 2010, when a jaguar that he had adopted and cared for escaped when a mango tree fell on its enclosure during Hurricane Richard. The escaped jaguar, named Max, attacked and killed one of the Fosters’ neighbors, Bruce Cullerton, 47.

Amandala had interviewed Foster about the incident, and he told us how devastated he was when he learned about the death of his friend. Foster also explained that he was upset that he had to euthanize the jaguar, but he said he understood why it had to be done.


Re: Richard Foster found killed in Belmopan [Re: Marty] #531766
08/10/18 04:50 AM
08/10/18 04:50 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Suspect Held In Foster Case

Police have a person detained for Richard Foster's murder. That's good news but investigators still need to strengthen their case.

Today at the bi weekly press briefing, the Head of National Crimes Investigation started by outlining what we already know: The Savannah Guest House caretaker Glen Mcfadzen called the police when he showed up at the place Tuesday morning to find Foster missing and the house ransacked.

Not too long after, Foster's grey pickup truck was found in the bushes in Mahogany Heights. There was blood in the back passenger seat. Then later that same Tuesday night after 7:00, his body turned up in the Rivera Area of Belmopan.

That's where we start; here's what they saw and what they can share on the investigation so far.

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, NCIB
"In continuing to follow up on the investigation Belmopan police responded to a call of a body in the Rivera Area around 8:00 pm on the said Tuesday the 7th August where upon arrival they saw a clear skin complexion male person dressed in short pants with his feet hanging in the creek apparently dead. Upon examination of the body it was observed to have several stab wounds as well as injuries to the head. The body was later identified as Richard Foster, 74 years, naturalized Belizean of 28 and a half miles George Price Highway. The post mortem was conducted yesterday on the body of Richard Foster which revealed that he died from traumatic asphyxiation as a consequence of stab wounds. He received a total of 10 stab wounds."

"The investigation had shown that there was some injury within the house but even on the scene where the body was found there was no substantial amount of blood which seemed to indicate that the deceased was not exactly killed there where he was found."

Jules Vasquez, reporter
"However, there is not that substantial volume of blood to indicate that he was killed in the home either, someone who died from multiple stab wounds."

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, NCIB
"Yes, yes."

Jules Vasquez
"And the vehicle? There was blood in there as well?"

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, NCIB
"But not a substantial amount of either. We are not certain at this time based on the investigation where is it that he was killed."

That person in custody was brought in this morning. None of Foster's stolen items have been recovered. We will keep following this case closely. Again, there is a $1,000 reward for the person with information that leads to the arrest and charge of the persons who killed Foster.

The Belize Zoo has also started a "Go Fund Me" page named "Justice and support for the Fosters." It says, quote, "We call on all those who want to see justice served and kindness triumph during this dark time."

The funds will be used, quote, "to cover legal costs to prosecute Richard's killers…" and to cover his wife Carol's medical expenses. She has multiple sclerosis.

Channel 7

Re: Richard Foster found killed in Belmopan [Re: Marty] #531786
08/11/18 06:01 AM
08/11/18 06:01 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 71,964
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Suspected Foster Killer Could Soon Be Charged

Police could charge someone for Richard Foster's murder as soon as this weekend. The British film-maker was kidnapped form his home at mile 28 and a half on Tuesday morning. His body was found that night- he had been beaten and stabbed to death. Police say the motive was robbery. His pickup and his guns were stolen.

Now, sources say investigators have had a breakthrough in the case. Deputy Compol Chester Williams suggested as much today:

DCP Chester Williams - Commander of Operations

"The foster investigation is being headed by Inspector Aban who is from Belize City, CIB support. He was appointed the chief investigator, as he is a senior investigator. Due to the nature of how the incident occurred, we saw it fit to appoint a senior investigator to investigate that matter. And, yes, we have made some progress in that investigation and we are hoping that, hopefully, over the weekend we should be able to effect an arrest in respect of Foster's murder."


"Are you able to share any details as to what helped the police to break or at least progressed with a specific lead?"

DCP Chester Williams

"Good police work."

There is a thousand dollar reward put out for information leading to the arrest and charge of persons responsible for Foster's murder.

Channel 7

Re: Richard Foster found killed in Belmopan [Re: Marty] #531796
08/12/18 04:40 AM
08/12/18 04:40 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 71,964
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
4 Arraigned in Connection with the Murder of Richard Foster

Police say that his murder was motivated by robbery and on Friday night, thirty-one-year-old Andrew Robert Clarke and twenty-six-year-old Derwin Jones were charged for Foster’s murder.

Nineteen-year-old Benyathi Brandon was later charged for burglary; and today, a fourth person, twenty-three-year-old Edmond Pascascio was also charged for murder.

[Linked Image]

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