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Today's Belize News: August 11, 2018 #531789
08/11/18 06:44 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro woman charged for beating 10-year-old child
30-year-old Nicole Polonio, a resident of San Juan area of San Pedro Town, has been charged with grievous harm after allegedly beating a 10- year- old female child on Saturday, August 4th. Today Friday, August 10th she appeared before Magistrate Emerson Banner in Belize City. Polonio pleaded not guilty to the charge and was released on a bail of $3,000. Her case was adjourned until October 16, 2018. The incident was reported by the child while accompanied by a community rehabilitation officer, who reported to the police that Polonio accused the child of stealing money and squeezed her neck, then threw her on a mattress on the floor and beat her. The child was given a medico-legal form and she was examined by a doctor, who classified her injury as grievous harm.

Thanks to donations, San Pedro spared from medical supply shortage affecting Belize
Medical centres across the country are on the verge of running out of medicines due to a shortage of pharmaceutical products. This was confirmed on Wednesday, August 8th by the Ministry of Health (MOH). Since last week, all hospitals have been affected by this shortage in their supplies. However, San Pedro’s supplies are still at a healthy level due to the continued donations the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic receives from different organizations, such as the Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye. Chief Executive Officer at MOH, Dr. Ramon Figueroa confirmed that there is also a shortage of bandages, gauze, and syringes. Figueroa claims that it is not his Ministry’s fault, but the private supplier. “We are in the process of purchasing some items for right now,” said Figueroa.

Ambergris Today

III Meeting Of The Belize-Guatemala Joint Commission
The III Meeting of the Belize-Guatemala Joint Commission was held Thursday, August 9th, under the auspices of the Organization of American States (OAS), headed by the Commissioners of both countries, the Ambassador of Belize in Guatemala, H.E. Alexis Rosado; the Ambassador of Guatemala to Belize, H.E. George de La Roche; with the accompaniment of Mr. Manuel Washington Abdala, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the OAS for Belize- Guatemala matters.

Misc Belizean Sources


South Ambergris Caye Neighbourhood Watch Potluck Sept 16th 2pm
It's that time of year again when we gather together under the Caribe Island palapa for food and fun! Meet us on Sunday, September 16th beginning around 2 pm. SACNW will have beer, sodas & rum in exchange for a donation. You bring a dish. Caribe Island is at mile 2.5 Turn at Marin's market - you will see the palapa near the sea. Park your cart on the side of the road and join the fun!

The Prime Minister Departs the Country on Personal Leave
The Office of the Prime Minister informs that Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow left the country today, August 10, 2018 on personal leave. During his absence, Hon. Hugo Patt, Minister of Natural Resources, will act as Prime Minister. Prime Minister Barrow will return to Belize on Tuesday, August 14, 2018.

Realize Project
Realize is a not for profit organisation in Belize that promotes and supports the inclusion of individuals with disabilities. This month Realize launches Education 4 All, in partnership with UNICEF. The project will offer training, information and resources to families and teachers to promote the inclusion of children and young people in school.

Miss Independence Corozal Pageant
The Corozal Town Council cordially invites you to attend the spectacular Miss Independence Corozal Pageant event to be held at the Corozal Community College Auditorium on Saturday, August 25th 2018 starting at 6:00 p.m . Ticket locations will be announced shortly!!! Don’t miss it.

Khalydia Velasquez Yougest Player to Score in FIFA Tourney
Congratulations to Ms. Khalydia Velasquez, 11 years of age for setting a record for Belize as the youngest player to score in an officially sanctioned FIFA international tournament. Let's show Khalydia and all the U-15 baby Jaguars how proud we are!

Invitation to BIDS for the purchase of fertilizer and lime amendments for the productivity enhancement of banana farms in Belize

Queen of the Bay Sashing
Ladies and Gentlemen are you ready to meet the 5 beautiful Queen of the Bay delegates?? Join us at Tony's Inn & Beach Resort for the Sashing ceremony where the delegates identity will be reveal. presence of Our very own official photographer Pablo Garcia Photography will be at the venue. "Its a gala Night"! A Night you Can't afford to Miss.

Maya first to touch down on Caye Caulker
Today Maya shuttled BAA Executives and Contractors and it’s executive team whom visited the site to inspect the runway and facilities and meet with residents. It was a successful inspection. Congratulations to the Ministry of Tourism and Department of Civil Aviation, The Belize Airports Authority, The Caye Caulker Village Council and the residents of Caye Caulker. Maya looks forward to returning service to Caye Caulker when the aerodrome reopens in September. Captain Solomon Williams is the first pilot to make touch down on the renovated aerodrome in Caye Caulker . Thumbs up to you Captain!

Zeta Purified Water and Party Ice, Ranchito Corozal
Zeta Corozal in Ranchito proudly announces its 24/7 self service purified water dispenser for $1.75 per every five gallon refill. The water is purified after undergoing reverse osmosis through RV treatment plant, ozonation and ultra violet process removing all bacteria, contaminants and other impurities. Follow the instructions displayed on the window and you are good to go! Will accept $1.00 coin, $.50 coin and $.25 coin. Come and try our brand new self serving purified water dispenser. If we are closed, you can still get your Zeta Purified Water, anytime!

Vacancy at BEL
A vacancy exists at Belize Electricity Limited for a System Administrator in the Information and Communication System Department (Belize City).

Vacancy at BEL
A vacancy exists at Belize Electricity Limited for the post of Technician I in the Distribution Department (San Pedro).

Environmental Agents of Change Program Finishes
The Environmental Agents of Change Summer program in Calla Creek has finished. Thanks, Department of Youth Services, for making this wonderful event happen! "Calla Creek Village has a population of a little over 500. Educating our people in our villages in topics such as climate change, proper waste management and in the importance of environment conservation is essential. The one issue that we can handle without any external help is waste management and waste reduction. To begin with, keeping our immediate surroundings clean should be the primary target. Given that the Department has been approached by the village council with the issue they are having with garbage. The department has decided to conduct an Environmental Agents of Change summer program for four days for young people in the village."

Aerial tour of Southern Belize
This week, Chargé d'Affaires, a.i. Keith Gilges had a unique opportunity to appreciate Belize's breathtaking nature during an aerial tour of Southern Belize. He is especially grateful to the Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force - SOUTHCOM (SPMAGTF-SC) Air Command Element (ACE) for organizing this trip, which allowed him to see remote parts of the Jewel and witness firsthand the country's rich and diverse nature, as well as some of its ecological challenges. These flights help refine the SPMAGTF-SC's procedures as they prepare to respond to natural disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean, working shoulder-to-shoulder with their Belizean colleagues.

Channel 7

Mother of 3 Stabbed To Death In the Street
A 33 year old mother of 3, Roxanne Pop, was stabbed to death by her ex-common law. It happened around 7:00 last night in front of the Boulevard Plaza in Belize City and was caught on surveillance camera. Police have charged the ex-boyfriend, 44 year old Sandhill resident Noewelin Williams. Williams had been trying to convince Pop to get back with him but she didn't want to. That is what led to the ruthless attack. I spoke to Pop's family today and they say even though they knew that Williams was abusing Pop throughout their relationship, nothing could have prepared them for this tragic end. Here is that story. Courtney Weatherburne reporting: What may have seemed like a couple's evening outing at the Boulevard Plaza was really a volatile situation that led to the death of Roxanne Pop.

Slain Mother Was Loved At Her Workplace
We also spoke to Pop's co-workers at Cartridge Recycle on Neal's Pen Road. Pop had been working there since March 2017 as the cook and office cleaner. She fit right in as part of their family. We spoke to one of her colleagues who was like a daughter to her. She shared a few happy moments they had together and also how stunned she was when she found out about Pop's murder. Ashley Foster- Co-worker: "Well, when she first started, she was shy I would say. There wasn't any real connection. In June I had lost my mother to leukemia. So, that is when she started to get more closer to me. She started to tease me, you know, she is going to be my mom here at work and she would tell her kids, her sons and her daughters that she has a Belize City daughter now..."

Police Say It Was A domestic Dispute
We got a chance to speak to police about this troubling case as well. They confirmed that it was a domestic dispute and that Williams stabbed Pop because she did not want to get back with him. DCP Chester Williams- Commander of Operations: "Yesterday evening sometime after 7 pm police were called the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Upon arrival they saw one Roxanne Pop who had multiple stab wounds. She was being treated and later succumbed to her injuries. Police quickly investigated the matter and learned that Ms. Pop had an encounter with her ex common-law in the area of 88 shopping center. That encounter led to him inflicting the stab wounds to her and her subsequent demise."

Gunmen Robbed Puma; Police Caught Suspects
Police were quick to apprehend a pair of suspects after a Belize City gas station was robbed in broad daylight. At about 12:27 two gunmen ran into the Puma Gas Station compound at mile two on the Phillip Goldson Highway. One of them was armed and he held up the attendant - and the other also cleaned out his pockets and they ran off into a waiting Dodge Caliber. Around 1:00 pm, a police mobile saw a similar vehicle driving fast in the Lake Independence area. They set chase and caught it at the corner of the George Price Highway and Chetumal Boulevard. Inside, they found two men linked with a well known city gang, and a 9 millimeter pistol with extended clip containing 30 live rounds.

Apartment Invader Nabbed
Frank Smith is the man who police say invaded a Cuban Nurse's apartment on the Northside of Belize City on Tuesday. The 34 year old is charged with aggravated burglary for that apartment invasion where he also punched the resident, Rosa Aurora Unas Zorilla and stole items to a total of five thousand dollars. From there, he allegedly broke into two more apartments, and for that he was charged with two counts of burglary. This evening, Smith was unrepresented before Magistrate Emmerson Banner and pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Alleged Gas Station Robbers Get Bail
They were allegedly caught on camera during a brutal failed robbery at CP Gas, but tonight 19-year-old Kyle Perez and 20-year-old Tyrique Leon Swazo are out on bail. Their bail application was heard this morning before Supreme Court justice Herbert Lord. Their attorney Dickie Bradley suggested to the court that the firearm used was a toy gun, but Justice Lord wanted to hear directly from the suspects as to why he should grant them bail. Swazo said, quote, " The gun was a fake gun why you think the man fight back?" which, pretty much sounds like an admission of guilt.

Suspected Foster Killer Could Soon Be Charged
Police could charge someone for Richard Foster's murder as soon as this weekend. The British film-maker was kidnapped form his home at mile 28 and a half on Tuesday morning. His body was found that night- he had been beaten and stabbed to death. Police say the motive was robbery. His pickup and his guns were stolen. Now, sources say investigators have had a breakthrough in the case. Deputy Compol Chester Williams suggested as much today: DCP Chester Williams - Commander of Operations: "The foster investigation is being headed by Inspector Aban who is from Belize City, CIB support. He was appointed the chief investigator, as he is a senior investigator..."

Brandon Cattouse Cleared Of Doping Charge
It was huge news in April when elite cyclist, Brandon Cattouse tested positive for a banned substance, named EPO. That's the stuff that Lance Armstrong was using, and Brandon is one of Belize's top cyclists, so it was really a stunner. But, tonight, that finding has been annulled - and Brandon has been freed from doping allegations. The Anti-Doping Tribunal of the Regional Anti-Doping Organization of Central America today issued a judgement, saying, quote, that Mr. Brandon Cattouse, quote "must be cleared of any responsibility regarding the urine sample collected on the 11th of February 2018 because it has been stored in a manner that does not protect its integrity…"

Counterfeit Bills In Circulation
Police say you should be on the lookout for counterfeit currency in circulation, specifically 50 and hundred dollar bills. Last night in Camalote, at La Posada Bar, a man paid for three beers with a hundred dollars bill. The cashier made 87 dollars change for him - only to realize later that the hundred dollar bill was bogus. The note carries the serial number DB690605. We are told that fake fifty dollar notes are also in circulation - so be extra careful when accepting these - and make sure to look for the security features.

The Mystery of the Disappearing/Re-appearing Bulldozer
As we showed you two nights ago, the City Council got back its bulldozer which had been missing for some years. But, just how did they get it back? But the current PUP council and the former UDP Mayor pointed to Minister Anthony Boots Martinez. He flatly denied any knowledge of the whereabouts of the bulldozer and said he never had possession of it. But, an internal report from the council paints an intriguing picture. Works Manager Menjivar says he got a call from one Mr. Malic - who has his compound on the highway. Menjivar claims Malic told him, quote, "the guys just drop off the equipment, come for it." End quote. The equipment was later delivered to the council's works compound.

PM Traveling
Prime Minister Dean Barrow departed the country today on personal leave. The Government does not specify the nature of his trip, but notes that he will return on Tuesday, August 14. In his absence, Hugo Patt will hold over as Acting Prime Minister.

BTL’s Scholarships Going Strong
Since 1991 BTL has been offering full high school scholarships to deserving young students. And continuing the 27 year old tradition today, BTL welcomed 25 new students into the program with an award ceremony at the Raddison. Here's what the company's CEO had to say to the recipients and their parents who attended: Rochus Schreiber - CEO, BTL: "It is with gratitude and a humble spirit that we, as the largest operator in the country, have the opportunity, and we have also the obligation to help, and to provide and support the families in Belize, and provide support to deserving, young talented minds in their ongoing development, on a journey to become fully fledged members of our society. It's with great joy that we can offer 25 scholarships this year, which goes on top of almost 600 members of the Belizean society who have received the scholarships so far..."

Cops Finding Special Cases For Scholarships
And while BTL is funding 25 kids in its own annual scholarship program, the company is also teaming up with the police department, the Ministry of Education, Price Waterhouse Coopers the Belize Bank to provide scholarships to 7 more needy students. Now, you may have noticed that it is very unusual for the police department to be getting involved in a scholarship program, but Deputy Police Commission Chester Williams and his team saw it fit to provide an opportunity for these at-risk children from Belize City who all show scholastic potential. Here's what he and the representatives of the partnering organizations had to say to the kids who have been selected for this new scholarship program:

Bail For Another Alleged Murderer
Today another alleged murderer got the very rare Supreme Court bail. He's Daniel Myvette, and he has been on remand at the Belize Central Prison for 8 and a half years. Myvette was arrested and charged along with 2 other men back in February of 2010. Police say that the trio was responsible for the murder of a security guard at the Biltmore. After waiting 5 years for his day in court, he was tried, but his co-defendants were acquitted. When it came time for the jury to decide on him, they could not come up with a verdict, and so the case ended in a hung jury. A retrial was ordered, and that is still pending.

Woman Charged For Beating Niece
A 30 year woman was charged for allegedly beating her 10 year old niece. Thirty year old Nicole Polonio, a resident of San Juan area, San Pedro, allegedly accused the child of stealing money. The complains alleges that she squeezed the girl's neck, then threw her on a mattress on the floor and bit her. The child was given a medico-legal form and she was examined by a doctor who classified her injury as grievous harm. Polonio was charged with grievous harm in court today. She pleaded not guilty and was released on a bail of $3,000. Her case was adjourned until October 16. The incident occurred on August 4 in San Pedro Town.

What Is the Cure For Violence?
Two weeks ago we showed you the group of police, politicians, security personnel, and social workers who were in New Orleans to learn about Project Cure. It's a program to stop the spread of crime by using a public health model, treating it like Doctors would a disease; they go directly to treat the infected and affected persons to stop the spread before it becomes an epidemic. Deputy Compol Chester Williams was the most senior police officer in the contingent and he told us what he learned and what can be applied in Belize.

Hon. Boots Says Cops Can’t Cure Violence
And while Deputy Williams wants the police and social workers to join up, Minister of Human Development Boots Martinez who attended the meeting had a completely different take. He says the course demonstrated police cannot be mediators because of the conflicts of interests between peace-making and law enforcement. Martinez said an NGO must do it:... Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez, Minister of Human Development: "As pointed out to us the politician and the police are not too welcomed in terms of at the forefront of those projects and so if they were to be successful and they are successful...""

PUP Joins Jose Mai Chorus
The PUP has now come out on the side of the cane farmers against ASR/BSI on the issue of Free alongside Ship prices. The PUP says, quote "it has learned that Santander is paying cane farmers in the West $55 per ton of delivered sugarcane. Farmers in the North are now asking the question why is BSI/ASR paying a whopping $10 less per ton? Both companies sell their sugar in the EU and world market yet there is a big difference in payment per ton of delivered sugarcane." End quote.

Grayson Had Birthday In Hospital
Burn victim Grayson Cadle is steadily recovering in a US Hospital. Today, he celebrated his birthday at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia. The nurses in the burn unit got him a cake and sang for him:… Again, he is showing steady signs of improvement. We'll keep following Grayson's progress. As we reported, Cadle was badly burnt when a butane leak ignited and caused a massive blast at his apartment on Mahogany Street. He received burns to 70% of his body. His emergency trip to the US was made possible by the Burn Victim Fund, at Belize Bank Account #: 1386 6801 0120001.

Channel 5

PG Woman Stabbed to Death in the City; Ex-Common-Law Husband Charged
A mother of three from Punta Gorda, who moved to the city a year ago, was senselessly killed on Thursday night. The suspect is her babies’ daddy.  Roxanna Pop was [...]

Robbers Nabbed Minutes after Gas Station Hold Up
The spate of armed robberies continued this afternoon in the city when two men held up two gas pump attendants at PUMA Gas Station on the Philip Goldson Highway. Security [...]

Quality Poultry in Corozal Burglarized
There was another robbery of a business house overnight in Corozal Town.  Quality Poultry Product and Chicken Express was jacked sometime after five o’clock on Thursday evening when the store [...]

Chester Williams Says That Cops Are on Top of the Robberies
A total of one hundred and fifty robberies were reported for the first six months of 2018. This is an increase of fifty-two robberies when compared to the same period [...]

CitCo Contemplates Suing Over ‘Unaccounted’ Equipment
Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner is back in the country. He returned today after spending some days in London for the Jalsa Salana Annual Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. [...]

Cyclist Brandon Cattouse Cleared of Doping Allegations
Popular Belizean cyclist Brandon Cattouse is exonerated of charges that he has been using performance-enhancing drugs as an elite rider.  His vindication comes after it was initially confirmed that Cattouse [...]

More Info on Patricia Hinkson’s Dismissal from Vital Stats Office
The Vital Statistics Office is functioning with a new director, following the abrupt departure of Patricia Hinkson, who was given her marching orders late Tuesday evening.  The reason behind Hinkson’s [...]

PM Barrow Out of Country on Personal Leave
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today on personal leave, according to a release from his office. Also noteworthy is that Hugo Patt, Minister of Natural Resources, will again [...]

Top Crime Investigator Leads Foster’s Murder Investigation
One more issue on crime…a top crime investigator has been assigned to the murder of seventy-four-year-old Richard Foster. Inspector Aban is leading the investigative team with the hopes to make [...]

Mayor Wagner Speaks on Visit to Ahmadiyya Convention
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the United Kingdom held their annual convention called ‘Jalsa Salana’ earlier this week. The event which pulls thousands of Muslims from all cross the world [...]

Tate and Lyle Should be Paying for the Freight, Not Farmers says P.U.P.
There seems to be a widening rift between cane farmers in the north and the millers, American Sugar Refinery/Belize Sugar Industry. It has to do with the cane price estimates [...]

B.S.I. Rep. Responds to Assertions Made by Jose Mai
This evening, the Cane Farmers Relations Manager for A.S.R./B.S.I., Olivia Avilez, stopped by News Five to clarify the miller’s position on the matter. She contends that the charge is much [...]

Meet the 25 Recipients of the B.T.L. Scholarship Programme
A number of students today received financial support to fulfil their educational goals. Belize Telemedia Limited issued twenty-five scholarships to students who met the criteria for the awards. Most are [...]

Belize Police Department Issues 7 Scholarships
Over on Queen Street, seven teenagers received full scholarships for one-year of studies courtesy of the Belize Police Department. A short ceremony was held at Precinct Three this afternoon where [...]

Refs and Asst. Refs Participate in FIFA’s RAP 2018
The Referee Assistant Program 2018 is being held at the Princess Ramada Hotel Casino. The one-week training is organized by the Football Federation of Belize in collaboration with FIFA.  The [...]

Music Camp 2018 Comes to an End
A two-week music camp came to an end today at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts. The camp saw the participation of more than fifty music lovers who learned to [...]


ASR/BSI responds to Jose Mai’s allegations
There is controversy once again in the sugar industry as some farmers are claiming that there is some discrepancies in freight expenses American Sugar Refinery’s Belize Sugar Industries (ASR/BSI) claimed. Reporter Sitnah Blease spoke with a representative from the company. Sitnah Blease: Earlier this week Love News spoke to Jose Mai the Area representative for …

Another Gas Station targeted by robbers
Lately the northside of the city has been targeted by thieves. At least two vendors, one near Smart on the highway, and on Coney Drive have been robbed. But they also targeted CP Gas Station last week, and today thugs went after another business. The robbery occurred shortly before one o’clock this afternoon at the …

Mother of three murdered in Belize City
Roxanne Pop is the latest murder victim. Pop was killed by her ex-common law husband. Just before seven o’clock last night, Pop was seated around a table at a popular establishment with her ex common law husband when he reportedly stabbed her multiple times. The young woman was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, …

Police Give Scholarships to Deserving Youths
In the late 90’s and early 2000’s politicians showed appreciation to the communities by building neighborhood basketball courts. Those small community spaces still thrive, but if you watch Love News you’d know that the most recent and positive trend isn’t basketball courts, but scholarships. Just about every few days we share the good deed that …

Belize National U15 Females are achieving Milestones
The Belize National U15 Female selection traveled to the USA on Friday, August 3rd. They are participating in the U15 Girls Championship CONCACAF Tournament in Bradenton, Florida. Assistant Secretary-General for the FFB, Luis Pena says the team has played several games and some milestones were made. Luis Pena, Assistant General Secretary: “One we played against …

“It Takes a Village” to Stop Crime
The police Commander of Operations Chester Williams went to New Orleans on official police business to dialogue with a group called Cure Violence. That group takes on the approach that violence is a disease and must be treated and cured. Williams did not return with any elixirs of good health but says the strategies used …

Suspect expected to be charged for Richard Foster’s Murder
Emmy winning filmmaker Richard Foster was killed after his home was robbed earlier in the week. The criminals made a wide distance for the police to cover from the Savannah home in Democracia to where his vehicle was found in Mahogany Heights. His body was found Tuesday night, close to the river in the Rivera …

Quality Poultry Burglarized
The Corozal Branch of Quality Poultry Chicken was burglarized. The manager of the business located on Third Street, told Police they left the business properly secured yesterday evening. (VO STARTS) She said when they came in this morning, they found that someone had cut the padlock off the shutter, entered the building and stole a …

Belize-Guatemala Joint Commission
The III Meeting of the Belize-Guatemala Joint Commission was held on August 9th, under the auspices of the Organization of American States (OAS), headed by the Commissioners of both countries, the Ambassador of Belize in Guatemala, Alexis Rosado; the Ambassador of Guatemala to Belize, George de La Roche; with the accompaniment of Mr. Manuel Washington …

Counterfeit notes circulating
The weekend is coming but you need to be vigilant when you’re making your purchases on market day or if you’re socializing at night. Counterfeit currencies are circulating once again. On Thursday, a cashier at La Posada bar in Young Bank area of Camalote village was duped by a purchase made at that establishment. According …

Burn Victim slowly recovering on Birthday
The butane tank explosion on Mahogany Street in Belize City, critically injured 21 year old Grayson Cadle. Cadle had to be rushed out of the country to receive medical treatment since he had burns to seventy percent of his body.

Ministry of National Security prepares for Referendum
The Minister of National Security John Saldivar held a meeting with senior members of the Belize Defence Force, the Belize Coast Guard, and the Belize Police Department at the Belize Coast Guard base in Belize City on Thursday.

Women’s Volleyball Team Gets Victory Parade !
Thousands of Belizeans filled the Belize City arena on Wednesday night to show support and solidarity for our National Women’s Volleyball Team as they competed against Guatemala our neighboring country, battling for the title of the Twentieth Central American Women’s Volleyball Championship. Our girls dominated the court, challenged the competition, fought the hard fight, and in the end came out victorious. Epitomizing the unity and fierce loyalty we have for our country, Belizeans rallied with the team as we all experienced the unwavering emotions throughout the entirety of the arena when we realized that we had won. Our Belizean fans expressed their overall feelings on the game.


Choice Bank sues Central Bank for damages
According to court papers we have received, the Central Bank of Belize is being sued by Choice Bank; and not only that: also named in the lawsuit as defendants are the Minister of Finance as first defendant (Prime Minister Dean Barrow) and the Attorney General as third defendant (Michael Peyrefitte). Yesterday, we asked, via an email, if the Central Bank, which is named as the second defendant, had any comments now on Choice Bank’s lawsuit that was filed at the Registry of the Supreme Court by attorney Eamon Courtenay, SC. In one of the quickest responses we have received from the Central Bank, we were told, “Regarding the referenced subject, please note that the matter is being addressed by the Central Bank’s attorneys. The Central Bank has no further comment at this time regarding the subject matter.”

Vital Statistics Unit closed Wednesday; director suddenly fired
Wednesday, August 8, was not a public and bank holiday in Belize, but if you visited the Belize City office of the Vital Statistics Unit at the corner of Hydes Lane and New Road, you would have come upon a sign which read: “The Vital Statistics Department will be closed the 8th August, 2018. Kindly note that the system is presently being serviced. Service will resume on the 9th August, 2018, 8:00 a.m.” There was no announcement on the radio and television stations on Tuesday night to alert citizens about the closure. People from the districts were especially inconvenienced because they travelled all the way to Belize City just to find out that the office was closed.

Shazam! Missing CitCo heavy equipment “re-appears”
This afternoon, two pieces of heavy duty equipment that had gone missing from the Belize City Council for almost 3 years were mysteriously towed to the Council’s Works Department compound on the George Price Highway. The equipment was towed on a vehicle owned by one of Minister Anthony “Boots” Martinez’s “lieutenants.” The heavy duty equipment, which went missing during the tenure of the former United Democratic Party (UDP) City Council, led by former mayor, Darrell Bradley, and which had been listed as unaccounted for in an internal audit by the present People’s United Party (PUP) City Council, were returned after a mysterious phone call that hastily arranged the delivery.

Belizean fans rush Civic to ride volleyball women to victory over Guatemala
Volleyball is not our national sport, but you couldn’t tell yesterday evening after nightfall, as international volleyball fever apparently took over Belize City, and a record crowd of over four thousand fans poured into the Civic to support our national women volleyball team in their medal bid in the final game of the 20th Central American Women’s Volleyball Championship against the Guatemala national team. Despite gusty winds and sprinkling rain from a passing tropical wave after nightfall, fans lined up the entire length of the Civic Center outside western corridor to buy tickets, and traffic slowed to a crawl as vehicles filled the Civic parking lot and adjacent spaces on Central American Boulevard. Belize against Guatemala in any sport is a cause for excitement in Belize, and the medal situation indicated, according to Belize Volleyball Association (BVA) president Allan Sharp in a radio promotional interview that morning, that a victory was sorely needed for Belize to have a chance at the gold medal, after a history making performance on Tuesday, defeating perennial champion, Costa Rica, 3-1.

Costa Rica reigns on as Central American women’s volleyball champion
Costa Rica extended their 25-year reign of Central American women’s volleyball by winning the 20th Central American women’s volleyball championship at the new Civic Center in Belize City. Costa Rica won their 14th consecutive title by points, after they finished in a three-way tie with surprising teams of Belize and El Salvador: each with 4 wins, one loss at the conclusion of the tournament. When all game statistics had been calculated, Costa Rica won the gold, Belize claimed the silver, and El Salvador took home the bronze. Belize has pulled off the amazing feat of rising from seventh place at the last tournament to Central American sub-champion, even handing the reigning champion a 3-1 defeat!

Belizeans win gold and bronze at powerlifting competition in Mexico
The Belize Powerlifting Association (BPA) recently sent three of its athletes to compete in the 16th Annual North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) 2018 Championships held this year in Mexico City. The competition took place from August 1 to 5, and Belize came home with three gold medals and one bronze. The competition is sanctioned by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and it is meant to give power-lifters in the region a chance to compete regionally in order to prepare themselves for the IPF’s World Championships that are held every year. The competition is open to any country whose powerlifting federation or association is recognized by the NAPF, and that has nominated athletes to compete. Apart from Belize, athletes from Mexico, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Panama also competed.

BCC/APEX Final-Four FREE basketball games this weekend at the Civic
The Belize City Council (BCC) Summer U-12 & U-15 Basketball Tournament, which got under way back on Monday, July 9, after an all-day Marathon on July 7, had a total of 20 teams (ten U-12 and ten U-15) participating, ten from “North Side” and 10 from “South Side,” with South Side games being played at Bird’s Isle, and North Side games at SJC Gym. At 12 players per team, that is 240 players involved in the tournament. North Side teams were: Freetown, Fort George, Pickstock, Caribbean Shores, and Albert (just to balance off at 5 teams each, though geographically on the south side of town.)

Can Belize make the Top 10 in inaugural Concacaf Nations League qualifying phase?
Well, our women have climbed into the top echelons of Central American volleyball, with their splendid showing this past week in the 20th Central American Women’s Volleyball Championship, defeating the reigning champion, Costa Rica, on our way to a silver medal in the tournament. In a few weeks’ time, our men’s National Football Team will play the first of four matches in the qualifying phase of the inaugural Concacaf Nations League tournament. Of the 34 participating Concacaf teams, the Top 10 will qualify directly to the 2019 Gold Cup, which begins in September 2019.

Belize Baby Jaguars record first international win at CONCACAF U-15 Girls Championship in Bradenton, Florida, USA
The Belize National U-15 Female Selection is representing Belize in the CONCACAF Girls Championship that is being held in Bradenton, Florida, USA from August 6-11, 2018. Results from the tournament so far include a defeat against St. Kitts and Nevis with a final score of 4-3 during their first match, and a second loss against Martinique with a 3-0 score. Today, the Baby Jaguars celebrate their first international win, defeating U.S. Virgin Islands with a final score of 4-0.

Belize, 1-0, over Barbados in international friendly
We were awaiting an official FFB release on last Saturday night’s international friendly at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro, where reports are that Belize won, 1-0, over Barbados. This result was today confirmed by the FFB secretariat; Belize’s goal was by Krisean Lopez at the 79th minute. There was no live telecast of this game, as attention was focused on the 5-day Central American Women’s Volleyball Championship being played at the Belize Civic Center over last weekend, from August 4-8.

Lame duck?
The very first time in our modern political history that Belize had a lame duck government, which is to say, a national government that everyone knew was doomed to be voted out of office at the very first opportunity, was in 1996, we would say. The United Democratic Party (UDP) Cabinet Ministers of Prime Minister, Dr. Manuel Esquivel, themselves knew what was going to happen as soon as general elections were called, so much so that they cynically decided to stay in power three months longer than their five-year term limit. Looking back, we can see now that Dr. Esquivel’s government had made itself serious enemies from both Belize’s boardrooms and Belize’s bases, from the socio-economic top to the socio-economic bottom. One would have thought that that Esquivel/Barrow administration would have been less arrogant and less venomous than it was, since their margin of victory in June of 1993 had been razor thin, and the UDP had actually polled 2,000 fewer votes than the defeated PUP had.

From The Publisher
Honesty Is Usually the Worst Policy Or Confessions of a Political Failure. The Bible really didn’t tell us the whole truth. It said blessed are the poor, for they shall inherit the earth, when it should have said blessed are the rich, for they actually OWN the earth. Blessed are the meek, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Well, maybe. But blessed are the bold, for theirs is the kingdom of RICHES. Dishonesty began with the Bible. If there is one thing you will learn in politics, it is that honesty is usually the worst policy. Honest politicians are politicians who are out of office, and out of office politicians are failures. If things are bad, don’t tell them how bad, or they will panic. If things are good, don’t say how good, or they will become complacent or, worse, greedy. Never tell dumb, boring, or ugly people that they are dumb, boring, or ugly.

In the advent of the Emancipation Day commemoration in Belize gone August 1, 2018, the most relevant question to be asked right now is what the hell happened to “The Justice & Reparations Convention” organized in Belize on October 10, 2014 at the University of Belize in Belmopan, Belize to address slavery and reparations for the injustices of slavery in Belize? There has been a deafening silence since then, and it appears that this movement has not moved and advanced beyond since its celebratory formation in Belize four years ago. Why do we Belizeans start things that we never finish? Why does it appear that we keep on reinventing the wheel, so to speak, and just keep on going around and around in a circle without any just objective?

These gods
I’ve never had a dream in which I woke up and found myself in America, but there are some things on which I have to yield to them. I just love how every day is open day on political leaders. Indeed, every day should be open day on every leader, from baby league to Boy Scouts to big league, and yes, on political leaders. Maybe we should add, for political leaders, every day, and Sunday tu. Somewhere in one of those Shakespeare plays, there’s a line about greatness being thrust on people. Leadership should never be handed to anyone. Leadership is something that should be earned. One should pass certain tests to gain the title, tests to ensure that one is capable, has the capacity to get the job done. It is not that one will never fail. It happens to the best. But in passing the tests, one will have earned the chance to be dog at the top.

One year before this memorable photo was taken on Sunday, April 27, 2009 in the Los Angeles Belizean community in Los Angeles, California, of the present three-term United Democratic Party (UDP) government led by its Foreign Minister Wilfred “Sedi” Elrignton, the Belize government went on to sign the insidious “Compromis” with the government of Guatemala in 2008 to take the Anglo-Guatemalan claim for adjudication to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The reserved Belize ambassador to Washington, Nestor Mendez, who has now become a big shot in the controversial Organization of American States (OAS), is seen here delivering his message to the Belizean diaspora about their importance and all that to the nation-state of Belize.

Belize City in the 1960s and 70s was a soulful little place. A predominantly black city in the heart of the former British Honduras, whose descendants came from the depths of the British colonial mahogany camps. And whose ancestors and descendants alike were taught to dream beyond the narrow confines of its city walls, to become revolutionized kinds of minds like Kimani Trapp-Davis, who had left Belizean shores to then return home with a kind of ancestors’ spirit that appeared strange but somewhat liberating to many who connected with it. There was a club in Belize City at the corner of West and Glynn Street called, “Harlem Square”, that used to serenade some memorable 1960s and 70s black music from off the Top 10 United States musical charts.

Internationally renowned British filmmaker murdered
Internationally acclaimed British photographer and filmmaker, Richard Foster, 74, was reported missing on Tuesday, from Savannah Guest House, his business and home, after the caretaker of his property found the house ransacked. On Tuesday, around 9 p.m., tragically, his body was found in the Rivera area of Belmopan. Foster, a British national, had lived in Belize for many years with his wife, Carol Foster. Since Carol is currently in the US, Richard Foster had been living alone when it appears that he was kidnapped. Carol tried to call Richard on Monday night around 8:00, and she grew concerned when she got no response. She then asked Glen McFadzean, the caretaker for the guest house, to check on him.

“I’m a victim of obeah,” Ladyville man tells court
Edison Humes, a resident of Marage Road, Ladyville, charged with theft of a bicycle and damage to Government property, pleaded guilty to both charges when he appeared today before Magistrate Emmerson Banner. He told Magistrate Banner that he was pleading guilty with an explanation, which was that he was the victim of obeah, and that a woman he recently picked up was “burning candle” on him. Magistrate Banner asked him if he believed that the obeah would stop if he was sent to prison, and he said “no.” He begged Magistrate Banner to give him a fine instead of a custodial sentence because he would be able to pay, due to the fact that he cleans fish every day at the fish market at Conch Shell Bay.

Alejandra Elizabeth Valiente, 14, of Belize City, reported missing
Alejandra Elizabeth Valiente 14, a student of Morning Glory Street, Belize City, was reported missing today by her mother, Wendy Valiente, 30, a self-employed Guatemalan national. Wendy reported that Alejandra left home yesterday for an unknown destination, but she suspects that she was headed to Punta Gorda Town. Alejandra is of Hispanic descent, about 5 feet tall, weighs about 90 pounds, and has long, black hair, dark brown eyes, thin lips, a small nose, and small ears. She was last seen wearing long, black jeans pants and a blouse of unknown color.

Ernest Thurton, Jr., aka “Dangalang,” charged with double murder, testifies
On Tuesday, August 7, after the Crown closed its case, Justice Adolph Lucas informed Ernest Thurton, Jr., 25, on trial for double murder, of his three rights — the right to remain silent, the right to give a statement from the dock, and the right to swear on the Bible and testify from the witness stand. He explained to Thurton that if he gave a statement from the dock, neither he (the judge) nor the Senior Crown Counsel, Shanice Lovel, would be able to ask him questions. Justice Lucas also explained to Thurton that if he gave sworn testimony, he, Justice Lucas, would be able to ask him questions and Senior Crown Counsel Lovell would be able to cross-examine him.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Police investigating burglary at Quality Poultry Products in Corozal Town
Police are investigating a burglary that occurred at Quality Poultry Products and Chicken Express in Corozal Town […]

More than a silver medal, Team Belize’s volleyball victory is historic
Belizeans at home and abroad cheered as the National Women’s Volleyball team bested our Central American […]

Police searching for man who used fake money at a local bar in Camalote
Police are searching for a man who used fake money at a local bar in […]

PUP questions freight charges by BSI/ASR
Today, the opposition, People’s United Party (PUP) issued a release questioning the freight charges by […]

PM Barrow departs country on personal leave
The Office of the Prime Minister informed today that Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the […]

Nominate an ocean hero today!
Oceana yesterday announced that nominations are now open for the 2018 Oceana Ocean Hero Award. […]

BTB and BHA award scholarships to 10 Belizean students
Ten Belizean students received scholarship awards from the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and the Belize […]


My Old Stomping Ground & CONSTRUCTION!!!! A Walk From San Pedro Town South
For almost 9 years I lived south of San Pedro. For a few years at the Belize Yacht Club, now called the Island Yacht Club. And then another mile or so south at a place called Royal Palms. And I hardly ever get south of town. So I decided to take that walk – I hadn’t done it in 2 years? Since Hurricane Earl. Here’s what I saw as I headed south from Blue Water Grill. I think you’ll be as shocked as I was by the NUMBER OF PROJECTS! HOLY CHANGE! I estimate about 400 rooms coming on-line over the next few years. Just south of Blue Water Grill – practically touching it. The Diamante project.

International Sourcesizz

My journey to Belize
We arrived in Belize on June 30th. This was my first time being out of the country, so it was a bit overwhelming to say the least. But I knew that God would never send me directly into harm when I’m there to do his work. And for that week, we all were safe in his hands as we ministered to the children of Belize City. We were each responsible for different age groups. I volunteered to teach the pre-teens because I firmly believe that’s the important point of your life, where you decide what kind of person you want to be. So it was my job to teach them the Gospel and to help them on the right path. However, there was a part of me that also wanted to make the children smile. So I decided to pay them a little visit as Spider-Man, and they were in disbelief that he came all the way from New York to greet them.

Raise the Roof’ mission a success
Well, we did it again! A team from Reynolds Memorial Baptist Church in Sperryville was able to play a significant part in building a small church in Belize — for the second time. This latest project involved helping put up the support beams for the new roof of an expanded church building. The team of 10 members had two goals in this summer’s mission to Belize: The first was to lead a Vacation Bible School in Belize City. They returned to a church building where in 2006 a similar mission team from Reynolds added doors, window grates and painted. So, the first joy of this trip was reacquainting ourselves with the pastor, his wife and five sons. The sons, several now married, enjoyed seeing a photo album from 2006, and even seeing their church in the Rappahannock News from that time. One of the pastor’s sons, seven years old at the time of the first trip, is now a youth leader and musician at the Iglesia Bautista de Galilea (Baptist Church of Galilee.) The reunion was a high point for all involved.

How Massive Drought Ended The Mayan Civilization (And Why We Already Knew That)
Most people don't think of the Americas when they think of the "medieval" (or "Middle Ages") but that's beginning to change. The Mayan civilization, for example, flourished for over 700 years between roughly 200-900 CE - from the heyday of the Roman Empire past the fall of the Carolingians. Most people know of the Maya from current popular tourist destinations, such as Tikal in Guatemala or Chichen Itza in modern-day Mexico, but this linked system of city-states stretched across most of Central America. Some centers, such as Caracol in modern Belize, could have held as many as 100,000 residents at their height. But then, by around 1000 CE, Mayan civilization dramatically contracted and new buildings all but ceased in certain areas. Why? A new article in Science thinks it has the answer: radical climate change. The study by a cluster of climate researchers at the University of Cambridge and geologists at the University of Florida concluded that a massive drought, with a decrease in annual precipitation of between 41-54%, occurred at the end of the classical period (ca. the 9th century CE), devastating crops and making the land all but uninhabitable.

Improving influenza virus detection in Latin America and the Caribbean
Laboratory specialists from eleven countries across Latin America and the Caribbean have received training from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in a bid to improve the detection of influenza viruses circulating in the region. The international course on molecular diagnostics of influenza is part of “a joint effort to better prepare ourselves to deal with the flu,” said José Narro Robles, Secretary of Health of Mexico during the inauguration ceremony for the training, which took place in Mexico City from August 6 to 10, in partnership with Mexico’s Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE).

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  • Belize Aquarium part one, 2min. Diving in Belize at dive site "Aquarium" in July 2018

  • Belize Aquarium part two, 2.5min. Diving in Belize at dive site "Aquarium" in July 2018

  • Belize Makes Volleyball History Winning Silver Medal in Central American Championship, 4min. The national volleyball team scored a huge upset this week that brought both pride and glory to the nation. The force behind the team is the incredible Lupita Quan, who has invested her life in the sport. First the girls neatly beat Costa Rica, a team that up until Tuesday had been undefeated for fifteen solid years. That victory was crowned by another which was overflowing with national fervour. On Wednesday night, the national team beat the Guatemalan selection in a nail-biting game that was decided in the last minute of play in the fifth set. All this went down at the Civic Centre where the twentieth Central American Volleyball Championship took place this week. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports.

  • Belize, San Pedro Diving, 2min. Dive outside of San Pedro, Belize

  • Belize 2018, 9min.

  • The University of Belize Open Campus - rauma and its Effects on Young People, 33min. The University of Belize Open Campus will be hosting a public lecture on Trauma and its Effects on Young People at the UWI Auditorium. We spoke with representatives about how the lecture hopes to educate on the connection between early trauma and mental and physical health.

  • Commonwealth Student Association in Belize (CSA), 36min. Trina Palacio - Representative for the Commonwealth Student Association in Belize (CSA)

  • Gill-Nets, 1min. If we fish right, we can fish forever. If we stop the nets, it would make enforcement against illegal fishing activity easier and it would support national efforts at sustainability. Oceana's proposal is that during a phase out (grace period), the 169 licensed Belizean gillnetters can be supported to obtain new skills and access opportunities to replace this income source with sustainable alternatives. We want to keep Belizean fishers fishing! All Belizeans deserve to always benefit from our shared marine resources.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries, 3min.

  • The National Channel Repeat Schedule | XX Central American Women's VolleyBall Championship .

  • Explore Belize Owner Interview, 8min.

  • Jet Surfing in Belize on the West Side of Ambergris Caye, 8min. I am taking you Jet Surfing off of the West coast of Ambergris Caye, Belize. This is a new excursion offered on the island so I had to try it out and you get to see it first here. Check out how I did on my first try and please don't laugh too hard.

  • Belize Garifuna Style Breakfast. Eat your way around Belize City, 14min. Food lovers visiting Belize will surely enjoy this segment. Watch as Ger & Sean show you all the delectables available in the Belize City

  • Shark Ray Alley - Belize, 5min.

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