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The San Pedro Sun

3rd Meeting of the Belize-Guatemala Joint Commission
The III Meeting of the Belize-Guatemala Joint Commission was held on August 9th, under the auspices of the Organization of American States (OAS), headed by the Commissioners of both countries, the Ambassador of Belize in Guatemala, H.E. Alexis Rosado; the Ambassador of Guatemala to Belize, H.E. George de La Roche; with the accompaniment of Mr. Manuel Washington Abdala, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the OAS for Belize- Guatemala matters.

Doctor Love: Spoiled Princess
Dear Doctor Love, I am engaged to a girl who is very materialistic. She is the only daughter, and her father has always given her everything she wants. Now that we are talking about getting married she says I can’t be so cheap if I want her to be my wife. I work two jobs to save money every month. I don’t have a good education but I think by saving a little bit every month I can make a good future and when I am older I won’t worry about not having money. My girl always gets mad at me because I won’t go to my savings account and get money for her to buy things, like a new phone. Her phone is only a year old, so I said she doesn’t need a new one. She got mad and didn’t talk to me for almost a week. She also doesn’t like where I live and wants me to move to another place that costs more a month.

US Master’s Degree student researches “Plastics in Paradise”
You may have noticed me around town this summer; I was the girl with the notebook in my hand asking a lot of questions about garbage. For those of you I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting; hi I’m Megan. I spent five weeks in San Pedro researching plastic consumption, waste management, environmental effects, community recycling programs, government initiatives, and individual vs. business behaviors. This research was undertaken in part to fulfill requirements for my master’s degree in Applied Anthropology but also stemmed from my prior experiences in San Pedro. After spending the summer of 2016 in San Pedro, I realized not only how diverse and unique this community is but also that there is so much more happening that tourists will never truly see or understand.

Misc Belizean Sources


Seven fisherman arrested for out of season conch fishing
On August 9th and 10th, 2018 a joint enforcement operation with Belize Audubon Society, Belize Coast Guard, Belize Fisheries Department, and Belize Police Department resulted in seven (7) fishermen found in possession of 614 market-cleaned conchs. These men will be charged for Possession of Conch during the Closed Season. Their fishing vessel and its subsequent equipment have since been confiscated. The operation then led to a further search in the dense mangrove on Long Caye, Lighthouse Reef Atoll which resulted in the discovery of 1,916 market-cleaned conchs. The abandoned conch was then labeled as found property.

Choice Bank Liquidation Process Moves Forward
Choice Bank Ltd., which issued cards for the defunct alternative for adult payouts, has launched a website explaining the next steps for former clients as it liquidates assets. FirstchoicePay, which debuted in spring 2017, was an immediate success when it launched. The platform supported the transfer and payment of various currencies, including the U.S. dollar, the British pound, the euro and the Japanese yen. It offered pre-paid Mastercard accounts and global bank transfers. But a little over a year later, Choice Bank told accountholders that it was forced into a “liquidity-constrained position” and suspended all withdrawals from deposit accounts.

New River Quest FREE ENTRY contest
FREE Entry up for grabs!!

Belize's Three Angelfish Species
Angel Spotting! I was happy that we saw all three species of Angelfish on today's dives (Gray, French and Queen) This is a composite of photos from today.

Guatemalan Found with weapon in Chiquibul
A park ranger on patrol in the Chiquibul National Park, encountered a Guatemalan National. After searching and speaking to him, the man has been identified as 27 year old Jaime Leonel Felipe Calderon, a laborer from San Jose Las Flores, Guatemala. He had one .22 rifle along with five .22 live rounds. He detained Calderon and found the ammunition in a transparent plastic bag in his right pants pocket. Calderon has been detained and is expected to be charged for having weapons and ammunition without a license and illegal entry into Belize. At 4:40 p.m., on 10.8.2018, the Park Ranger handed over Calderon to the police.

Help needed at Habanero Grill on Santa Rita
A few blocks past the bus terminal.

Grand Caribe 2nd Annual Deep Sea Classic Fishing Tournament
Sunday was the last day of the 2nd Annual Deep Sea Classic Fishing Tournament sponsored by Grand Caribe, Belize in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye! Here are some random photos of the tournament, we picked up courtesy of Belize Game Fish Association, Uprising Tours and Grand Caribe Belize.

Chiquibul Junior Ranger Summer Camp
The Friends for Conservation and Development are having their first annual Chiquibul Junior Ranger Summer Camp. It's for kids between the ages of 10 and 12, and the camp will go from the 28th through the 31st of August. "A first of its kind!!! If you have a son or daughter keen on the ranger program, this is the opportunity. Write us at for further information. Spaces are very limited."

Another great group of new tourguides !!
Congratulations guys !! 53 long days but you did it!!!

The Reporter

Police have formally arrested and charged two men for last week’s murder of well-known British national Richard Foster. On August 11th, Andrew Robert Clarke 31 Belizean laborer of Democracia Village and Derwin Lincoln Jones 26, unemployed of Cotton Tree Village were formally charged for the crime of murder and abatement to commit murder which occurred on August 7th.

A fatal stabbing earlier this evening in Belmopan has claimed the life of a Cotton Tree resident. Credible but unconfirmed reports are that Ronnie Blades was stabbed to death in front of Wing Stop Belmopan.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Mother of 3 stabbed to death by jealous ex in Belize City
On Thursday night, Roxanna Pop,33, a mother of 3 kids was along with a man at a business place on Central American Boulevard in Belize City when she was stabbed multiple times in her abdomen. On Friday, police arrested and charged, Pop’s ex-common law husband, Llewellyn Alexander Williams, 44, of Sandhill, Belize for the crime of murder.


Day Two of Three of the Grand Caribe Deep Sea Classic
I am no fisherman. I dabbled at it as a kid…bobbers and Sunfish with my brothers…but it just didn’t stick. I don’t have that primal urge…the hunter gene. And I am horrible at mono-tasking and patience…my mind tends to ping all over the place. I don’t think I’ll ever be a fisherman. And while I’ve learned a great deal about flyfishing thru my boyfriend and his business, Cayo Frances Farm & Fly, the sum-total of my knowledge about deep sea fishing hovers around zero. BUT when I saw this sign hanging in town and the CASH AND PRIZES AMOUNT OF $50,000? I had to know more. ,And after seeing photos on Instagram of some really crazy looking fish…I wanted to stop by in person to catch the action. Here are some of the photos from Day One. 29 boats. 3 from Mexico. About 10 from Belize City and a few from Southern Belize. The rest from Ambergris Caye.

International Sourcesizz

Taiwan's President leaves for Paraguay and Belize
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has begun a Latin American tour. She is visiting Paraguay and Belize amid mounting diplomatic pressure from China to isolate her administration. Both Latin American nations maintain diplomatic ties with Taiwan. At a news conference before her departure on Sunday, Tsai stressed her resolve to resist recently increased pressure by China to isolate Taiwan from the international community. She will also address the National Assembly in Belize.

Caribbean nations and businesses launch $1bn low carbon development drive
More than 40 businesses and 26 Caribbean countries have joined together in support of a $1bn project to create the world's first 'climate smart zone' and help fast track low carbon development across the region. Covering an area of one million square miles and more than 40 million people, the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator comes backed by $1bn from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which originally made the funding pledge at French President Emmanuel Macron's One Planet Summit last year.


  • Trip to Melville Video, 3hr30min. Video from the Trip to Melville rave at the Pool House. Not only did the superb DJ's play the best EDM - with no microphones! - the Chachi's crew actually made some electronica music live(pictured above). Wicked night! Over 12 hours of continuous music. Matt Hoy and Night Quest were at their peaks.

  • Ambergris Caye Belize Diving Esmeralda Canyon Hol Chan Shark Alley, 2.5min. Great afternoon diving in Belize with our friends at Scuba School and Family Dive Centre. They did a great job getting the kids PADI certified divers. Fantastic instructors and they inspired us with their love of the undersea world in the this amazing part of the world.

  • Great Blue Hole, Belize, 8min. We visited the Great Blue Hole, located about 40 miles off the coast of Belize, by sailboat. Surrounded by over 200 square miles of reef, this sinkhole is the largest in the world and over 500 ft deep. Join us as we fly our camera over and snorkel with sharks in this dramatic wilderness.

  • Belize Dive Trip 2018, 3min.

  • Stung by JELLYFISH!! Secret Beach Belize Travel Vlog, 6min. Our day trip to Secret Beach on San Pedro in Belize included Jellyfish, jellyfish stings, and of course lots of drinks and alcohol. Especially after the jellyfish. My sister has something about attracting disaster so of course she is the one that got stung by the jellyfish. Luckily there was no pee involved, since this is the only remedy I knew of before this day. Did you know you don't have to pee on it?!

  • Belize 2018, 8min. Here's a fun video summary of my recent trip to Belize

  • Dancing macaw in Belize!, .5min.

  • Catch and cook Snappers Belizean style!!!, 13min.

  • Police United FC vs Placencia Assassins, 52min.

  • Police United FC vs Placencia Assassins, 1hr16min.