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The San Pedro Sun

Island teachers and volunteers participate in the Return to Happiness program
From Monday, August 13th to Friday, August 17th a group of teachers in San Pedro Town underwent training on how to deal with students who have experienced disasters (natural or man-made) and are having issues coping with traumatic experiences. Following the recent fire in the Boca del Rio Area, the course applies the Return to Happiness (RTH) psychological recovery program and was attended by several educators from different schools on the island, as well as other public workers and volunteers. The training was made possible with the support of The San Pedro Town Council, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, along with Local Government and in conjunction with UNICEF in Belize. At the end of the week-long course, all participants received a certificate for completing the training.

Belize’s Phillip Ramsey wins Mister Jade Universe 2018
Belize’s Phillip Ramsey has won the title of Mister Jade Universe 2018 held in Guatemala City, Guatemala on Saturday, August 11th. The Mister Jade Universe is an annual pageant that seeks an ambassador who best represents the Maya culture. This year, the participating countries included Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa-Rica, Nicaragua, Belize, and Honduras. The pageant saw the contestants competing in four segments: cultural costume, formal wear (during which they made their introduction), swimsuit and gala outfit. At the end of the night, Ramsey took the title of the Mister Jade Universe 2018. Honduras’ Erick Rodriguez placed second, and third place went to Guatemala’s Oscar Constanza.

Suicide Prevention Training hosted in Northern and Southern Belize
70 social workers, childcare providers, and youth workers in southern and northern Belize have been trained in basic suicide prevention strategies. The workshop was facilitated by Assistant Professor of Counsellor Education at The Citadel College in Charleston South Carolina, Dr. Guy Ilagan, and Clinical Psychologist and Adjunct Professor at The Citadel’s Psychology – Clinical Counselling Program, Dr. Jill Ilagan. The two-day workshops were held on Wednesday, August 8th, and Tuesday, 14th in Punta Gorda Town, Orange Walk Town, and Corozal Town. During the training, participants received information and tools on how to conduct assessments to determine if persons are at a low, medium or high risk of committing suicide, as well as how to respond and monitor youths-at-risk of suicide, including important intervention skills such as safety planning and crisis response planning for all levels of suicide risk.

Misc Belizean Sources


Attempted crocodile removal
The people from Crocodile Research Institute came to the New River by Banquitas to extract the Crocodile that grabbed Bruno and to relocate it someplace else. They couldn't. Instead of 1 Crocodile, reports are that they found 9 (nine) in that area alone, all way too aggressive to handle. Needless to say at this point, better be careful by the Riverside.

Youth Football Marathon Today in Caye Caulker
Please come out and support the Youth Football Marathon Sunday at the Football Field. Game time starts at 2:00 p.m. The organizers will have cupcakes and chips and dip on sale. We will be asking for a donation of 1.00 which enables you to win a school bag with school supplies. Please support the youths!

This is a rope net of some sort. Kudos to the sensational Belizeans who saved this sea turtle from certain fate!
My adventurers found this mass floating at a distance near rocky point, Jeffrey was sure he saw a flipper and said the animal looks big and in despair so he and his step daddy decided to take a closer look.... I’m so glad he did...this poor turtle was tired and could barely come up to breathe with those heavy ropes! Thank God he was released (after putting up a little fight) and is now safe once again!

Did the Ancient Maya had Beards?
The Maya,like all Native Americans,do not have much facial hair,but many Maya men could grow beards and Mustaches . In earlier periods there are a few instances of rulers depicted with beards,goatees or Mustache . How ever in the later periods they were not seem to have been fashionable. In the 16 th century,mothers rubbed hot cloths on the faces of their sons to burn off any peach fuzz,tweezers were also used to pluck out facial hair,both men's beard and women's eyebrows.

The Reporter

Four women have been charged for disorderly conduct with one additionally charged for aggravated assault following a brutal fight outside La Cabańa nightclub in Belmopan early Friday morning.

The Reporter extends sincere condolences to the family of John Woods. The construction magnate, philanthropist and well loved Belizean icon passed away on Friday evening. Family members say he had been ill for some time. The nation has lost a great man.

Police have detained a 67-year-old man from the Cayo district for shooting his wife in front of their daughter. San Ignacio Police responded to a call at Baking Pot Ferry Road in Central Farm, where Hilderbrant Robeteau handed himself over along with a shotgun and two carriages. The daughter, Daisy Robateau, said that on Thursday around 6:30 p.m., she was speaking to her mother Rosa Aracely Gamez, 48, in their kitchen when her father walked in and without warning, opened fire.

On Friday the Belize Police Department distributed certificates of completion to 13 at risk youths who completed phase one of the departments barber training initiative. The participants completed a week-long training course at the Ramada Belize City Princess, facilitated by veteran barbers Nicholas Ara of Z’s Barbershop in Belmopan, and Winston Harris of Brick City Barbershop in Belize City.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Julius Espat says ‘No to ICJ’
Cayo South Area Representative, Julius Espat, is recognized among his party peers in the PUP and supporters, for his personal convictions on national issues. Today, Espat took to social media to express his views on taking Guatemala’s long standing claim on Belize’s territory to the International Court of Justice. Espat says that after assessing both sides of the issue, he is convinced that ‘the risk of losing any part of our territory is too much to take.’ […]

Authorities search for killer croc in Banquitas
Authorities from several agencies are collaborating in an effort to extract and relocate a killer crocodile in the Banquitas area of Orange Walk after a video showing the croc attack and kill a dog was posted to Facebook on Monday. The video itself caused uproar on Facebook as many viewers called out the individuals who recorded the footage for animal cruelty. […]

Belize City Council claims Ministry of Foreign Affairs excluded Mayor from Taiwanese President’s planned events
President Tsai Ing-wen of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is in Belize for an official visit from August 16 to 18. The Belize City Council routinely cooperates with the Taiwan Embassy on social projects that benefit the city. However, Breaking Belize News has confirmed that Belize City’s Mayor, Bernard Wagner was excluded for all events by the Foreign Affairs Ministry. […]

John Woods passes away
John Woods, founder of CISCO Construction in Belize, passed away yesterday evening in Houston, Texas following a battle with cancer. His children announced his passing via a post on Facebook. He passed at 5:44 in the presence of his children and his family. According to his family, he passed on gently and peacefully. He had been battling cancer for some time and according to his family, the disease had overwhelmed his body. The family alsi thanked all those who had reached out to them during their difficult time. […]


Hot Hot Sun and Sand Spurs on a Saturday Morning
This summer has been hot and sunny – but the dry dry* spell was broken a bit at the end of the week with some passing showers and last night, some downpours. This morning, the sun is blazing hot and I took our new dog Frances for her big walk. Her mix of youth and terrier means that she needs to dart after lizards and play in the brush – and for some reason, rub her face on dead things. The beach grass is FILLED with sand spurs right now. This EVIL little seeds covering in stiff prickers that are a real eye opener on your barefeet.


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  • I am Belize Profiles - John Woods, 6min. John Woods known for his work at the Kolbe Central Prison, and for his company Cisco Construction, almost didn't make it to Belize. But it's a good thing that this U.S. Army Veteran did, because despite his adversity, he and his family have made and continue to make significant contributions to Belize.

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