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The San Pedro Sun

Ambergris Caye Rotaract Club participates in self-defense training workshop
Several members of the Rotaract Club on Ambergris Caye and other island residents learned some self-defense techniques on Saturday, August 18th, during a self-defense training course provided by Mixed Martial Arts trainer Martin Dawson of Dawson's Pit Fighters Training School. The activity is part of an ongoing professional development agenda, spearheaded by the island's Rotaract Club, aimed at helping young adults in different disciplines. The self-defense session taught participants basic fighting techniques to better prepare them in any given vulnerable situations.

240 students benefit from 4th annual Group Hug back-to-school backpack drive
On Saturday, August 18th, Group Hug distributed backpacks, all filled with school supplies, to 240 deserving students who were in need. The distribution marked the completion of our Fourth Annual Back-to-School Backpack Drive. The backpacks were distributed in Belize City at the Memorial Park, and in Hattieville at the Community Basketball Court. The beneficiaries were awarded on a needs basis, after being identified/recommended by schools, civil society organizations, social agencies, Group Hug members and colleagues. According to the President and Founder of Group Hug, Andre Pitts, "This year's backpack drive was another huge success. We were aiming to solicit and distribute 200 backpacks and were thrilled that we surpassed that target by putting together 240 backpacks!

Ambergris Today

San Pedro September Celebrations Calendar Of Events
The National Celebrations Committee of Belize has released its September caledar of events for the entire country of Belize. Below is the calendar of events for San Pedro!

Misc Belizean Sources


GlobalGiving 2018 Photo Contest: Vote for Belize Bird Rescue
Here's a great way to support Belize Bird Rescue without digging into your pockets! Just one click can make a difference!

A view from Corozal Town
A Sunday view in Corozal. It was very active day. lets also keep corozal clean for new tourists to come visit in town. new trash bin been installed for people to use. one of things I saw was the motorcycles riding around town. Every sunday the ice cream truck passes around town in corozal. I saw young boys playing basketball. and, marquesityas has been selling at the park.

Fidus Dog Show
Pictures from the Fidus Dog Show, which was at the NATS grounds last week. Proceeds went to CAWS and the Belmopan Humane Society.

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint this "Pelican By The Sea".

Consular Spotlight! Fragments of Hope, Belize!
In May 2018, Dale Godfrey and Avelino Franco traveled to Jamaica through the United States on transit visas issued by the U.S. Embassy as part of a reciprocal exchange trip for coral restoration practitioners. Dale and Avelino traveled to the Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary with Mariko Wallen and Lisa Carne from Placencia-based NGO Fragments of Hope (FoH) to teach their Jamaican counterparts coral out planting methods FoH uses in Belize. FoH has been actively working on reef restoration in Belize for over a decade and is happy to be able to share their best practices thanks to a grant from the GEF Small Grants Programme and the OAK Foundation. Keep up the great work Dale and Avelino!

Summer Arts Program 'Exploring Art'
Check out how some awesome kids spent their Summer at the Museum of Belize. Images from our Summer Arts Program 'Exploring Art', where some very creative participants learned theory and practice of the Abstract and Impressionism Art forms.

Coconut Leo moving home again soon
Coconut Leo will soon be able to move out of Pedro's Hotel (which he was grateful for being hosted at) and into his own home. The guys are working hard. Coconut Leo is very happy with his new home. Not done yet, but soon. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.

Government of Belize Press Office Responds to the Amandala Article Regarding the Arrival of President Tsai Ing-Wen
The Government of Belize Press Office takes this opportunity to refute the fallacious story published by the self-proclaimed independent leading newspaper in Belize, the Amandala. Dorian Pakeman, Director of the Government of Belize Press Office, did not bar the Amandala or any other media house from attending the arrival ceremonies for President Tsai Ing-Wen at the Phillip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) on Thursday, August 16th, 2018. There are major discrepancies between what actually happened and the Amandala's account of the events. On Thursday, August 16th, 2018 at 8:46 AM, the Press Office was forwarded an email by Mr. Enrique Hoare, Operations Manager at PGIA, requesting a list of names for members of the press who would be attending the arrival ceremony. An information officer in the Press Office contacted every major media house in Belize in an effort to provide Mr. Hoare with the aforementioned list.

ICJ Song Competition
The Office of the Music Ambassador is having an ICJ Song Competition. Create a song about how you feel about going to the ICJ. You could win $2000. Express how you feel about going to the ICJ to settle Guatemala's unfounded claim to Belize!!! *deadline September 26*

Cash Flow Management & Budgeting (Accounting Series: Part 4) this Thursday August 23rd in Belmopan.

Certified First Aid / CPR course in Corozal
August 21 and 22

Friends Concert
The Friends Concert will be on September 1st at the George Price Centre. They have an all star lineup planned for the event. It's the perfect family event to kick off the September Celebrations. "For 1 night only. Come and experience Jamaican Saxophonist Camal Bloomfield and friends from Belize treat you and your family to lovely music at George Price Center Belmopan, Belize. FRIENDS line up includes your Songbird Jackie Castillo, young Xayah Cooper, saxophonist Allan McCoy, Percussionist and Deejay Red One, Yours truely and a Special Surprise Guest. Hosted by Kenrick Gabourel ( Kenny G ) of Blue Steel Sound and More FM Belize 99.5 & 107.1 FM . Endorsed by Belmopan Nazarene Church , PLUSTV BELIZE, plus radio, Belizean Artist MUSIC B.A.M.

Winners of the National Song Competition 2018
Huston Alvarez, Cocono Bwai and Ernestine Carballo win at the National Song Competition 2018 and Corozal wins as Host Municipality for 2019. The Santa Elena Sports Complex was the venue for the National Song Competition 2018 where twenty-two (22) competing performances backed by the Gilharry Seven Band excited the audience on Saturday, August 18th. Three (3) performers vied for first place in the Junior Belize Song Category, six (6) competed in the Senior Carnival Song Division and thirteen (13) entrants challenged each other in the Belize Song Category. This year saw the crowning of two new Champions and the re-crowning of the Senior Carnival Song Champion!

Belize Water Services Limited will hold its Seventeenth Annual General Meeting at the SCA Multipurpose Mercy Center, Marine Parade, Belize City on Friday, August 24, 2018 commencing at 7:00pm sharp. For registration purposes please bring along your Shareholder Identification Card or any other form of ID. Dividend cheques can be collected at our Belize City branch office during normal working hours until August 23, 2018 and at the AGM on August 24, 2018. All cheques not picked up by August 24 will be mailed.

Super excited for this class starting on Friday...feeling the need to get my feather on! Time to brush up on my birding! Can't wait!

This year's backpack drive was another huge success! We were aiming to solicit and distribute 200 backpacks and were thrilled that we surpassed that target by putting together 240 backpacks! The excitement of the recipients and the gratitude of their parents remind of us why we do what we do, and we recognize that a lot of children - and even adults - simply need a little support and encouragement to realize their full potential and abilities. We thank our sponsors; the many individuals, especially youth, and the dedicated corporate citizens who continue to respond positively to our calls for support.

Channel 7

Broad Daylight Narco-Hit Outside A Kid's Football Tournament
The weekend ended violently in Orange Walk Town with a double murder which happened just outside the crowded Louisiana football field where kids were playing in a football tournament.  But the trophy ceremony for the winners was interrupted by the sound of more than a dozen gunshots which were fired right outside the football field’s main gate. Two of the tournament’s fans, 34 year-old Junior Triminio and 19 year-old Enrique Calderon, had gone outside to eat, and that’s where masked gunmen ambushed both men, and killed them right n front of the football field. 

Police Account of Double Murder
Police say that as many as 16 shots were fired in this brazen execution - the likes of which has not been seen since the days of Rambo-town in the 80’s. Here’s the police account:… ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "So far the police was able to gather that both deceased persons was socializing with a group of other persons sometime around 5:20 PM when a white jeep approached the area and a male exited the jeep who was armed with a hand gun and wearing a ski mask and began firing rounds into the crowd. As a result both persons were injured and they ran into a nearby yard in an attempt to escape but was followed by the shooter who continued shooting. Thereafter he then made good his escape in the same white jeep that he had arrived in..."

The Return of Rambo-Town
And while that is what police know about what happened out there on Sunday - what do they know about the background to this execution, and the underworld forces that are driving such a brazen, public killing? That’s what we probed the country’s lead investigator for answers on: Jules Vasquez: "Is this what would be called a gang related murder or narco murder?" ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "At this point we do not know, but we know for certain that Mr. Triminio had several cases of drug trafficking before the courts and we know that he does associate with a group of persons who we consider to be gangs. We have also put in an additional team of major crime investigators in the north to investigate these incidents."

OW East Area Rep. Said Shots Too Close To Home
Area representative Elodio Aragon has a unique perspective.  It happened right outside a tournament he sponsored; he was there and it was in his division.  He told us that it struck too close to home:.. Hon. Elodio Aragon - Minister of State, National Security: "This is the last thing you would have expected on a most splendid day. The sun was shining, the kids were having fun, the parents are out there supporting their kids, you couldn't have asked for a better day; for us to have ended in such bloodshed out there and it is so sad for our community. As I said this concerns me because that is my area and I feel for it especially because that is about two stone throws from my house and it concerns me as much as it has affected our community. Definitely I have asked the police department to really look into this thing; I know there is a lot of work that has to be done but the police department has been tasked to continue to work on these things."

Man Murders Common-Law
And tonight, that is not the only bad news Orange Walk is grappling with.  A woman from Trial Farm village - just outside of the town - was murdered early this morning - and, tonight, her husband has been charged for it.  Around 2:00 this morning 48 year old Arturo Rodriguez and his common law 34 year old Maria Yazmin had a dispute inside an Independence Village hotel.  He ended up choking her to death.  Police told us more:… ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "Our initial investigation revealed that Mariela along with her common-law husband was staying at a hotel room in Independence when apparently a domestic dispute ensued resulting in Mr. Rodriguez choking Mariela which resulted in her death."

Man Remanded For Shooting Wife
And, in Cayo, police have charged a man for shooting his common law wife last week.  Here are more details:… ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Thursday the 16th of August, one Hilly Robateau visited the San Ignacio police station sometime around 7:30 PM and reported to the police that he had a domestic dispute with his wife and was a result of that he shot his wife. He then handed in his licensed 16 gauge shotgun and 2 cartridges to the police. As a result the police visited his home which is located in Central Farm on the Baking Pot Road where upon arrival the investigation revealed that Rosa Gamez was in her kitchen conversing along with her daughter when the accused Mr. Robateau entered sometime around 6:30 PM and fired a shot from his shotgun which caught Rosa Gamez who is his common-law wife to the left eye.

Two Young Men on Motorbike Die In OW Collision
We’ve already told you about the 3 residents of Orange Walk Town who lost their lives violently this weekend as murder victims. Well, 2 more died yesterday afternoon in a traffic accident on the San Juan Road. 18 year-old student Kairo Cob, and his cousin, 24 year-old Henry Cob, were traveling on a motorcycle when they collided head-on into a white Ford Ranger Pick-up.  The pick-up truck driver, 33 year-old Hernan Cortez, told police that he couldn’t avoid the accident because the young men were attempting to overtake a tractor, and they swerved into his lane. At the point of impact, They were both flung from the motorcycle into a nearby canefield, and they died on the scene from injuries they suffered in the collision and the fall.

Elderly Man Tracked and Jacked By Robbers In Driveway
Just after midday today in Belize City an elderly man was robbed of a large amount of money.  It happened on Landivar Street in the King’s Park area.  Harold Williams had just come from Scotia Bank on the Phillip Goldson highway - and, it appears he was being watched by robbers. As he rolled into his driveway, the robber slid into the yard, and pounced on him.  His wife asked  to appear off camera and told us what happened next:.. Voice of - Wife of robbed Victim 
"I heard the gate open. When I heard the gate open I said, 'okay, he is back.' And then I heard a bang. When I came down the guys from the cable company, I wouldn't recognize them, they said...

Cops Say They Got 15k
Today, police told us that a large quantum of cash was involved in the robbery:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB, Belize City: "When he was about to enter his premises he was approached by three male persons armed with a firearm. One of them knocked on the window of his vehicle and as he opened it the person pointed the firearm at him and demanded an envelope that he had. He handed over the envelope containing $15,000. Thereafter the three male persons got on a vehicle. The identity of the three suspects is unknown at this moment. What we understand is that he had just left from the bank on the Phillip Goldson Highway, Scotia Bank, and was proceeding to his residence which was just a matter of 10 to 15 minutes. Apparently the persons were already waiting for him at his residence."

Infant Drowns In Well
A 3 year old lost his life when he drowned in a well yesterday afternon.  It happened in Bella Vista village.   No one was supervising three year old Benjamin Mas when he was playing in the yard and fell into a well. Police told us more:..

A Giant Passes�
And turning now from all that crime news, tonight we note the passing of a very well known and widely loved Belizean. 75 year old John Woods died on Friday in Houston - with his fmaily surrounding him in a home setting.  He died from complications of cancer - after a long battle. John Woods came to Belize in 1969 as a pilot and as a manager of a spice farm  and later started Cisco Construction in the mid 70’s.   He and Martha Woods had a family of five.  And while his company Cisco is well known in Belize, Woods will be most remembered for his philanthropic work.   He spoke about his spirit of optimism in an I am Belize profile:

They Sang It Best
The National Song Competition was held on Saturday on San Ignacio. Here are highlights:.. The event was held at the Santa Elena Sports Complex where there were twenty-two performances.  Three vied for first place in the Junior Belize Song Category, six (6) competed in the Senior Carnival Song Division and thirteen (13) battled it out in the Belize Song Category.   We’ll tell you who the winners were tomorrow.

They Gave The Gift
Rotary Gift of Life from Belize teamed up this weekend with the Gift of Life organization out of Florida to provide 96 Belizean patients with medical consultations. We’re told that it was a very long weekend for the visiting medical practictioners, Dr. Elisa Suh, and Dr. Daniel McKenna, who are based in Tampa, Florida.  And of those 96 patients, 4 of them were able to get medical attention not normally available in Belize. The doctors teamed up with KHMH for the use of their Cath Lab, and 2 of those patients were able to be properly diagnosed.

Storeowner Survives Shot To Chin
A Chinese storeowner is lucky to be alive after he was shot in the chin and the neck in an attempted robbery.   It happened in Lord’s Bank on Friday night.  Around 8:40, 38 year old Xiang Quan Chen was tending his store when two men tried to rob him through the Burglar bars.  Police told us what happened next:.. Miraculously, Chen is expected to survive the gunshot injuries - and could be released from the hospital later this week.

Man Dies One Week After Motorbike Collision
A man died five days after he crashed into a parked vehicle.  23 year old Yuri Jeovani Moralez crashed into a parked SUV on last Sunday evening while he was riding his motorbike.  Police told us he died on Friday:… ACP Joseph Myvett- Head, NCIB: "Police responded to the scene of an accident on the San Juan road in the Orange Walk district where one Hernan Cortez reported to them that whilst travelling in the San Juan road, he observed a tractor coming from the opposite direction. Just before reaching him he observed two persons on a motorcycle who overtook the tractor and collided into him. According to him, he did everything in order to avoid the accident but unfortunately the riders collided into him and were flung from the motorcycle...""

Channel 5

Back-a-Town Crips Gang Boss and Associate Killed in Orange Walk
A double murder has shaken the Orange Walk community. Tonight the leader of the Back-a-Town Crips Gang, thirty-four-year-old Junior Triminio and nineteen-year-old Christopher Calderon, believed to be Triminio's associate, are [...]

Murder in Independence: Husband Chokes Wife to Death
A woman was killed by her husband in the early hours of this morning inside a hotel room where they were vacationing. �Mariela Alpuche Rodriguez was choked to death in [...]

An Elderly Man is Followed Home and Robbed of a $15,000 Withdrawal
A trio of armed thieves followed an elderly man to his house on Landivar Street in Belize City. Fortunately, Harold Williams was unharmed, but the thieves got away with thousands [...]

Will Spate of Armed Robberies Be Abated in September?
In recent months, there has been an escalation in the number of robberies across the country, particularly in Belize City, where thieves continue to prey on anyone, including the elderly.� [...]

Fatal RTA Claims the Lives of 2 Cousins
A fatal traffic accident claimed the lives of two cousins in the north. Kairo and Henry Cob, both from San Victor in Corozal, died just after midday on Sunday. The [...]

Bullet Tree Resident Perishes 5 Days after Motorcycle Collision with Parked Vehicle
A third person perished on Friday after a traffic accident which occurred over a week ago. Yuri Moralez was riding his motorcycle when he crashed into a parked vehicle on [...]

3-year-old Drowns in Well in Bella Vista Village
There was further lost of life over the weekend. A toddler died on Sunday after falling into a well in Bella Vista Village, Stann Creek District.� Three-year-old Benjamin Mas drowned [...]

Chinese Grocer Shot During an Attempted Robbery
On Saturday night, Xiang Quan Chen was shot inside his shop in Ladyville. According to police, just after eight-thirty, thirty-eight-year-old Chen was inside his shop, Guan Ying on Marage Road, [...]

Charges Are Yet to Be Brought Against Cabana Women Brawlers
Charges are yet to be brought against a group of women who were engaged in an all-out brawl outside of La Cabana Nightclub recently.� The incident which was caught on [...]

A Mid-Afternoon Fire in San Ignacio
A fire ignited at an abandoned house on Joseph Andrews Drive in San Ignacio. The blaze erupted after three o'clock this afternoon across from the Falcon Field Park in San [...]

Ransom for Kidnapped San Narciso Businessman Still Being Demanded
Businessman Omero Campos was abducted from his farm near San Victor Village on Father's Day in June.� The San Narciso resident has never been seen or heard from since, despite [...]

Street Law, a New Course to be Introduced in 6 Schools
Six high schools are preparing to participate in a programme known as street law as a new course to their curriculum. The addition is expected to start in January 2019 [...]

Farewell to President Tsai Ing-wen
The president of Taiwan, Doctor Tsai Ing-wen, concluded a visit to Belize over the weekend. Doctor Ing-wen was afforded all the trappings of a state visit including the convening of [...]

The Winners of the National Song Competition are Revealed
Over the weekend, on Saturday, the 2018 National Song Competition was held at the Santa Elena Sports Complex in the west. There were as many as twenty artists who competed [...]

Prominent Belizean John Woods Passes
On a somber note, prominent Belizean, seventy-five-year-old John Woods of Cisco Construction passed away on Friday in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. �Woods was not just an extraordinary businessman; he was a [...]

James Adderley and the Weekend in Sports
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities....]


National Energy Information System being developed
As Belize embraces sustainable development methods moving forward, it is imperative to know how to use different energy sources that are at our disposal to get the optimum use. Equally important is to minimize the negative effects on the environment. In this regard, the Ministry of Public Service, Energy & Public Utilities in collaboration with �

Gift of Life Project saves another life
The Rotary Gift of Life held clinics this past weekend at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City. Heidi Hess who has been coming to Belize for the past seventeen years spoke about the program. Heidi Hess: Gift of Life is a Rotary based program where we identify children that have heart problems that �

Double Murder in Orange Walk
What was supposed to be an evening of competition and jubilation ended in tragedy yesterday in Orange Walk Town. The finals of the mundialito competition sponsored by Minister Elodio Aragon took place at the Louisiana Football Field. However, just before the winners could be awarded, mayhem ensued as the game was also the setting for �

John Woods, popular businessman dead at 75
As the news of John Woods passing spread many were deeply saddened, especially those whose lives he impacted. Woods was a successful businessman, a Rotarian and a philanthropist. Robert Usher, President of the Rotary Club of Belize shared some of his accomplishments. Robert Usher - President of Rotary Club: John has done so many things in �

Saldivar demands an apology from Briceno
Attorney Arthur Saldivar and his family are demanding an apology from the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno. In an interview on Friday, Briceno was asked to comment on Saldivar's maneuver to try and get on the ballot for the PUP convention in Belmopan. John Briceno - Leader of the Opposition: I believe that as party �

Police Minister speaks about Violence in Orange Walk
ARAGON ON MURDER The sporting event at the Louisiana Government School Football stadium yesterday was called the Aragon's Mundialito 2018. The main patron of the event was Orange Walk East Area Representative Elodio Aragon Jr. who is also the Minister of Police. He has everything at his disposal to seek justice for that community. Minister �

Belizean youth killed in Chicago
From a news article posted by ABC 7 Eye Witness News, a seventeen year old Belizean, Darnelle Flowers and sixteen year-old Raysuan Turner were found dead with several gunshot wounds to the body last night in a field on East 131st Street in Chicago. They had been reported missing for days.The article states that yesterday �

Husband Kills wife on Family Vacation
A couple from Trial Farm Village in the Orange Walk District set out to have a family vacation in Independence Village, but early this morning it ended with the murder of the wife and arrest of the husband. Love News spoke to family members who have yet to fully grasp why the murder occurred. Jose �

Attempted robbery in Ladyville Village
A businessman is recuperating from injuries he sustained during an attempted robbery. Thirty-eight year old, Guang Quan Chen was inside his store in Ladyville Village on Saturday night when he was attacked. ASP Alejandro Cowo shared the details. ASP Alejandro Cowo: Mr. Chen was inside of his business shop Guang Ying located on #10 Mirage �

Group Hug helps the underprivileged children
Group Hug, an organization created to help children and people in need, provided two hundred and forty deserving students within the Belize District, specifically Belize City and Hattieville Village with backpacks containing school supplies. The students were chosen on a needs basis and they were recommended by their schools, civil society organizations, social agencies and �

Two dies in Orange walk Accident
Two men were killed in a road traffic incident on the San Juan Road in the Orange Walk District. The incident which occurred about twelve thirty yesterday afternoon, involved a pickup truck and motorcycle. The driver of the vehicle was Ornan Cortez. Joseph Myvett says the deceased were cousins �

Road Traffic Accident in San Ignacio proves fatal
A man who collided into a parked vehicle has died. Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett said last week Edgar Garcia had parked his vehicle on Joseph Andrews Drive in San Ignacio when the incident occurred �

Shooting in Central Farm, Cayo
Last week, we reported on an incident in which 67-year-old Hilderbrant Robateau shot his common-law-wife to the thigh. According to ACP Joseph Myvett, the shooting was a result of a dispute between Robateau and his common-law wife �

The Reporter

EDITORIAL - August 17th. 2018
Belizeans have been giving the ICJ a bad rap because they mistakenly believe that the court took the easy way out in resolving the dispute between Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador over ownership of three islands in the Gulf of Fonseca. The ICJ ruled that Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua are to conjointly administer sovereignty over the Gulf of Fonseca. El Salvador is to have the islands of Meanguera and Meanguerita and Honduras is to have sovereignty over El Tigre Island. Nicaragua did not get any island to control.

Mariela Yazmin Alpuche KILLED BY HER HUSBAND
Mariela Yazmin Alpuche, 34, was murdered sometime between 1:00am and 2:00am this morning by her husband, Arturo Rodriguez, 48. Police say that the couple was in room #3 at the Panting Hotel in Independence when they got in a fight and Rodriguez choked her to death.

CHECK HERE - For the September Celebrations events and schedules. Including entertainment sites and details. LIVE STREAM and VIDEO Highlights.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man charged for murdering his wife
This morning, Orange Walk resident Mariela Yazmin Alpuche was strangled in a hotel room in Independence [�]

Man remanded to prison for shooting common-law wife
Today Hilderbrant Robateau, 67, was remanded to court after shooting his common-law wife in front of [�]

Three year old boy drowns in well
A three year old child was reported dead yesterday. He has been identified as Benjamin Mas. [�]

Government Press Office responds to Amandala's claim it was banned from press event
The Government of Belize Press office today issued a release refuting the claims made by the [�]

Chinese businessman shot twice in attempted robbery
A Chinese businessman remains hospitalized in a critical but stable condition after an attempted robbery. He [�]

Man robbed of $15,000 in broad daylight
Harold WIlliams, was robbed of $15,000 in broad daylight this afternoon. Sometime around 2:00 p.m. he [�]

Two cousins dead in traffic accident up north
Two cousins are dead after a fatal road traffic accident in the Orange Walk District. [�]

Man dies after crashing into parked car
After fighting for his life for five days, Bullet tree resident, Yuri Moralez, 23, passed away. [�]

Police: No charges yet for man that killed common-law wife
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, today weighed in on a case of domestic abuse [�]

Two men shot dead outside Lousiana football field in Orange Walk
Orange Walk police are investigating a case of double murder after two men were shot [�]

Taiwanese President pledges more assistance to Belize
Taiwanese President, Tsai Ing-Wen, who visited Belize last week and was welcomed by parliamentarians at a [�]

Woman allegedly killed by jealous husband
A woman was allegedly killed by her husband in a jealous rage this morning. She is [�]

Amandala claims it was banned from covering arrival of Taiwanese President
The Amandala Newspaper, in its latest issue, claims it was banned from covering the arrival [�]


Ten Misconceptions BUSTED about Traveling To Belize
I moved to Belize just over 11 years ago. And still, when I visit the states, I will get quizzical looks when people ask me things "how'd you get so tan" or just "where do you live"? I live in Belize. Even if he has heard of it, most people are vague on the specifics. It's in Central America. Yup. Between Guatemala and Mexico. And�shucks. Belize is a small country - less than 400,000 people with one of the lowest population densities in the world. And most visitors have never met a Belizean before. There are only a handful of Belizean restaurants in the US (and isn't food the way we learn about lots of cultures?) So most people don't know that Belize isn't just a beach vacation in the Caribbean or another crowded, dangerous spot in Central America. Here are some of the misconceptions about Belize - a crazy special country that I recommend EVERYONE visit.

Corozal District
The Corozal District of Belize is the country's northernmost district, and it borders Mexico along it western and northern borders. The capital of the district is Corozal Town, which sits on the Corozal Bay. Corozal Town is just 9 miles from the border of Mexico, and visitors here can head into the Mexican city of Chetumal to do a little shopping and such should they desire. Between these parts of Belize and Mexico, tourism is on the rise, and there are many delights to be discovered should you choose to include the Corozal District in your Belize vacation plans. This area of Central America has quite a rich Mayan heritage, and visiting ruins is among the top pursuits associated with Belize Corozal tours.

International Sourcesizz

Mexican Caribbean sees sargassum barriers placed from Cancun to Chetumal
After a delay, the first sargassum barriers have been placed in the sea which will eventually run from Cancun to Chetumal. The Secretary of Ecology and Environment of Quintana Roo, Alfredo Arellano Guillermo, says the government has begun working with the Chetumal company Goimar Logistics and Services with seaweed barrier placements in the sea. "The project consists of the installation of a system of containment barriers that will be placed along 27 kilometers of the state coast from Canc�n, head of the municipality of Benito Ju�rez in the north, to Chetumal Bay, head of the municipality of Oth�n Pompeyo Blanco to the south," he said.

GoStudents builds up believers in Belize
Oklahoma students from several churches joined together on a GoStudents trip July 20-27 to share the Gospel with several villages in Belize, which is in Central America. The group of students split into two teams, and each group would start the day by traveling to a village to lead children in a Vacation Bible School (VBS). In each village children were able to participate in songs, watch skits from stories in the Bible, make a craft and play games. The Belize team visited six villages, holding a Vacation Bible School at each location, and performed the 'Freedom' drama in five of these villages.

Ancient Mayan civilisation 'was WIPED OUT by deforestation'
Carbon reserves in Central American soils are still affected by the trees they were chopping down more than 1,000 years ago. The downfall of the mysterious people who flourished in the steamy jungles of present-day southern Mexico, Belize and Guatemala has been debated for years. Climate change has been blamed. Trees use sunlight to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and store it as carbon in the form of wood. The study of sediments from three lakes supports this theory. It shows the amount of time the greenhouse gas remained stored in soils in Guatemala and the Yucatan Peninsula was shortened by deforestation undertaken by the Maya.

Mexican Caribbean launches unified Tourism Board
The State of Quintana Roo, one of Mexican top tourism hotspots encompassing 11 world-renowned destinations, has launched a unified Mexican Caribbean Tourism Board to oversee promotional efforts for less traveled destinations such as Chetumal, Bacalar, and Isla Holbox. From Mayan ruins to multi-color lagoons and eco-friendly sanctuaries, these off-the-beaten-path destinations check off all the boxes for adventurous and selective travelers. Chetumal, the state capital, known as the gateway to Belize, boasts some of Mexico's most enchanting Mayan archeological sites such as Dzibanch�, Kohunlich, Kinichn�, and Oxtankah. These small ruins offer an intimate experience away from the crowds. The nearby village of Calderitas provides fresh fish and restaurants along the water's edge. A walk along Boulevard Bahia in Chetumal is also an enjoyable experience. Nightlife around the boulevard starts when the sun sets and food stands, carnival rides and artisans light up the streets.

Revealed: The tragic face of a Mayan woman who died at the bottom of a sinkhole 14,000 years ago: Scientists reconstruct 'Eve' from remains found in an underwater cave
Scientists have recreated the face of a Mayan woman who met her untimely end nearly 14,000 years ago at the bottom of a sinkhole. The remains of Eve, or 'the Woman of Naharon,' were discovered hundreds of feet beneath the surface in an underwater cave in Mexico's Sistema Naranjal in the early 2000s. Using forensic facial reconstruction techniques, researchers have now revealed what she may have looked like in life. She was about 20-25 years old when she died.


  • Orange Millipede, 10sec.

  • Catch and release snakes..., 1/2min. because if we had to kill a snake every time we come across one it would have been over 40 snakes already... Roque Silva the snake wrangler.

  • Seahorse In the Mangroves, 1.5min.

  • Ice cream truck in Corozal, 4sec. Hey kids, school is almost open. But, you still have some time to come out and enjoy the hot summer in corozal with some ice cream.

  • Belize snorkel 2018, 4min. Good times with Lil Alphonse.

  • Scuba Diving in Belize, 8min.

  • Check Out Belize City, Belize, 5min.

  • KTV The Remix is winding down, 49min. Jenny Lovell, Rojhani Perriott.

  • 100 Years of Garveyism in Belize, 39min. The UNIA Belize is celebrating 100 Years of Garveyism in Belize. We spoke with Emerson Guild about the work of UNIA and how the organization can contribute to current conversations about race and development in Belize.

  • The Department of Youth Services Backyard Gardening Program in Orange Walk, 28min.Renata Samuels - Communication Officer, DYS. Edmer Patt - Youth Empowerment Coordinator, DYS. Amram Lemoth - Youth Officer, DYS.

  • The Miss Universe Belize Pageant takes place on August 25th at Belize Best Western Biltmore Plaza, 49min. The Miss Universe Belize Pageant takes place on August 25th at the Belize Best Western Biltmore Plaza. Eleven contestants will compete to represent Belize at the Miss Universe Pageant in Thailand. We had a conversation with the delegates about what it means to be confidently beautiful and how they are preparing to be Belize's beauty ambassador.

  • Culture of Peace Program, 29min. NICH Benque House of Culture in partnership with the Organization of American States (OAS) AS to coordinate the Culture of Peace Program. The team stopped by our show to showcase some of the artwork of its students and to talk about how the program is using art and music to promote peace.The students also performed original songs. Vinicio Tobar - Music Instructor, German Figueroa - Painting Instructor.

  • OYE - Summer Fest2018, 2hr16min.

  • Morning Matters with Mrs Vaughn, 60min.

  • Monday's rain in Corozal, 1.5min.

  • Belize Diving, 6min.

  • Caye Caulker | Half Moon Caye | Xunantunich in Belize, 3.5min.

  • Waterfall Jumps & Spelunking Belize 2018, 28min. Crazy adventure on the mainland of Belize. This is so cool check it out! If you have ever thought of spelunking or just want a huge adrenaline rush then this is it!

  • Fish Fillet Catch and Cook Belizean Style!, 12min. We really had a blast and i just hope you guys enjoy this video as much i love making them. please do me a huge favor and hit,smash or gently press that subscribe button and be part of this beautiful family that is TEAM JRUBIO.