My adventurers found this mass floating at a distance near rocky point, Jeffrey was sure he saw a flipper and said the animal looks big and in despair so he and his step daddy decided to take a closer look.... I’m so glad he did...this poor turtle was tired and could barely come up to breathe with those heavy ropes! Thank God he was released (after putting up a little fight) and is now safe once again! A little past tranquility but before rocky point by what seems to be a favorite fishing spot for some guides ...
Debbie Graniel

12-year-old Jeffrey rescues and releases tangled Olive Ridley turtle

On August 17th, a family outing turned into a heroic rescue when 12-year-old Jeffrey McPherson realized that a ‘lump’ floating at sea was actually an Olive Ridley turtle in distress. Jeffrey and his family were enjoying a drive up north just before Rocky Point on northern Ambergris Caye when they saw the floating mass. Jeffrey told his stepfather Ezekiel Larios that he was sure he saw a flipper, and worried that it was a large animal in despair. They both decided to take a closer look and realized that it was a turtle tangled in a web of ropes.

Jeffrey’s mother Debbie shared the incredible news on her social media page, sharing how thankful the family was that they chose to look closer. She says that the turtle was tired, its shell cracked, but it was still feisty, fighting his rescuers for a little bit while the ropes were removed from around it. Thankfully, once liberated, the turtle swam quickly away to freedom. “The ropes alone weighed about 12 – 15 pounds,” said Debbie. “According to Jeffrey, turtles can only stay under water for about 25 minutes or so at a time before they have to come back for air.” The turtle’s fate could have been far worse had the ropes gotten tangled and held the turtle down, as the stress causes turtles to quickly use up stored oxygen and drown within minutes. Without stress and with minimal activity, sea turtles can actually remain underwater for several hours.

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