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The San Pedro Sun

Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Coast Guard Station in Bacalar Chico
On August 24th, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for a Coast Guard Patrol Base in Bacalar Chico, north of Ambergris Caye. After operating in the area for over three years under foot patrol, Coast Guard Officers will soon have a base for day- to- day operations. Approximately a mile and a half from the Mexican border, the Bacalar Chico Coast Guard Station is an ideal location for the prevention of cross-border criminal activities such as drug trafficking, weapon trafficking, and illegal fishing. Operationally, the Coast Guard seeks to minimize the impact of criminal activities. The strategic importance of their presence in Bacalar Chico as law enforcement is to provide stability for economic prosperity.

Atlantic Bank Limited installs a second ATM in San Pedro Town
As of Wednesday, August 22nd, San Pedro Town has a second Automated Teller Machine (ATM) for the local branch of Atlantic Bank Limited (ABL). The new ATM is located on Pescador Drive, at the main building. With population growth, island customers have long been clamoring for another ATM to relieve the stress on the single ATM machine that ABL had. Customers had to wait in long lines – especially on pay day – sometimes only to find out that there is no cash left by the time it’s their turn. Even though customers can withdraw from inside the banks, the external ATMs target the residents and visitors who cannot access the bank until after hours.

Taiwanese President’s state visit strengthens relations with Belize and provides assistance in education, infrastructure, and food
Taiwanese President, Dr. Tsai Ing-Wen paid an official visit to Belize from Thursday, August 16th to the 18th, strengthening the current diplomatic relations between her country and Belize. During her visit, she attended a Special Joint Sitting of the House of Representatives in the Capital City of Belmopan and committed to continue investing in Belize in the areas of agriculture, infrastructure, and education. Before President Wen left on Saturday, August 18th, Belize saw the approval of financial assistance for the renovation of the library at the Institute for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ITVET) center in Belize City, followed by the donation of 10,000 sacks of rice from Taiwan on Wednesday, August 22nd.

To better protect Belize’s environment, the EIA process is under review
The use of national land for private means is a growing concern for the Belizean population, especially for those who advocate for sustainable development and environmental conservation. With the booming tourism industry, some developers have pushed the boundaries of environmental compliance with their design of new hotels and resorts, and some projects have even flown under the radar of the Department of the Environment (DOE). One of the most controversial elements of development in Belize is over-the-water-structures and the privatization of beaches and docks. By law, the seabed and all reservations along all water frontages including rivers and the sea, commonly referred to as the 66-feet reserve measured from the high-water mark, are classified as national lands, and are the property of the State and should be freely used by the public. In some cases, there seem to be exceptions to this rule.

Orange Walk Black Mambas continue to lead Belize’s 2018 Inter-District Rugby 7’s Tournament
The third round of the Belize Inter-District Rugby 7’s Tournament was held this past weekend on Sunday, August 19th at the Governor General Field in Belmopan City. Currently leading the tournament is the Orange Walk Black Mambas with 32 points. They are followed by Kings Park Scorpions with 22 points and San Pedro Hammerhead Sharks with 18 points. The championship round of the tournament is scheduled for Sunday, November 25th in Belize City. Everyone is invited to come out and support their favorite team. Food and drinks will be on sale during the games.

Misc Belizean Sources


Fundraiser for Mr. Felipe Gallego (Mr. Happy) on Caye Caulker
As many may know Mr. Felipe Gallego affectionately know as Mr. Happy is ill and currently in the hospital. The family needs assistance in covering medical expenses. We would like to proceed with a fundraiser but are in need of all items for a bbq and bake sale. Mr. Happy is father to Cecilio Gallego who is currently coaching Rainbow Runner. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. We are aiming for next week Saturday Sept 1st.

Youth Leadership and Communications Training
The Corozal Children Advisory Body and youths of the Department of Youth Services participated in Day One of the Leadership and Communications Training. When asked their view of the exercise to identify the key elements for their press release, the young persons reported that it is quite a challenging task as it is important to be accurate in usage of words and to protect the credibility and image of the organization as the release expresses a view and make recommendations for actions.

Harpy Eagle at Biological Research Station
Happy news from BFREE this week as a Harpy Eagle was spotted at our Biological Research Station. This time the Harpy was seen near the Cacao Discovery Center yesterday, August 23rd. Thanks to our visiting researcher from UCDavis, Eyob Solomon for the photos!

Fish Right Eat Right in San Pedro, Caye Caulker next week
On Monday August 27, to Wednesday August 29, 2018, representatives from the Fish Right Eat Right Program will be visiting restaurants in San Pedro and Caye Caulker for signing up to the initiative. Tell your favorite restaurateur to look out for us. Customers will be able to see those establishments that are part of the program that will allow us to be able to eat seafood in Belize for generations to come.

The Grand Finale for the BTB’s Belizean Traveller Campaign will be held this Saturday, 25th August from 4 pm to 8 pm at the BTL Park. The Belizean Traveller campaign is a BTB initiative to encourage Belizeans to be travellers in their own country. As part of the campaign, over $25,000 worth of prizes will be given away that will allow six winners to enjoy a dream vacation in any of Belize’s six regional tourism regions. These winners will be selected during the Grand Finale on Saturday. There will be live entertainment from the General Supa G. Other performers will include Kenny G Gladden, the Belize National Dance Company and the Barranco Roots Garifuna Group.

Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Coast Guard Station in Bacalar Chico
Today, August 24th, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for a Coast Guard Forward Operating Base in Bacalar Chico, north of Ambergris Caye. After operating in the area for over three years under foot patrol, Coast Guard Officers will soon have a base for day- to- day operations. Approximately a mile and a half from the Mexican border, the Bacalar Chico Coast Guard Station is an ideal location for the prevention of cross-border criminal activities such as drug trafficking, weapon trafficking, and illegal fishing. Operationally, the Coast Guard seeks to minimize the impact of criminal activities. The strategic importance of their presence in Bacalar Chico as law enforcement is to provide stability for economic prosperity.

Atantic Bank Notice of phishing
Please note that Atlantic Bank will never ask you to update your information by email.

The Commonwealth Youth Development Award 2019: Call for Nominations
Nominations for next year’s Commonwealth Youth Development Award are now open for exceptionally young persons who are making an impacting difference in their communities. This year’s theme ‘Safe Spaces for Youth’ focuses on protecting young people’s dignity and safety while helping them to make valuable contributions to development work, particularly in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A total of sixteen finalists will be shortlisted from four Commonwealth regional categories: Africa and Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Canada, and the Pacific, who will be awarded £1,000. A winner will be selected from each region receiving an additional £2,000. One exceptional entrant will be awarded the Commonwealth Young Person of the Year for a total award of £5,000.

Chargé d'Affaires of US Embassy visits San Pedro
On Friday, August 24th, 2018, Chargé d'Affaires, a.i. of the U.S. Embassy in Belmopan, his Excellency Keith R. Gilges made a courtesy visit to the San Pedro Town Hall where he met with Mayor Daniel Guerrero. Welcome to Belize your Excellency.

Here is the Calendar of Events for this year's September Celebrations in San Pedro!
Save the Dates!

Dinner night with Miss Independence delegates, Mayor and Council representatives.

Mosquito Prevention on Caye Caulker
If you have any ponds around you property please call CCVC at 226 0043 so they put down abate to prevent hatching of mosquitoes.

Persons in the area of Orchid Bay have reportedly seen a crocodile lurking in the sea along one of the beaches since Sunday. Witnesses say that the crocodile appears to be between 5 to 6 feet in length. We believe that the public should be made aware and exercise caution when approaching this area.

Rediscover Your Glow - San Ignacio
Pictures from Vanessa Awe's Rediscover Your Glow Tour here in San Ignacio. It was held last month at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Chantae Chanice Guy was her stage model for the demonstration. Looks like a lot was learned.

The Belize BTB team and JGBB conducting a roadshow in the Washington area

Channel 7

Security Guard At Prominent Law Firm Shot
A security guard was shot in front of the Courtney - Coye law firm an hour ago. Tonight we can confirm that he was shot at least two times, but, fortunately, he survived. It's huge news because that is one of the most high profile law firms in Belize, and it is in what is considered a very safe residential neighborhood. Equally important is that it is across the street from the Guatemalan Embassy - and the Honduran Embassy. Tonight, here's what we know based on surveillance video and what area residents told our team at the scene. A green Kia was seen circling the block before the shooting. Then on the second time around the block, it pulled up, two men came out - one from the front seat and one form the back. They reportedly went directly after the security guard and fired multiple shots, possibly as many as five.

Supreme Court Stops Saldivar, Not The PUP
Today, one of the partners in that firm, Eamon Courtenay was in the Supreme Court arguing a controversial case. That's the hearing where Arthur Saldivar asked the Supreme Court to stop the PUP from holding its Belmopan Convention on Sunday. As we've been reporting, the PUP has thrice rejected Saldivar's application to run as a PUP candidate for Belmopan. So, if the PUP wouldn't give him a fair chance, Saldivar asked the courts to intercede. But he wasn't just asking for a stay on the convention, Saldivar had 14 points he was challenging the PUP on. Mainly, he said his candidacy wasn't given a fair chance because of outright bias in the vetting Committee.

Alleged Elderly Attacker Eugene Tillett Gets Bail
He is accused of robbing an elderly man in his driveway, but, today in the Supreme Court, 41 year old Eugene Anthony Tillett, managed to secure bail. His attorney had to fight for it, but in the end he was unable to post bail, so he remains on remand tonight. Here's what happened in court: his attorney Dickie Bradley presented arguments to Justice Herbert Lord, as to why his client who has a rap sheet of more than 10 pages should get bail. In the end Bradley was successful in securing bail but the Prosecutor for the DPP's office, Janelle Tillett showed the court that the defendant owed the court over $5,000.

Police Find Stolen Pickup
Police have recovered a pickup that was stolen during a home invasion on Thursday morning. That's when four masked men broke into a West Landivar fourth story apartment, tied up the 24 year old woman who was home, and then stole two guns, and the Nissan pickup which was parked downstairs. Well, today the pickup was found on Faber's Road - minus they keys. We're told that even though the robbers stole the DVR with the security recordings and threw it downstairs where it got wet in the rain, some images have been recovered which could lead to the identity of the suspects.

Coast Guard To Establish Fixed Presence On Northern Ambergris Caye
So many times on the news, we've told you about the drug gangs of San Pedro, and all the murders fueled by their rivalries. A lot of those rivalries stem from wet drops which the cartels throw in the waters north of the island for their Mexican counterparts to pick up. But, the sea has no borders and those wet drops do often float into Belizean waters - causing murderous violence to erupt in the battle for those drugs. And the border area of Northern Ambergris Caye is remote, as much as 20 miles north of San Pedro - and because of that it is also largely un-policed. But now, the Coast Guard will erect a Patrol Base in Bacalar Chico. I went there today to find out more about it:..

Bail for 21st and 22nd Alleged Murderer in 11 Months
Another alleged murderer has gotten bail. 22 year old Ernesto Vasquez is the 21st accused person to get bail in the past 11 months. He is charged with the murder of 30 year old Herbert Bodden, and was offered a bail of $40,000 today by Justice Herbert Lord. Vasquez's attorney, Oscar Selgado, submitted that Vasquez has been on remand for 3 years and no date has been set for his trial. Selgado submitted that the delay was unreasonable and it was a violation of his right to a trial within a reasonable time. The Crown, represented by Crown Counsel, Janelle Tillett, did not object to bail. Bodden, an auto mechanic, was shot and killed in broad daylight on February 26, 2015, on Cedar Street while he was lying on the street repairing a vehicle.

BTL Launches The “Digi” World
We're already used to BTL's Digicell mobile phone service. But now BTL is re-branding and will use that DIGI prefix to cover all its services. We found out more at a grand launch today at the Civic Center:.. Jules Vasquez reporting: The new brand is Digi - and it's the single flagship name and logo under which BTL will now offer all its services. Rocus Schriber, CEO - BTL: "We are the company that is now building fiber to the home. We are going to deliver ICT services. We are delivering cloud computing and we are expanding internationally. For the first time we are selling to our neighboring countries. So this is the right time for us to look at what will be the name for these new services. What will be the umbrella brand that will make it easy to recognize that these services belong together and they are all coming from the same source. All these services rely on digital technology and therefore Digi."

Cops Caught Caye Caulker Thieves Red-Handed
Police were able to catch two thieves in Caye Caulker right after a robbery. It happened yesterday afternoon at the gas station which is on the Back Bridge Marina. Tow men, one of them with a firearm, held up the attendant and robbed him of approximately $2000.00 in cash and a cordless phone. Police were quick to respond and strung up the two thieves in no time. They recovered a firearm, a cordless phone, $500.00us and $1100.00bz in cash. Both men will be charged.

Sahar Went Far For Jalsa Salana
On August 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 200 acres of Hampshire land in East Worldham, England was transformed into a convention center for the 2018 Jalsa Salana. Jalsa Salana is a massive event that the Ahmadiyya Muslims host to bring awareness about the positives that Islam has to offer. Our very own Sahar Vasquez attended the event as a journalist and here is the story she brought back. Sahar Vasquez reporting: September 11, 2001- 2,977 people were killed in 9/11 April 15, 2013- 264 people were wounded in the Boston Marathon Bombing. June 12th, 2016- 49 people were killed in Orlando night club shooting. These are just a few of the most gruesome terrorist attacks to ever be recorded and those responsible for the deaths of countless innocent men, women, and children were all muslims.

Security Guard Survives Shooting
And, as an update on our headline story, there's a little more information on the security guard shooting at the Courtney Coye law firm. First, the security guard survived and is receiving surgery - he has reportedly lost a lot of blood. Second, we know that the KIA used in the shooting was green, tinted and had no license plate. It was seen circling the block before the shooting. Then on the second time around the block, it pulled up, two men came out - one from the front seat and one form the back. They reportedly went directly after the security guard and fired multiple shots, possibly as many as five. The security guard was armed and they may have been trying to take his gun.

Coast Guard Patrol Base Coming in Early 2019
And in an update to the story on the Coast Guard Patrol Base we ran earlier, here are a few important footnotes. First, you saw that ground was broken - but work is not scheduled to start until the end of September. After that it will take 5 to 6 months for completion.

Shyne Says Stipend, Not Salary
And, in an update to a story we ran last night, today Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow told us that he is not paid a salary by the Ministry of Finance, he is paid a stipend from NICH. He agreed that the money may come from the Ministry of Finance, but he says it goes to NICH who then pays him. Secondly, he added that he is not a government employee, he does the work of the music ambassador on a voluntary basis, for which he is given a stipend to conduct the functions of his office. As we mentioned last night, It's an issue because those who are paid out of the public purse cannot run for politics. Culture Minister Faber says he is paid that stipend by the Ministry of Finance.

Channel 5

Security Guard at the Law Offices of Courtenay Coye is Shot in the Attempt Robbery of his Weapon
There was a late evening shooting today.  Just before six o’clock this evening, the security guard at the law offices of Courtenay Coye was shot and rushed to the Karl [...]

Arthur Saldivar Loses Court Battle Against the P.U.P.
The People’s United Party will not have to deal with Attorney Arthur Saldivar anytime soon and that’s because the second lawsuit he filed against the party was thrown out in [...]

P.U.P.’s Belmopan Convention to Proceed Uninterrupted
The Belmopan convention proceeds this Sunday as planned with Weizman Patt, Michelle Rodriguez and Oscar Mira. So is this the end of the Arthur Saldivar/P.U.P. saga?  There is a default [...]

Robbery at Caye Caulker Gas Station; Robbers Apprehended Shortly After
There was a robbery today in Caye Caulker, but quick police action helped to capture the two thieves and recover the stolen items shortly after the incident. It happened around [...]

Police Inching Closer to Finding Out Who was the Driver in Double Fatalities Down South
Siblings Anthony and Jamie Archer perished on impact during a deadly road traffic accident along the San Antonio Road in the Toledo District on the evening of July twenty-fourth.  The [...]

A New F.O.B. to Be Erected at Bacalar Chico
The top brass of the Belize Coast Guard headed today to Bacalar Chico, a national park. The occasion was the groundbreaking ceremony for a forwarding operating base at the strategic [...]

Exploring Half Moon Caye
It is the furthest island point east of mainland Belize and the country’s oldest protected wildlife site that is famous for diving and birding. Half Moon Caye Natural Monument of [...]

Local Buses Must Pay for Vehicle Insurance in Mexico
Local bus companies running excursions to Chetumal, Cancun and other destinations within the state of Quintana Roo are required to purchase vehicle insurance in order for them to traverse carriageways [...]

Some Bus Companies Agree to Purchase Insurance in Quintana Roo
According to Castro, if Belizean auto dealers are required to purchase insurance when traversing from Texas to Mexico, then it is only fair that bus owners and drivers purchase insurance [...]

Miss Universe Belize; Who Will Represent the Jewel in Thailand?
On Saturday night at the Biltmore Plaza in Belize City, eleven delegates will vie for the title of Miss Universe Belize in hopes to represent the Jewel at the Miss [...]

Shots Fired Backa Port
There is an increased police presence in the Port Loyola neighborhood tonight.  Shortly after six o’clock this evening, police were summoned to an area on Trinity Street following reports of [...]

Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez: “I Don’t Care What Darrell Bradley Says”
Port Loyola area representative Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez gave a fiery response to the media when he was pressed about the third piece of missing equipment which belongs to the City [...]

‘Boots’ Still Supporting Michael Peyrefitte for Port
The media also asked Minister Martinez about Dean Samuels, the former Belize City Councilor, who is contesting the U.D.P. Convention in the Port Loyola Constituency. Samuels publicly announced his candidacy [...]

Solid Waste Wants You to Recycle at Home
The Solid Waste Management Two Project, valued at ten point two million dollars funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, is being rolled out across the country since 2016. The project [...]

CXC Results in Belize
The results for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate, better known as CXC, have not been officially released to the media and the public as yet. But some schools in southern [...]

Rene Skeen Rejected by P.U.P. for Belize Rural Central
At a meeting of the national executive of the People’s United Party on Wednesday, Rene Skeen, a well-known resident of Ladyville, was also rejected from running in Belize Rural Central. [...]

Rebranding of B.T.L. Services & Products
Belize Telemedia launched a campaign to reinvent itself under one brand which is designed to attract and appeal to new customers. The services and products offered by the telecom will [...]

B.T.L. is Expanding Services, but even to Cable TV?
With the upgrade of its infrastructure and network, B.T.L. is also looking at becoming a cable service provider. Cable Television is a system that will allow for television programmes to [...]


Mai speaks on ASR/BSI investing in new tugboat
Earlier this week American Sugar Refinery’s Belize Sugar Industries announced that it had purchased a sixty foot tug boat to increase its efficiency in transporting sugar. Yesterday, Jose Mai, who is also the PUP’s shadow minister for agriculture spoke negatively about the one point two million dollars investment. Jose Mai: “Macdan made an announcement to …

BTL rebrands
Belize Telemedia Ltd. is undergoing a rebranding exercise. The launch of the rebranding of the company’s services is being done under the new name Digi. CEO Rochus Schreiber spoke of the new strategy. CEO Rochus Schreiber: “It is not only important that we do a new brand. It will actually also create new value and save …

Minister Anthony Martinez speaks on missing City Council equipment
For the past few weeks, a lot has been said by the current Belize City Council, in regards to the three pieces of heavy duty equipment, which was reported missing after a special audit was done. Since then, several queries had been made to the Ministry of Finance and the previous city council about the …

Saldivar fought the PUP and lost, but said it was worth it
The PUP Belmopan Convention will take place in two days with only three candidates: Weisman Patt, Oscar Mira and Michelle Rodriguez. Arthur Saldivar’s last ditch effort in court to force his Party to accept him as a candidate was a failure. Saldivar was back in court today as he continued his fight to represent the …

Minister Anthony Martinez speaks on Dean Samuel’s candidacy
Four individuals have thrown their hats into the UDP convention for Port Loyola. Initially it appeared that former city councilor Dean Samuels had gotten the nod from the current area representative, Anthony Boots Martinez but in politics things keep changing and now Martinez has thrown his support behind Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte. Martinez shared what …

The PHAST methodology
The Belize Red Cross currently has a program sponsored by the American Red Cross. It comes under the Red Cross’ project for strengthening partnership through accountability and transparency. According to Ian Glory, the Master Facilitator for the PHAST Program, it is being carried out in 16 communities in the vicinity of the Belize District. Currently,they …

The Belizean Traveler Campaign
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) launched the Belizean Traveler Campaign at the beginning of August with over $25,000 in prizes and dream vacation packages. Because the purpose is to encourage Belizeans to tour the country, the BTB partnered with the Belize Hotel Association and its members to offer discounts for the duration of the campaign. …

New Solid Waste Management Project Two
The Belize Solid Waste Management will be constructing transfer stations in Placencia and Punta Gorda. This is a part of the new Solid Waste Management Project Two. , Tyronne Chimilio, the Communications Officer and he explains the significance of the project. Tyronne Chimilio Communications Officer: “One of the key aspects of this project is that we …

Forward Operating Base will help curb crime
The Coast Guard will soon have a Forward Operating Base at Bacalar Chico, north of Ambergris Caye. A ground breaking ceremony was held today for the Forward Operating Base. A contract has been signed with Victor Aldana to construct the base within four months. The design of the facility is to house 16 officers. It …

Police Catch Caye Caulker thieves
There was a robbery on Caye Caulker. About 2:30 p.m., yesterday 50 year old Luis Choc was at the Caye Caulker Gas Station located on the Back Bridge Marina. The 50 year old pump attendant said while he was working at the gas station, two men robbed him. One of the men had a firearm …

Ernesto Vasquez gets bail for murder
A man who was charged with murder three years ago is receiving temporary freedom until he has his trial in court. In February, 2015 thirty year old Herbert Bodden, a mechanic, was shot and killed on Cedar Street while he was lying on the ground, repairing a vehicle. In April, 2016, twenty-two year old Ernesto Vasquez was charged with Bodden’s murder …


9-year-old girl dies after being struck by lightning
There are reports coming out of Toledo that a little girl died after being struck by lightning. Although very few details are available at this time, reports indicate that Sylvia Bol, 9, was standing under a cohune tree for shelter from the rain while her mother was washing clothes in a nearby creek. The lightning that struck her caused severe burns all over her body. Bol was pronounced dead just after 5 p.m. There was another student who was standing nearby who also suffered minor injuries.

Taiwan’s rice donation angers farmers
Yesterday, Wednesday, The Republic of China (Taiwan), through the “Taiwan Rice Donation for Humanitarian Relief” project, donated 10,000 bags of rice, weighing 22 pounds each, to the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation. This seemingly innocent gesture has sparked controversy in the country. Hon. Anthony “Boots” Martinez, Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation, and Poverty Alleviation, who received the rice, expressed his appreciation for the rice, while Hon. Jose Mai, PUP area representative for Orange Walk South, is singing a different tune, saying that this donation hurts Belize more than it helps it.

Belizean Darnelle Flowers, 17, shot dead in Chicago
Shortly before midnight this past Sunday, police in Chicago, USA, found two bodies in a field in the Golden Gate neighborhood, near 131st Street and Rhodes Avenue. The Chicago Tribune quoted authorities as saying that the bodies had already started to decompose. Both bodies reportedly had gunshot wounds. One of the murdered persons has been identified as Darnelle Flowers, a 17-year-old Belizean whose grandmother, who lives in Belize City, told us that he had been living in Chicago with his mother and brother for almost a decade. Flowers was found along with Raysaun Turner, 16, an American.

The trial of the Stuarts’ accused murderers winds down
The Supreme Court is officially on vacation break until it opens for the September session, but for Justice Colin Williams there is no break, as this morning his court convened for the continuing trial of two men accused of the October 17, 2010 double murder of attorney Richard Stuart and his accountant wife, Maria Stuart. This morning the court heard from the last witness for the prosecution, Compton Patrick Beecher, a forensic expert at the Caribbean Genetics unit of the University of the West Indies. This morning, Beecher testified via teleconference from Jamaica.

AME Church to begin missionary work in Belize
For the first time, the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) is coming to Belize to begin missionary work in the country. Since this is a first, two pastors, Pastor Mashod Evans from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Pastor John White II, the founder of the Immanuel Temple in Pembroke Pines, Florida, stopped by our office to speak about the church and the work they do across the world. The AMEC was founded by a slave, Richard Allen, who bought his freedom. He founded the church after he saw that American Methodists were segregating their church members based on race. In 1794, he created Bethel AME and he went to court in 1807 and 1815 for his congregation’s right to exist as an independent institution.

Tamira Orellano Martinez, 32
From the tender age of seven, when she made her first public appearance on the softball field in Camalote, at the village’s annual summer camp, Tamira had a star beside her name. She had the outward gifts of athletic talent and good looks. But what was within her is what set her apart. Tamira had heart, and pride, and a joyful spirit, and a very special smile. She might not have been as athletically gifted as her two brothers, Wayne and Oliver Wiltshire, but on the field her star was no less bright. She had a steady glove and a good bat, and played all six positions in the diamond well. She won a number of championships with her village club, and represented Belize as a junior and as a senior player.

Dangriga sports stats
The final week of regular season in the Dangriga Basketball Association (DBA) Summer Bounce Tournament included games on Friday and Saturday, August 17 and 18, at the Russell Chiste Garcia Auditorium. In the National Over-40 Veterans league semifinals return matches over the weekend, at the MCC Grounds on Saturday, Kulture Yabra won once again over Benque, 7 goals to 3. Goal scorers for Kulture Yabra were Kevin Roland with 5 goals (he also leads this tournament with goals), and Edward “Lilly White” Rubio and Albert “Chicken” Arnold got one apiece; while all 3 Benque goals were by Julio Ayala. This victory automatically takes Kulture Yabra to the finals. (They had won game 1 by a 4-1 margin, for an aggregate score of 11-4.)

Pedal by Pedal – Chetumal’s Race of Sunday, August 19, 2018
It seems even Chetumal is mirroring the Weekend Warriors’ birthday races, because this past weekend almost 40 riders lined up for Omar Gomes’ birthday race in Chetumal. There were 3 Categories: the Elite Riders, 18 to 39; the Masters, 40-49; and the 50 Plus Riders; but we all rode together. Although it is a disadvantage to the older riders, they do have the one advantage that an older rider could win a younger riders’ PRIZE; and that is exactly what happened! The race started at 8:30 a.m. on the 2 Mulas Circuit, which is by the seaside facing a hard cross wind. We did 20 laps, for a total of 35 miles.

“The sky is the limit.” Go for it, Jardehl!!
Proud father, Hilberto “Hilly” Muschamp was overcome with emotion this morning when Krem WUB host Evan “Mose” Hyde asked if he had pondered the magnitude of the achievement of his son, Jardehl, in being selected as one of only 3 among a group of 68 who had travelled from 27 different states of the U.S. and 3 other countries besides Belize, to be invited “to join the Barca Academy for the 2018/2019 school year” and become a member of their “U-17 PreAcademy team.” A successful shrimp farm manager in Mango Creek, Stann Creek District, and a football legend in his own right, Hilly, after observing the budding talent in his son, had directed his personal resources to get him to the prestigious Barca Academy Tryouts, August 10-12, in Casa Grande, Arizona, USA. He had previously enlisted no less than the legendary Norman “Tilliman” Nunez/Pipersburgh to work with Jardehl one-on-one in preparing him for the Tryouts...

Undefeated Police and Bandits clash in Week 4 of PLB 2018-19 Opening Season
In the Week 3 results reported in our Tuesday issue, we noted some uncertainty about a couple goals scored in the BDF vs Verdes game at the MCC. The Premier League of Belize (PLB) made some adjustments to its earlier report, and so here goes: Verdes FC won, 4-2, over BDF FC at the MCC Grounds on Sunday, August 19. Verdes goals were by Roberto de Silva (30’), Collin Westby (45’) and Nahjib Guerra (64’) along with a BDF own goal by Leon Cadle (OG 39’). BDF goals were by Victor Moralez (46’) and Orland Trapp (88’).

From the Publisher
Two weeks after we returned from the States in January 1972, I went to visit a friend and supporter. Well, this brother was really more of a NIP than UBAD. He just didn’t like or trust the government at all. That day when I went to see him, he seemed excited, and halfway through our conversation he became mysterious and secretive: “Look in there and take out what you see,” he said in a lowered tone of voice, pointing to a cupboard. I did as he instructed and drew out a long cylindrical object wrapped in a BEACON newspaper. “Open it,” he said. I opened it. “It’s dynamite,” he said, “the dynamite from Airport. I have a whole box hereand I know where to get the rest.” While I was in the States, the PWD depot at the Airport had been burgled and dynamite was lost. “Do you know how to explode this?” I asked. “Yes, all you have to use is a battery,” he answered.

1779, between 1773 and 1798
Belize has been celebrating September 1798, the Battle of St. George’s Caye, for 120 years. The question now is, it appears to this newspaper, how much preparation, with respect to eradicating ethno/social discrimination and bigotry, has Belize been doing to forge the national unity necessary to survive next year’s existential crisis? Before we proceed, let us declare, and insist, that this essay is not an attack on the Battle of St. George’s Caye and those who are cut from the Loyal and Patriotic Order of the Baymen cloth. Almost forty years before it was discovered and publicized by the young Evan X Hyde in 1969 (KNOCKING OUR OWN TING), information about an epic slave revolt on the Belize Old River in 1773 had been published in Sir John Alder Burdon’s Archives. This essay, however, is not focused on that revolt per se. As it is, we don’t believe anyone here has ever seriously focused on the 1779 Spanish raid on St. George’s Caye, and there is where we now want to go.

The philosophy of profit over people
Dear Editor, The present world population is 7.6 billion as of August 2018 according to the most recent United Nations estimates. This is a testament of the success of human beings. From a biological perspective, we have been able to reach unprecedented population and still increasing with no end in sight. NASA plans to make oxygen from the atmosphere of Mars. Human beings are planning to take our species to populate distance planets in the future. In Belize people are more down to earth and care more about their quality of life, but everything is connected. In our modern world everything is changing. The world of work will definitely change; it is just if we manage the change for the benefit of the majority or for the benefit of the few.

Let’s change the referendum date
Dear Editor: We will celebrate Independence Day on September 21 because that was the date we achieved independence in 1981. Likewise we celebrate the 10 September as the date we won the Battle of Saint George’s Caye in 1798. Now our Government has set April 10 next year as the day we must decide the course of our country’s fate by referendum. Let us therefore consider the substance of this singularly important event in an attempt to adequately classify its nature and to decide if the date chosen is appropriate. We will begin by outlining the facts that have brought us to this critical historical juncture.

Flowers Bank 14 must have been – local white
History records the arrival of the Flowers Bank Fourteen, to break the tie in the vote in 1797, the vote that cemented the modern state called Belize, which lies in the heart of Central America and the Caribbean Basin. If you had no evidence to the contrary, if all you had to go on was present day Belize, you’d have to believe the Fourteen were local whites. It is as night follows day in a land where the only females were black (speaking of the earliest days in the settlement), that the white ancestor (slave master) took women from among the black ancestor (slaves) to co-habit with. These unions produced brown children, male and female, some slave and some free.

How the Guatemalan Claim has eroded the Nationalist values of George Price’s People’s Uuntied Party (PUP)!
As the Southern Caucus of the People’s United Party (PUP)rebelled within the ranks of Belize’s most prominent and accomplished political party against the insidious “Compromis” signed in 2008 by the Barrow administration to take the age-old, unfounded and illegal Guatemalan claim to the impartial International Court of Justice (ICJ) for adjudication, the memory of the PUP’s most beloved Party Leader, and Father of Belize’s Independence, George Cadle Price, and his 1989-1993 historic Belize government visit to the Los Angeles Belizean community comes to mind. Flanked by his Cabinet Ministers — Glenn Godfrey, Sylvia Flores, and Vildo Marin, as well as the BREDAA representatives — Nuri Akbar, Orland Bishop and Hubert Pipersburgh, who to his left and his right sat in composure, Mr. Price delivered one of the most historic speeches by any Belize government Prime Minister to the Belizean diaspora.

Economic principles are scientific, political principles sentimental …
Over the years there has been a lot of discussion in the business community and government about tax reform. Those two words are so powerful. They can create wealth and economic growth or can create a society of wealth for a few. The Government has the ultimate power of decreasing or raising taxes. Over time the most likely scenario is increased taxes. The Government of Belize generates most of its revenues by taxations. To list a few of the taxes: Import Duty, Revenue Replacement Duty, Environmental Tax, Social Security payments, Property Tax, Airport Exit Tax, Stamp Duty, Foreign Exchange Tax, GST, Business Tax, Income Tax, PAYEE taxation, late payment penalties, Hotel Room Tax, Fishing License, Forestry License, Driver’s License fees, building permits, garbage collection fees, Rider Tax local airlines, Trade License fees, Liquor License fees, car license fees … And the list goes on.
During the recent visit of Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen, the Belize Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, area representative for the Pickstock constituency, did not see it fit to invite the Mayor of Belize City, or members of the Belize City Council, to participate in ceremonies that were held in Belize City. It would have been nice if the Mayor had presented to the Taiwan president the symbolic key to historic Belize City when she and her entourage landed at the Philip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson International Airport. It would have been nice, the decent thing, for the Belize City Mayor, or the Deputy Mayor if the Mayor was not available, to have been invited to one of the functions held in the old capital. Instead, the Foreign Minister chose to disrespect the Belize City Mayor and his PUP council, and the people who recently elected them.

Unique Ramclam, 4, flown to Shriners Hospital for burn victims
At about 7:00 on Wednesday night of last week, Anya Nah, 24, braved a raging fire at her home in Camalote to rescue her 4-year-old daughter, Unique Ramclam, who was in bed sleeping, and also her young son. Unfortunately, Nah wasn’t able to pull Unique from the flames before the little girl had suffered 2nd degree burns to most of her body. Unique was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital, where she was given initial treatment, after which she was rushed to the intensive care unit of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

NADO in Belize suspended after missing 3 consecutive meetings
Belize’s National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) received tough news after missing its third consecutive regional meeting. The Regional Anti-Doping Organization (RADO), which is formed by representatives of Central America, has suspended Belize for its absences. Last week, RADO met in Cuba and Belize’s representative, Dr. Michael Pitts, failed to attend. This is the third time he has failed to attend, and NADO is facing the consequence, which they learnt from a letter addressed to Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Sports, and Hilly Martinez, president of the National Olympic Committee.

Mexican officials enforce Mexican road regulations and requirements: no insurance, no entry
Belizean buses and vehicles carrying goods into Mexico must now acquire Mexican insurance to travel to Chetumal, or to drive on Mexican highways and roads. The requisite insurance is about $1,000 USD per year, which can be bought at the Corozal northern border. Enforcement of the requirement began last week. Joel Chan, 32, a bus driver of Valencia’s Bus Service from Orange Walk, told us today that an agreement had been made between Belize, Mexico and Guatemala that granted permission to Belizeans to drive to bordering towns in Mexico (and Guatemala) without insurance. He said this arrangement had been in place for years; however, the law has been changed and the Mexicans are now requiring that buses and vehicles carrying goods must be insured to travel on their roads. He said that vehicles which have the Mexican insurance will not encounter any problems.

The Reporter

EDITORIAL -August 24th. 2018
If the people of Belize had the power in their hands to make the Guatemalan claim go away for all time, would they take it? Or would they say, as ...

“Crime acts like a tax on the entire economy: it discourages domestic and foreign direct investments, reduces the competitiveness of firms, and reallocates resources, creating uncertainty and inefficiency”—(Claudio Detotto and ...

By: Mike Rudon Jr. Just this week, I almost lost my life at the hands of a bunch of women in a bus about to leave Belmopan. There I was, ...

OW on High Alert after Gangland Execution
On Wednesday Junior Triminio, 34, was laid to rest in Orange Walk Town, his bright blue coffin escorted to the cemetery by family and friends wearing shirts with his picture ...

A girl, age nine, was struck by lightning while sheltering from rain today and died; while her older sister who stood three feet away survived with minor abrasions. The incident ...

A brazen jailbreak in which three prisoners managed to escape from the Independence Police Station last night during a massive thunderstorm remains under investigation by Police, and a manhunt for ...

The Court battles and public embarrassment between attorney Arthur Saldivar’s and the People’s United Party (PUP) over his candidacy in Belmopan is nowhere near the end, after Saldivar filed a ...

Taiwan Dumps Surplus Rice on Belize Local Rice Producers Cry Foul
Rice farmers, as well as members of the opposition People’s United Party (PUP), have raised concern about a recent donation to Belize from the Taiwanese government in the form of ...

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Arthur Saldivar loses legal claim against PUP
Attorney-at-law, Arthur Saldivar, has lost a claim against the People’s United Party (PUP) in the […]

Nominate someone for the Commonwealth Youth Development Award
Nominations for next year’s Commonwealth Youth Development Award are now open for exceptional young persons […]

Belize City police donate weed eater to youths
Today, the Eastern Division Region One police formation donated a weed eater to 10 youths […]

Atlantic Bank warns of phishing scam
Today, Atlantic Bank Limited issued a release to inform all its customers of an on-gong […]

Caye Caulker police detain 2 robbery suspects
Police are investigating a robbery that occurred yesterday in Caye Caulker village. Luis Choc, 50, […]

9 year old killed by lightning in Toledo
A nine-year-old student died yesterday after being struck by lightning in Southern Belize. According to reports, […]


Jesse James Style Adventure Caye Caulker
It was a hot sunny day and my Canadian travel buddy Eskimo Pie aka Cathy and I made it to the 10:00 am water taxi just in time. It was her last day in Belize so I wanted to plan a special getaway so I enlisted the help of my Caye Caulker correspondent B. Flood (Brad). He could not have done a more amazing job.I wanted to start off with a few pictures that show the peaceful and magical side of the island. As we did our golf cart tour, the three of us were lost in the moment and filled with a sense of peace and adventure. The rest of the world was a million miles away, which was my goal when I was planning the trip. Mission accomplished big time. It was definitely a spur of the moment Jesse James style thrill speeding down the new runway at the Caye Caulker Airport, So was driving down the barge dock with barely enough room to turn around.

Mechanical rides are here in Corozal
Hey, kids looks who is back in Corozal, the mechanical rides are back. It are located at the civic center in Corozal. It they started to set up the Mechanical earlier this week at the Corozal Civic Center. Usually, at this time in the month of August the Mechanical rides are set up. They come to Corozal of the year a week after san juaqin fiesta rides and one week before school opens the rides are set up a the civic center for kids to enjoy. They stayin corozal for about one to two weeks. Surprisingly, This rides gets filled with childrens on the first night. There are rides from all ages. Colorful different rides are set aside by its size. Some with musical entertainment, or crazy ferris wheel, and that spinning Hurricane ride, and some winning marble games, or the trampoline and much more. Foos will be available at the place.

How I Began to Become a Bird Nerd on Ambergris Caye
Yesterday was my very first day of birding class. OFFICIAL birding class. I’ve dabbled a bit. I camped out in the amazing Chiquibil Forest Reserve to guard fledgling scarlet macaws – twice. I’ve been birding at gorgeous Hidden Valley Inn to see some rare birds – ones that people visit Belize to see – the orange-breasted falcon, the King Vulture and swallow tailed kite. All in some of the most stunning landscape in Belize. And I’ve seen some great birds on Ambergris Caye – especially while driving back and forth to town and at the camp on Cayo Frances. Crazy ones like a great horned owl sitting on a wire – the beautiful roseate spoonbill and impressive wood stork – chacalacas and yucatan jays chit chattering the morning…and my favorite olive throated parakeets.

International Sourcesizz

Submersible Company Aquatica Submarines Announces Historic Expedition to the Bottom of Belize's Blue Hole Fall 2018
The deep azure mysteries of the sea will soon be uncovered as leading submarine and subsea technology company Aquatica Submarines announces a historic expedition to the bottom of Belize's Blue Hole this Fall 2018. The expedition brings together Ocean Unite co-founder and Virgin Group founder, entrepreneur and philanthropist Richard Branson, Aquanaut, documentary filmmaker and ocean conservationist Fabien Cousteau (grandson of the famed oceanic explorer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau), and submarine partner the Roatan Institute of Deep Sea Exploration (RIDE). Aquatica has also enlisted a team of scientists, explorers and filmmakers to share the beautiful mysteries that await at the bottom of Belize's Blue Hole. Multiple submersibles will descend to the bottom of the Blue Hole to collect scientific data, focusing on a complete sonar scan of the interior.


  • Jesse James Style Caye Caulker Adventure, 6min. Every time I rewatched the following #cayecaulkerdaytrip during editing, I got transported right back to fabulous adventure. From our Jesse James start on the new runway to driving on tropical roads less traveled and so much more - tons of great footage to choose from. You can guarantee there will be more #cayecaulkervideos coming. Love #islandlife :)

  • Healthy Living: Working Moms Who Successfully Breastfeed, 6min. If you’re expecting or a new mom, you may have noticed that breastfeeding – specifically exclusive breastfeeding – is being promoted all over. Celebrities, health officials, all the baby sites you subscribe to, even the public hospitals and a few clinics here in Belize are highlighting the benefits of breastfeeding. But six months of being the sole food provider for your little one may seem like an arduous task for any mom; especially for one who knows she’s going to have to head back to work. Rest assured that others have successfully done it…and in tonight’s Healthy Living we’ll find out how they did.

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  • Altun Ha Mayan Ruins Belize City - Temple of the Sun God Belize City, 6min. The Altun Ha & The Old Belize River Shore Excursion will bring you to these Mayan Ruins in Belize City. Don't forget to Climb the Temple of The Sun God with us at 2:38 in this video.

  • The Old Belize River - Belize River Wallace Boat Ride (Many Animals!) English/Italian Tour), 21min. Altun Ha & The Old Belize River (Rio Belice) Shore Excursion. Explore the Altun Ha Mayan Site and cruise the River Wallace in Belize City. An enjoyable boat ride takes you several miles inland by way of the scenic Olde Belize River. Along the way you will see Doflins, Iguanas, Pelicans and several varieties of other Birds, Crocodiles, Bads and troops of Howler Monkeys. At Burrell Boom Village, a quaint settlement located on the banks of the Olde Belize River, you will be served a tasty local lunch with refreshments.