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The San Pedro Sun

Vildo Westby reportedly under Belizean Police custody
Unconfirmed reports indicate that Vildo Westby, who was being sought for the brutal murder of beloved island activist, Felix Ayuso, is in the custody of Belizean authorities. Westby had been serving prison time in Veracruz, Mexico since December 2017, after fleeing Belize. Belize police had issued a warrant for his detention and advised Interpol, a couple weeks after Ayuso's murder on February 4, 2017. It was suspected that Westby was in Mexico. The Ayuso family offered thousands of dollars in reward for information that would lead to Westby's arrest. Months later, a resident of Las Choapas, Veracruz recognized Westby which led to his detention by Mexican authorities on December 7, 2017.

Wolfe's Woofer: Emergency
"There's one right by that big mangrove," Vernon said. "Stop the cart." When I stopped my golf cart Vernon got off to retrieve the coconut. "Is this what Ms. Sherry wants?" Vernon asked, as he put the coconut in the bed of the cart. "Yes. She wants eight of the ones from the Malaysian dwarf trees that already have some leaves and roots." "O.K."

Letter to the Editor: NO Saga Humane Society?
As one of the directors of the Saga Humane Society, I feel I must address some opinions I find EVER disturbing on this Island. Please share this information with everyone you know who has a pet. First and foremost is this one: We have a dog problem. We do not have a dog problem; WE HAVE A PEOPLE PROBLEM!!! Let me explain. Dogs (and cats) are domestic animals; domestic is defined in the dictionary as tame and kept by humans. If there were no humans, dogs and cats would be considered feral, or wild animals. Dogs and cats are not capable of thinking about whether they should eat or have sex. They do these actions not by choice (as humans do) but as a means of survival. PEOPLE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DOMESTIC ANIMALS that must be fed, watered, given shelter (housing) from weather elements and prevented from making babies by sterilization (spay or neuter surgery).

Doctor Love: Sexist Friend
Dear Doctor Love, I am trying to understand my why my boyfriend hangs out with a guy who makes really rude comments about girls. This guy thinks nothing about making pelvic gestures or saying things about her body and he does it loudly so everyone around can hear. He even makes remarks about me to my boyfriend. My boyfriend is caring and considerate and is embarrassed by sexist jokes and comments about women. He wants to avoid his friend, but in the end, he gives in and goes out drinking with him. He usually ends up apologizing for his friend and sometimes has to intervene to stop his friend from getting a pounding from some girls' boyfriend, but he won't stand up to him and tell him he should stop.

The Reporter

A Nation is very different - it is not tangible. A Nation has a soul, a spiritual principle with moral consciousness which its members believe must be maintained, at all cost. A Nation is a group of people who belong to a specific territory over which they strive for sovereignty. They share national symbols like a flag, language, customs, national holidays, national anthem, history and myths of great leaders. In every political manifesto we hear of great promises of development and Nation Building. We elect expensive, highly paid masters to 'work for us' and then blame them when they work for themselves and their class�The irony!

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Woman dies after being trampled by horse
A vehicle belonging to Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood was shot multiple times in Belize City this afternoon. Yearwood was driving near the Yarborough bridge with his children and another off-duty officer when they were attacked. [�]

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood comes under gunfire by police officer
A vehicle belonging to Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood was shot multiple times in Belize City this afternoon. Yearwood was driving near the Yarborough bridge with his children and another off-duty officer when they were attacked. [�]

15 people killed in August: 3 more murdered on September 1st
The month of August recorded a total of15 murders, 2 of whom were expatriots. The first victim was killed on August 3. He has been identified as Carlos Valdez, 50. Valdez was stabbed dead in his bedroom at his home in San Pedro Town. [�]

Man dead in traffic accident
Police are investigating a fatal traffic accident that occurred yesterday morning. Around 8:00 a.m., police went to an area between mile 21 and 22 on the Stann Creek Valley road. [�]

Elderly man is victim of home invasion
Police are investigating a home invasion that occurred yesterday morning. James Bradley, 61, of mile 12 on the George Price highway reported to police that sometime between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. He was at home sleeping and was awakened by someone entering his room. [�]

Post-mortem results of Sherris Stringham revealed
A post-mortem examination was conducted yesterday on the body of American national, Sherris Stringham. The cause of death was certified to be due to "Tramatic Asphixia" as a result of multiple ribs and sterna body puncture to the chest. The cause [�]

18-year-old man shot in Belize City
Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred last night in Belize City. Around 7:35 last night, 18-year-old Micheal Gladden was standing behind his yard when he heard a gunshot and realized that he was shot to his left thigh. [�]

Leroy Meighen killed in Belize City
Belize city police are investigating the murder of 22-year-old Leroy Meighen. Last night around 8:35, Meighen was walking on Pelican street in Belize city when a lone gunman exited a yard and fired several shots at him. [�]

Security guard gunned down in Belize city
Police are investigating the murder of a Belize city security guard. Around 8:50 last night, police went to the Port Loyola Community pre-school and saw the body of Orson Stephens, 48, security guard lying on the school verandah. [�]

Security guard found dead in hotel room in Belize City
The body of a man was found inside the room of a guest house yesterday in Belize city. The victim was identified as Allin Anthony Purtillo, 40, security guard from Independence, Stann Creek. [�]


Corozal Town Council Held their September Month Inauguration
Belizean's are now feeling the Celebration vibes around Belize. A month of September Celebration is held once a year in the month of September across Belize. Each district has their own way of celebrating their own unique of Celebrating Belize's Independence. While Belizean Independence Day is on September 21, the Battle of St. George's Caye Day is on September 10 and typically marks the beginning of celebrations. On that day, radio stations begin to play patriotic music and people wear the country's colors. Even the cars around Belize put flags on their front part of the cars. House is being decorated around Belize to win prizes. In Corozal, things are gearing up for 2018 September Celebration. Corozal September will be one of one of the hypest month of Celebration.

Sept 1st. End of Summer? Not in Belize!
As those in the US of A have their last hurrah�last big weekend at the beach, last wearing for those white linen shorts (NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY!), last summer BBQ or clam boil�here in Belize, this time of year feels like the heart of summer. Autumn officially begins on September 21st - Belize's Independence Day - but in my book, September and October can be some of the hottest, stickiest months of the year. The heat is ON�and the weather is at her most stormiest. The sea is WARM�the air is humid and there are tropic waves in the Carribbean. I'll say it again - THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOUR VACATION IS GOING TO BE RAINED OUT! It means you should pack a few extra things. Perhaps have some ideas for some rainy afternoon activities. And be THANKFUL that a late afternoon rain burst is #1 BEAUTIFUL and #2 going to save you from the SERIOUS sunburn that this Caribbean sun can give even the most careful.

Corozal September Celebration Calendar 2018
Military Tattoo at Ricalde Stadium, Corozal Town. Free. Friday, September 7th, 6:30pm Matinee at Central Park, Corozal Town. Free. Saturday, September 8th, 6pm Miss Carnival at Andres Campos Civic Center, Corozal Town. Paid. Sunday, September 9th, 7pm Fire Engine Parade on the principal street of Corozal Town. Free...

Belize da fu wi - now and forever! Caye Caulker
Opening of September Celebrations Month- Uniform parade and culture show.

International Sourcesizz

Ellie Mannette, Father of the Modern Steel Drum, Dies at 90
Ellie Mannette, a Trinidadian musician known in the United States as the father of the modern steel drum, died on Wednesday at a hospital in Morgantown, W.Va. He was 90. The cause was kidney failure, his daughter Juliette Mannette said. As a child in Port of Spain, Trinidad's capital, Mr. Mannette became fascinated with the bands he saw using trash cans and buckets as drums, hitting them in different ways to create different sounds. For the rest of his life, he sought to elevate and expand the craft of steel-pan music, and to share it with the world. He became a master tuner, builder and teacher. His shop, Mannette Instruments in Morgantown, is a major supplier of the instruments in the United States, and he trained students in tuning at West Virginia University for nearly 20 years. Numerous American universities now have steel-pan ensembles of their own, some led by Mr. Mannette's former apprentices. Mr. Mannette was among the first to fashion a steel drum that had all the notes of the chromatic scale, so it could play any melody in any key.

Neighbors remember Blue Springs native killed in Belize
People in Lake Tapawingo are heartbroken after learning one of their former neighbors was killed in Central America. Authorities in Belize found the body of Sherris Stringham on Saturday; the Blue Springs native had been missing from the coastal town of Hopkins for a week. "It wasn't the answer we wanted, but when she was found it brought a little bit of relief," said Elizabeth Welch, who lived across the street from Stringham in Lake Tapawingo for 25 years. Stringham retired to Belize, about a year ago, after decades of working as a bus driver and grocery store cashier in the metro. "She posted something every week, climbing waterfalls, picking bananas or at a BBQ and learning how to make Belizean potato salad," Welch said. "She was having a blast."

Antigua and Grenada moving to join the CCJ
Two CARICOM countries - Antigua and Grenada - are to hold referendums on Nov. 6, 2018 to decide if they should join the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). This is Antigua's first referendum, while it would be Grenada's second, which was rejected in 2016, where other items were also included on the ballot. In the Nov. 6 referendums both countries are likely to include only one item -- to decide the final court of appeal for their respective countries. The current final appeal court for the two countries and most English-speaking Caribbean is the Judicial Committee of the London-based Privy Council.

Belizean prime minister comes to CCJ's defence
Belizean prime minister Dean Barrow today came to the defence of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), while taking a shot at naysayers who attempt to cry down the court. Addressing the swearing in ceremony of new CCJ president Adrian Saunders of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Barrow also questioned the reluctance of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member countries to make the regional institution their final court of appeal. It was a direct challenge to his host, Jamaican prime minister Andrew Holness, whose country has refused to adopt the CCJ as its final appellate court, but also to the remaining leaders gathered in Montego Bay, Jamaica for their 39th summit, and who have yet to join the court in its appellate jurisdiction.

Eco Tourism Pioneer Lucy Fleming on Belize & Life as a Spiritual Practice
Meg: Before you settled in Belize, you traveled extensively. Tell me about the first time you traveled alone. Lucy: My first really alone travel was the summer before college, going across the country with the JJ Rider Circus. Once on board, I soon realized that this traveling circus was its own traveling world and as a mere lackey it was going to be hard rote being accepted by this fascinating and eclectic group of new colleagues. This was 1967 and the circuses and carnivals of the day still endorsed freak shows which meant that we had our fat and bearded ladies, midget families, extra tall, tattooed and pierced men, and a wide assortment of the human oddities of the day. Fire-eater and sword swallower thrill acts joined the more accomplished acrobatic, horse prancing and knife throwing shows. I'll never forget the excitement of everyone pitching in to put up the tents in a new venue; the constant training for the various acts and the wild energy that ran through this tight knit circus family that held generations of nomadic history.


  • Crocodile Rescue and Release in Ambergris Caye with ACES, 25min. In this episode we have the opportunity to participate with the ACES team (American Crocodile Education Sanctuary) to the rescue of a crocodile in San Pedro - Ambergris Caye - Belize. Special thanks to CHRIS SUMMERS and CHRISTINA MANZI.

  • Official presentation of San Pedro's first MMA tournament set for October 20, 2018!, 22min.

  • Wagiya FC vs Police United FC,, 2.5hr.

  • Miss San Pedro Pageant 2018 Highlights, 3.5min.

  • House Hunters International : Following the Signs to Ambergris Caye, Belize - September 01, 2018, 22min.

  • Belize Audubon Society Profile, 5min. The Belize Audubon Society was formed in 1969 with a mandate of "creating a balance between people and the environment.

  • Belize Snorkeling, 2min. GoPro videos to summarize our 2 snorkel excursions in Belize - one to the Hol Chan Preserve and the other off the coast of Hopkins

  • 2018 Belize 15Days | BelizeCity LongCaye SanPedro CayeCaulker, 7min.

  • Cave in Belize, 3min.


  • Nojoch Mak Felipe Tzul a Yucatec Maya elder from Patchakan,Corozal getting a recognition for Maya Heroes Day, 4min. Don Felipe Tzul lives the Maya way of life and have share his wisdom with the new generation . He knows alot of our Maya spirituality and History . Note: Events organize by Northern Maya Association of Belize . Awards given by Nojoch Mak Arturo Cantun and Cindy Riverol .

  • Maya Heroes Day at Orange Walk town, 1.5min. Our Maya ancestors most be proud of what is happening . The starting Ceremony music by prehispanic band from Tihosuco,Quintana Roo Mexico . Ritual by our Belizean Maya brothers . Event organize by the Northern Maya Association of Belize and To'one Masehualo'on .