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Today's Belize News: September 5, 2018 #532158
09/05/18 06:11 AM
09/05/18 06:11 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

It’s official: First MMA event to be held in San Pedro!
On Sunday, September 2nd, Caribbean Villas beach south of San Pedro Town was the setting for the official presentation of the upcoming Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event to be held on the island on October 20, 2018. Present during the event was Martin Dawson, representing Dawson’s Pit Fighters training school, Sergio Rosado of Primmates Chetumal training school and Chetumal Xtreme Cage (CXC) League, Councilor Hector ‘Tito’ Alamilla from The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and Caribbean Villas’ Felipe Sansores, along with Belizean and Mexican MMA fighters. The MMA tournament will be the first of its kind on the island, with nine confirmed fights to take place at the Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex.

Ambergris Today

Iris Salguero To Represent Belize At Miss America Latina Del Mundo
San Pedro’s very own Iris Salguero will be representing Belize at the Miss America Latina Del Mundo 2018 will take place at Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on September 29, 2018. “So I was expecting to wait longer to put the news out there, being that I thought this year I would step aside from pageantry. I had even declined offers from the Miss Universe Belize and Miss Costa Maya organizations. But like they say if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans. He has thrown so many opportunities my way this year, I thought I’d finally take the hint and go for it!” Stated Miss Salguero on her Facebook Page. Iris’s reign as Miss Earth Belize 2017/2018 officially ended September 1, 2018. Miss Iris Salguero has held four consecutive pageant titles Miss San Pedro (2015), Miss World (2016), Miss Earth (2017) and now Miss America Latina del Mundo (2018).

Misc Belizean Sources


Mixed Martial Arts Fights Coming to San Pedro
Mark your Calendar; Purchase your Tickets

Update on the 2018 Re-registration of Electors Exercise
The Elections and Boundaries Department is pleased to present an update to the public on the ongoing 2018 Re-registration of Electors Exercise. An update is hereby provided as follows for the period 26th to 31st August 2018. During the period a total of Eleven Thousand, Nine Hundred Seven (11,907) applications were accepted; therefore the total number of applications received as of 31st August 2018 is One Hundred Twenty-One Thousand, Four Hundred Ninety-Six (121,496).

Houses burglarized and woman assaulted in Finca Solana
As one witness said, our peace and quiet in this once sleepy little town, was rudely interrupted on Monday September 3rd, as our community came back to life after a long summer holiday. Unofficial reports are that on Monday September 3rd burglars chose to clean out many homes in the Finca Solana area of Corozal Town. Four (4) homes were broken into or attempts were made. In another incident which occurred in Finca Solana as well, a woman reports that she was robbed while walking in the Finca Solana area but not before the bad hombre assaulted her and choked her before taking off with her cellphone.

Belize's Wonder Women! Kaya C. Cattouse
We are proud to announce that for the month of September, Kaya C. Cattouse is our Belize Wonder Woman! While growing up, Kaya always excelled in sporting activities. And now, she has blossomed into a multi-sport athlete with a profound interest in cycling. She got her very first road bike at the age of 12, and at age 13, she raced in Mexico with the male junior cyclists. Her first elite female race with the Belize Cycling Association was at the age of 16. She has participated in local, regional, and international races.

Black Persimmon Highlighted on Tree Tuesday!
On this #TreeTuesday, we are placing the spotlight on the Black Persimmon tree (Diospyros digyna)! Though commonly called black sapote, this tree is not closely related to the mamey sapote or the white sapote. It belongs in the Ebenaceae, or ebony, family like the persimmon. The nearly round fruit, which grows to 5 inches wide, turns dark brown and very soft as it ripens. The pulp becomes almost black and is sweet and custard-like. The tree’s thick, glossy foliage and interesting fruit has led to it being cultivated in South Florida, Hawaii, and the Philippines, outside of its native range in Central America. South Floridians often blend the pulp with milk and cinnamon and freeze it to make ice cream. In the Philippines, the fruit is served with a splash of orange juice. Throughout Mexico, the pulp is mashed and mixed with brandy or wine to make a pudding-like dessert. The fruit season for D. digyna is just beginning. What’s your favorite recipe for this fruit?

Partial Scholarships Available for an Online Masters in Project Management
Generous benefits offered to pursue an online master’s degree program with international accreditation in Project Management

OAS Professional Development Scholarship Program
The OAS and the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean - UCC are offering 34 scholarships of 100% and 50% tuition discount.

We have Turtles hatching at Ranguana Caye!!
Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to experience live turtle hatchings this month! Soonest expected dates include September 12th & 13th! Hatching can occur at night and during the day, book your day trip or overnight stay for future dates!! Locals prices available!

Fiesta FM 106.7 14th Anniversary
This Sunday, September 9th, Come to Orchid Bay Resort for the biggest Beach Party anywhere! Fiesta FM's 14th Anniversary Party at Orchid Bay Resort! All Day Long on the Beach at Orchid Bay! Gilharry 7 and Continenal Cat to perform all day! Tons of Prizes and Surprises! Don't miss this party!

2018 Maya Heroes Day
The Banquitas House of Culture and the Northern Maya Association of Belize extended its sincere thanks to everyone that made the annual Maya Heroes Day a success. We are grateful for the support received by the business community. Thanks to the Elenco Maya from Quintana Roo and the Poktapok Group for an excellent performance. We thank all the members that worked very hard and contributed to this historical event.

A Trip to Melville Rave
It's been a month since the incredible A Trip to Melville Rave in Bullet Tree. Over 12 hours of nonstop EDM on the mighty Mopan. The pre-party was at the Soul Project, and they had a Sunday all day party again at the Pool House. Amazing DJ's, and no microphones. The next one is being planned. "The 2nd event done by the Mind & Me record label was full of music, lights, dancing, splashing, and wild memories. Fun times were had and great new friends were made while Night Quest and Matt Hoy mixed the night away with some new and classic EDM mixes. The crew from Chachi's Pizza came all the way from Placencia to create some live electronica. Happy birthday to Melanie KC! Your party won't soon be forgotten." Pictures on fb.

Belize Disputes Guatemala's Claim Lecture
It's Independence Month, and what better time to hear some well informed people speak about the claim. It'll be at the University of Belize, on Thursday, September 13th. It'll also be streamed via the National Channel. "We are getting ready to hear David Gomez, David Gibson and Carlos Clarke speak on the history and future of Guatemala's claim over Belize. This is the BHA Annual September Lecture Supported by Institute for Social & Cultural Research, National Institute of Culture and History, and University of Belize Facebook streaming will be happening in HD thanks to the coverage of The National Channel!!"

Channel 7

Young Man Crushed Inside A Cement Mixer
Last night a 21 year old Guinea Grass villager met a terrible death inside a cement block making machine. It happened at AP Enterprise Cement block factory at mile four and a half on the George Price Highway. At around 9:30 last night, Jeffery Hernandez was cleaning the machine, and had inserted himself inside of it - when someone - who didn't know he was there- turned it on. Seconds later, a co-worker heard Hernandez screaming for help and ran to the machine to find him trapped between the blade and the side of the mixer. The Fire Department and BERT had to be called to extricate him. The mixer had crushed and cut his midsection - and he died on his way to the hospital.

Man Dies, Police Say Hunting Incident, Family Has Questions
42 year old Georgeville security guard Daniel Alford is dead. His body was found near his home on the Mountain Pine Ridge road after 5:00 yesterday evening. One report is that someone shot him while the police say that he tripped and accidentally shot himself on a hunting trip. It is a strange case because when we spoke with Alford's relatives today, they couldn't say for sure what happened. They were just heartbroken by their loss. Shane Jeal, Brother: "Yesterday I saw him about around after 4:30. First thing I saw was his red bike, his new bike because he just bought a new bike then when I glance back again because I glance forward because some kids were sitting on the side of the road across from where he has his animal tie so I glance on them and I saw him and two of us raised our hands and waved at each other..."

Former Employee Says National Bank Records All Messed Up
Our next story is a cautionary tale from a former National Bank employee. Katrina Young - who has a master's degree in banking and finance - worked at the National Bank of Belize for two and a half years, from its inception in 2013, up until she migrated to Jamaica in 2016. And while she started as a true believer, - tonight, she has a sobering account of how - she claims - the bank got it all wrong in its record keeping - and wrongly put her - as a regular customer - in debt to the tune of thousands of dollars - while she was paying her loan to time. For some background, Young has two loans at the bank: a student loan and a vehicle loan - and she says the bank got everything mixed up. That would have been bad enough on its own - but the confusion has ended up adding thousands of dollars to the balance outstanding on her loans, and in interest costs and late fees.

Re-Reg Wraps Up With Very Average Turnout
The full Re-registration exercise finished on Friday and a total of 121,496 voters registered during the 8 week exercise. That's the total after 11,907 persons registered in the final week. Overall, it's a somewhat disappointing figure since the Elections and Boundaries office were hoping that the number of applicants would be close to two hundred thousand voters. But, while the re-registration centers are closed, the re-registration process continues. You can go to any of the Elections and Boundaries Registration Offices countrywide Mondays to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The last date to re-register is 30th September 2018.

Shyne Rejects Narrative That PM Scolded Him On Faber
For weeks we've been reporting on the major beff between Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow and NIC President Sapnah Budhrani. And while those are the foreground figures, in the background is the Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber - who appointed Budhrani - without Cabinet approval - and Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who is Shyne's father. On Friday after the house meeting - the PM seemed to have a little rap on the knuckles for both Shyne and Faber. He said Faber was wrong to have appointed a NICH President without first coming to Cabinet, while he added no one should publicly attack the Deputy PM - which we clearly took as a note to Shyne.

NICH President Sends Auditor To Shyne
And while Shyne seems to be doubling down on his war with Sapnah Budhrani and her defenders, it seems she's also doubling down on her issues with his office. We are told that on August 21st, she assigned the same NICH internal auditor Roberto Matus to commence an audit of the Music Ambassador's office - but under some very special rules. We asked Shyne about it:.. Shyne Barrow: "I find the audit to be a strategic move on the part of Budhrani to distract and divert attention from the issues that she is having with her own internal auditor, but all of my receipts are there. However, I was told by the internal auditor that he was instructed not to speak to me, so I don't see how you can conduct an audit of my office without speaking to me. I find that strange, but let's see if that will continue because she is now on leave."

Nazarene’s Hair Affair
In the news anchor business, we always say, the higher the hair, the closer to God, but in the domain of Christian education, it seems, high hair can suggest a rebellion against the order of everything virtuous. And that's why about 25 or more male students at Nazarene High in Belize City were locked out of their own school today. Our bald news director was driving by and got into the thick of a dispute over how much hair is fair for school:...

Rotaract’s Back to School Haircut Project
And while they have to go back to the barber - which one parent says will cost him 15 dollars - they could have gotten trimmed for free on Sunday at the Real Barber shop on Euphrates Avenue. The Free Back to School Haircut Project was an initiative organized by the Rotaract Club of Belize City. 7News was there and found out more:…

They Stole From The Blind
Thieves stole from the blind when they cleaned out The Belize Council for the Visually Impaired Belmopan office. It happened sometime over the weekend. The staff reported to work on Monday only to find an empty office. The robbers took specialized eye care equipment, printers, laptops, even the Ministry of Health's information system - BHIS which can only be accessed by authorized persons. If you have any information that can lead to the recovery of these pieces of equipment please call the police or the BCVI office at 610-5438. In a release sent out yesterday it states " These items will be of no use to anyone else but they will impact the lives of so many in the Cayo district who look to BCVI for eye health services."

Accomplished Belizean-American Journalist Visits
Lennox Samuels: the name might not ring a bell here in Belize but in American media it does. Samuels is a Belizean born Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. He is in Belize and today he was the main presenter at the 5th annual Silvanna Udz Leckcha series at the University of Belize. The theme of his presentation was "Enemies of the people and Fake News: How the assault on the media by Demagogues like Trump threatens democracy and makes the world more dangerous." Lennox Samuels is a reporter, writer, editor and media consultant based in Bangkok, Thailand. His 40-year career includes stints as an education writer, investigative reporter, fashion editor, city editor, news executive, and foreign correspondent.

Shyne Opens Music School At Stella Maris
Stella Maris will have a music school thanks to music ambassador Shyne Barrow. Shyne made the donation today - and told us how the effort came together. Those who want to assist the initiative can call the principal at 224-4564 Or 600-7279.

Trauma: The Struggle Is Real
If you watched the news last night - you'll know how much violence there was in the city over the weekend. But after the headlines fade, the scars remain especially for child who live in violent neighborhoods, or families targeted by crime. The One Struggle group - which is made up of mothers who have lost their sons to violence - spent yesterday reaching out to those mothers - who now have the misfortune of joining their sisterhood. And while the mothers need consoling Phillip Willoughby who founded the group says as they go to different houses they see pain and trauma in the young male children:...

Crisilda Alleges Police Brutality
And the police created more trauma over the weekend for a southside family. Crisilda Pratt says that B-Sag beat her boyfriend for no reason. He was at home on Banak Street on Sunday night playing video games when the police came barging in. She told us they took him out of the house and beat him without mercy:...

Peace In the Park
And while that causes more community damage, there's also news of Community healing a few blocks away. Restore Belize held a Peace in the Parks fun day on Sunday at the Charlie Burton Park on Gibnut Street. It was a pre-back to school celebration to get the kids 'hyped up' to learn. Here is more from the event.

Prelim. Reports Say PM’s Surgery Successful
Prime Minister DEAN BARROW underwent what he called a "serious" surgical procedure on his back this morning in Havana, Cuba. We are told the surgery was successful and that he is recovering. We asked his son Shyne for an update this morning:.. Shyne Barrow: "We will allow him to recover. We just need to pray that he has a rapid recovery with the surgery and we thank everyone throughout the country who has been offering prayers and well wishes. God bless you." The Prime Minister is scheduled to return to Belize on September 21st.

King and Queen, Wheel and Come Again
Last night you saw all the highlights and comments from winners at Carnival King and Queen. Well turns out the winners may have a short lived victory because it seems someone made a mistake with the scores and may have crowned the wrong King and Queen. In a NICH release sent today states, quote, "many Carnival Groups, revelers, and onlookers were confused with the results which were announced. The scores from the various sections of the competition are being audited at the firm of Cedric D. Flowers Certified Public Accountant. The findings of the audit may have implications for the results announced at Saturday's Carnival King and Queen in both the Senior and Junior Categories." So we will keep following this story to find out who are the real champs of the competition.

Re: Today's Belize News: September 5, 2018 [Re: Marty] #532159
09/05/18 06:11 AM
09/05/18 06:11 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 61,709
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

A Parallel Audit: One for Shyne and One for NICH
A game at which two can play seems to be the direction that the tiff between Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow and besieged NICH President Sapna Budhrani is headed.  Budhrani’s suspension [...]

Shyne Says His Beef with Sapna is Not Personal
According to Shyne Barrow, the spat between himself and Sapna Budhrani is not a personal vendetta being carried out against her.  Likewise, he told the media this morning that the [...]

Audit done on procurement of Equipment purchased by the Ministry of Health
Audits are taking place both at NICH and now at the office of the Music Ambassador.  The results are expected to be released on completion. But News Five has obtained [...]

Guinea Grass Villager Crushed and Killed by Cement Mixer
Twenty one year old Guinea Grass villager, Jeffrey Hernandez, died a horrible and painful death on Monday night. Hernandez, a well-known football player in his home village, was working at [...]

Police Say Man Succumbs After He Accidentally Shoots Himself
A death investigation is ongoing in the western village of Georgeville, Cayo District. On Monday evening, police responded to a shooting at mile one on the Mountain Pine Ridge Road [...]

Red Cross Belmopan Office Burglarized
On Monday, we reported on the burglary of the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired office in Belmopan. Thousands of dollars worth of equipment as well as computers and office [...]

National Bank Customer says 6 months of payments have disappeared
Former Employee of the National Bank of Belize is exposing irregularities at the financial institution that have left her in bad debt.  Katrina Young resigned from the National Bank of [...]

National Bank Manager says Customer’s monies and records are safe
According to Young, if she did not keep her own records she would have had to pay a loan of fourteen percent. Young was given a bill of fifteen thousand [...]

Nazarene High School Students Turned Back for Inappropriate Haircut
Police officers were called on a group of Nazarene High School students this morning after they refused to leave from in front of the school’s compound in Belize City. The [...]

Parents Strike Against Incompetent Teacher in Mabilha
In the remote village of Mabilha in the Toledo District, parents decided to keep their children at home for a second day in protest.  They were up in arms that [...]

A Replacement Teacher has been Identified for the Primary School
Late this evening, the principal of Mabilha Government School confirmed that the management had identified a replacement for Angel Cal and has agreed to resolve the issue.  Chairman Mateo Salam [...]

Norman Castillo alleges self-defense in fight with Alfonso Noble
A video of a fight between two men went viral on Facebook over the weekend. One of the men in the fight is The Guardian’s Editor and host of ‘Fus [...]

121,496 Voters Took Part in Mass Re-registration Exercise
The mass re-registration exercise is over and the final tally for the number of applications received by the Elections and Boundaries Department is one hundred twenty-one thousand, four hundred and [...]

Billy White Villagers are Concerned About the Disposal of Dead Cattle Near a Water Pump
There are health concerns in the remote village of Billy White. It is small village of about two hundred families in the Cayo District. The village is not often mentioned [...]

Placencia Villagers Unite to Fight Off Sargassum Attack
Placencia Villagers are coming together to fight off the Sargasso attack. Like on the beaches of San Pedro, Placencia has been invaded by Sargassum. Besides the foul odor and unpleasant [...]

Annual Flag Raising Ceremony to Kick Off September Celebrations
The annual flag raising ceremony was held at the roundabout near Pallotti High School on Saturday morning to officially kick off the September Celebrations.  The brief ritual at the Flag [...]

Dr. Itza’s Claims of Mismanagement at S.I.C.B being looked at
Chairman of the Sugar Control Production Committee, Doctor Carlos Itza, no longer holds the post of Sugar Cane Specialist and Sugar Cane Technical Assistant with the Sugar Industry Control Board. [...]

Leelah Vernon Music School to Open at Stella Maris
The Stella Martin School located on Princess Margaret Drive is preparing to add music to its programme for children with learning disabilities.  It’s a welcomed addition for which the school [...]

Rotaract Club Gives to Port Loyola Preschool!
This week Rotaract Club of Belize City donated over four thousand dollars worth of school supplies to one hundred and thirty preschool students for the new school year. The donation [...]

Controversy Over Results of Carnival King & Queen Competition
There is controversy brewing over the results of this year’s carnival King and Queen Competition. The event was held on Saturday night at the Marion Jones Stadium. But when the [...]

The Carr Sisters Need Your Help
Track and field athletes Ashantie and Ashontie Carr have been accepted into the University of Technology in Jamaica to pursue higher studies for three years.  There, they will earn their [...]


Anglican Diocese speaks on the tragic murders occurring over the weekend
This past weekend there were at least six murders and a couple shootings in Belize City. Canon Leroy Flowers from the Anglican Diocese said what we are seeing today has been festering for some time. Canon Leroy Flowers, Anglican Diocese: “What is happening in Belize is for quite a while now we have lost a …

Audit to be made on the King and Queen Competition
Changes might be made to the results of last Saturday’s Carnival King and Queen Competition. At the end of the competition (VO STARTS) Soca Massive took first place in the Junior Queen competition while Trench Town was named the winner in the Junior King competition. In the senior category Belizean Jewels took first place in …

President of Carnival Association speaks on why route has changed
On Saturday it is expected that the streets of Belize City will be filled with color and music as the Carnival Road March takes place. Sandra Mahler, the President of the Belize Carnival Association, explains why the route was changed. Sandra Mahler, the President of the Belize Carnival Association: This Saturday September 8th Carnival starts …

Client Says National Bank Lost her Loan Payments
A client and former employee is claiming her loan payments have disappeared for a six months period a few years ago, and the bank has no evidence of the money being received. Katrina Young showed the media evidence of wire transfers of payments and she also said that while she was an employee of the …

Library workshop focuses on changes and technology within library system
Twenty three individuals were a part of a training focusing on changes within the library system and how technology can be used. Pauline Soberanis Tillett joined the library service for this report. Pauline Tillet: “The one week workshop was conducted by Dr. Patricia Ball and Dr. Ed Lomac professors from Valdez State University. Love News …

Security Guard dies after being shot yesterday
42-year-old security guard Daniel Ezequiel Alford died from gunshot wounds he sustained yesterday. The official police reports says Alford had gone hunting on the Mountain Pine Ridge Road and was climbing a hilly area when he accidentally fell and the shotgun went off hitting him. His family is disputing the official version. Correspondent Fem Cruz …

Auditing the Music Ambassador
But instead of banks being audited lately institutions are being audited. NICH is currently undergoing an external audit to complement the controversial one completed by the theology student turned internal auditor for the institution. Another audit has been summoned following Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow’s controversial comments about the President of the National Institute of Culture …

Austin Lopez charged for Caye Caulker fight
The police department has also made another break in a case. Officers have arrested and charged Austin Lopez (VO STARTS) for attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, dangerous harm and grievous harm. Last Tuesday night Lopez was involved in a fight on Caye Caulker which left 47-year-old Amado Watson in an unconscious state …

The Elections and Boundaries Department received one hundred twenty one thousand, four hundred and ninety six applications from July second to to August thirty first. During the final week of countrywide registration, eleven thousand, nine hundred and seven applications were received at the centers. Electors are reminded that the centers are now closed and all …

PM on the (Havana) Road to Recovery
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left Belize on September first to undergo spinal surgery in Havana, Cuba. This morning we spoke to his son Jamal Shyne Barrow who gave us an update on his recovery. Reporter: On a lighter note any update on your father? Shyne Barrow, Music Ambassador: “Well we will allow him to recover, …

Carr sisters ask for financial assistance to attend UTEC in Jamaica
A name that has history in athletics in Belize is the Carr family. The discipline has been taken up by the next generation of track athletes, Ashanti and Ashontie Carr, who have represented Belize well at home and across the region. The Carr twins are now setting their aim higher, in an effort to further their education while at the same time honing their skills on the track …

Students of Mabilha Government School remain out of classes
The doors to most primary schools re-opened yesterday. However, students of Mabilha Government School remain out of classes. The parents have been trying to get one of the teachers removed and when that did not happen, they kept their children at home. Walter Garbutt, the Local manager of Government Primary Schools in the Southern Region told Love News about the strike action …

Music Instruments for Stella Maris in Leela Vernon’s Memory
Earlier today, Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow gifted musical instruments to the Stella Maris School in Belize City. This morning at the handing over ceremony, Barrow told the media he will seek funding to hire teachers for the school which will be named after a well-known Belizean musician. …

Cops Called to cut into Hairy Situation at Nazarene High
There was a commotion this morning outside of Nazarene High School in Belize City. Officers were on the scene along with a mobile police unit. At the start of week in Belize City that had so much violence, Love News went to Nazarene and discovered that a truly hairy situation was unfolding at the High School. …

Mafredi villagers construct water supply tower
Villagers of Mafredi in the Toledo District have worked together to construct a concrete water supply tower for a water supply system. Paul Mahung found out why the tower was desperately needed. Paul Mahung, Love FM: Phase one of the water supply systems is completed as explained by Mafredi Village Chairman Carmelo Perez who spoke to Love News at the project site. …

President of Carnival Association speaks on Mas Camp
Every year before carnival, a series of activities are held by the organizers, which precede the main event. Tonight the Mas Camp starts as judging come into effect. President of the Belize Carnival Association, Sandra Mahler, shares the details. President of the Belize Carnival Association, Sandra Mahler: Tonight starts our Mas Camp night. We have four bands: Three Juniors and one Senior that will be judged tonight. The scores are worth 20 points; they are judged on creativity and the artistic quality of their costumes and those scores that they receive at their Mas camp will be taken over to the scores with the road march and then from there they will decide who the winner will be …

Philip Willoughby speaks on murders occurring over the weekend
The violence is not an issue just for the church leaders, but it is also a social ill that has to be tackled by different organizations. The One Struggle group, which is led by former City Councilor Philip Willoughby and a few grieving mothers, have been visiting some of the affected families. Willoughby explained why these initiatives are needed to bring healing to the society. …


UDP votes “no” to CCJ’s $95 million order
The history-making House of Representatives meeting in which area reps were to vote on whether the government, as ordered by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), should pay Lord Michael Ashcroft’s Belize Bank for a loan to UHS (Universal Health Services), ended in an anticlimactic fashion when the government’s side of the House, the UDPs, voted “no” unanimously after the debate, but there was no vote from the Opposition PUP on a Supplementary Appropriation Bill for over $95.6 million because its members left the House before the vote was taken. The original Belize Bank loan of $33,545,820, guaranteed by the Government of Belize, was originally issued to UHS, a private company owned by a group led by Loma Luz surgeon Dr. Muthugounder Venugoupal (Dr. Vinny).

6 murders in 2 days in Belize City
It was a murderous weekend in Belize City as we entered the month of September. Three of the murders occurred on Friday, August 31, and three on September 1. Five of them involved the use of firearms. The first murder happened around 1:45 p.m. on Friday. Shakeedi Baizar, 23, had just left Matron Roberts Clinic and was walking through a nearby alley when a man approached him and fired several shots. Baizar was being treated in the Matron Roberts Clinic when he succumbed to his injuries. His death is said to be gang-related and caused at least one of the other deaths that occurred over the weekend, police said.

MIT cops shot my vehicle: Inspector Fitzroy
On a weekend of mayhem, murders and violence, Inspector of Police, Fitzroy Yearwood’s Mazda Tribute SUV was shot near Yarborough Bridge, around 1:07 p.m. yesterday, Sunday. In a telephone interview tonight just before we went to press, Yearwood, a 22-year veteran of the Belize Police Department, told us that the bullet that knocked out one of his car’s passenger-side windows apparently came from a police vehicle. Yearwood said that as he was driving past “Tut Bay,” there was a police mobile patrol unit parked on the right side of the street. There were two policemen, attached to the Mobile Interdiction Unit (MIT), who were inside the vehicle.

Chon Saan delivery man fatally shot while delivering food
Daniel Lopez, 25, was one of the several persons who lost their lives over the weekend. Although there had been some gang retaliation just a few hours before his death, his family says that he was not affiliated with gangs and that he was dedicated to his common-law wife of about 9 years and his 3 young daughters. At around 11:30 p.m. on Friday, police went to the corner of Basra and George Streets, where they found Lopez’s body lying on the ground beside his motorcycle. Lopez, a resident of #153 Antelope Street Extension, was a delivery man for Chon Saan Restaurant, and he had just completed a delivery when he was shot multiple times by a man who approached him.

Vildo Westby, 30, charged with murder
A police manhunt that lasted over 18 months came to an end yesterday when Mexican authorities in Vera Cruz, Mexico, found Vildo Lorenzo Westby, 30, a baker of Guinea Grass Village, wanted by Belize police for the murder of Jose Ayuso, 44, the owner of a unisex salon in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, who was found dead in his home on February 2, 2017. Westby was arraigned on a single charge of murder when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. He was remanded into custody until November 6. He was represented by attorney Dickie Bradley.

20-year-old Ashley Reid creates own clothing line
Ashley Reid, 20, is the first runner-up in this year’s Miss Universe Belize pageant, but what the Belizean public may not know, is that she also owns her own design label, Aj Originals. As a recent graduate of the University of Belize, Reid plans to take her clothing line from a hobby to a full-time career. Reid, who is the first person in her family to graduate from a tertiary-level institution, and who received her Associate Degree in Business, said that she did not have much material possessions when she was growing up. New clothes were hardly ever affordable to her. This is what inspired her to start making her own clothes.

Kulture Yabra wins National Over-40 Football Championship
The Football Federation of Belize’s (FFB) National Over-40 Football Tournament 2018 concluded yesterday at the MCC Grounds, where Kulture Yabra Veterans claimed the championship, after securing a 2-1 victory over former champions, San Pedro Veterans in game 2 of the Finals series. Steve “Gellies” Young (26’) opened the scoring from a header, and Charlie Slusher (45’) also scored from a header in first half, both Kulture Yabra goals assisted by Anthony “Chicken” Arnold; while San Pedro missed a second half penalty, before getting their only goal from a deflected shot taken by Abdon Sanchez at the 60th minute.

Unitedville Rebels United are back-to-back National Women Softball Champions 2018
Eight teams, two each from the Stann Creek, Cayo, Belize Rural and Belize City softball associations, converged on Rogers Stadium this past weekend, from Friday to Sunday, as the Belize Softball Federation hosted its XXVIII (28th) Women’s National Championship. And when the dust had settled last night, defending champions, Unitedville Rebels United were crowned back-to-back National Women Softball Champions. Rebels United were undefeated in the double elimination tournament which started on Friday night, their toughest of 4 contests being a 3-2 victory on Saturday over Belize Bank Bulldogs of Belize City.

Belize vs Bahamas on Thursday in CONCACAF qualifier
At present, as of August 31, Belize is ranked at #24 in CONCACAF. Our opponent in Thursday’s international at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium is Bahamas, which is presently ranked at #31. Belize’s next match in this qualifying series will be on October 30 against #36 ranked Montserrat in Montserrat. Our next home match will be on November 16, when Belize faces presently ranked #30, Puerto Rico. Our last CONCACAF qualifying match will be next March 23, 2019, against #22 ranked Guyana in Guyana.

Firms Basketball League Finals – Dragons vs Tuff E Nuff
The semifinal series in the Firms Basketball League tournament at Swift Hall are over, and two teams are now set to clash in the best-of-3 games championship finals series. The Dragons vs Infotel Vipers series was finished in two nights, Thursday and Friday; but the Belize Bank Bulldogs vs Tuff E Nuff tangle had to be settled on Saturday night. In the semifinal opener on Thursday, Belize Bank Bulldogs crushed Tuff E Nuff, 80-66; and in the nightcap, Dragons barely clipped Infotel Vipers by a 74-73 score. Friday night saw Tuff E Nuff rebound to blow out the Bulldogs, 84-54, forcing a game 3; while Dragons finished their series by again beating Infotel Vipers, this time by a wide margin, 96-81.

$95 million owing to The Lord: 5 Southside murders in 36 hours
Under the stewardships of two of the smartest attorneys and political leaders in the modern political history of Belize, Rt. Hon. Said Musa and Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Belize has ended up owing Lord Michael Ashcroft $95 million plus, and counting, and there is nothing we Belizeans have to show for it except egg on our national face. Mr. Musa, still the area representative for Fort George in Belize City, and Hon. Francis Fonseca, his Attorney General at the time when Mr. Musa used $40 million in grant moneys from Taiwan and Venezuela, separately, to clear up a debt which cronies of the then ruling People’s United Party (PUP) had accumulated at the Belize Bank, a debt guaranteed by Mr. Musa’s Government of Belize, argued in the House of Representatives last Friday afternoon that when Mr. Barrow’s United Democratic Party (UDP) came to power in February of 2008, the said debt for the Universal Health Services (UHS) hospital stood at zero, zilch. The debt didn’t exist.

Ashley Stanford discusses the Taiwan rice
Dear Editor: I wish to provide some perspective regarding a recent article titled (“Taiwan’s Rice Donation Angers Farmers”, August 23rd) that appeared in your newspaper. Regarding this issue, there was a lot of back and forth saying that: 1.Taiwan should have donated money since Belize already produces rice, 2.The rice was plastic rice, 3.They used Belize for dumping rice and 4.If they wanted to donate rice to the NGO’s they should have bought from the local farmers then donated it. Looking back now, yes, the Government could have handled it better by following the usual protocols that were to be enforced whenever goods are to be imported into the country. However, those protocols were overlooked and the rice is here.

We hired these guys for more “mekdem wait”
Ten years ago, in February 2008 to be precise, we hired a new government, a different party from the one that was in power. This government was supposed to clean up a mess. Really, there were a number of issues to repair. But the mess on the table in this piece is the one that involved the hospital named UHS – Universal Health Services. We had to weather six or so hours of rehashed testimonies on Friday, for the umpteenth time, so we for sure can forego that. We will also choose to forget all that transpired as the new government went about getting the job done. We will only remember the end story on Friday, when this government we hired went to the House and announced that they had absolutely failed.

To respect the will of the people, the referendum must be binding
If the Government has its way, Belize will hold a referendum on 10th April 2019. Electors will express their view on whether or not the International Court of Justice should finally resolve any and all claims that Guatemala has to Belizean territory. I emphasize that electors will only express their views on whether to go to the ICJ, nothing more. The referendum results are not binding on the Government of Belize. In an election, held under Belize’s electoral laws, electors elect their representatives, mayors, and councilors. The laws specifically set out the binding procedure by which persons so elected take office and perform their functions. Ultimately, there are election petitions to enforce the finality of the result. However, this is not the case with the Referendum Act.

“Come on”, the dealer at the casino tell a,” weh u got fi lose?” Mi country. Noh be wa fool, neem go da casino!!!
Is there anyone among us who believes going to court isn’t a risk? Either side can win in court. What has Guatemala got to lose by rolling the dice and going to the casino of the ICJ? Nothing. However, Belize stands to risk from the Old Sarstoon up to the Sibun and some say even as far as the cayes. The average person on the street understands this is a bad risk. Yet our Prime Minister is one who backs going to the ICJ, stating we have an “airtight” case. Should we listen to such a well known voice?

Sherris Stringham, 67, found dead
The search for Sherris Stringham, 67, an American national who was living in Hopkins, Stann Creek District, and who has been missing from her home in the village since last Saturday, came to a sad conclusion at about 11:30 Saturday morning. Police have charged three teens with her murder, and are looking for a fourth teen. Stringham’s decomposing body was found under a bridge in Steadfast, between Mile 18 and 19 on the Stann Creek Valley Road, Stann Creek District. Police said that they found Stringham’s decomposing body lying face up in some bushes under the bridge. She was taken to an area where an onsite postmortem exam was carried out yesterday by Dr. Mario Estradaban and his team.

Leroy Meighan, 22, fatally shot multiple times on his way home
Around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, Leroy Meighan, 22, a resident of #13 Pelican Street, became the fourth person to lose his life since Friday. According to Meighan’s sister, he was constantly being targeted by the police because of associations with other family members of his who have had run-ins with the law. According to police reports, Meighan was walking on Central American Boulevard, on his way home, when a man came out of a nearby bushy area and shot him multiple times in the chest and the back. Police have not yet identified any suspects in relation to the shooting, and they have not established whether or not the incident was gang-related.

Ashanti Rowland, 25, killed in traffic accident in Ranchito
Ashanti Rowland, 25, an unemployed Ranchito resident, died in a road traffic accident at about 12:30 this morning while driving her car on the Philip Goldson Highway in a northwards direction towards Corozal Town. She lost control of the vehicle and it flipped in an area between Mile 82 and 83. As a result, Rowland suffered massive head and body injuries and died immediately on the scene. She was recovered out of the wrecked car and taken to the Corozal Community Hospital, where her body was deposited at the hospital’s morgue.

PM Barrow confirms that NICH president, Sapna Budhrani, is suspended
Since the word came out of the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday that the president of the National Institute of History and Culture (NICH), Sapna Budhrani, has been suspended, we have attempted to get an official word from government about the status of Budhrani. This afternoon, following the meeting of the House of Representatives, Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber, confirmed that Budhrani has been placed on suspension by the Cabinet, pending the outcome of an external audit. Prime Minister Dean Barrow also weighed in on the controversy at NICH and its embattled president, Budhrani.

The Reporter

Police today announced that they have arrested and formally charged Austin Lopez for Attempted Murder, Use of Deadly Means of Harm, Dangerous Harm and Grievous Harm for an incident last week in which Caye Caulker resident Amado Watson and American national Kathleen Perry were beaten. Lopez was remanded to the Belize Central Prison. On August 28th at around 11:00 p.m. Amado Watson, 47, and his companion American national Kathleen Perry, 33, were both rushed by boat to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City for emergency care. Both individuals were attacked and pummelled with stones and bottles by a group of persons outside of Barrier Reef Sports Bar on Pasero Street.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

National Library service and COBEC hosts training course
The Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation (COBEC), in collaboration with Valdosta State University and the Belize […]

Former National Bank employee raises alarm over missing payment records
A former employee of the Belize National Bank, Katrina Young, who is also the sister of […]

Prime Minister recovers from spinal surgery
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country on Saturday, September 1 to undergo spinal surgery in […]

One year later, Vildo Westby charged for murder
Yesterday, police formally arrested and charged Vildo Westby,30, for the murder of Jose Felix Ayuso. […]

Police say Daniel Alford shooting was accidental; Family says otherwise
Today, police issued an official release stating that Georgeville resident, Daniel Alford shot himself accidentally […]

Police: Shooting of Daniel Alford was accidental
Police are investigating a shooting incident that claimed the life of a security guard from Georgeville, […]

David Flores is Fisher of the Year 2018
Despite getting a 93 percent score on the Belize National Selection Examination (BNSE) over three […]

Man crushed to death by cement mixer
A Guinea Grass villager died last night under horrible circumstances. He has been identified as Jeffrey […]

Over 120,000 Belizeans have re-registered; cut-off date announced
The Elections and Boundaries Department today issued an update to the public on the ongoing 2018 […]

Kaya Cattouse is US Embassy’s September Wonder Woman
Every month, the United States Embassy in Belize honors a Belizean woman for her arduous […]


Let’s Get Real About September & October in Belize
A few days ago I started a list. Information about restaurants and bars that would close for the SLOW season, the RAINY season, the off-season. The time of the year on Ambergris Caye when we have the least amount of tourists. There. I said it! If you come to San Pedro during this time, there will be less tourists around. Your favorite restaurant might be closed. And there could be rain (though it will mostly be contained to late night downpours or passing showers) and some bugs that nip.

Fire Fundraiser at Iguana Juan’s
In spite of the downpour, it was a fun-filled night including a silent auction live music and a great 3-course meal by guest chef Patrick Parmentier ( Le Foo Frog Private Chef and Catering Services). The Iguana Juans Restaurant fundraiser was not only about helping the community at large, their cook (and his cousin) were also affected by the fire and restaurant owners Shanon and Brad wanted to help ensure that their staff member felt supported by his place of work.

International Sourcesizz

Inferno at Brazil's National Museum causes 'irreparable' damage and grief
Priceless artifacts spanning 11,000 years went up in flames as an inferno swallowed Brazil's National Museum. More than 20 million pieces of history, including Egyptian mummies and historic artwork, may have been destroyed. The cause of the fire is not yet known. "The loss of the National Museum's collection is insurmountable for Brazil," President Michel Temer tweeted. No one knows what sparked the blaze around 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Firefighters worked through the night to battle the flames, but a museum official said the damage is already "irreparable." "Very little will be left," preservation director Joao Carlos Nara told Agencia Brasil. "We will have to wait until the firefighters have completed their work here in order to really assess the dimension of it all."

Several Atlantic tropical threats to arise into mid-September; US at risk for additional hits
Following Gordon, Florence will lurk while additional tropical threats are likely for the United States, Central America and the Caribbean islands into mid-September. September is the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season and indications are that will be true to form with the potential for additional systems to form over the next couple of weeks. A parameter that tracks rising air in the tropics has the Atlantic basin in the red hot zone for tropical activity. Rising air is associated with storms. As Gordon moves inland, weakens and unloads torrential rainfall over the central U.S., Florence will stay alive over the central Atlantic.

Belize needs a new viable opposition party
By Wellington C. Ramos. The United Democratic Party (UDP) government of Belize has called a special sitting of the House of Representatives for all 31 members, to discuss settling a debt for a loan that was taken out by the Belize government under the People’s United Party (PUP) Musa administration. This loan was taken in the early 2000s from the Belize Bank, which is owned by British billionaire Michael Ashcroft, for the amount of $30 million but, due to the time and interest for nonpayment, it is now about $95 million with the interest growing daily. Shortly after the loan was obtained, the UDP came to power in 2008 and they made it publicly clear that they were not going to pay back the money due to the way the money was obtained and how it was spent by the Musa administration. They claimed that the money was used by the Musa administration to purchase a hospital known as Universal Health Services (UHS) that is owned by him and his family and not the Belizean people who were supposed to benefit from the funds.

Guatemala Creates New Interagency Task Force
A new Guatemalan interagency task force (IATF) will kick off operations in late 2018. IATF Jaguar will focus on the northern department of Petén, on the border with Mexico and Belize. About 300 elements—officers of the Army, the National Civil Police (PNC, in Spanish), and members of the Guatemalan Defense and Public ministries—will make up IATF Jaguar. The unit’s objective will be to counter transnational threats, such as narcotrafficking, and conduct anti-smuggling operations, border controls, and other security operations.

Gyminda tonduzii: A Story of Tree Discovery in Belize
Some tree discoveries happen because of the curiosity and astute observations of nonbotanists. In 2015, at Las Cuevas Research Station in the Chiquibul forest of Belize, an unusual trapdoor spider was discovered by arachnologist Dr. Aimée K. Thomas, of Loyola University New Orleans. She was accompanied by her father Dr. Robert A. (Bob) Thomas, a herpetologist and naturalist (who created the Venomous Snakes of Belize poster), student Michael Pashkevich, now working on his Ph.D. in the Department of Zoology, Cambridge University and Pedro Bol, a guide and manager at Las Cuevas. The spider was making its home in a tree that the researchers could not identify. Many if not most researchers would have ignored the tree species and focused on the spider. But Bob was persistent in collecting good material for identification. He took photographs and sent them to several botanists, including myself.

BTB Customer Service & Front-line Destination Training
Spaces are still available for our Customer Service & Front-line Destination Training for Tour Operators, Tour Guides & Taxi Service Providers.


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