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The San Pedro Sun

Images of San Pedro's parade in honour of the 220th Anniversary of the Battle Of St. George's Caye!

Official St. George's Caye Day ceremony and coronation of Miss San Pedro 2018-2019!

Misc Belizean Sources


Mrs. Albina Paz passes away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Paz family and friends on the passing of Mrs. Albina Paz, affectionately known as Tia Bina. May her soul rest in peace and we hope her family finds the strength in each other to overcome this great loss.

Jenny-Lee Cruz Crowned Queen of the Bay
Congratulations, Jenny-Lee Cruz! She won the Queen of the Bay pageant last weekend, bringing it back to Belmopan after 11 years. She was officially crowned today at the Battle of St. George's Caye Day festivities in Belmopan. Queen of the Bay Belmopan page. "She is officially crowned and is now the 73rd Queen of the Bay."

Narco flight again
More than one thousand pounds of cocaine (in 26 bails) were found in a Cessna 210 that landed in the Tres Leguas area of Northwestern Belize, near Blue Creek last night. It is a common landing area for such narco-flights. Police were tracking the flight, and in position when it landed. There was a firefight, which resulted in 4 persons (2 Mexicans, 2 Belizeans) including a police constable being detained, and the plane taking some damages. The Cessna has been transferred to the BDF Airwing for safekeeping, by tow truck. Police transferred the drugs and the suspects to its largest police staiton in Belize City.

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint “Inside Waterfall Island”.

ICJ education campaign in Belize: Funding and inclusion
Dear Sir: Amid the news of none other than the British government’s announcement of its donation of BZ$1.3 million toward the ICJ referendum campaign, the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) registers it most staunch complaint, due to the fact the bi-partisan government of Belize “education campaign” has hitherto proven a complete and utter farce. On several occasions, the BPP has raised its concern with the one-sided manner in which the campaign; is being conducted. Accordingly, we have publicly requested the inclusion of those who support a “NO” vote on the referendum, in order to ensure Belizeans are fully aware of the entire length, breadth and underlying consequences that accompany the upcoming poll.

Carnival 2018
Carnival in Belize City

Adopt a Child Project - Calla Creek
The Rotaract Club of Benque was able to help 70 students from Calla Creek with tuition, backpacks, and school supplies. A huge thank you to everyone involved in this year's Adopt a Child project. Here's to many more of them in the future. "Our re-branded back to school project debuted in the village of Calla Creek Village through active and generous community donations and corporate responsibility by providing: 1. Backpacks 2. School Supplies 3. Complete school Tuition to 70 children attending Holy Cross Primary school! The project rolled out as a sustainable one of a kind community involvement to provide a culture of active learning involving guidance and mentorship as the school year progresses. Thank you Belize for your generous contributions! Keep following us for updates!"

September 10th Celebrations 2018
The St. George's Caye Day ceremonies included high-energy entertainment, Queen of the Bay coronation and the colorful Citizen's Parade!

The Reporter

A woman from Ranchito Village in Corozal was struck by lightning and killed during a thunderstorm yesterday. Family members say that around 10:30 a.m on September 9th, the deceased, Delia Aguilar, 65, left to go chop some bushes behind her house. About 11:15 a.m family members reported hearing thunder and saw lightning, and around 3:30 p.m when Aguilar failed to return her daughter went to check on her. The elderly woman was found in a face up position behind the yard already dead.

Before Belize gained its independence the biggest day for parades and national holiday was the 10th. September. Today the spirit of the 10th. is still being observed with the traditional parade, and Belizeans lined the streets of the City by the thousands to witness the observation and celebration of the Battle Of Saint George’s Caye of 1798.

Police are actively investigating the theft of nearly a million dollars from a store at the Western Free Zone. While no arrests have been made, cops have concluded that the robbery over the weekend “has the characteristicts of an inside job.” Police sources have confirmed that although the Benque Free Zone compound is secured by two night security guards the men are claiming that they did not hear or see any suspicious activity on the night of the break-in since they were at the gas station when the burglary took place.

There are confirmed reports of yet another drug plane landing in Blue Creek before midnight Sunday. Sources say that there was a shootout between the Police and the narco-traffickers and two Mexicans and a Belizean were detained. Those sources say that the plane was also found loaded with drugs. Information is still scarce but we’ll provide updates as we get them.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Three hurricanes and 2 more systems being monitored in Atlantic
The National Hurricane Center is issuing advisories for Hurricane Florence, located over the west-central Atlantic Ocean; Hurricane Helene, located over the eastern Atlantic; and Hurricane Isaac, located over the central tropical Atlantic ocean. […]

Police shares info on how they intercepted drug plane
The Ministry of National Security made a huge drug bust in northern Belize last night. Twenty six bails, or 486 parcels of suspected cocaine weighing 556.2 kilograms were found in a narco plane. […]

Bartender robbed at gunpoint in Independence Village
Police are investigating a robbery that occurred on Saturday night in Independence Village, Stann Creek. Marcelina Makin,33, a bartender of Bo Bar told authorities that on Saturday night around 7, she was at the bar when a man ran inside the establishment, went to the counter, and demanded money. […]

Husband’s friend reportedly rapes wife after night of drinking
Corozal police are investigating a rape that occurred on Sunday morning. A 26-year-old woman reported to police that she was socializing with family members on Saturday night when about 10:30 she went to bed and locked her house door leaving her husband, and a male friend outside drinking. […]

Kevin Bodden charged for murder of reputed Ghost Town Crips Boss
Belize City police have made an arrest in the murder of reputed Ghost Town Gang Boss, Kendis Flowers. Flowers was gunned down on the night of March 17th in Belize City. Police believe that Kevin Bodden, 25, was the man who pulled the trigger that claimed the life of Flowers. […]

Two men charged with motorcycle theft
A bartender and businessman both of Orange Walk town are in trouble. They are Alexander Mencias, 33 and Eric Swan, 33. On Saturday police charged them jointly for the crime of theft. […]

Ranchito woman killed by lightning
According to reports, a woman from Ranchito, Corozal was struck and killed by lightning around midday yesterday. Delia Aguilar was reportedly behind her home in Ranchito when the deadly bolt struck and killed her. […]

Another drug plane lands in Northern Belize; 2 Mexicans and 1 Belizean Police Officer arrested
Reports reaching our newsroom are that a Belizean Police Officer along with 2 Mexicans were detained last night inside a suspected drug plane that landed in Blue Creek in the Orange Walk District. […]


Happy Holidays and Off Season Accommodations Deals
Happy Holidays wishing everyone a safe and fun St Georges Caye day. This year I am celebrating a quiet day at home and enjoyed a very brief rain shower this morning. This time last year I was celebrating the well known September 1oth holiday and 50 trips around the sun in style. I decided to use luxurious, peaceful adventurous and clever for travel adjective goals. I hit the mark with a 5-star Jungle Canopy View Tree House. Low season is a great time to score off-season accommodation deals in Belize and I got this one for about half the price, 1/4 actually always cheaper to travel with a friend. JK and I also got a deal on our meals for the entire stay, I love dining at Caves Branch as you never know who you will sit next too. We met plenty of great people over the course of our 4 days there.

Butts up! Go Cave Tubing in Belize
Only cruise line vendors are allowed to enter the cruise terminal. Following the instructions, we wound between the teeming crowds and hesitantly exited on the other side. Aha! Sure enough, there was the sign we were told to look for, held by the owner of the company himself. Vitalino smiled and thanked us for having decided to book with them, then introduced us to our guide, who escorted our group to a clean and comfy passenger van. Our destination was Nohoch Che'en Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve, an archaeological park 35 miles out of town. That's where all cave tubing expeditions are held.

Belize Weather
Belize is located in Central America, south of Mexico, and east of Guatemala, and although the country is only the size of New Jersey, with a population of less than 400,000 people, it has a wide variety of weather and terrain. From 240 miles of coastline, to jungles and mountains dotted throughout the middle and out in the Cayo’s, Belize has rich geographical diversity. Typically, visitors to Belize fall love with its laidback vibe and Old-World charm, with some areas remaining unchanged for hundreds of years. With relatively constant temperatures throughout the year, with mid 80’s F in the summer, and mid 70’s F in the winter, Belize offers a perfect winter escape for visitors from the U.S.

Why You Should Spend Your Christmas Vacation in Belize
While you definitely won't see any snow falling during Christmas in Belize, this small Caribbean country is one of the best places to enjoy the holidays. Although December and January are quintessential winter months in North America, in Belize, they are when the weather is at its finest. The Christmas period in Belize is full of warm, delicious sunshine and delightful temperatures that average in the mid-80's, making it perfect T-shirt and sandals time. For many visitors, getting away from the cold and misery of winter is one of the best reasons to visit Belize during the Christmas holidays.

Belize – The Little Country That Continues To Reveal Big Surprises!
What do Christopher Columbus, Jacques Cousteau, Richard Branson and other explorers have in common? That would be Belize, of course. Just when you think that the Earth has been mapped, charted and thoroughly explored from the top of Everest to the depths of the Mariana Trench, you hear of new explorations leading to new discoveries. There’s no doubt that humans love exploration and discovery – which may explain one more reason why people love Belize. Okay, there’s also the stunning natural beauty, the incredibly warm, welcoming people, the abundance of culture, the smorgasbord of activities, and more geographic diversity than you can shake the proverbial stick at – pointing to crystal clear turquoise Caribbean waters lapping up against white sandy beaches protected by the world’s second largest barrier reef, savannahs giving way to rolling green pastures, the misty Maya Mountains and seemingly endless rainforests home to exotic wildlife and ancient Maya temples and cities.

Do Chaa Creek’s Culturally Rich Kids’ Activities Enhance A Family Vacation? Just Ask The New York Times
When you’re in complete agreement with one of the world’s most respected newspapers, you’re in pretty good company. You know that feeling of reading something and thinking, “That’s me they’re talking about!” That was the sensation we had while perusing the New York Times the other day and coming across an August 23rd article, “Five Tips To Give Kids Some Culture and a Vacation at The Same Time.” Now, our friends, guests and loyal Chaa Creek Belize Travel Blog readers will understand our excitement – as Belize’s premier family owned and operated eco-resort, and considered by many as the home of cultural tourism in Belize, we’re delighted to see that a New York Times writer shares our philosophy that family vacations can be more than just a relaxing distraction.

International Sourcesizz

New tropical threat may brew in Gulf of Mexico, threaten Texas with downpours late this week
As Florence targets the United States East Coast, a new tropical threat will emerge in the western Gulf of Mexico late this week, with Texas being put on alert for possible impacts. “Following downpours that have been pestering central and coastal Texas since last week, a new potential threat from the tropics may arrive late this week by way of the Gulf of Mexico,” said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski. The feature of interest, an area of showers and thunderstorms located off the Yucatan Peninsula, will push slowly northwestward from the Caribbean and into the Gulf. “While some wind shear is present over the Gulf, waters are sufficiently warm to support development,” Sosnowski said. Wind shear is a change in wind direction and/or speed with altitude and over a geographical distance. If too much wind shear is present, it can prevent tropical development.

Taiwan calls for vigilance amid escalating unrest in Belize City
Taiwan's Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) on Monday cautioned visitors to Belize to remain vigilant as the Central American nation has declared a state of emergency in the south side of Belize City. Due to escalating criminal activity in the area, Belize Governor-General Colville Young has declared a 30-day state of emergency effective last Wednesday, BOCA said. Taiwanese nationals who are currently in the country are advised to pay attention to their own safety, avoid crowded places and stay tuned to the latest developments, it said.

Regional countries warned to monitor water resources
The Barbados-based Caribbean Drought and Precipitation Monitoring Network (CDPMN) is urging regional countries to monitor water resources amid concerns that parts of the Caribbean continue to experience below normal rainfall. CDPMN, which was launched in January 2009 under the Caribbean Water Initiative (CARWIN) to support equitable and sustainable Integrated Water Resources Management, said that concerns over short term drought that can impact cropping, and small rivers and lakes, continues over northwest Belize. It said there is some chance that long term drought, which can impact large water resources and groundwater reserves, can impact Antigua and the Cayman Islands by the end of the wet season and urged that 'this situation should be monitored”.

Under the volcanoes the Maya keep traditions alive
IN the courtyard a shaman keeps feeding the gods. A young family of four kneel in prayer as he throws rum and other liquids over an open fire. They are part of the ceremony but around them life goes on as usual. At times the shaman interrupts his incantations to take a swig from a 7-Up bottle on the other side of the fire. Everything is sacred in the Mayan world -- some things are just more sacred than others. Closer to the gods. The living Maya are the direct descendants of a sophisticated culture that originated in southern Mexico and northern Central America over 2,000 years ago. Their achievements in science, art and social development rank with the great ancient civilizations of Egypt, Persia and Greece. They built complex city-states with a privileged noble class ruling over a hierarchical society of artisans and farmers. During the classic period (A.D. 250-900) the Maya empire stretched from Mexico’s Yucatan to northern Honduras. No one knows exactly why the civilization declined more than a millennium ago but the best current theories suggest that the urban centres grew to a point where they were no longer able to support the population.

Constitutional Standoff Pushes Guatemala Toward Authoritarianism
Three years ago, Guatemala became a startling example to Latin America. Still battered by decades of civil war, it launched a corruption investigation that reached the highest level of government, drawing hundreds of thousands of supporters to the streets and ultimately landing the president, Otto Pérez Molina, in jail. It was a feat for a fragile democracy and an inspiration in a region where elites were virtually untouchable and prosecutors were just beginning to tackle graft. But now the nation risks becoming another kind of example — of the danger to institutions when the entrenched interests of the powerful are challenged. The crisis was ignited when President Jimmy Morales, once the beneficiary of the commission’s investigations — they unseated his predecessor and helped pave the way for Mr. Morales’s unlikely victory in 2015 — found himself in the commission’s cross hairs. The commission has already targeted his brother and son; both are awaiting trial. Now an investigation into illicit campaign financing points to Mr. Morales and his wealthy backers.


  • Belize City 10th September ceremony from Memorial Park, 1hr49min.

  • 10th September Citizen's Parade, 15min.

  • San Pedro celebrates St. George's Caye Day!, 4min.

  • Miss San Pedro 2018-2019 Chelsea Munoz officially crowned!, 1/4min.

  • Coronation of Miss San Pedro Chelsea Muñoz - 10th September Uniform Parade/Battle of St George’s Caye Day., 11min.

  • Official St.George's Caye Day Ceremony, 1.5hr.

  • 10th of September Highlight, Corozal Town, Belize, 2.5min. Highlights of the September 10th Parade here in our beautiful little town of Corozal.

  • RadioBelizeMix on St. Georges Caye Day, 2.5hr.

  • Illicit cargo from drug bust in Orange Walk over the weekend is transported under heavy police guard, 1/2min. 3 persons, including a police officer were detained in the incident which News Five is being told occurred just before midnight on Saturday.

  • Flava With A Beat, 20min.

  • La Fashions, 39min.

  • Ernestine, 17min.

  • Oscar B, 22min.

  • 10th Parade, 6.5min.

  • Tarpon Caye Lodge Belize, 8min. Promotional video from Tarpon Caye Lodge in Belize.

  • San Lazaro Belize - Have you ever visited a Maya & Mestizo Museum in Belize?, 16min. Maya Mestizo Culture in Belize is still very much alive! The Maya Mestizo are very pleasant and would invite you in their homes as they are also very hospitable!

  • Skydiving directly into the Great Blue Hole, Belize, 1.5min.

  • Sharks from Belize, 4.5min.

  • Belize: Caye Caulker & San Pedro, 10min. I found not one, but TWO great vegan friendly spots in Belize: Caribbean Colors on Caye Caulker & Mesa Cafe on San Pedro!

  • Belize Scuba, 5min. Scuba diving in Belize! We stayed at Blackbird Caye resort. It was our first time diving.

  • Belize @ Caves Branch, 7min. A segment of our trip to Belize in 2017 Un extrait de notre voyage à Belize en 2017.

  • Diving Glovers Reef Atoll !!! BELIZE Dive Trip 2018, 2min. Belize has the 2nd largest barrier reef in the wold! I spent 3 months here and decided to go for a 2 week dive trip to Glovers Reef Atoll. It is one of the many cays off the coast of Belize and the diving here is incredible. I stayed in one of their over-the-water bungalow, took showers from the well, and enjoyed fresh fish and coconuts everyday. It was beautiful, rustic, and close to nature .. my faV!

  • Carnival 2018 Belize City, 4min.

  • Camping at Half Moon Caye, Belize, 4min. Our home video of camping at Half Moon Caye in Belize! A Family of Belizeans enjoying their home, exploring all it’s beautiful facets. September 7-9th, 2018.

  • (SECRET BEACH)The best place in SAN PEDRO AMBERGRIS CAYE, 10min. This place is the best swimming waters in la Isla Bonita.

  • Official September celebrations song for my hometown Benque Viejo, 3min. Happy September celebrations Belize!!! Gracias mi gente por el apoyo de siempre. Ladies and Gentlemen we present to you the official September celebrations song for my hometown Benque Viejo. Ralfy el Phantom ft. Negro Loco.

  • QUEENLORNA & "DAT" BELIZEAN DANCE SPIN (Pt. 1), 24min. The rare and exclusive interview of the pulsating Belizean cultural dancer and instructor, Lorna Smith, of the legendary Belize-Caribbean dance troupe, Elegant Flair Dancers, is a must see and long awaiting feature for the Belizean Legends audience. Queenlorna as she is called will entertain us with her thrilling dance life and electrify us with some of the most eclectic moments in Belizean dance and cultural performances in the Los Angeles Belizean Community where she lived and performed for many years now.

  • SINCE SARITA ACOSTA, THERE HAS BEEN NO OTHER!, 3min. Sarita Acosta, the former 1979 "Miss Belize", and the only Belizean contestant to have gone the distance in the globally recognized, "Miss Universe Beauty Pageant", and placed in the 7th. position of the top 10 world's most outstanding beauty contestants, has continued to speak respectfully of Belize, and the Belizean Diaspora she hails from.

  • A short video charting the 2-month rehab & release of a juvenile wood stork injured by a machette., 2min.

  • We had the pleasure of releasing a Great Black Hawk (Buteogallus urubitinga) back into the wild this week!, 1/2min. Here is the amazing footage of the moment captured by Oscar Cisneros. A big thank you to all the Belize Bird Conservancy raptor ID course participants for joining us on this very early start! Thanks as always to Black Rock Lodge for the fabulous release site.