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The San Pedro Sun

Lennox Samuels facilitates Journalism Workshop with Belizean Media Corps
During his visit to Belize, journalist Lennox Samuels facilitated a journalism workshop with the country’s media corps at the University of Belize in Belmopan City on Saturday, September 8th. Present at the workshop was Jeanelle Mencias and Miriam Longsworth from the Government Press Office, Michelle Sutherland, Benjamin Flowers and Marion Ali from The Reporter Newspaper, Alindy Marisol Amaya and Melody Wagner from Kremandala, Sitnah Blease from Love FM, Courtney Weatherburne from Channel 7, Hamerlin Flores from The San Pedro Sun Newspaper, Alford Grinage, Linden Flowers, Luis Castellanos, Alejandro Cowo, Wilfredo Ferrufino, Hortence Hernandez and Jenny Bonilla from the Belize Police Department (BPD), and University of Belize (UB) students/aspiring journalists Charleston Gladden, Leila Oh, Agatha Petkau, Roger Hyde and Tracey Sangster.

San Pedro Pirates defeat Freedom Fighters 4-3
On Sunday, September 9th the San Pedro Pirates F.C travelled to Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District to face Freedom Fighters in a previously delayed match of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB). The island team claimed victory with a 4-3 score, gaining three more points in the PLB chart and moving to the fourth spot in the tournament standings. For the next match, the San Pedro Pirates will be travelling to Belmopan City to face the Belmopan Bandits at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium on Saturday, September 15th. The game is scheduled to start at 8PM. For more information on how to accompany the Pirates as a fan, you can contact 623-0772.

Large drug bust in northern Belize leads to internal police investigation; Belize remains in US list of major drug transit nations
The northern district of Orange Walk made headlines on Sunday, September 9th, after Belizean authorities made a $14 million Belize dollar drug bust after intercepting a suspected drug plane shortly after 9PM in the Tres Leguas area of the Blue Creek community near the Mexican border. During the bust, Belizean security forces comprised of police officers and the military came under fire from the alleged drug traffickers for almost an hour before detaining two Mexican and two Belizean nationals, one of them a member of the Belize Police Department. After the shootout, police confiscated a small Cessna single-engine aircraft originating from Venezuela stocked with 26 bales of cocaine weighing about 1,223 pounds. The large drug bust exemplifies why Belize is considered by the United States of America (USA) a major drug transit or illicit drug producing nation.

Ambergris Today

US President Trump Places Belize On List Of Major Drug Transit Countries
As Belize is placed on the list of major illicit drug producing/transit countries, The US Embassy commends the country on its latest drug bust of approximately US $7 million worth of cocaine. The United States President Donald Trump has declared 21 nations, including Belize, as a major illicit drug producing/transit countries.

Belize Ocean Club Assists School In Seine Bight
Belize Ocean Club Partners With St. Alphonsus RC School - “Resort continues to make good on its Committed to Community initiative!” Earlier this summer, employees of Belize Ocean Club (BOC) happened upon several teachers from St. Alphonsus RC School in Seine Bight, standing in the unforgiving midday sun, soliciting donations from passing drivers to assist with the school’s rehabilitation needs. From that chance encounter, a partnership was formed, with the very popular resort pledging much needed assistance to the school. Earlier this month, employees from BOC’s maintenance department completed the installation of four wooden doors and did finish work to two other doors, which were previously donated by another selfless donor.

Misc Belizean Sources


In order to connect Caye Caulker with the 4:30pm(ish) arrivals of Southwest Airlines from Houston, American Airlines from Dallas and WestJet from Calgary, we have added a new #daily Belize International Airport (BZE) to Caye Caulker (CUK) flight. This is in addition to our current schedule, and flights commence October 1. The flight is bookable now, and the details are as follows: Flt#2216 Departs: Belize International (BZE) @ 5:30pm Arrives: Caye Caulker (CUK) @ 5:40pm P.S Since we are getting this question a lot. As Caye Caulker Airstrip now has lights. Darkness will not be an issue with the timing this flight.

San Pedro Independence Jump Up-Parade
Sign up now! Join the parade and show how much you love Belize!

CPR training to students in Corozal
The month of September is CPR month and as a training center for the American Heart Association, the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization specializing in pre-hospital care in the form of emergency response and transportation. BERT will be providing CPR training to students at the Corozal Methodist School on 1st Avenue from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and at the Christiline Gill Seventh Day Adventist School in the Potzal Area from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow Thursday, September 13th, 2018. This training is not open to the public but free of cost to the students. This is one initiative to give back to the community. The more bystanders that are trained, they can in turn help in saving a life. For more information contact Leon Seguro at 615-9124.

Public Notice
The Ministry of Natural Resources advises the public that effective September 13, 2018, a cell phone number and/or an email address is required when filling out any application to conduct transactions at the Ministry. This is in an effort to provide a more efficient system to notify the public of the completion of their application.

Arrival of Mexican Police Orchestra in Belize
The Mexican Federal Police orchestra arrived in Belize today, September 13th, at 11:50 a.m. on their Boeing 727 aircraft. The orchestra is to participate in the “Winds Orchestra of Mexico Concert” at the Belize City Civic Center today at 7:00 p.m., in commemoration of Mexican Independence Day. The orchestra will return to Mexico City after their performance this evening. Heading the team is Lic. Luz María García Rivas, Director General of International Police Affairs, who is representing the Commissioner of the Federal Police of Mexico. This visit demonstrates Mexico’s commitment for continued cooperation in areas such as culture and law enforcement with Belize. There are 65 musicians plus their equipment thus the reason for traveling in their own aircraft. The team needs to depart Belize back to Mexico today for their Independence Day celebrations tomorrow. No commercial flight was available for such a schedule. Hence, they are traveling in their official aircraft.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
Sicario, Star Wars: Solo, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Skyscraper.

Ko'one'ex kanik Maaya T'aan (Let's learn Yucatec Maya)

Channel 7

Two Lawmen Arraigned
Tonight two veteran lawmen are behind bars at the Belize Central Prison - and they are charged for landing the drug plane on Sunday night in Blue Creek, Orange Walk.   Today, after a brief back and forth, police took decisive action and charged both Superintendent David Chi and PC Norman Anthony, along with the 2 Mexican nationals caught on the scene, and Blue Creek resident Peter Friessen Jr., who was picked up nearby. They were all arraigned in Belize City today - and our news team was at court on the frontline. Daniel Ortiz narrates today’s arraignment of all 5. Here’s that story: Before he was accused of being involved in narcotics trafficking, the press and public had known Senior Superintendent David Chi as a senior cop, speaking with the press about crimes of urgent national interest.

DCP Explains Charges
So while the arraignment was happening at court, DCP Chester Williams was at the bi-weekly press conference discussing Supt. David Chi’s charges. Williams also outlined the charges against PC Anthony and the two Mexicans. DCP Chester Williams - Commander OPS: “I am not going into the specifics as it relates to the information that led to Mr. Chi’s arrest. We can confirm that yes Mr. Chi and PC Anthony have both been arrested and charged in respect to the landing of the plane in the northern communities of the Orange Walk District. Also charged along with them are two Mexicans, one is Eli Figueroa Nunez, and the other is Azariaz Manzano both Mexicans and a Belizean Peter Friessen.

Capital Cops Catch Teenaged Robbers From City With Cash
Belmopan cops pounced on a pair of kid robbers this morning. Around 11:30, the boys, one 15, the other 16 years old held up Taisan store on Garza Street with a fake gun. They snatched $600 and took off. But a review of the store’s surveillance footage coupled with quick police response led cops right to the boys who were sitting comfortably in a taxi at the terminal. As you can see from this video, police are searching the boys as well as a schoolbag one of them had. Police say they recovered the $600 and the fake gun. Police say the boys will be charged tomorrow morning.

DCP Chester Cares About The Lawful, Not The Lawless
It is day 8 of the State of Emergency in Belize City and as we told you last night, all the detainees have been given written reasons for their detention. Again, those grounds are as follows: "That you are engaged in acts prejudicial to public safety and public order, or the instigation of such acts and more specifically that you are engaged in gang activities, illegal possession of firearm and ammunition, and murder".  So in total 40 men have been provided these written statements and have been sent to prison. That’s 30 from the George Street gang and 10 from Banak

Williams Responds To Human Rights Critics
Now while the release of some of the detainees might seem like an act of mercy and compassion, there are a few people who simply can’t see it this way. As you heard last night, attorney Audrey Matura- Shepherd is against the enforcement of these emergency powers. She said that the rights of the detainees are being violated and that the conditions in which these men are being held are inhumane. Last week you also heard from the Human Rights Commission who says the government pressed the state of emergency panic button prematurely. Well, today Williams responded to all those critics. He says that under this state of emergency, the law abiding citizens are safe and that the detainees are not being treated any differently than any other prisoner.

State of Emergency Not A Permanent Solution
So in the face of those critics and skeptics, Williams firmly stands by his decision to enforce the state of emergency. He says he is under no illusion that this is a permanent solution but he has hope that it will defuse those simmering gang tensions and decrease crime in the city. DCP Chester Williams - Commander OPS: “We have been trying a lot; we have had patience with these different groups. I in particular, I took time late at night doing interventions, mediations with them and try to get them to understand that the way of life they are living..."

What Next After 30 Days?
So fast forward to after the lockdown period..what happens after all the men have been released ? Well, Williams says it doesn’t end there. Police will continue to investigate and more than likely re-arrest some of these men and charge them. Here is how Williams put it. Courtney Weatherburne: “What happens after the 30 day lockdown and as you said, if needs be you will extend this period as well, but many people are wondering what will happen next, is there a plan in place after these men are released?” DCP Chester Williams - Commander OPS: “Well as I have said before within the first 30 days, we will be looking at the investigations in respect to the offenses listed in the notice they got.

How Can Police Stop Gang Extortions?
And one of the aspects of that peace is putting an end to extortion.  Deputy Commissioner Williams has said that some gang members make a living off extortion.  But will the state of emergency stop that?  That’s what the press asked Williams today:… Reporter: “Last week you had mentioned that a gang member had told you that he had extorted business persons.” DCP Chester Williams - Commander OPS:  “He said live from extortion.”

11 More Years For A Killer
Turning now to news from the court, 23 year-old Steven Gomez, the man who stood trial for the August 2014 killing of Unitedville resident, Victor Vargas has been found not guilty of murder, but guilty of manslaughter. Trial judge Francis Cumberbatch has decided that he will spend 11 more years in prison.
The full sentence is 15 years, but the judge subtracted 4 years, due to the time spent on remand. In August of 2014, in Unitedville,  Vargas and Gomez got into a fist fight, and while they were struggling on the ground, Gomez pulled a knife and stabbed Vargas twice to the neck and the head. He ran down the street saying that Gomez was his attacker.

City Council Rejects CWU Narrative on Union Busting
On Tuesday the Christian Workers Union held a press conference where they accused the City Council of union busting.  That’s after the City Council blocked them from attending a meeting with staff with a last minute email - when the request went in 5 days earlier.  The CWU is representing a dozen of the city’s cemetery workers - who were complaining about subsistence payments.   Today the Council held a press conference to give its side of the story.  Mayor Bernard Wagner said the message to the CWU was sent at the last minute - because the council was busy:

What Next For Percy?
And the city may have another slight labour issue - but this one at the management level.  The council is moving long time Traffic Manager Kevon Jenkins to the Sanitation Department effective next Monday. And so we asked what will happen to the current Sanitation Manager Percy Murillo?  The mayor says he’ll cross that bridge when he gets there:.. Jules Vasquez: "What will happen to the sanitation manager Percy Murillo? We know he is a quite visible UDP and he has supported the previous council in all its campaigns. Will he be sent home?"

Mayor Agrees Tenth Needs Help
And, finally from the council tonight, we asked the Mayor what he thought of the Tenth Parade. We’ve been airing it live on Channel 7 for decades now - and thought Monday’s 2018 edition was one of the weakest we’ve seen. We asked the Mayor for his take:.. This was the 220th anniversary of the Battle.

One Of The Big Guns Is From Salvador
Turning back to today’s press conference, police say that one of the very big guns police found in San Ignacio last week - the cops say one of them can be traced back to Salvador:… Jospeh Myvette - OC, HNCIB: "The weapons were processed; further investigation into the matter has revealed that one of those weapons were stolen from the Salvadorian military some time ago whilst checking through our regional system and we will continue to do that throughout this investigation. Some questionable or known figures to the police live within that immediate area where the weapons were found; hence the reason for the testing and those weapons were submitted to the forensic department for further analysis."

Bail For Barona, Accused Murderer
38 year-old Edward Barona, who has been on remand awaiting trial, became the 24th accused murderer since last year to get Supreme Court bail.  His petition went before Justice Francis Cumberbatch today, and the judge heard submissions from his attorney Oscar Selgado. He told the court that Barona, a resident of Kraal road, was arraigned for the murder of 25 year-old Byron Estrada on June 27, 2013. He was then indicted in the Supreme Court on September 2014, and in the 4 years since, the state has not done anything to bring his case to a trial date. Selgado also asserted that Barona maintains his innocence, and he is confident that at the conclusion of his trial, whenever it actually takes place, he will be exonerated.

Mexican Police Jet Touches Down, But Why?
There was alarm across Belize when this plane landed in Belize this morning - and pictures started streaming across social media. It’s an all black jet, with the words “Policia Federal” emblazoned on its side.  With all that’s happening related to the drug plane landing, many jumped to the conclusion that the Mexican Police were here in force to regulate!   Well, turns out that’s just fanciful thinking. The Boeing 727 is carrying the 65 member Mexican Federal Police Orchestra - not their anti-narco unit. They arrived arrived at 11:50 this morning for the “Winds Orchestra of Mexico Concert” at the Belize City Civic Center.

Channel 5

2 Mexicans & 3 Belizeans, including Senior Officer, Arraigned for Blue Creek Drug Bust
Three Belizeans and two Mexican nationals were arraigned in court this morning on charges relating to a drug plane that landed on September eleventh in Tres Leguas, near Blue Creek, [...]

Chester Defends Month-long Incarceration of Gang Members
Forty persons including adults and minors who police have determined are gang members have been transferred to the Hattieville Central prison where they will be locked up until the end [...]

Law and Order to be Maintained Upon and After Release of Gang Bangers
Amid the ongoing public discourse on the state of emergency in parts of Belize City is a fear that upon release, there is potential for aggrieved gang members to retaliate [...]

Top Cop Says Paperwork Has Been Drafted for Entire South Side
With a state of emergency in effect for two south side neighborhoods, are other Belize City gangs laying low or is there potential for a flare up elsewhere?  When asked [...]

Placencia Villagers Battle Sargassum Invasion
Tonight we have part two of our report on Sargassum.  Aside from San Pedro, residents of the Placencia Peninsula are battling with the awful stench of decaying Sargassum that has [...]

Anke Doehm Wants to Travel to the U.S. to Visit Doctors
Anke Doehm returned to court today seeking a variation to her bail conditions so that she can travel to the U.S. to visit with her doctors. But even as that [...]

Ernest Thurton Jr. Found Guilty of Double Homicide
On Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Adolph Lucas found twenty-five-year-old Ernest Thurton Junior guilty of a double homicide, but has reserved sentencing until October eighth.  Thurton was charged with the murder [...]

Shane Vellos Wants Justice after Police Officer Broke His Arm
Two months ago, Placencia resident Shane Vellos stopped by our office to share his experience of police brutality. Vellos was locked up after he was accused of theft, but later [...]

Mexican Federal Police Orchestra Arrives to Perform in Belize
The landing of a Mexican police plane at the Philip Goldson International Airport caused a stir earlier today.   The plane is a Boeing 727 which brought the Mexican Federal Police [...]

Asian Businessman Robbed on September Tenth in Armenia
An Asian businessman was robbed at gunpoint on Monday morning in Armenia Village.  According to the owner of Yung Xing Store, a duo of men entered his place of business [...]

Seized Cache of Weapons in San Ignacio Traces Back to Salvadoran Army
A cache of firearms and ammunition was seized in an area of San Ignacio Town last Thursday.  The hidden supply of weapons and marijuana was discovered in an overgrown property [...]

Belize City Council Says CWU’s Allegation of Union Busting is Inaccurate
The Belize City Council says that allegations of union busting made by the Christian Workers Union are inaccurate. Earlier in the week, CWU President Evan ‘Mose’ Hyde made the allegation [...]

Mayor Bernard Wagner Says Staff Members Will Be Paid Subsistence
The dispute between the Belize City Council and the Christian Workers’ Union is based on complaints made by staff members who said that the council refused to pay them subsistence [...]

Will CitCo’s Sanitation Manager be Fired?
In a few weeks, Traffic Manager for Belize City, Kevaughn Jenkins will be transferred to the Sanitation Department. He will be the new manager of that department, taking over the [...]

Medical Tourism Consultant Makes Allegations Against Southern Emergency Services
Last week we reported on the donation of a fully equipped ambulance by the Rotary Club of Edmonton, Canada in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Dangriga. The medical van [...]

Joy Smith Seeking Legal Advice to Recover $16,000
Joy Smith says that based on the agreement, she is asking for sixteen thousand dollars owed to her for the work she put into the development of the EMT service [...]

Healthy Living: Get Your Child’s Eyes Checked
School children are now settling back in the classrooms so if you didn’t, it is still a good time to check their eyes for any emerging vision problems.  There are [...]


DCP. Chester Williams voices his thoughts on the state of emergency within the South Side of the City
Despite the various voices about constitutional rights from the Bar Association of Belize, the Human Rights Commission and attorneys on behalf of their clients about the State of Emergency, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams is still not deterred. He stands firm with the decision which was made and believes it to be the best …

Deputy Commissioner
Many prominent gang members or questionable south side residents who are known to the police tried to flee their neighborhoods after it was made known that the south side of the City was on a thirty days lockdown. Today, however, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams also spoke on what occurs in instances such …

DCP. Chester Williams spoke on gang activity since the state of emergency has been active
Many prominent gang members or questionable south side residents who are known to the police tried to flee their neighborhoods after it was made known that the south side of the City was on a thirty days lockdown. Today, however, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams also spoke on what occurs in instances such …

Escape covict said to be hiding in Belize City
On Tuesday, we reported that twenty five-year old Kevin Bodden, who was charged for the murder of Kendis Flowers, which occurred on March seventeen, had somehow escaped police custody. He somehow got away while being escorted to the bathroom by an officer of the Queen Street Police Station. According to Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro …

Police spoke on robbery occurring in Armenia Village
While many Belizeans celebrated their tenth of September holiday, that wasn’t the case for the owner of Yung Shing Store, in Armenia Village. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett said the store owner was robbed by two men. ACP Joseph Myvette: “Shortly after opening his store two male persons entered. One of dark complexion and …

Hurricane Isaac Heads West
There are a few named storms in the Atlantic and the one that has the attention of the weather forecasters in Belize is Isaac. Deputy Chief Met. Officer, Derrick Rudon says Hurricane Isaac has entered the Caribbean and is heading west. Jose Sanchez: “I know that the people are aware of Florence in the states …

Deputy Commissioner of Police speaks about the method of detention of City Men
As the controversy continues on whether men have had their constitutional rights abused, the method in which they were arrested is also being questioned. Instead of the men being weeded out before being arrested, as a result of their gang affiliations or criminal actions, it wasn’t until they were in police custody after approximately a …

DCP. Chester Williams speak on methods used while carrying out the lock down
As the controversy continues on whether men have had their constitutional rights abused, the method in which they were arrested is also being questioned. Instead of the men being weeded out before being arrested, as a result of their gang affiliations or criminal actions, it wasn’t until they were in police custody after approximately a …

DCP. Williams speaks about charges incurred to those involved with the drug plane
The former Officer Commanding Orange Walk Police, Superintendent David Chi and Police Constable Norman Anthony are behind bars at the Belize Central Prison. On September 9th, law enforcement authorities made a major drug bust in the Tres Leguas area of the Orange Walk District. Superintendent David Chi and Police Constable Norman Anthony were placed on …

What is the status of the detained men at prison?
The status of men who were detained is still undefined. They have not been charged with a crime and according to some it is simply a form of preventative detention. They have since been sent to the Belize Central Prison. According to Audrey Matura Shepherd, this is all being done without any respect for their …

Deputy Commissioner of Police states what to expect after state of emergency
Many Belizeans have been asking what will happen at the end of the thirty days period of the state of emergency. Deputy Commissioner Williams addressed that concern earlier today …

Police finds an assortment of weapons in Shawville, San Ignacio
San Ignacio Police conducted a joint operation in the Shawville area of San Ignacio Town last week Thursday where they found an assortment of weapons. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett gave an update about the cache …

ACP. Joseph Myvett provides update Kortabacco Burglary
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett also updated the media on the burglary at Kortobacco Limited, a distributor of cigarettes, located inside the Western Free Zone that occurred over the weekend …

CitCo set the record straight
The Belize City Council held a press conference to set the record straight as it relates to its cemetery workers. Earlier this week, the Christian Workers Union (CWU) voice its displeasure with the Belize City Council after the Council denied their representatives access to a meeting which concerns the union members who work for the Council …

Winds Orchestra Lands in Belize
The Mexican Federal Police orchestra arrived in Belize today on its Boeing 727 aircraft. The “Winds Orchestra of Mexico Concert” is being held tonight at the Belize City Civic Center at 7:00 p.m., in commemoration of Mexican Independence Day which is on September 16th. The 65 member ensemble heads back to Mexico City tonight to prepare for the official celebrations on September 16th …

Woman goes home to ransacked house
A resident of Belize City was shocked to return home and find her house ransacked. On September 11, 38 year old Kovenka Rodriguez James left home after 7:30 a.m. and returned at 6 p.m. When she returned to the building on Valerie Garnett Street, she realized many electronic items and jewelry were stolen from the home …

Minor busted on bus with drugs and ammunition
A commuter on a bus got a free one-way ticket to the Wagner’s section of the Central Prison courtesy of the Belize Police Department. On Wednesday, at a vehicular checkpoint at mile 64 on the George Price Highway, officers decided to check a commuter bus …

The Reporter

The Reporter has confirmed that five Mexicans parked in a white pickup truck just down from the Queen Street Police Station were detained minutes ago by Police. While details are scarce at this time, Police sources say that the men will be taken into custody at this time.

Earlier today Taisan Shop on South Ring Road in Belmopan, was robbed at gunpoint by two men. Thanks to quick Police work, the robbers were apprehended shortly after as they tried to board to bus at the terminal.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

“All is well with CWU,” says CitCo
The Belize City Council says that it has resolved its issues with its cemetery staff represented […]

OAS Passes Resolution on Recent Events in Nicaragua; Belize abstains
Belize has chosen to abstain from voting on a motion passed at the Organization of American […]

Nimord Fitzgibbon charged with attempted murder
On the afternoon of September 2, Belize City resident, Akeem Lopez came under gunfire. He was […]

Police find high powered rifle and other weapons out west
It never made the news but on September 6th police recovered a high powered rifle and […]

Armed robbery during September 10th celebrations
Police are investigating a case of armed robbery out west. According to reports, on September 10th, […]

Alleged murderer of gang boss on the run for four days and counting
In March of this year, reputed Ghost Town Gang boss, Kendis Flowers, was shot dead on […]

Father appeals for son detained and transported to prison
Sebastian Nunez, a father of four, took to the media yesterday in an emotional fashion. His son […]

Chester Williams: 110 gang members detained, 40 sent to prison
Since the activation of the Public State of Emergency in the George and Banak Street areas, 110 […]

Chester Williams calls out Audrey Matura for “distorting information”
Activist and attorney-at-law, Audrey Matura, has been making media rounds, in respect of the public state of […]

Mexican Police Orchestra arrive in Belize
The Mexican Federal Police orchestra arrived in Belize today, September 13th, at 11:50 a.m. on […]

Innocent until proven guilty, says COMPOL
On Tuesday morning, the Ministry of National Security hosted a press conference to inform Belizeans of […]

Peter Friessen and 2 Mexicans charged for major cocaine bust
Yesterday, police formally charged the Belizean man and the two Mexican men found near the aircraft […]

Police officer detained near drug plane is released without charges
Police officer Norman Anthony attached to Blue Creek, Orange Walk was detained on Sunday night near […]

US Embassy commends Belizean authorities for major drug bust
The United States Embassy in Belize today issued a statement commending Belize’s security forces for the […]

International Sourcesizz

Veterinary college partners open new clinic at Belize Zoo
The wild residents of the Belize Zoo have a brand-new veterinary clinic that will serve the medical needs of everyone from Sparks the tapir to Chiqui the jaguar. Members of the College of Veterinary Medicine celebrated this milestone with zoo staff when the clinic opened this summer. Since 2012, the college has made biannual visits to the Belize Zoo to collaborate on the clinical care of its residents. “[We are] now poised to provide exemplary nutrition and veterinary services for our wildlife, as well as vital training and capacity building for both our zoo keeping staff, and local and international wildlife care partners,” said the zoo in a Facebook post about the opening. “We were thrilled to be able to highlight this wonderful partnership by honouring the driving force behind it: Dr. George Kollias Jr.”

Belize offers expat retirees the perfect lifestyle
Relaxation, cultural diversity and a warm climate all make Belize the perfect destination for expatriate retirees. White sands, azure seas, sunshine and a relaxed lifestyle all come to mind when Belize is mentioned, making the island nation the perfect retirement hub. Financial requirements aren’t excessive, and immigration via the Qualified Retired Person Programme offers perks such as exemptions for import duties and taxes on goods as well as income and receipts. Better still, expat retirees’ don’t pay income tax on their pensions and investment incomes. Qualifications for the programme include being over 45 years of age and having a minimum income of $2,000 per month, roughly the amount of a couple’s US pensions. The visa doesn’t give residency, but does allow coming and going without the need for a second visa. Working is allowed, as long as it isn’t paid for. After a year’s living on the island it’s possible to apply for permanent residency simply by visiting the Immigration office in Belmopan City.

From kayaking with whales in Quebec to spotting toucans in remote Belize: Lonely Planet reveals the best spots to see 300 of the world's most amazing creatures
A fascinating new photo book reveals the ultimate places for spotting your favourite animals. The A To Z of Watching Wildlife, published by Lonely Planet, was written by acclaimed British biologists Amy-Jane Beer and Mark Carwardine and in total, 300 'exciting and unusual creatures' are featured. The experts provide details around each critter and reveal some of the lesser-known places on the map where travellers can find them. Scroll down for a sneak peek of the new tome - a round-the-world safari from the comfort of your chair...


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