Yesterday we got to ask the Prime Minister about the state of his recovery from back surgery. He's still in Havana Cuba after spinal fusion surgery on September fourth.

As he told us, there is, quote, "still a great degree of pain", but this time it's coming not from his spine, but form what is called "the donor site" - that's an area near the pelvis where the Cuban surgeons harvested bone to use in the spinal fusion. That basically required breaking the bone - which involves a long and painful recovery.

And while that is the bad news, the PM says that the good news is that his spinal pain is mostly gone:

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister
"That's absolutely the good thing. It has indeed - still, still twinges, still some soreness after I would by way of the prescribed exercise. But there can be no doubt at all that the pre surgery pain that was all across the back particularly in the right side that that's greatly abated. This pain from the harvesting of the bone by way of the Iliac Crest. The harvesting was done on the left side, and so that's where the concentration is but the doctor is absolutely confident that it will resolve in time. So, I, as I said, expect to be back by Saturday. For the first week thereafter I will work from home, I will sign whatever needs to be signed from home. But by the second week I fully expect to be putting in at least four hours per day in office, and thereafter it is my hope and conviction that I, I will simply continue to go from strength to strength."

The PM goes back to the Doctor tomorrow, and then is scheduled to return to Belize on Saturday.

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