Leadership Notes For The Belizean Classroom

The Image Factory Art Foundation announces the public release of a new book titled Bembe Vision: Leadership Notes For The Belizean Classroom. Researched, written and designed by Yasser Musa, Katie Usher and Lito, this eBOOK takes a different approach to examining our history, society and cultural landscape though the eyes of radical and revolutionary women across time and space.

Fourteen women are featured in the book:

1. Elfreda Reyes - revolutionary
2. Marisol Amaya - journalist
3. Felicita Cantun - culture warrior
4. Desiree Diego - world music champion
5. Zazil Ha - Maya mother
6. Cricel Castillo - pro-athlete
7. Lisa Shoman - human rights activist
8. YaYa Marin Coleman - community activist
9. Briheda Haylock - artist
10. Cristina Coc - land rights activist
11. Rosita Baltazar - dancer
12. Lupita Quan - sports activist
13. Guadalupe Lampella - marine mother
14. Audrey Matura - activist

The book is designed to be a proactive and provocative tool for teachers and students to ask questions about why women continue to be left out, ignored and erased from the mainstream historical narrative, and why after decades of political independence we are still in a pathetic state as it relates to women in power in Belize.

Bembe in this book has a double concept. It has a deep rooted West African meaning of community spirit of recognition going back thousands of years, and it also has a colonial context where females were called bembes or "bully women" especially in the early and mid 20thcentury labour-nationalist mobilization.