With the recycling movement growing on the island, the Recycle San Pedro has obtained a third glass pulverizing machine. For the past months, Recycle San Pedro has been doing an excellent job on the island, finding ways to keep the environment clean by recycling both glass and plastic bottles.

Empty glass bottles of all shapes and sizes are accepted and can be dropped off at a designated location just south of SP Hardware, next to the Garifuna Black and White Restaurant. The collected glass bottles are then crushed by the pulverizing machine, which reduces the glass into fine sand that can be used for making building blocks, bricks, pavers, and Water Filter Systems. In the meantime, the plastic bottles can be dropped off at several businesses on the island that has adopted the large recycling garbage barrels. The lids of all bottles are being recycled and used by Belize Interlocking Bricks & Pavers to make bricks, while bottles are sent to a recycling facility to be shredded and repurposed.

Island residents are encouraged to drop off their glass bottles at the designated area. The team further advises residents only to leave bottles, removing garbage bags, boxes or other packaging they may use for transporting the bottles. To learn more about Recycle San Pedro and the great work they are doing on the island, you can follow them on Facebook.

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