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Today's Belize News: September 20, 2018 #532395
09/20/18 06:15 AM
09/20/18 06:15 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Another glass pulverizing machine for San Pedro Town
With the recycling movement growing on the island, the Recycle San Pedro has obtained a third glass pulverizing machine. For the past months, Recycle San Pedro has been doing an excellent job on the island, finding ways to keep the environment clean by recycling both glass and plastic bottles. Empty glass bottles of all shapes and sizes are accepted and can be dropped off at a designated location just south of SP Hardware, next to the Garifuna Black and White Restaurant. The collected glass bottles are then crushed by the pulverizing machine, which reduces the glass into fine sand that can be used for making building blocks, bricks, pavers, and Water Filter Systems.

San Pedro Pirates draw against Belmopan Bandits
In the sixth week of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) 2018 Opening Season, the San Pedro Pirates hosted the Belmopan Bandits in a home game at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town on Saturday, September 15th. The match was intense, with tough defense on either side that prevented scores, and the game ended in a 0-0 draw. For the next match, the San Pedro Pirates will be traveling to Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District to face Wagiya F.C at the Carl Ramos Stadium on Sunday, September 23rd. The game is scheduled to start at 4PM. For more information on how to accompany the Pirates as a fan, you can contact 623-0772.

Ambergris Today

Belize Revises Status Of Forces Agreement With The United Kingdom
On Wednesday, September 19, 2018, the Government of Belize and the Government of the United Kingdom signed the revised Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and its Memorandum of Understanding concerning the Status of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom while in Belize. Signing on behalf of the Government of Belize was Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security and on behalf of the Government of the United Kingdom, the Rt. Hon Mark Lancaster, Minister of Defence.

Independence Day Message From Prime Minister Of Belize
As we prepare to celebrate the anniversary of our Independence, I have been reflecting on just how glorious an achievement it was. Consider the circumstances. We were confronted by twin, seemingly insurmountable odds: a large, militarized neighbor with an unjust and illegal claim to our country, threatening our extinction; and a colonial power reluctant to do what was necessary to help finalize our secure freedom. But we would not be deterred. And history records the tremendous persistence and skill with which Belize persevered and overcame. The nations of the world all remarked the force of our campaign. No one doubted that its triumph stamped our small country as one destined for greatness.

Government Denies ACCSD Info & Meetings On Cayo Rosario
It’s SO important to protect our Hol Chan Marine Reserve, for transparency and for our island to have a say in development here. One month ago, the Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development (ACCSD) officially sent letters to Martin Alegria, the Chief Environmental Officer and the Chairman of the National Appraisal Environment Committee (NEAC), requesting a meeting and public information related to the deliberation process in approving the Cayo Rosario development. Both requests were denied.

Misc Belizean Sources


eBOOK Bembe Vision: Leadership Notes For The Belizean Classroom
The Image Factory Art Foundation announces the public release of a new book titled Bembe Vision: Leadership Notes For The Belizean Classroom. Researched, written and designed by Yasser Musa, Katie Usher and Lito, this eBOOK takes a different approach to examining our history, society and cultural landscape though the eyes of radical and revolutionary women across time and space. The book is designed to be a proactive and provocative tool for teachers and students to ask questions about why women continue to be left out, ignored and erased from the mainstream historical narrative, and why after decades of political independence we are still in a pathetic state as it relates to women in power in Belize. Bembe in this book has a double concept. It has a deep rooted West African meaning of community spirit of recognition going back thousands of years, and it also has a colonial context where females were called bembes or “bully women” especially in the early and mid 20thcentury labour-nationalist mobilization.

Ascenthium Playing Independence Day
Ascenthium will be performing at the Boulevard in Benque on Friday! They'll go on at 4:00pm. Ernestine Carballo will also be performing at the Boulevard that evening. "This Friday September 21st! Catch us in Benque Viejo @ Boulevard Bar & Grill! the set starts in the afternoon at 4pm! awesome Motorbikes, great rock n roll and ice cold drinks, its time to celebrate!"

Parades on Thursday in San Pedro
Thursday morning the 20th September there will be two school parades, Little Angels pre school will parade from angel coral street to caribena st onto nurse shark st back to angel coral st to their school. RC School will start at 9.00am and parade around the town. Please avoid the area or take extra care and be patient.

Institute of Archaeology at the Banquitas House of Culture
The Institute of Archaeology is present at the Banquitas House of Culture (NICH) to celebrate their 16th anniversary by presenting Maya artifacts in the context of everyday life and use, both ritual and utilitarian. Come visit us!

Belize Revises Status of Forces Agreement with the United Kingdom
Today, the Government of Belize and the Government of the United Kingdom signed the revised Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and its Memorandum of Understanding concerning the Status of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom while in Belize. Signing on behalf of the Government of Belize was Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security and on behalf of the Government of the United Kingdom, the Rt. Hon Mark Lancaster, Minister of Defence. The revised Agreement sets out the new legal framework within which personnel of the United Kingdom Armed Forces will operate while in country. A number of revisions have been included to give balance to the Agreement, and to provide for an equitable approach, where appropriate, in the application of the Agreement. This is the first revision of the Belize-UK SOFA since the original in 1994, supplemented by a subsequent Exchange of Notes in 2004, which covered international training activities.

Currently underway in Belmopan is a three-day Traffic Enforcement Training Workshop for Transport Officers from around the country. At the opening of the workshop which took place yesterday, September 18, Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management Honourable Edmond Castro addressed participants, organizers and presenters. The workshop covers topics such as Roles and Functions of Traffic Wardens, Motor Vehicle & Road Traffic Laws and Regulations, Checking of Road Service Permits, Executing Arrest, Justifiable Force, Use of Special Protection Firearm while on Duty, Court Room Procedure, Summary Jurisdiction & Procedure Act, Judges Rule, Criminal Procedure Rules, Case Files, and Customer Service.

Independence Day Message from the Prime Minister of Belize, Rt. Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow
As we prepare to celebrate the anniversary of our Independence, I have been reflecting on just how glorious an achievement it was. Consider the circumstances. We were confronted by twin, seemingly insurmountable odds: a large, militarized neighbour with an unjust and illegal claim to our country, threatening our extinction; and a colonial power reluctant to do what was necessary to help finalize our secure freedom. But we would not be deterred. And history records the tremendous persistence and skill with which Belize persevered and overcame. The nations of the world all remarked the force of our campaign. No one doubted that its triumph stamped our small country as one destined for greatness.

San Pedro Independence Jump Up-Parade
Kindly take note on the parade line up for this year's Independence Jump Up Parade! Those that signed up, please be reminded that line up is at 9 a.m. at your designated area.

Bembe Vision
The stories of survival and triumph of 14 amazing Belizean ladies. This morning we presented Bembe Vision: Leadership notes for the Belizean Classroom, a graphic book designed, written and researched by Katie Usher, Lito and myself. It was a beautiful encounter and I thank five of the fourteen women featured in the book for attending. They are YaYa Marin Coleman, Briheda Haylock, Audrey Matura, Marisol Amaya and Felicita Cantun.

Trees Planted in Corozal
In commemoration of National Service Day, this morning Mayor Rigo Vellos and the Corozal Town Council in conjunction with the Corozal ITVET students, held a tree planting event at the park in front of Caribbean Tires. ITVET is officially adopting the park and a total of ten plants including 2 mahogany trees will now be dotting this area.

Belize EntreCon 2018
Beltraide has announced the date of the 4th National Entrepreneurship Convention. It'll be on Friday, November 30th. They are also doing another Business Hackathon this year. "This year’s theme 'Innovation, Society, and Knowledge Transfer as Drivers of Competitiveness.' seeks to explore the dynamics of the Entrepreneurial environment in Belize by advocating important topics such as Access to Financing, and Education and Culture. We are bringing local and international experts to share innovative strategies in how to build frameworks that foster entrepreneurial thinking, innovation and competitiveness.​​Entrecon 2018 will break the barriers, drive innovation and foster higher aspirations at all levels."

Belize - Sun Country Airlines

September Celebrations at Tourism Kiosks

Chargé Keith Gilges was out and about!
His day began with an exciting aerial reconnaissance to survey different areas of northern Belize and concluded with a courtesy meeting with representatives of the Belize Defence Force and the Belize Coast Guard.

Banquitas House of Culture 16th Anniversary
Today is a very inportant day for us here at the Banquitas House of Culture as we are celebrating our 16th Anniversary. We had the pleasure of hosting over 200 primary school students to view an exhibition titled Mayan Tools and Utensils. We would like to thank our colleagues from the Institute of Archeology; Antonio and Josue, for awesome presentations that each student and adult present today surely enjoyed while learning about Belize's incredible Mayan world. Here are a few pictures of how we spent our day.

Channel 7

Hon. Wilfred Calls BTV’s Eco-Challenge “Perverse”
Last night, we showed you the press conference that the Belize Territorial Volunteers and its allied organizations held to condemn, in the strongest terms, the treatment they received at the mouth of the Sarstoon from the Guatemalan Armed Forces. It happened on Saturday at the BTV's Sarstoon Eco-Challenge where the GAF tried to block the kayak race. PGTV news was out on the waters with the kayakers when the Guatemalan military aggressed them, and they clearly crossed over into Belizean territory to try and drive the Belizeans back. Both, the Government and the BTV, who rarely agree on anything related to the Sarstoon, say that the behavior by the Guatemalan soldiers was uncalled for, and a violation of international law and neighborly relations.

Belize Dispatches Protest Note To Gate
The first Government body to address the GAF's confrontation of the Volunteers at the mouth of the Sarstoon was the Ministry of National Security. They say that the BTV's leadership, including Wil Maheia and others, ought to have checked in with the BDF Forward Operating Base on the Belize side of the Sarstoon River mouth. The Ministry says that the BDF would have had no problem escorting them, if they were properly notified, but the BTV did not do this. Maheia insisted yesterday that not only did he inform the BDF and the Coast Guard Officers in Toledo of the Sarstoon Eco-Challenge, he did it on 3 separate occasions before the race.

Elrington Quick To Condemn Guats This Time
Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington confirmed that the existence of the diplomatic note of protest, but the biggest worry on his mind was the possibility that with the heightened emotions on the Sarstoon, there could have been an escalation of tensions between the military on both sides. In this context we note that Guatemala is beset with huge domestic struggles, and their President Jimmy Morales would seem to be only too eager for a distraction. But, back to Elrington. Whenever he has discussed any of the past confrontations between the Guatemalan military and the Belize Territorial Volunteers, has has always been very slow to cast any blame on the Guatemalans. Today, though, the Foreign Minister strongly asserted that the Guatemalans were "clearly wrong":

GOB Has Made No Concessions on Sarstoon
Reports from the eco challenge kayakers who were out at the mouth of the Sarstoon are that once again, the Guatemalan military asserted that the river is theirs, and that if Belizeans want to travel on it, they have to go all the way to Livingston to get immigration clearance to do so. Today, the media asked the National Security Minister once again, if there is any such protocol that has been discussed or established between the two countries. He said that the Belize Government would never agree to such a resolution, which puts Belizeans at a disadvantage in their own territory:

PUP Demands Sarstoon Protocol
Today, Leader of the Opposition John Briceno joined the BTV - and Elrington and Saldivar - in condemning the actions of the Guatemalan forces. But Briceno went one step further: he challenged the government to finalize the Sarstoon protocol so as to avoid future incidents on the boundary river. Briceno also commended BTV president Will Maheia for raising awareness of these Sarstoon confrontations. Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "We are very disappointed and we have been calling out the government for a very long time that we need to have a Sarstoon protocol. When we were actively involved with the work with Guatemala, we were pushing for us to sign a protocol..."

Belize and UK Sign First Status of Forces Agreement Since ‘94
And while it is no defense guarantee or representatives of the Governments of both Belize and the UK today signed a revised Status of Forces Agreement. That's the memorandum of understanding between the countries which allows the British Army Training and Support Unit Belize, BATSUB to remain in Belize. You'll remember that in October of 2015, BATSUB resumed its operations at full capacity after it had all but pulled out in 2011. Today Security Minister John Saldivar signed a renewed MOU with the UK Minister of Defense, Rt. Honorable Mark Lancaster, who travelled to Belize just for the event. Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington acted as a sort of witness, and the media was invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office in Belize City. We got a chance to speak with the UK Minister about the significance of BATSUB's continued presence in Belize:

In Price We Trust
National Hero George Price died on this day in 2011, at the age of 92. Price's health had been failing in his later years but things took a turn for the worst when he fell in his bathroom and hit his head on September 14th. He passed away 5 says after he was hospitalized. National Service Day was named in his honour, and, today, the focus wasn't on the tragic circumstances of his death but about his long and accomplished life of service. Courtney Weatherburne was at the annual wreath laying ceremony this morning at the Lord Ridge Cemetery. Here's her story.

Planting Trees On Service Day
But the celebration didn't end at the cemetery. PUP Party leader John Briceno and his team went to Dolphin Park in the Caribbean Shores area to plant mahogany trees and feed residents in George Price's honor. Caribbean Shores area rep. Kareem Musa also told us about his Save Dolphin Park initiative and how it is connected to the National Service Day observance. Hon. Johnny Briceno- Party Leader, PUP: "On this day we take time to reflect on the work that Mr. Price did for us. That he served this country unselfishly and that he can always be that example of what people expect of their leaders; a person that is humble, a person that is caring, a person that loves and genuinely wants to serve the people..."

PM, From Havana With Love…
And keeping it in the nationalist spirit, Prime Minister Dean Barrow won't be here for Independence Day, and that means the National Day Address will be delivered by Acting PM, Patrick Faber. But even as he recovers from back surgery in Cuba, PM Barrow has sent his own message. It says, quote, "I have been reflecting on just how glorious an achievement (our Independence) was…We were confronted by twin, seemingly insurmountable odds: a large, militarized neighbour with an unjust and illegal claim to our country…and a colonial power reluctant to do what was necessary to help finalize our secure freedom. But we would not be deterred. And history records the tremendous persistence and skill with which Belize persevered and overcame…No one doubted that its triumph stamped our small country as one destined for greatness." End quote.

What’s The Status of ICJ Campaign?
At the top of the news, we showed you our interview with the National Security Minister John Saldivar and Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington. They were discussing the latest confrontation between the Guatemalan Armed Forces and the Belize Territorial Volunteers on the Sarstoon River. Of course, the from the Foreign Minister's perspective, these confrontations will continue to occur, unless and until Belize finds a way to resolve Guatemala's territorial claim over our country. And the mode of resolution that the Government is pushing at this time is to take the Guatemala claim to the International Court of Justice. Its been a few months now that the Government launched it's ICJ campaign, and so, the press asked the Foreign Minister for an update on how it has been going. He said that he is has been surprised by the the amount of Belizeans he's encountered so far who don't know much about the history of the claim:

Elrington Courting Controversy Again
And you'll remember that at the ICJ launch event, Elrington said, "you've got to be crazy", if you don't want to take the Guatemalan claim to the ICJ. He took a lot of public heat for that, and Elrington, who's no stranger to controversy, was being put on blast for his "refugee" comment, which he made last night at the town hall meeting on the ICJ. Today, his word choice on this topic came up, and he freely acknowledged that he has misspoken: Hon. Wilfred Elrington - Minister of Foreign Affairs: "Because I, Wilfred Elrington, am a citizen of Belize and I have rights and cares and interests just like anybody else. When I am talking I tell people, 'go to the ICJ...'

Briceno Says The British Must Pay
And responding to that controversial statement from Elrington today, Opposition Leader John Briceno was reserved, but used the opportunity re-state his confidence in a favorable judgement form the ICJ. In an interesting historical revision, he says that if anyone is made to pay or give anything to the Guatemalans, it should be the British who entered into the 1859 treaty and then failed to honor its obligation to build a road from Guatemala City to the Caribbean sea. Here's Briceno's reaction and reasoning:...

Briceno Hangs His Head For Supt. Chi
Briceno was less confident when speaking about the fate of Superintendent David Chi. The veteran officer remains in jail on remand for allegedly abetting the importation of cocaine, and conspiracy to land a plane at an unlicensed aerodrome. The Opposition Leader who is the area rep for Orange Walk Central where Chi was posted seemed to be at some pains to discuss the grim fate and alleged misdeeds of a man he knew well:..

Capital Cops Found City’s Stolen Car
Capital cops have recovered a car that was stolen in Belize City last week Thursday. Details are preliminary, but using traffic stops and checkpoints, Belmopan police found the Chevy Cruze - and arrested the man who was driving it. Investigators believe the car thief had been hiding out with the vehicle for some time. The car - which was stolen from a female coast gaurdsman was taken to Belmopan after it was stolen. The car and the suspect have been returned to the city for charges and we'll have more on this tomorrow.

Red-Handed Robbers Remanded
Today, the trio that the cops caught running out of Fantaxia Restaurant after a robbery were taken to court. 23 year old Trevor Guy, 24 year old Tyrone Guy and 23 year old Leon Westby. were charged with aggravated burglary when they appeared today before the Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser. They were also charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license for a .38 revolver with rounds of ammunition in its chamber. Tyrone Guy alone was charged with kept firearm without a gn license for a black rusty 9 millimeter pistol that the police alleged they saw him throw over a fence. They pleaded not guilty to the charges. They were remanded into custody until November 1. Police also reported that the men had attempted to steal a gold I-phone, a carton of cigarettes, a cellular phone and $7,340 dollars.

9 Years Later, Alleged Murderers Plea Down To Manslaughter
Two men charged with the murder of a Chinese apartment owner today pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. Twenty-six year old Oscar Maldonado and 32 year old Jewel Palma made their plea before Justice Colin Williams. The third accused, 27 year old Jonathan Suazo walked after the Crown entered a nolle pros in his case. They were charged with the March, 2009 murder of 59 year old Taiwanese national Tsong Ming Liou. He was the proprietor of Bachelor Inn in West Landivar and they stabbed him to death on the third floor of the building. The trio had gone there like they were looking for a job - but planned instead to rob him. They went up to his office and filled out employment forms, but Maldonado then stabbed Liou with a 12 inch butcher knife in his head, neck, chest and back. The trio fled but were caught shortly after and have been on remand for nine years plus.

Man Accused of Pier One Stabbing To Court
On Monday we told you about the stabbing spree at the Pier One Bar. It happened early on Saturday morning and left three people injured. Well, police have charged a Belize City man for it. He is 27 year old Wayne Michael Leslie, and he is accused of stabbing Keenan Faber, and puncturing his lung. Leslie appeared before Senior Magistrate, Aretha Ford this afternoon and was read charges for one count of dangerous harm and one count of use of deadly means of harm with intent to cause dangerous harm. No plea was taken and due to the nature of the offense, he was denied bail and remanded into custody at the Belize Central Prison until November 1, 2018.

Maya Center Robbers Caught
Maya Center is a small village on the Southern Highway - but last night at 8:00 it was witness to a daring armed robbery followed by a high speed chase - which, thankfully, ended up with police catching one of the bad guys. Businessman Jinhong Zhuang 31-year-old was inside his store when four men barged in; two of them carried guns. They held him up and took $2,400 dollars in cash and three cell phones. Details are sketchy on what happened next but police detained two suspects, and Found one of them with this 9 millimeter pistol with 9 live rounds.

PUDP - Who’s Responsible For Crime?
And so that's tonight's crime news, plus coming up shortly we'll tell you about two men who were shot ten minutes ago on the southside. As we have reported, the Chamber of Commerce issued a statement criticizing both the PUP and UDP for not effectively addressing the crime situation in Belize. The release states "(crime) statistics show a national problem that has escalated under PUP and UDP administrations alike. The BCCI now calls on parliamentarians on both sides to live up to their oaths of office." Well the PUP party leader says it makes no sense pointing fingers but it more productive to work together on this national issue.

Late Evening Southside Shooting
The state of emergency continues in two areas of the city - but the violence on Pen road - which is outside the zone continues. Two brothers were shot 25 minutes ago on that street - fortunately their injuries are not fatal. The two men who reportedly live at #95 Neal's Pen Road, were both injured and rushed to the KHMH. The shooter reportedly rode a motorbike and police were able to catch a man riding this cycle who is the suspected shooter. Now, the connection of the shooting to tonight's news is that it is supposedly related to the Pier One brawl. As we told you earlier one man was charged for that - and the men who were shot are reportedly the uncles of the man who was charged, Wayne Leslie.

Haylock Bus Matter, All But Over For City Hall
Last night, we told you about the latest developments in the case which the owner of Haylock's Bus Service has brought against the Belize City Council. Attorney Godwin Haylock and his father, who owns the bus company, say that Mayor Bernard Wagner and his administration usurped the authority of the Transport Board when they granted a "permit" to Philip Jones, the owner of City Shuttle, to conduct Belama runs. Of course, this allows Jones' company to compete directly with Haylock's Bus. They say that that the CitCo "permit" should be rescinded, and they've gone to the Supreme Court hoping to get judicial review of the decision. Yesterday, the attorney for Philip Jones told us that although the hearing was scheduled to start, the judge adjourned it to give the claimants more time to prepare their claim form.

The Book of Bembe's
When you hear the word "Bembe" - it's usually meant as an insult, directed against a woman who's considered a little too "extra"…she da bembe! But, that the meaning a post colonial, male dominated society gave to what is really a powerful, blessed word. And that's why the thinkers at the Image Factor have taken the word back to re-claim it as a badge of honour for bold, and unapologetic trailblazers who do not conform to men's expectations. They today released a free e-book named "Bembe Vision: Leadership Notes For The Belizean Classroom." Katie Usher who helped put the book together told us more about the Bembe backstory:

The Night For Patriots
And while those Bembe's are surely patriots - they probably won't be honoured as such anytime soon. The tribute to the more conventional Belizean Patriots was held last week Thursday at the Bliss Center. We apologize if we're a little late in featuring the recipients of this year's national awards - but here they are now, all 18 of them,16 for Meritorious Service and two for the Order of Distinction. The group includes well known names, comprising sportsmen and women such as Pops Hamilton and Shalini Zabaneh, as well as artists and musicians such as Pen Cayetano and Daniel Bennett, and business leaders including Billy Musa and Cisco Woods.

Lindo, The Joker
Dean Lindo got his Order of Belize honour at the tribute to Patriots back in 2009. For the past two nights we've been reporting on the passing of this political giant, the first leader of the UDP, and a former two term area representative for Fort George. His chief political rival, Said Musa credited him for, quote, "shifting the political paradigm in a time when the PUP reigned supreme for decades," close quote. So, there's no doubt Lindo was a political titan, but he was also a man who loved to clown around, and come up with comedic quips. The Prime Minister - who was his nephew and namesake - told us that up until weeks before his death - he was still cracking jokes:..

Briceno Rates Lindo
Earlier this week, the PUP sent out a press release recognizing Lindo's work as a politician, statesman and attorney, and expressing the party's gratitude for a life of Service. Today Party Leader John Briceno spoke about Lindo personally:.. Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition "I consider Dean Lindo a true Belizean patriot. We may not have agreed politically, but I have always had great respect and regard for Mr. Lindo and our sympathies goes to his family and all his loved ones and to all Belizeans, because we have truly lost a giant this week."

Which Horse Will Wilfred Back?
And while Dean Lindo was the first leader of the UDP in 1974 - now the party is looking to find its fifth leader as Dean Barrow gets ready to move on. It is well known that John Saldivar and Patrick Faber are vying for the post - and there's at least one other fledgling politician, who may be a dark horse in the race. But Faber and Saldivar are on the frontline right now, engaged in countrywide tours, trying to garner as much support as they can in their candidacy. So, this afternoon, the press asked their cabinet colleague, Wilfred Elrington, about who he intends to back. He was very cagey when answering that one:

Briceno Not Buying Mexican Car Insurance
Turning now to that pesky issue of the new Mexican regulations for vehicle insurance while in Chetumal, Quintana Roo and wherever you plan to drive in our neighboring country to the north - there is now some uncertainty about just how mandatory that new insurance is. That's because Belize's honorary counsel in Chetumal says the Mexicans have not yet set up the legal framework for the insurance regulations to actually take effect. PUP Leader John Briceno told us he heard that too - and that's what he's going with:...

The Gillnet Divergence
Gillnet use by fishers is under sustained attack by conservation groups, and the Gillnet Task Force started meeting in July to "reduce the harmful impacts of gillnets." But, that doesn't necessarily mean a ban - which some conservation groups and fisheries stakeholders are calling for Yesterday, the CEO in the Ministry of the Environment told the press that they need the data before any decision is made:.. Percival Cho, CEO: "Whether or not that leads to additional closed off areas because currently there are areas where gillnets are banned within this country, or whether or not it leads to a full scale ban within our waters it will be based on evidence and data. So we will be making an informed decision."

The Styrofoam Solution
CEO Cho is also at the head of another task force, this one on the Phasing Out of Single-use Plastic Bags and Styrofoam and Plastic Food Utensils. Now, that's a tough one, because you know those products are everywhere. Cho says they are currently talking to importers and to propose substitutes to all those plastic products:.. Percival Cho, CEO: "Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change." "The task force that has been set up to execute this phase out are currently scheduling these consultations with importers, with local producers as well, and one-on-one discussions, and that is ongoing at the moment."

Channel 5

What Happens If I.C.J. Rules in Favor of the Guats?
On the eve of independence, the question of going to the International Court of Justice is front and center in the minds of Belizeans.  On Tuesday night, things got a [...]

Sedi Elrington: There’s Nothing Special About the Sarstoon Island
Reports of aggression against Belizeans by the Guatemalan Armed Forces at the Sarstoon River have stirred national ire.  The river is shared, or should be shared, by Belize and Guatemala, but there [...]

Belize Sends Protest Note to Guatemala
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent a protest note to Guatemala’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the two recent encounters between the Belize Territorial Volunteers and the GAF.  The [...]

Opposition Leader: We Need a Sarstoon Protocol
Leader of the Opposition John Briceño reacted to Government’s protest note against Guatemala’s armed forces which aggressed members of the BTV and civilians on the northern channel of the river [...]

Minister of Foreign Affairs Says BTV is “Reckless and Irresponsible”
While the government is protesting the GAF, Elrington also spoke about the actions of the Belize Territorial Volunteers. He says that for the BTV to take citizens to the Sarstoon [...]

Minister Saldivar Weighs in on Sarstoon Incidents
Minister of National Security John Saldivar also weighed in on the Sarstoon incidents. He says that they have made it clear to Belizeans that in an effort to ensure safety; [...]

Father of the Nation George Price Remembered
The People’s United Party today paid tribute to one of its co-founder and Father of the Nation, George Cadle Price. Price, a national hero and leader emeritus of the P.U.P., [...]

Belize and UK Sign Revised M.O.U. for Military Training
Today, the Governments of Belize and the United Kingdom signed the revised Status of Forces Agreement and its Memorandum of Understanding concerning the Status of the Armed Forces of the [...]

Sedi Says Belizeans Don’t Know Enough
Minister Wilfred Elrington says that the ongoing public awareness campaign shows that Belizeans don’t know enough of the facts about Belize going to the I.C.J.  That lack of knowledge, he [...]

Opposition Leader: “I believe that we are not going to lose any land”
Opposition Leader John Briceño is pro-I.C.J.  He says that after attempting all other avenues, taking Guatemala’s claim to the I.C.J. is the only way to settle the centuries-old dispute. Briceño [...]

UK Armed Forces Minister Ssays Belize Should Vote Yes!
And so the timing of the signing of the agreement between both countries, following two aggressive incidents with the GAF in the Sarstoon, raises eyebrows.  Today in an interview with [...]

Is Calaney Flowers Headed Back to Court in Death of Ex-boyfriend Lyndon Morrison?
Calaney Flowers was acquitted of the murder of her boyfriend Lyndon Morrison last year, having spent years behind bars awaiting trial. She visited the United States shortly after her release [...]

Police Operations Responsible for Drop in Major Crimes in August
The Ministry of National Security says major crimes were down by twenty-seven percent in August, when compared to July. The crime statistics indicate that one hundred major crimes were reported [...]

Breaking News: 2 Men Shot on Neal Pen Road
A shooting happened a while ago in the Neal Pen Road area. As many as eight shots were fired and two men were injured and rushed to the hospital. Police [...]

A Chinese Proprietor is Robbed in Maya Center
Chinese businessman Jinhong Zhuang reported to police that he was robbed in Maya Center Village in South Stann Creek on Tuesday night by four male persons.  According to the thirty-one-year-old [...]

Attorney Audrey Matura Raises Further Questions on the State of Public Emergency
Forty plus men have been locked up since September fifth following the proclamation of state of public emergency on two neighbourhoods, in south side Belize City, where the George Street [...]

Have Known Gang Members Evaded Emergency Zones?
There have been several reports made of law-abiding persons being caught in the dragnet in respect of the state of public emergency. There is mounting concern over the abuse of [...]

6.8 Million Euros for Strengthening of Health Sector
A grant agreement between the European Union, the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization for roughly seven million Euros has been signed for a period of four [...]

Bembe Vision: Meet 14 Belizean Bembes
The next time you hear the word ‘Bembe gial,’ it would not mean that a woman is abrasive or aggressive. In fact, clarity was provided to the meaning of the [...]

Wreath Laying Ceremony for the Late Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price
Today marks the 7th anniversary of the passing of Father of the Nation George C. Price. The Right Honorable George Price was born on January 15, 1919. He died on September 19, 2011.


Briceno: Cayo Rosario Project should be abandoned
In yesterday’s newscast, we reported that the Cayo Rosario project has been downsized. We also informed you that the Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development will be seeking legal action in order to protect the Hol Chan Marine Reserve from damage that may come about as a result of the Cayo Rosario development project. Today, …

Briceno: the crime problem is rooted in economics
Last week the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) blamed both political parties for the wave of crime that has overtaken the nation. Furthermore, the BCCI urged both parties to set aside their political differences and unite in order to address the problem. The Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno said that the PUP …

Only area of concern for ICJ is Territorial Waters
The Education Campaign on the merits of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has begun. The Referendum Unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received funding to educate the public by every means of communication available to reach Belizeans on the topic and the literature needed to understand the unfounded claim and the history …

MOU Commits UK Armed Forces to 15 years of training in Belize
The lush rainforest and jungles of Belize combined with open savannahs and crocodile infested rivers create a great experience under the canopy not only for tourists but for military training. The concrete jungle of the UK does little to prepare the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces for battle and that is why BATSUB has been present …

Briceno: ICJ is the best option
The Belize Peace Movement is against taking the Guatemala’s unfounded claim on Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Bobby Lopez, a senior member of the Belize Peace Movement, said the compromis is unconstitutional since it presumes that we could give up a part of our territory by allowing the ICJ to re-evaluate our …

Belize receives grant to improve health sector
Belize has good relations with the European Union (EU), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), and that partnership has led to a grant of eight point eight million euros to improve Belize’s health sector and infrastructure. The agreement for the funds was signed today. Dr. Noreen Jack, the PAHO/WHO …

Image Factory Art Foundation launches new e-book
A new book featuring fourteen women was released today. Reporter Sitnah Blease was at the Image Factory and filed this report.

Father of the Nation honored
A number of school children joined family, friends and supporters at the grave of former Prime Minister George Cadle Price, as they marked the seventh anniversary of his death. Price, who had an illustrious political career and was known as the Father of the Nation, led Belize to its independence on September 21, 1981. Belize …

Foreign Affairs can’t help with Rejected Visa Application
A sixteen year old Belizean was recently selected to join the Barca Football Academy in the USA. But before he could reach Arizona, 16 year old Jardehl Muschamp, had to come up with the yearly sixty-nine thousand US dollars to cover the cost of the ultra-expensive football factory school which costs more than most Ivy …

Protest Note Sent to Guatemala Over Sarstoon Incident
The third annual Sarstoon Eco Challenge kayak race was held on Saturday in the one section of the country that has been a hot zone of aggression for the past few years from our neighbor, Guatemala. The border at Benque remains calm and a source of commerce and trade with the bordering town Melchor. It’s …

UPD Party Leader Race could be a 3 way race
They raised campaigns in the past that were based on similar songs and similar slogans. The Big Deal and the Real Deal versions of the Christopher Martin song about how ‘he is very, very important’ was perhaps one of the most humorous aspects of the rivalry between UDP’s John Saldivar and Patrick Faber. And while we can’t remember which one was the real or the big deal, the UDP is expecting both candidates to convince the party delegates which one would give them a better deal as the Party Leader when Prime Minister Barrow eventually retires...

Prime Minister’s Message From Havana
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is recovering from spinal surgery in Cuba and he is expected to return to Belize on Saturday. From the recovery bed, the PM has penned his Independence Day message in which he has been reflecting on our independence and how we faced a militarized neighbor with an unjust and illegal claim to our country, and a colonial power reluctant to do what was necessary to help finalize and secure our freedom.

The Reporter

While the British today signed an agreement which will see an extension and expansion of training exercises in Belize, Minister of State Mark Lancaster states clearly that it has nothing to do with providing protection from Guatemala. Belize is a sovereign country, Lancaster explained, and responsible for its own defence. Lancaster also supported Belize taking Guatemala’s claim to the ICJ.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hon. Wilfred Elrington had filed formal protest
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent an official Note to Guatemala protesting the incursions and actions of the GAF this past weekend. But even as he condemns what he says was totally wrong, Elrington claims that the situation must be managed very carefully to avoid armed, hostile confrontation between the militaries of both countries at the Sarstoon.

Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) Wil Maheia vs Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF) agressing kayak racers
In a release issued moments ago, the Ministry of National Security has blamed head of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) Wil Maheia for the Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF) agressing kayakers during the running of the 3rd Annual sarstoon Eco-Challenge. The release asserts that Maheia did not alert BDF elements at the Forward Operating Base about the race – “Although totally aware of the proper procedure, Mr. Maheia did not observe them on both occasions and instead proceeded along the river without a BDF escort and without informing them of his intentions, whereupon the GAF seized on the opportunity to restrain the group.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

United Nations confirms continuity of Ivan Velasquez as CICIG’s chief
Today was the deadline that the Guatemalan government provided to the United Nations (UN) to send […]

Belize signs status of forces agreement with United Kingdom
Today, the Government of Belize and the Government of the United Kingdom signed the revised […]

Belizeans should not provoke armed conflict in Sarstoon, says John Saldivar
Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, today issued a statement explaining the recent encounter between the […]

Independence Day message from the Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow
By Prime Minister Dean Barrow: As we prepare to celebrate the anniversary of our Independence, I have been reflecting […]

PUP Cayo Central honors George Price on National Service Day
Today marks the seventh anniversary of the passing of the Father of the Nation, George Cadle […]

National Service Day honors Father of the Nation George Cadle Price
Today marks the seventh year since the death of the Nation’s Father, the Right Honorable George […]

Transport Department hosts traffic enforcement training
Currently underway in Belmopan is a three-day Traffic Enforcement Training for Transport Officers from around the […]

Belize Network of NGOs concerned over Guatemalan encroachment into Belize
The Belize Network of NGOs (BNN) today issued a statement expressing grave concern at the encroachment […]

PUP celebrates legacy of George Cadle Price
Belizeans countrywide are today commemorating the seventh anniversary of the passing of the Father of the […]

Belize~Citizens committee declares Victory
By Richard Harrison: The Belize Citizens Committee started as an idea three months ago and today is a countrywide organization with a momentum that spooked the Government of Belize into blocking its initiative to enhance the official Independence Day […]


Corozal Held the Battle of the Bands on Tuesday September 18, 2018
As part of the September festivities, a battle of the Band was held at the Corozal Central Park on Tuesday, September 18, 2018. everyone gathered at the Corozal central Park to witness the Battle of the Band 2018. It was the part of the September celebration in Corozal. It wasn't those types of Battle of the band where Drums are played. This entertainment was organized for the public to listen there favorite music. Reggae, salsa, reggaeton, Belizean Music, 80's music and more were played until 2am. Open Bar was sold at the event. Even food vendors came out to sell excellent food. It varied in a different style of food. Battle of the Band was my first time experiencing this year's event. It was quite a fun it was meeting the Miss Independence and hanging out with known friends. The year's band where Junior Vybzes Band, Dynamics, and Gillharry 7.

International Sourcesizz

NISOD Provides Belize Colleges and Universities with Professional Learning Resources
The National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) collaborated with the Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation (COBEC) to provide 15 Belize colleges and universities with access to NISOD's resources and benefits. "NISOD's contribution of membership resources to the Belize higher education community is truly a gift beyond measure. 15 institutions along with the Belize Ministry of Education will now be able to scale professional growth opportunities to every faculty and staff member on every campus," said Allison Martin, director of institutional effectiveness initiatives at BPCC. "We are so proud to have been a part of helping NISOD make the connection."

Joint Task Force-Bravo hosted Exercise Central America Sharing Mutual operational Knowledge and Experiences (CENTAM SMOKE) 2018-2 at Soto Cano Air Base, September 10-14, with firefighters from the 612th Air Base Squadron fire department and 30 participants from Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Belize and Nicaragua. “We are very proud to be here. This is an unforgettable experience; we’ve learned a lot of new techniques that we were not accustomed to in our country but now we can implement them. We can always learn something new and we are very happy and very grateful,” said Victor Balan, a firefighter with the Belize National Fire Service.

Inside the Search for a Coral Killer
Coral reefs are dying. Sarah Davies wants to know why. On July 25, 2016, recreational divers at coral reefs near buoy 2 at the East Bank of Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, 115 miles off the coast of Texas and Louisiana, noticed something strange. The coral, usually glowing with bright yellows and oranges, were pale. Colors were muted. Some were pure white. The water, normally clear at the reef’s depth of 70 feet, was cloudy. When the divers looked more closely, they saw that many of the reef’s urchins and mollusks had died. Other mobile animal species like lobsters and crabs were alive, but they had climbed to the very top of the coral colonies, as if they were trying to escape a toxic environment. “There seemed to be a depth limit, where death stopped and everything above it was alive,” says Sarah Davies, a Boston University College of Arts & Sciences assistant professor of biology and coral expert, who later examined the scene. “Below that depth there was just this blanket of death. The coral appeared to be de-skinning; its tissue was falling off, and there was this gray mat of algae that we think was sulfur-oxidizing bacteria.”

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  • Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) and Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF) encounter each other, 1.5min. Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) and Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF) encounter each other on the Sarstoon river during kayak race.

  • VoluMax landscape test Xunantunich, 10sec. WFD supports the work of the International Department of the UK Conservative Party, the office responsible for relations with and support to sister parties around the world. From Albania to Belize, Mozambique to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the office has a truly global reach.

  • Healthy Living: Belize's Annual Cancer Walk, 5min. "Healthy Living" is a health & lifestyle Feature produced in Belize for News 5 Live on Channel 5. The feature has been a weekly feature in the local newscast since 2008.

  • Amelia Snorkeling In Belize, 2min. Caye Caulker

  • Flying from San Pedro to Caye Caulker, 1min. A quick, quick, quick “puddle jump” from San Pedro to Caye Caulker. Belize’s sister islands with much fun in the sun!

  • Más allá del MAR de Belize, 2min.


  • BELIZEAN POLITICAL ACTIVIST AUDREY MATURA ON BELIZE AT A CROSSROADS (FINAL PART)!, 33min. The final part of Audrey Matura exclusive three part interview; the Belizean attorney and political activist addresses the oppression of the Belizean people in Belize through a systematic political two party system that have failed to protect its people against all kind of abuses like sexual, political, economic and emotional abuse at the hands of political cronies of past and present Belizean governments.

  • Belize military parade 2018, 3min.

  • BONEFISH BONANZA BELIZE, 20min. Fly Fishing for Bonefish in Belize is feature segment of this early Fly Fish TV episode that also includes a tie of the Mantis Shrimp and a book review of "Presntation" by Gary Borger by Gary LaFontaine. Features host Terry Gunn fly fishing with legendary guide Pops on Turneffe Flats Atoll. They use small crab patterns to stalk tailing bonefish on the plentiful flats of this famous angling destination. They talk a little about gear and tactics use to wade for bonefish. In the tying demonstration Terry joins friend Will Bauer as Will ties the Mantis Shrimp imitation use for both bonefish and permit.

  • BELIZE, 6min.

  • Wildtracks Returning Spider Monkeys to the Wild, 2min. Wildtracks is a non-profit organization in Belize is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of primates and manatees in need. They have had great success with their howler monkey release program and now hope to have the same success with the spider monkeys at the center. Charlie, Duma, Mattie, Mel and Penny (Current residents of Satellite 2) are all rescued from the illegal pet trade. These five endangered spider monkeys, now a close knit family, will soon be released as part of Belize's first structured reintroduction, establishing a new population in the north east forest. This ground breaking approach used will result in a replicable model for future spider monkey releases in Belize and the region, increasing long term viability of this species.

  • Bourbon Street's Rain Jaudon at Palapa Bar in San Pedro, Belize, 2.5min. Rain Jaudon is performs regularly on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana and traveled to Ambergris Caye to be a part of a singer/songwriter series.

  • Sports Talk Show, 2hr.

  • ACC Urban Garden Underway, 1/4min. The Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project in collaboration with Anglican Cathedral College and the Ministry of Agriculture started the construction of the first Urban Garden in the Downtown area. This initiative is one of seven initiatives the Project is undertaking this year and next year. Other projects already completed are the repairs to the St. John's Church, construction of a steel structure over the Basketball Court at Yarborough and repairs to the Court House Building.

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