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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Independence Parade
Belizeans on Ambergris Caye celebrated Belize's 37th Independence Anniversary with a grand colourful and patriotic parade!

Wolfe’s Woofer: Haircut
“Meet me at one o’clock for a late lunch at that restaurant by Brodie’s,” Sherry said. “If you have time, you need to get a haircut.” I was already tired of shopping, so I found a small two-man barbershop and took a seat for waiting customers. A barber finished one customer and took his money. Then he waved me into the seat. “I’m behind this young man,” I said. I pointed to an eight or nine-year-old boy who was the only other customer waiting, “It’s alright,” the man in the next barber chair said. “You can go ahead. He’s with me.”

Billionaire’s Poker Lounge debuts at Captain’s Casino
On Monday, September 17th Billonaire’s Poker Lounge debuted in San Pedro Town with a round of No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker games. Held at Captain Morgan’s Casino north of San Pedro Town, the grand opening of the tournament saw many eager players, who at the end of the night walked out with cash and other fabulous giveaways. Organizers of the event deemed it successful, with an excellent turnout of players. The game is a variation of the card game of poker. Two cards, known as the hole cards are dealt face down to each player, and then five cards known as ‘community,’ are dealt face up in three stages. These consist of a series of three cards, later an additional single card, and a final card. Each player looks for the best five-card poker hand from any combination of the seven cards of the five community cards and their two hole cards.

Doctor Love: Not Fanfare
Dear Doctor Love, My sister married her fiancé in June, and the planning of the wedding was a year-long drama with costs that skyrocketed, feelings that were hurt and fights that sometimes even led to things getting broken. I watched this all from the bridesmaid seat and swore that I wouldn’t have this kind of stress in my life, especially during what is supposed to be a very happy time full of love and hope for the future. My boyfriend and I have decided to get married. The problem is my family doesn’t like that we plan to go to the Justice of the Peace and marry in a civil ceremony then have a short honeymoon at a seaside B&B. The twenty grand we will save by not having a huge wedding will be put as a down-payment on a house.

Misc Belizean Sources


About 5:10 a.m., on 23.9.2018, Police responded to a report of a house fire at the Corner of Progress and Cinderella Street, Orange Walk Town Upon arrival, they observed an apartment that house the Petillo family totally engulfed in flames. Police were also informed that four persons were trapped inside the apartment. The fire was later extinguished by personnel from the Fire Department. A search in one of the rooms led to the discovery of three apparently burnt bodies identified to be Kevan Clare, 14-year-old, Mia Petillo, 10-year-old and Jeda Petillo, 12-year-old. Zelda Bowen, 31-year-old, Belizean Domestic of said address reported that she saw the kitchen area of their apartment engulfed in flames and ran out for help as her three children were inside one of the room. Her husband Alfredo Petillo who was outside running in the apartment, however, the fire began spreading and he got trapped inside with the children, they were all burnt inside by the fire. The four bodies were transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where they were pronounced dead. The bodies now await a post-mortem examination. The cause of the fire has not been ascertained and Police investigations continue.

Power outage scheduled for Wednesday, September 26 from 8:00am to 4:00pm to affect Halls Layout area
, Xaibe, Canlum, Patchakan, Carolina, Calcutta and San Joaquin. BEL to install and prepare poles for future upgrades to the power distribution system.

Independence Eve Christian Parade 2018
Many of the Cayo churches came together for an Independence Eve Christian parade. Downtown was packed. "There was a rainstorm throughout the day with intermittent power outages but it was a beautiful moonlit night that was just perfect for the very first Independence Eve Christian Parade for the Twin Towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio. It was a celebration not only of Belize Independence but also of the joy of the Lord that cannot be contained but overflows into the streets of the city with singing and dancing. Area churches joined together to create the parade that included floats, a marching band, music, drama and dancing. Free Bibles and Christian literature were distributed to the crowds of people watching the parade. There were 14 stops along the parade route for the special presentations, which were repeated after the parade at the Falcon Field basketball pavilion. Fireworks ushered in Independence Day at midnight."

A Belizean-U.S. band performed for the Governor General, diplomats, and Belizean people during the Independence Day Celebrations!
The Belize Defence Force invited five musicians from their U.S. Military State Partner, the Louisiana National Guard, to form a multinational band during 2018 September Celebrations. The multinational band performed at the National Flag Raising Ceremony in Belize City and the National Independence Day Ceremony in Belmopan on September 20 and 21.

The Reporter

Last week a friend of mine posted, on Facebook – “As a people we are lost. No principles, no loyalty, no moral compass…we think everything is about doing what we feel, never considering the consequences of our actions on others. We are selfish and self-centered.” Ihad to edit slightly because my friend, bless her acerbic soul, curses worse than a sailor on shore leave, but the message is intact. I start on a personal note, and I go there first because I am many things, many terrible things, but I draw the line at being a hypocrite. I have been as lost as it is possible to be. I have taken long journeys on seas of alcohol where my moral compass was nowhere in evidence. I have done, and continue to do selfish things, putting my wants and pleasures first, and my family’s needs last.

Residents of Orange Walk are still trying to comprehend the tragedy which took four lives this morning. There is confirmation that father Alfredo Ernesto Petillo, 35, stepson Kevaughn, 14, and daughters Jada, 12 and Mia, 10 all died in a fire which started at around 5:00am in their wooden home. Reports are that Petillo, his wife Zelda and youngest child got out safe, but he went back in to save them. Friends and neighbours say the fire is believed to have been started by a candle left burning in the home.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Senior citizen found dead in Caye Caulker
Police are investigating the death of a senior citizen in Caye Caulker. Yesterday morning police visited the residence of Estanislao Villamil, 75, on Estrella street. That was when they saw Villamil on the floor and his neck stuck between his bed and a drawer. […]

Cayo man shot in his left ear last night
A shooting out west has left one man injured. He is Harvey Trapp, 27. According to police reports, last night just before 9:00 p.m. he was at the residence of Noel Hyde located on Santa Teresita Street in Santa Elena Town. […]

Over $13,000 in cigarettes stolen at Western Free Zone
Benque Viejo police are investigating a case of burglary at the Western Free Zone. Yesterday morning, Eswin Gutierrez reported that upon arriving at his business, he observed the building was broken into. According to him, forty boxes of Modern brand cigarettes and four boxes of Golden Deer brand cigarettes were stolen. […]

Police issue official report on fatal fire in Orange Walk
When police arrived on the scene they observed an apartment that housed the Petillo family. Police were also informed that four persons were trapped inside the apartment. The fire was later extinguished by personnel from the Fire Department. However, during a search in one of the rooms, three dead bodies were found. They were identified to be Kevan Clare, 14; Mia Petillo, 10; and Jeda Petillo, 12. Zelda Bowen, told police that she saw the kitchen area of her apartment engulfed in flames and ran out for help as her three children were inside in one of the room. Her husband, Alfredo Petillo, ran inside to save the children but he got trapped inside with them. […]

Fire claims life of father and three children
BBN has confirmed that a fire in Orange Walk Town has claimed the life of three children and their father. We understand that the victims are the Petillo family who had resided at the corner of Id Cinderella and Progress Street. Reports are that the fire started 5 a.m. while the family was asleep inside their home. […]

One year old baby found dead
A one year old baby boy is dead under mysterious circumstances in Belize City. He has been identified as Kelvin Sanchez. The child was reportedly left in the care of his maternal grandmother who resided near the Krooman Lagoon. He apparently wandered away and was found by his father inside a nearby vat dead. […]


Working Hard Towards Former Parade Glory – Happy Birthday Belize
Yesterday was Belize’s 37th Independence day and countrywide the nation turned out in style to say “Happy Birthday Belize”. While it was always great the past few years, the parade has been a little light. This year it finally felt like it was getting back on track towards what it once used to be (but still nowhere near as big.) I say that because 12 years back and the next few years following, there were so many more parades, decorated golf carts, and big flatbed trucks for floats with increased giant speaker action. I did not see any of the friends I had loose plans to meet and of course, I ran into many friends I had no plans with. The first two I saw when I came barreling down Buckaneer Sreet were Mary and Tamara from, our local newspaper and tourism magazine, My Beautiful Belize. This was fortunate on my part as those girls are also crowd cutting professionals and swiftly had us navigating through the spectators and parade to the other side. We made it to Front Street just in time to catch the full parade at one of the best parts when it disperses into the park and turns into a big party.


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