A San Pedro man poisoned himself and died on a water taxi. It is a strange suicide case. Police found Umberto Alcoser’s lifeless body on the boat on Caye Caulker on Tuesday afternoon. His family was rushing him to receive treatment in Belize City after he drank the poison. Police told us more.

ASP Alejandro Cowo - O.C., C.I.B., Belize City
"Caye Caulker police were called to the pier at the San Pedro Belize Express where the inside of the vessel police saw a male person who was lying down, Mr. Umberto Alcoser, 39 year old Belizean of Tarpon Street San Pedro. He was rushed to the polyclinic in Caye Caulker and about 20 minutes later he was pronounced dead, what we understand is that Mr. Alcoser was being transported from San Pedro to Belize City as previously, either Sunday that the family had reported that he had drank some toxic liquid which they are not aware of what it was and he was admitted at the polyclinic on San Pedro and they were advised that they bring him to Belize City. They were in the process of transporting him from San Pedro to Belize City when unfortunately he died in Caye Caulker."

Courtney Weatherburne
"I guess at this stage you can’t say if he ingested or deliberately drank this poison of someone poisoned him, or put something in his drink or something like that."

ASP Alejandro Cowo
"What we were made to understand from the family members that it is not the first time, there have been repeated occasions that he was trying to consume this toxic liquid."

The cause of death was cardiac embolism due to to ingestion of an unknown chemical. A sample will be sent to the lab for testing.

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