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The San Pedro Sun

First-ever Miss and Mr. SPHS Pageant crowns Aaliyah Pilgrim and Kurt Cus
On Friday, October 5th, the San Pedro High School (SPHS) held its first-ever Mr. and Miss SPHS pageant at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium. The pageant originated in 1974, with Celi Jeanne Greif as the school’s first beauty ambassador. Hundreds of islanders attended the 2018 event, which is the school’s biggest fundraiser. A total of five contestants, three females and two males vied for the coveted titles: Aalijah Pilgrim, Kimberly Tzul, Babee Lopez, Everal Dixion, and Kurt Cus. After an evening of beauty, elegance, talent, and entertainment, Aaliyah Pilgrim was selected as Miss SPHS, while Kurt Cus is the first Mr. SPHS.

Ambergris Today

1st Ever Hyperbaric Medical Conference Held In San Pedro
Belize is known to be a premier diving destination and with this in mind divers' safety is of utmost importance. Dive Shops are equipped with the best dive equipment and staffed with the very best dive masters and instructors. But even the very best diver can find themselves in a predicament and something can go wrong; safety and how to deal with a diver's rescue is crucial. With this in mind, Dr. Daniel Gonzalez, along with the Belize Chamber Project Ltd and DAN – Divers Alert Network (Recompression Chamber Network), held a two-day Diving Accident Management Conference over the weekend in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. San Pedro currently houses two hyperbaric chambers; the only ones in the entire country of Belize. Medical staff from different parts of the country were invited to participate in the conference including medical doctors and dive masters/instructors from San Pedro. It was a successful conference.

San Pedro Town Mayor States Opposition To Approved Development At Cayo Rosario
Mayor Guerrero stated that he is “totally against” the Cayo Rosario development as it has been approved within the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. In fact, Mayor Guerrero and Belize Rural South Area Representative and Minister of Tourism, the Honorable Manuel Heredia, were a part of the initial team that spearheaded the expansion of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve to protect this very area. This approved development at Cayo Rosario contradicts the very reason so many worked hard to expand the marine reserve.

Misc Belizean Sources


Grand Opening of the Enchanting Gallery in Corozal

Meeting with cultural leaders at Maya Center
Last week, the Institute for Social & Cultural Research met with cultural leaders from across the country at Maya Center to learn about the exciting work that is ongoing to safeguard culture. Take a look at these exciting exchanges that took place. This is part of our work to promote the benefits of the 2003 UNESCO Convention on Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH).

FCD Chief Ranger in London
FCD Chief Ranger, participated at the Bz-Uk Association on October 6th, 2018 held in London. He updated on the State of the Chiquibul.

Restructuring of Fort George Tourism Zone
Aims to improve guest experience The Belize Tourism Board, in collaboration with the Belize City Council and other key industry stakeholders, have embarked on a project to restructure the Fort Gorge Tourism Zone (FGTZ). The objectives of restructuring the FGTZ is to improve guest experience, enhance the image and traffic flow of our Belize City Cruise passengers Port of Entry and increase sales for Belize as a destination. Over the years, the growth of the Cruise industry has also had a growth of independent tour operators selling tours. Without a proper structure to regulate the operators, the competition continues to expand and as a result creating a price war and a smaller pie. The plan is to implement an application form and criteria to operate within the area which is dependent on a trade license to operate on the public street authorized by the Belize City Council.


Expansion of Hemodialysis Program
This morning, the Ministry of Health, on behalf of the Government of Belize, signed contracts with four service providers for the expansion of its Hemodialysis Program. The program will provide coverage to more than twice the number of patients with end-stage Renal Failure. The providers include KHMHA, La Loma Luz Hospital, Miguel Rosado Dialysis Clinic, and Dialysis del Caribe. The signing ceremony was followed by a press conference.

Belizean Apps for Development Competition
Can you develop an app to solve one of these three issues? Here's an opportunity to do it and win some cash and prizes! The competition is open to all secondary and tertiary level students in Belize.

2018 Breast Cancer & Diabetes 5K Walk/Run

Dredged sand available on Caye Caulker

Channel 7

Two Die When Drunk Driver Crashes Into River
3 Belizeans - two of them teenagers - lost their lives in the Cayo District over the weekend. 2 drowned in the Mopan River after a terrible crash, and the other was murdered in a bizarre fashion at the Cahal Pech Archaeological Site in San Ignacio. We begin tonight's newscast with the double tragedy of the sisters from Succotz, 26 year-old Cindy Cowo, and 16 year-old Liarinette Cowo. On Friday night, they left from their family's home for a night out in nearby Benque Viejo Town. They were in the company of a family friend, 53 year-old Carlos Martinez. The last thing the family heard was that they were having a plate of ceviche in the early morning hours of Saturday.

Drunk Driver Told Cops He Escaped from RAV and Blacked Out
So, you've heard the Cowo family's perspective, as they continue to grieve the loss of the 2 sisters. We also got a chance to speak with police who confirmed that Carlos Martinez has been charged for drunk driving. They said he claims to have blacked out after saving himself: ACP Joseph Myvett, HNCIB: "He was the only one according to him who managed to break the driver's window. As a result the vehicle was moved from the river where the bodies were seen motionless. They were both found in the luggage or cargo area of his vehicle. Police investigation into this matter have since led to the arrest of Carlos Martinez for driving motor vehicle with alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit, and driving without due care and attention at this point."

Teenager Murdered At Cahal Pech Mayan Temple, Suspects Are Minors
And from that double tragedy in Succotz Village, we turn now to the bizarre murder of 19 year-old Bobby Garcia, a student from Kevin Drive Street in San Ignacio Town. Early on Sunday morning, Garcia's body was found inside the Cahal Pech Archaeological Reserve, in one of the temple areas that the NICH archaeologists have labelled as "Plaza E". He had cut wounds to the left arm, the left side of his chest, and to his throat. On Saturday night, He told his parents that he was heading to a nearby park. He never returned, and hours later, he was found dead, reportedly by tourists visiting the Mayan site.

Crisis At Claver College Forced To Resolution, Chairman Resigns
The crisis at Claver College in Punta Gorda seems to have been resolved tonight. But it comes after the past hour at the school has been crazy. Police showed up at 5:30. That's because a showdown was expected. Here's why. Many thought there had been a breakthrough and that the teachers would be reinstated today. But, the Chairperson Lisel Alamilla wasn't about to re-instate anyone. In fact she decided to lock down the school until the dispute could be mediated. So at 5:30 - when school was supposed to start - Claver College was locked down. Courtney Weatherburne is in Punta Gorda and she spoke to one frustrated student and the teachers' representative:

Teenager Shot, Is it Because He’s A Witness in Father’s Murder?
19 year old Thomas Ferguson Jr was shot this weekend - to the back and stomach. It happened on Saturday night at 10:00 near his home on Arlington Drive. Fortunately he survived. Especially fortunate because 4 years ago his father and namesake, Thomas Ferguson Sr. was killed - allegedly by his own nephew. FERGUSON Juniour witnessed the murder. And now, Ferguson Jr is a witness in the trial for his father's murder - where he will have to testify against the suspect, who is his first cousin. It's a dangerous mess, and reports are that's why he may have been targeted. Police told us what they know:..

Some Clues On Bones In Belmopan
On Friday we told you about the scattering of bones found near the sewerage treatment plant in Belmopan. Since then, police have gotten some clues as to the identity, but nothing definitive:.. ACP Joseph Myvett- Head of NCIB: "The forensic people did inspect these bones and they have confirmed that they belong to a human, male, which seemingly was dead between two to three months. Further searches are still being conducted in the area. It is my understanding that the main area where this was found, all the different man-holes are connected to this specific area where the sewage is connected."

30 Year Old Charged For Sex With Girl Half His Age
Going now to Orange Walk, a 30 year old man has been charged for sex with a 15 year old. The case of the missing girl came to public attention last week - and she was found day's later in the man's home. Police told us more today:... ACP Joseph Myvett- Head of NCIB: "In reference to a 15 year old missing female child, police have since arrested and charged Magdiel Ceas, 30 years of San Louis Village, Orange Walk District, for the crime of unlawful sexual intercourse."

Barbie Bar Brawl
And from that act of sexual violence, to a very serious injury to a bar girl. It happened early this morning in the city at a bar called "La Barbie". Police told us more:... ASP Alejandro Cowo- OC, CIB: "Last night just minutes before 8 police responded to a fight at 'La Barbie Bar' which is located near the Tailors Alley on Cemetery Road. Upon arrival police observed a female who was bleeding profusely; she had to be rushed to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital. She was later identified as Anna Heredia a Belizean of #21 West Street. She was suffering from a cut wound to the left tie and to the hand which injured one of her main arteries. As a result she was bleeding profusely. She was admitted and is there in a stable condition at this moment. What we understand is that there was a fight that broke out inside of the bar involving females and she went to part the fight and that is when someone attacked her with a pint and inflicted the said injuries to her."

Teller’s Sticky Fingers At National Bank
A teenaged teller at the National Bank is being accused of theft. Now it's very rare that cases of bank theft make the news or go to the police, but that's just what National Bank Manager Alvaro Alamina did. Police outlined his report:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo- OC, CIB: "Mr. Alvaro Alamilla, the general manager of the National Bank, reported to the police that they made an audit of the National Bank where they noticed that the sum of $12,000 was missing. Upon the inspection of the surveillance camera, they noticed that one of the tellers had taken away a bundle of $50 notes..."

Cabbie’s Stabbing Was Botched Robbery
But there are no charges, and no named suspect in the case of the taxi-man who was stabbed up on Thursday night. We first told you about the story on Friday. Late on Thursday night, 51 year old Rockson Odiete was attacked and stabbed by a passenger. Police told us more:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo- OC, CIB: "Mr. Odiete was Freetown when he was stopped by a male person who asked him to carry him to Kelly Street and other surrounding areas within that area. However, the person did not give him an exact address and after Mr. Odiete passed by Kelly Street and Hunter's Lane and other areas within that area, he drove to his address by Gentle Avenue and whilst they were there, the male person who was seated behind him just stabbed him several times to the chest..."

The Many Sides of the Move To Marion Jones
On Friday's news, you saw the fiery press conference the local tour operators and FECTAB held to tell both the Belize Tourism Board and the Belize City Council that they will not be moved from the Fort Street Tourism Village. That's the plan that the BTB wants to implement, because they say that the the area around FSTV has become too congested. The tour operators firmly oppose that plan, insisting that they will lose money and the opportunity to sell their tours, if they are forced to move.

GOB Will Pay For Dialysis For 88
Last week, we told you about government's decision to pay for two dialysis treatments weekly for all persons currently receiving dialysis treatment at four centers across the country. It's a big breakthrough for most persons dealing with end stage renal failure. But, for some it is a disappointment. Today when the contracts were signed in Belmopan, we found out why:... Jules Vasquez reporting: It may look like just another signing ceremony, but these agreements will save lives. This signatories are the Ministry of Health and the four hemo-dialysis providers: Dialysis Del Caribe, Belize Health care Partners, Loma Luz And the KHMH.

Health Minister Says Take The Soda Out of Schools
So, while 2.2 million annually will be spent to pay for hemodialysis treatments, the hard truth is, that is for persons with end stage renal failure - meaning they can only be kepy alive with regular treatments - they can't be cured. The only way to stop kidney failure as a cause of death is to avoid the conditions - which lead to it - mainly diabetes. And as you just heard - that Ministry of Health is determined to make those interventions and The Minister started with a bold challenge to the Ministry of Education today:..

Claver College, School Continues
In our top segment we gave you real time updates about developments at Claver College in Punta Gorda. Well, the situation right now is that school is in session for the first time in weeks - and the teachers appear to have been reinstated. On the other side of the coin, Chairperson Lisel Alamilla told us she has resigned. She pointed out that the replacement teachers had received threats which is why police were called today. Fortunately there was no violence, and things remain clam. Courtney Weatherburne will have the full story from PG in tomorrow's news.

Proud Belizean, Jarrell Wins
Belize- American top world heavyweight contender Jarrell Miller demolished his opponent Tomasz Adamek in two rounds on Saturday at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago. Despite weighing in at 317 pounds, Miller seemed to be moving well and he punished Adamek with big blows. In the second round, Miller went right to work with big shots. He landed two big uppercuts that sent Adamek down for the full count. Miller at 22-0- and 1 draw with 19 knockouts is now moving to a showdown with Fres Oquendo for the WBA "regular" heavyweight title.

Brian Brown Cleared of Charge
He has several charges of using threatening words, but today, Brian Brown, the 41 year-old reputed gang leader, was freed of a threatening words charge by Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer. In this instance, Brown was accused of threatening his brother-in-law Alex Gillett. Gillett reported to police that on April 30th, Brown threatened to kill him if he did not return a vehicle. Today, the Chief Magistrate struck out the charges out due to want of prosecution. The case had been meandering from adjournment to adjournment since April, and when the Chief Magistrate questioned the prosecutor today, he told her that there was no case file available for this charge.

Sankat Family Statement
3 weeks ago, we told you about Nishal Sankat, the son of the UB President, Clement Sankat, who got into some serious trouble with Florida law enforcement after he allegedly tried to steal a commercial aircraft from the Orlando Melbourne International Airport. Well, the 22 year-old University student, who was studying aviation management, will be deported back to his home country of Trinidad and Tobago. American news outlets say that on last Monday, he pleaded guilty to burglary to a conveyance. He was sentenced to time served for the 12 days he spent in custody, and he was ordered to pay $909.45, which was the cost of the investigation conducted by the airport's police.

Channel 5

San Ignacio Teen is Murdered Inside Temple at Cahal Pech Maya Monument
Police are perplexed at the murder of Bobby Garcia, a nineteen-year-old resident from San Ignacio who was viciously stabbed to death over the weekend. His body was found inside the [...]

Cowo Sisters Perish in Road Traffic Accident in Succotz; Driver Charged
Also in the west, two sisters perished in a horrible accident on Saturday morning. Cindy and Jarinet Cowo were travelling in the vehicle of fifty-three-year-old Belmopan contractor Carlos Martinez heading [...]

Did Pedro Pena Die of an Accidental Fall?
There is a third investigation taking place in western Belize. Benque police are looking into the sudden death of Pedro Pena. The elderly man was found with a large cut [...]

Humans Remains Found in Belmopan
Human remains were found on Friday morning at BWS’ sewage treatment compound in Belmopan. Police were alerted of the discovery at around nine o’clock that morning.  When they arrived on [...]

Body of U.S. Army Soldier Adrienne Barillas Returned to Belize
The body of twenty-two-year-old Adrienne Barillas, a Second Infantry Division soldier found dead at Camp Humphreys in South Korea, was returned to Belize this morning and handed over to her [...]

Convicted Murderers Get Sentence Reduced
Two men charged for the 2009 murder of fifty-nine-year-old Taiwanese businessman Tsong Ming Liou, pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter on September twenty-sixth.  On Friday, the duo, thirty-two-year-old [...]

Ana Heredia is Viciously Attacked During Bar Brawl at La Barbie
A bar brawl at an establishment in Belize City almost claimed a woman’s life after being attacked with a bottle for attempting to part a group of fighting women.  Ana [...]

Thomas Ferguson Survives an Attack on His Life
A nineteen-year-old resident of Arlington Drive is lucky to have survived an attempt on his life on Friday night after coming under gunfire while talking to a friend a short [...]

Was Gun-toting OW Cop in the Company of a Wanted Man?
Police Constable Michael Patten remains under investigation for discharging a firearm outside of a nightclub in Orange Walk Town last week.  While the officer will be dealt with internally, criminal [...]

Magdiel Ceas Charged for Sexual Offence with Runaway Teen
Thirty-year-old Magdiel Ceas, a Belizean laborer of San Jose Village in the Orange Walk District has been charged with a criminal offense after it was discovered that he was sexually [...]

88 Patients to Now Benefit from MOH’s Hemodialysis Programme
Fifty-eight more patients with end-stage renal failure are now set to benefit from the Ministry of Health’s Hemodialysis Programme. The ministry made the announcement last week, stating that it will [...]

Claver College Nine are Back in their Classrooms
Tonight, nine teachers from Claver College Extension, who were summarily relieved of their duties at the evening division, are back in their respective classrooms after it was found that their [...]

Re-instated Teachers Say Students’ Academic Wellbeing Comes First
Word of the latest development was immediately passed on to the student body and a leaked email sent to the newly hired replacements was reportedly circulated.  That electronic communication indicated [...]

Belize Audubon Society – a Partner in Managed Access
Over the past decade or so, you may have heard fishermen report that there are dwindling fish stocks. They say that they have to go farther and their catch is [...]

Half Moon Caye Declared Rat Free
The Belize Audubon Society has successfully eradicated rats on Half Moon Caye. The invasive species were highlighted as a problem since the 1950’s and subsequent studies showed that the rats [...]

M.O.H. Wants to Ban Soft-drinks From Schools
The Ministry of Health wants to ban soft-drinks from schools countrywide, a move which has already been implemented in some Caribbean countries.  The announcement was made by Health Minister Pablo [...]

ACES Rescue Thomas the Croc!
The American Crocodile Education Sanctuary has rescued a ten-foot American Crocodile called Thomas from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The outlook for the croc is uncertain at this time, as it [...]

The Weekend in Sports with James Adderley
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities...]


Road Traffic Accident results in Cowo sisters drowning in Mopan River
Saturday morning saw a crowd gathered at the banks of the Mopan River in Succotz Village, Cayo District. It wasn’t a festive gathering but a somber one as residents and authorities struggled to recover the body of two young women. Reporter, Sitnah Blease has the story. Sitnah Blease: The Cowo family is currently mourning the …

La Barbie Brawl leaves one woman injured
La Barbie Restaurant and Bar on Orange Street in Belize City turned into a crime scene on last night just before eight o’clock. 41-year-old, Ana Heredia was rushed to the hospital when she intervened to stop a fight inside the establishment. Heredia’s son, Derrick Reneau was quite upset when he spoke via phone to Love …

5Cs helping farmers to adapt to climate change
Climate Change is a concern for many nations. While Belize is a minor contributor to the climate change impacts; its position on the map makes the country vulnerable to the effects. It is on this notion that Belize finds itself looking at ways to mitigate the effects and become resilient. Carlos Fuller, the Regional Liaison …

Taxi Driver stabbed by a passenger
Last week, we reported that 51-year-old, Rockson Odiete, a taxi driver, was stabbed multiple times by one of his passengers. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo supplied an update in the case. Asp Alejandro Cowo: “Police were called to Gentle Ave. where upon arrival they observed a male person of dark complexion lying on the pavement …

Eviction put on hold
A Belize City woman saved her family and two others from being homeless after she found out that the owners of the house she is renting was having the property demolished. Love News responded to the area on Baracat Street this morning and found the movers removing the furniture from the lower flat. The woman, …

US Army hands over body of deceased soldier to parents
Adrienne Barillas, the daughter of Michael Barillas and Emogene Lopez, was enlisted in the US Army as a water treatment specialist. Two weeks ago we reported of her unfortunate passing whilst stationed in South Korea. The body of the young woman was escorted home and handed over to her family earlier today. Jose Sanchez: “Twenty-two …

Teen killed in Mayan Temple at Cahal Pech
Nineteen year old, Bobby Garcia, a resident of Kevin Drive Street, succumbed to a tragic fate as he was murdered by his assailants in a Mayan temple, Plaza E, at Cahal Pech Archeological Reserve on Saturday night. According to Bobby’s family and the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, Garcia’s body was found around eight …

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Shyne Barrow to be endorsed for Mesop!
Music Ambassador, Shyne Barrow, will be the UDP’s candidate for Mesopotamia in the next general election. […]

New research says ancient Mayans cured fish and other meats for trade
The findings of a new study by researchers from Louisiana State University indicates that the ancient […]

Canadian arrivals up across the region
Belize and the rest of the Caribbean region have seen a significant increase in the number […]

Police: Bobby Garcia butchered at Cahal Pech Archaeological Site
Police have today issued an official report on a body recovered from the Cahal Pech Archaeological […]

Teachers from Peter Claver extension reinstated!
Our newsroom has confirmed that the nine teachers terminated from the Peter Claver Extension College have […]

Police investigating death of Benque Viejo man
Victor Cowo, 23, reported to police that on October 4, he was at his grandmother’s residence in Benque Viejo […]

Police investigating death of Benque Viejo man.
Victor Cowo, 23, reported to police that on October 4, he was at his grandmother’s residence in Benque Viejo […]

Police investigating murder of victim found at Cahal Pech
Yesterday morning around 8:30, police went to Plaza E at the Cahal Pech archeological site where […]

Hurricane Michael moves away from Belize
Belize’s National Meteorological service was closely monitoring Michael as it gained strength to a Category 1 […]

Cayo Special constables elect new Executive committee
On Sunday, October 7, 2018, the Cayo Special constables committee held an election for its executive […]

Michael strengthens to category 1 hurricane
The National Hurricane center continues to monitor Hurricane Michael. Michael has strenghtened swiftly into a category 1 hurricane. […]

Tropical Storm Michael could become Category 3 hurricane
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) says that Tropical Storm Michael was almost a hurricane early Monday […]


Gorgeous Flowers, Pacas Preppy and Dodging Michael
Happy Sunday. This morning I awoke to a coolish breeze – had me reaching for my quiltie last night – and a… You might want to be seated for this. …a clear-ish beach. Far from perfect…and perhaps just swept out to sea for a day or two but it was a sight for sore eyes. The (now) Tropical Storm named Michael, after a week of sitting and festering off shore as cloudy, stormy weather, took a sharp turn to the north. And turned into a proper named storm.

International Sourcesizz

Stone tools found at an ancient Mayan factory reveal the mysterious culture cured fish on a mass scale and traded it with rival tribes 1,000 years ago
The mysterious Mayan culture used salt to cure fish on a mass scale as far back as 1,000 years ago, according to a new study. Ancient stone tools found at an ancient Mayan salt farm in Belize bear microscopic scuff marks that reveal they were frequently scraped against animal bones. Researchers suggest the group salted fish and other meats before trading it with other tribes, sometimes travelling 15 miles up a nearby river to close a deal. The study sheds light on how the Mayans - a culture we know little about due to their lack of a written language - met their dietary needs and traded with rival groups.

Explore these pristine, little-known Maya ruins
Dozens of swallowtail butterflies are dancing in the air, and we pull the car over to watch. We’ve been on the road in Belize for nearly three hours with no shortage of sightseeing along the way. The drive from San Ignacio winds through San Antonio, a Maya town that is also the home of my tour guide, Israel Canto. We drive through the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, and the deserted sustainable logging town next door. We take a pit stop to stretch our legs in a massive tunnel system–the Rio Frío Cave. Alas, we are on the final stretch, a few miles of dirt road leading to the largest Maya site in Belize–larger than its famous neighbor, Tikal in Guatemala. We are arriving at Caracol. “We effectively changed a lot of the perceptions about how a Maya city is composed and what a Maya city is,” says Chase. “When we started working there, no one could believe that Caracol was as large as we said it was,” a fact they proved through lidar scanning. Chase and his wife, Dr. Diane Chase, have been taking archaeological field teams out to Caracol since 1985, a time when the journey to the site was a two-day affair. In 2002, the Belizean government completed a road that cut down the trip to just a few hours. Today, Caracol sees about 10,000 visitors a year, which works out to just a few dozens a day.

Ancient Maya: Astrologists, Farmers ... And Salt Entrepreneurs?
The ancient Maya might be known for their mathematical aptitude, their accurate calendars, and their impressive temples. But did you know they were also salt entrepreneurs? During the peak of Maya civilization – from 300 to 900 A.D. — coastal Maya produced salt by boiling brine in pots over fires. The end result was shaped into salt cakes, then paddled by canoe to inland cities and traded at extensive markets. The latest evidence supporting the existence of the Maya salt empire comes from Heather McKillop, an archaeologist at Louisiana State University, and her co-author, anthropologist Kazuo Aoyama from Ibaraki University in Japan, an expert on stone tools.


  • Interview with Commonwealth Secretary-General Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland, 3min. At the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting held in April of this year in London, the Commonwealth member states reiterated their unwavering support of Belize’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, which they have expressed from before Belize’s independence. Belize Now had an opportunity to sit down with the Commonwealth Secretary-General Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland during her recent visit to Belize and discuss the Commonwealth’s view on the matter of going to the International Court of Justice.

  • Caribbean Wellness Week, 6min. Caribbean Wellness Week has been observed every year, throughout the region, since September 2007. In its tenth year as a participant, Belize marked the occasion with a major accomplishment. Here’s more from our Belize Now team.

  • Belize Snorkeling 2018, 9.5min.

  • Belize Coral Reef Dec 2017, 17min.

  • Tips & Caye Caulker Bars & Eats - Belize Diaries, 9min. Welcome back to another Brian and Cindy adventures in Caye Caulker, Belize. This episode is all about leisure. We had a very relaxing day enjoying some of the bars located in Caye Caulker such as Reggae Bar, Lazy Lizard, and Sip N' Dip. We also ate at some fantastic restaurants such as Maggie's Sunset Beach, Chef Juan's, and Chef Kareem's. Take a gander and watch our times having fun in the sun.

  • Road Tour of Belize, 17min.

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  • Watts Of Love, Belize, 1min. We went to the border of Belize and Guatemala for Watts of Love.

  • Belize Adventure Part 5 - Caye Caulker - We have landed in a tropical Paradise!!, 8min. We took the water taxi out to Caye Caulker, a small sandy island in the shallow Caribbean waters between the mainland and the barrier reef. Perfect way to end the exploration of Belize.

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