The Toledo Institute for Development and Education is hosting its annual conservation festival. In the past, it was called the TIDE Fish Festival, but this year, it has been renamed to the TIDE Conservation Festival, capturing marine and terrestrial conservation efforts.  The event opened today in Punta Gorda and continues over the weekend.  The focus this year is to beat plastic pollution and so as a result, a number of environmentally friendly initiatives will be held to promote green products. Stephene Supaul tells us more about the event.

On the Phone: Stephene Supaul, Operations Manager, TIDE

“This year, we are celebrating sixteen years of this event and we decided to choose the theme: “Beat Plastic Pollution; If You Can Reuse It, Refuse It.”  It is the theme that the whole event is centered on.  For the first time ever, we are insisting that all vendors use reusable plastic or we have biodegradable material that they can use. Everything will be biodegradable. And then plastic bottles…we will be serving water in cups; or people bring their bottles and we will do refills. So it is all about eliminating the single use plastics and Styrofoam on that weekend. On Saturday, in the morning at ten a.m., we have water sports for the kids at TIDE compound and then the tour of the south heads from independence to TIDE Compound at ten a.m.  We will have different activities in the morning. And then it is followed by TIDE’s Conservation Gala in the evening at Social Security Building from seven p.m. to twelve midnight.”

TIDE conservation gala carries a cover charge of fifty dollars. The activities continue on Sunday with a fishing tournament and a number of other family friendly activities.

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