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The San Pedro Sun

Local Musician John Stanley donates to Hope Haven
Local singer and songwriter John Stanley presented an $852.72 donation to Hope Haven after performing a series of shows at local eateries. “I got a message from Hope Haven that they really needed food and supplies, so I donated a box of food myself then decided to go one step further and put on a few performances in San Pedro and see if I could do even more for this great organization.” John Stanley performed at five local restaurants over the past week and replaced his usual tip jar with a donation box instead. “I knew it was slow season, so I wasn’t sure how much I could raise. I thought I had a lofty goal of $500, but when we counted the money at the end of the week it was over $850! I was ecstatic.”

Institute of Archaeology hosts Poem and Theme Competition in Commemoration of World Archaeology Day 2018
The Institute of Archaeology is launching a slogan and poem contest to celebrate International Archaeology Day 2018 which is October 20. The contest is open for both high school and junior college students. The Grand Prize for each category is an exclusive tour for two (2) of the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Caves with free entrance to the site, complimentary gear and lunch. Second Prize is a tour for two of Xunantunich and Cahal Pech with free entrance and complimentary lunch. Poems must be original works, focus on positive aspects of Archaeological Cultural Heritage in Belize and have a length of 20 lines or less. Themes must be original, focus on positive aspects of Archaeological Cultural Heritage in Belize and have a length of 10 words or less.

Misc Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Humane Society has a new clinic!
he CCHS has a new clinic. What you may not know is that clinic was literally built while all Board Members and were out of town. But because the Humane Society has amazing volunteers, the clinic was built and not a single Saturday clinic was missed. *Plus*, a spay/ neuter day got fit in just days before clinic locations were moved! That's incredible! Huge thanks are in order for the faithful volunteers who kept things moving seamlessly (or better) while the Board was out of town: Susan Pelt, Alex Sidie, Shaena Levin, Susan Newhouse, Staci Coberly, Joshuan Gonzalez, Carol Koris, Jax Lancio, Johanna Starck and Ellis. Also a bit thank you to Merlin for sewing some curtains for us!!

Mary Hill R. C. School Procession
Thanks to all those that assisted in today's procession.

Ear Nose & Throat Screening in Corozal
Corozal Community Hospital Service. October 19th, 2018.

Happy Indigenous Day Belize!!
On Day of the Americas, the Northern Maya Association of Belize (NMAB) salutes all indigenous people of Belize and their descendants, and recognizes the richness of their individual culture that make The Jewel unique. On this occasion, the NMAB recognizes the centuries of constant struggle of our Indigenous people for dignity, and human and cultural diversity. We commend the effort and dedication of all cultural promoters in the safeguarding of the intangible heritage of our ancestors and encourage others to follow.

No-Plastic - No-Styrofoam Exhibit
The new exhibit at the SISE HoC, based on the sustainable summer camp held in Bullet Tree, was launched last week. On Thursday 4th of October, Hon. Minister Dr. Omar Figueroa, in collaboration with Dr. Anita F. Tzec and her organizing team from Bullet Tree Falls village in the Cayo District, officially launched an exhibit on the results of the “1st No-plastic, No-styrofoam Kids Summer Camp, 2018”, which they jointly held in July of this year. The camp, was in line with GOB’s bold effort to phase out single-use plastic and styrofoam food utensils in Belize. It sought to create awareness in children and their families, on the negative health and environmental impacts of single-use plastic and styrofoam, as well as the importance of supporting this ban in our country.

Metal Haven 2018
Metal Haven is only 3 weeks away. Ascenthium will be performing this year. Verge of Umbra will be there too. It all happens in Benque at the Cancha Marshalleck on November 3rd. Tickets and t-shirts are on sale now.

Goff Caye Fundraising Excursion
Support the Belize Brain Awareness Society for a worthy cause. Goff Caye fundraising excursion for the entire family! Come out and have fun in the sun!

Uxbenka Visitors Center Opens
Our brothers and sisters of Santa Cruz village are breaking ground where the living Mayas are taking charge for the protection and development of our cultural heritage. Today they opened their visitors center with lots of feasting, music, dance and beaming pride and dignity in the results of the hard work of the men, women, Elders and young people of Santa Cruz. We congratulate them for their exemplary work! We thank all the friends of Santa Cruz both here at home and from abroad who have stood with them and supported their humble efforts. Together we shall continue to break new grounds!

The Reporter

It remains to be seen whether or not Belize National Teachers Union’s last message to the Government of Belize is an indication of the intention to initiate another strike. The BNTU issued a release this week, calling it a warning to GOB that the union does not approve of the way the Ministry of Education has handled the issue of revising the list of schools that receive hardship allowance from the MOE. The union says that it has tried repeatedly to express it concerns about teachers bei g disenfranchised by the new revised list but has not received any response from Chief Executive Officer Deborah Domingo, Chief Education Officer Carol Babb, or the Minister of Education Patrick Faber. The BNTU stressed that the Ministry’s actions have prohibited the union from effectively representing its members.

Over 1000 people have visited the Ramada Belize City Princess today for the 10ty Annual Japan Day cultural festival, being held under the theme “Cultural Harmony.” While the Japanese community in Belize is less than 20 persons, the festival has attracted visitors that have even come from outside the Belize district to learn about Japanese food, language , cultural clothes and customs. The event also features two popular competitons: tulhe cosplay competition, where participants dress up as their favorite characters from Japanese anime and video games; as well as the manga competition, where participants create their own comic script using Japanese style art.

A seven-year-old boy from Santa Rosa village received serious injuries yesterday after being knocked down by a pick-up truck while crossing the road. The child got hit around 5 p.m. yesterday between Miles 26 and 27 on the Southern Highway. He got a fractured skull, abrasions to both hands and injuries to his back. The driver, a 29-year-old construction worker of Silk Grass Village, said that the road was wet and slippery so there was no way he could have avoided the accident.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize Celebrates Hicatee Awareness Month
October is commemorated as Hicatee Awareness Month and this is the second year that it is being celebrated in the country. The Turtle Survival Alliance and the Belize Foundation for Research & Environmental Education ( BFREE) have scheduled activities and events this month that will honor the beloved Central American River Turtle, known as the ‘Hicatee’ in Belize.

Delivery Truck Driver Attacked And Robbed In Cayo
Reports reaching our newsroom are that shortly after 5 this afternoon, a Quality Poultry Delivery truck was robbed in Cotton Tree Village, Cayo District. The driver of the truck was attacked and sustained injuries to his head.

Guatemalans busted with machine gun in Benque Viejo
This afternoon, at least two Guatemalan nationals reportedly drove into the Benque Viejo Free Zone with a machine gun. Police searched their vehicle and found the weapon and as a result, the men were detained.

Police questioning suspects for murder of Orange Walk man
Police yesterday informed that they have detained and are questioning suspects for the murder of 21-year-old Jose Medina. Jose Medina and his girlfriend Lucia Luna were walking home Thursday morning when a gunman opened fire at them.

Attempted kidnapper denied bail!
He was recently accused of attempting to kidnap an eight-year-old boy in broad daylight and in front of his siblings in Belmopan and British national, Roger Wallis, 63, was arrested for that crime and remanded to prison. But last week, he reportedly applied for Supreme Court bail before Justice Adolph Lucas.


THE BEACH IS BACK! And Other Friday in San Pedro Snapshots
There is only one thing to talk about right now. The plague has subsided. The sargasso has stopped…for a few days now. Since the Tropical Depression that turned into Hurricane Michael breezed by us. LOOK! The sea floor! I won’t get too cocky but I’ll show you some pictures. The water isn’t TOTALLY clear yet…there is still plenty of decaying seaweed that needs to be swept away but HOPEFUL! I am very very very hopeful. I’m sure this tiny rainbow over the lagoon this morning means something positive. Other Friday happenings. Stopping for tacos and BANANA juice at Neri’s Tacos. My order: 3 dollar pork taco with onion, no chile and a banana juice.

International Sourcesizz

Belize: From speed bumps to biting bugs
Economically poor, Belize is rich in biting bugs called “no-see-ems.” While you can’t see “no-see-ems,” you can “feel-em.” And the welts on your body the next day let you see-em and feel-em. Belize replaces speed traps with speed bumps. A total of 37 massive concrete slabs stop traffic in a 24-mile stretch from Palencia. Brits call them “sleeping policemen.” Question: What’s a Belizean crash-test dummy? Answer: A drunk who smashes into a speed bump at full speed.

Expedition into Belize Blue Hole could unlock ancient Mayan secrets
A world-first submarine expedition, involving billionaire Richard Branson, will explore the darkest depths of Belize's Blue Hole, using military-grade sonar to map the sinkhole's vast underwater interior in wondrous detail. Situated 70km off the Belize coast, the giant Blue Hole is one of the world's leading scuba dive spots, and the UNESCO site is believed to hold clues to the mystery of how the Mayan civilisation collapsed between 800 and 1000 AD. The bottom of the Blue Hole, which measures 124 metres deep, has been reached by divers before. But the environment, enveloped in total darkness, is inhospitable and divers are unable to linger for long periods. Expedition leader Harvey Flemming says the large team, which includes Branson and Fabien Cousteau, grandson of famed ocean explorer Jacques, don't really know what they will find.

Redefine the Dive: 10 Tips to Dive Sustainably
Here are some good tips you can practice personally while diving or snorkeling to help care for our fragile and majestic underwater environment. Coral reefs are among the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Samantha Craven from the Reef-World Foundation shares the basic things divers can do to protect these unique environments. Nature-based tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and diving numbers are rapidly increasing – there are an estimated one million new divers certified every year. In terms of protecting the environments that these divers travel to see, tourism is a great non-extractive, educational industry that helps create advocates simply by experiencing a reef! However, it is not without its pitfalls.


  • Christin + Courtney | Belize Intimate Destination Wedding, 7min.

  • Music outreach and exchange at the Office of the Music Ambassador Belize with Aurelio Martinez, 15min. Aurelio Martinez jamming with us. Eliane Amherd: vox and percussion, Aurelion Martinez: guitar and vox, Dawn Drake: bass, Mara Rosenbloom: keys, Paula Green: percussion, Beza Gebre: drums.

  • Belize Mainland Chocolate Tour, 5min. See how cacao is grown, harvested, and turned into the delicious chocolate treat we love so much. Belize is known worldwide for it's high quality chocolate so when you visit, you have to enjoy some.

  • Rio on Pools in Belize, 4min. I visited Rio on Pools & Rio Frio Cave while in Cayo, Belize. Despite the rain, I was able to swim in the refreshing waters of the river. The rocks were a bit slippery from the algae, but the water was pretty clear and capped off a great day of adventures to the Mayan Ruins at Carcol.

  • Belize 2018, 8min.

  • 3 days in BELIZE with my closest friends, 4min. This was a quick fun trip with my cousin chuong and my good friend long to Belize. We spent 3 days of exploring as much as we can. We sailed on a boat an hour away from the shoreline to a private island in the silk keys. We swam with nurse sharks, sting rays and turtles. Our guide even grilled fresh food on a private island. Also, explored the caves by tubing! This is an experience i'll never forget.

  • The first encounter between Colombus and the Maya, 3min.