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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: The Maid
“Hello, Marsha. What’s up?” I was sitting at one of the beachside tables at the Holiday Hotel having coffee with my friend Bill when his wife called him. “Oh, no!” he said, when he got off the phone. “We’re having problems with our maid, Lupe, again.” “She’s been with you for years,” I said. “I never knew you had problems with her.” “She started working for us six years ago. After five months she said she had to quit because she was pregnant and didn’t have a husband. She was going to leave San Pedro and go back to her village.

It is outrageous that BECOL-Fortis (a Canadian owned corporation), the owner and operator of the Macal River dams portray themselves as “sharing information” and getting feedback from the public, a fantasy they continue to perpetuate. BECOL is required to inform the people and respond to our concerns about the problems that directly affect our lives and health. BECOL is required to test the levels of mercury in the fish in the Macal River and inform the public on the dangers of eating fish high in mercury; BECOL is required to test the water of the river and inform the people of the test results; BECOL is required to have a workable Dam Break Early Warning System in place – something they were to do when the Chalillo Dam went online, 13 years ago but have still failed to do. We attended another session BECOL labels a “public discussion” on 28 September 2018. These are some notes from that meeting.

Doctor Love: Where is the beef?
Dear Doctor Love, I have a vegan friend who has become fanatical about the “animal free” diet. If we are with a group and someone mentions getting food she will insist on a vegan restaurant and expects six or eight others to cater to her instead of going to the restaurant they choose and selecting a vegan dish for herself. Heaven forbid someone should mention lobster and she hear them because they will get an earful from her. She has now decided her new puppy will be a vegan and I am worried she will kill it with kindness. She thinks animals are taught by man to eat meat, including wild lions and alligators and she holds humans responsible for animals killing prey for food. Her beliefs aside, I worry about the health of her puppy. Please tell her that dogs are carnivores and a vegan diet isn’t good for her pet. /s/ Where’s the Beef?

Misc Belizean Sources


Mr. Miguel “Sabas” Rivero Jr. passes away in San Pedro
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Councilors and Staff extends its deepest condolences to the Rivero family and friends on the passing of Mr. Miguel “Sabas” Rivero Jr. San Pedro has lost another pioneer in the fishing industry. May his soul rest in peace.

Ashley Say Wut?
The Wildfire Artzmosphere is having a human beatbox event on Saturday, October 27th, entitled 'Ashley Say Wut?' The best starts at 7:30pm.

No-Plastic - No-Styrofoam Exhibit
The new exhibit at the SISE HoC, based on the sustainable summer camp held in Bullet Tree, was launched last week. On Thursday 4th of October, Hon. Minister Dr. Omar Figueroa, in collaboration with Dr. Anita F. Tzec and her organizing team from Bullet Tree Falls village in the Cayo District, officially launched an exhibit on the results of the “1st No-plastic, No-styrofoam Kids Summer Camp, 2018”, which they jointly held in July of this year. The camp, was in line with GOB’s bold effort to phase out single-use plastic and styrofoam food utensils in Belize..

Another fun Urban Birdwatch at San Pedro
We had swooping Peregrine Falcons, Reddish Egret and dozens of migrant Warblers with this cool crew.

After leaving tollan Quetzalcoatl(Kukulkan) traveled in other locations of MesoAmerica . According to the Books of Chilam Balam the sacred books of the Yucatec Maya .Kukulkan the Native prophet reach to the Maya lands of Yucatan Peninsula in Katun 4 Ahua . The natives admired his wisdom and called him K'uk'ulkan . The Books of Chilam Balam speak about the prophecies of the return of Kukulkan . According to another legend the city of Cuzcatlan today in Salvador was founded by Quetzalcoatl(Kukulkan) . The art of the pyramids revealed a Maya and Toltec influence . Kukulkan loved his people so much that he abolished Human Sacrifed , Reigning in peace and prosperity he contributed much to the lifestyle of the Toltecs with basic ideas such as civilization before he started his journing in Mesoamerica .

The Reporter

Police are asking the public’s assistance in locating Marta Ventura, 20, who has been missing since October 7th. Ventura left her mother’s home in the Arizona area of Teakettle at around 2:00pm that day and never returned. She was last seen at the Marisol Bar in Belmopan. If you see her or have any information which could lead to finding her you’re asked to call the nearest Police Station.

Corozal Police are investigating the death of American national Claire Elizabeth Rigdon, 49. Just after 9:00pm on Saturday officers were called to the home of Robley Smith Rigdon Jr. on the Consejo Road where they found the body of the woman lying beside a pool. According to Rigdon, he and his wife were socializing by the pool that evening and he fell asleep. He told Police that when he woke up he found her floating in the pool.

Two Guatemalan nationals, Armando Hub Pop and Jose Juan García Palma, have been formally charged for Keeping a Prohibited Firearm and Keeping Ammunition without a License. The men were detained yesterday afternoon in the Western Free Zone with a high-powered weapon identified as an UZI PRO pistol, similar to the one shown here.

The best cyclist from Belize are stepping into a short but power-pac race, of just 90 miles that will be held this weekend in the Dominican Republics. Our best from Belize will be competing against cycling stars from 11 other countries in the region. This is cycling on a regional and international stage !, many of the participants form the other countries are top-notch cyclist.

Two men robbed a water delivery truck in the vicinity of 8 Miles along the George Price Highway yesterday. Reports are that Jose Avila, 42, and his assistant Juan Montero, 44, were making a delivery around 2:30 p.m.when two men with their faces half-covered approached them.

The body of the man found in the vehicle in Mahogany Heights has been identified as that of Noel Leal Jr. Sources tell us he was shot in the head. He is the son of a senior cop but had several brushes with the law and was charged for drug trafficking in 2017.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belizean journalist completes certification course at Poynter Institute
Belizean journalist, Zoila Gonzalez, a member of our Breaking Belize News team has successfully completed a certification course at the Poynter Institute for Journalism in Tampa, Florida. The Poynter Institute is recognized as the global leader in journalism. Poynter experts focus on fact checking, ethics, leadership, innovation and explore the intersection of journalism, technology and the public interest.

Police find ammo and pistol in Santa Elena
Yesterday evening police conducted a search in an open lot located on Toucan street in Santa Elena town. That search led to the discovery of a Rossi brand .38 special revolver with fifty .38 special live ammunition.

Two Guatemalan police men jailed for firearm offenses
Two Guatemalan police officers have been charged for firearm related offences in Belize. They are Jose Juan Garcia Palma, 31, and Armando Hub Pop, 35. According to police reports, yesterday cops visited the Benque Viejo Del Carmen Town Commercial Free Zone where they saw both men in a Hilux Toyota pick up truck.

Teakettle woman woman missing for 7 days
Out west, police are investigating the disappearance of a 20 year old woman. She has been identifird as Teakettle villager, Martha Ventura, 20. Ruben Ventura, 37, told police that the young woman left her mother’s home since October 10th and has not been seen since.

Man dies after losing control and plunging into river
A man lost his life last night in a road traffic accident in Orange Walk. Around 11:30 last night, police were called to the San Antonio bridge located at the entrance of San Antonio village. There, police saw a grey Ford Ranger pickup submerged in the Rio Hondo river.

Hilux stolen in Corozal
A Toyota Hilux was reportedly stolen yesterday morning in Corozal. Xaibe resident, Solangel Elvira Itzab told police that between the hours of 3:45 and 7:00 a.m., her gold Hilux pickup with license plate L/P CZL-C-07907 was stolen from her yard.

Belize~ has two titles to enforce
By Richard Harrison: Belize has two titles to its land…all 8867 square miles of it: 1859 Treaty between UK and Guatemala 1981 Independence between Belize, UK and United Nations Charter, which supercedes all previous treaties. Belize has all rights to exercise its borders using both… To enforce our borders using the first one involves litigation risk…which makes a lot of money for lawyers and the status quo they are working for.

Stolen vehicle found scrapped in Rancho Dolores
A 2007 KIA Sportage vehicle that was reported stolen on September 1, 2018, was found on October 10, 2018. The vehicle was stolen from Baymen Avenue, Belize City where it was parked. However, there was barely anything left of the vehicle when police found it.

Vehicle falls off bridge and into river
Just before midnight a grey Ford pick up truck fell off the San Antonio Bridge in the Orange Walk District. The vehicle and its driver plunged into the river. Details are sketchy but we can confirm that there was at least one fatality.

Man found dead in parked vehicle
Confirmed reports are that a body was recovered from a parked car in Mahogany Heights. It has been identified as Noel Leal Jr. According to reports he was seen with a gunshot injury to his head.

International Sourcesizz

Montserrat defeats Belize at Inaugural CONCACAF Nations League Qualifying tournament
Montserrat earned their first win in over five years with a 1-0 home triumph over Belize at the Blakes Estate Stadium in Lookout. The two teams traded scoring chances in the first half, with the home side coming closest only to be denied by Belize GK Woodrow West, who made a number of excellent saves. Montserrat kept plugging away though and they found the game’s lone goal in the 74’ with what could go down as the goal of the tournament. Spencer Weir played a one-two combination with Adrian Clifton that saw Spencer collect a ball on the left edge of the area and curl a picture-perfect right-footed shot into the top right corner of the net.

IMF predicts strong but uneven growth for Caribbean
In its October 2018 Regional Outlook Report for The Caribbean, the wider South America and Central America, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted strong but yet uneven growth for the Central American and Caribbean region over the next two years. For the Caribbean and Central American region, the IMF said that recent negative revisions to the effective forecasts hinged on the impact the United States had on their dependent economies with regard to higher tariffs and increased trade costs. However, due to increased employment prospects in the USA, tourism for the Caribbean is expected to produce an upswing large enough to absorb some of the negative impact from negatively impacting terms of trade from the USA and other larger economies; and for Central America, which is more dependent on remittances...


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