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The San Pedro Sun

Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Patrick Faber and Ms. Sapna Budhrani, President of NICH, Bestow Title of Artist Emeritus and Awards to Three Outstanding Belizean Artists
Honourable Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, Minister with the portfolio of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture along with Ms. Sapna Budhrani, President of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) today presented Mr. Florencio Mes, Ms. Myrna Manzanares and Gerald “Lord” Rhaburn with the title of Artist Emeritus at the Museum of Belize. Ms. Budhrani, President of NICH, welcomed all to the ceremony sharing that, “Belize is blessed with diversity, nature, ethnicities and cultural heroes; living, inspiring individuals who have made us dance, laugh and appreciate.” She recounted her personal experiences of listening to Mr. Mes’s harp music and how the soothing music helped to strengthen her concentration and focus, her appreciation of Ms. Manzanares’ writings of the Belizean Creole Culture that are shared locally and internationally...

AWS and OAS working together to support Latin America in Natural Disasters
Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Organization of American States (OAS) announced a collaboration to work together on initiatives to help develop better prepared communities and nations by reducing the impact of natural disasters on socio-economic development. The alliance, memorialized by AWS and OAS during a private event at OAS Headquarters in Washington, D.C. will benefit the countries, dependencies, and territories within Latin America and the Caribbean. This is the second collaboration of this nature between AWS and OAS, after launching an inaugural series of workshops and whitepapers on cybersecurity best practices for companies and government agencies in Latin America, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Caribbean countries and territories are better prepared to keep imported measles from sparking outbreaks
It’s been more than 25 years since the Caribbean reported its last case of indigenous measles. But the risk of imported cases has persisted because measles continues to circulate in countries around the world. To protect its member countries and territories in the region, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) recently held a three-day workshop in Jamaica on preparedness and response to imported measles and rubella cases. The trainees were 35 health officers specialized in immunization and/or epidemiology from 25 Caribbean countries and territories.

Ambergris Today

BTB Holds 16th National Tourism Award Gala Event
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) celebrated its signature event, the highly anticipated 16th National Tourism Awards Gala Event on Saturday, October 20th at Caribbean Motors in Belize City. Without fail La Isla Bonita, San Pedro, made its presence at this highly anticipated event and walked away with several top awards including, Hospitality Award, Small Accommodation of the Year, Tour Guide Association Of the Year and Top Performing Hotel Award. The 16th National Tourism Awards was the zenith for the accomplishments made over the past year by our local industry partners. All this hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed as the BTB acknowledged our tourism professionals...

10th Annual Blue Water Classic Fishing Tournament
The BGFA’s longest running tournament, the Blue Water Classic, was hosted once again out of the picturesque Blue Marlin Lodge on stunning South Water Caye. Building on the success of last year’s tournament, the BGFA was able to up the tournament’s prize money with first place set at $10,000 and total prize money of over $30,000! This year we were also very excited to welcome 6 boats from Honduras who made the journey from Omoa, Puerto Cortes and Roatan to compete in this fast - growing tournament. Blessed with beautiful weather, the fleet of 23 boats headed offshore with eyes set on catching Belize’s elusive Blue Marlin, as well as a host of other species. It didn’t take long before the first Blue Marlin was released by Honduras Team ‘Boatweiser’ near to Gladden Spit. Team ‘BenAvi’ out of Belize City followed quickly behind them, releasing an estimated 250lb Blue Marlin north of Glover’s Reef.

Misc Belizean Sources


BTB Tourism Conference focus on Wellness and Rejuvenation
Over 180 tourism stakeholders throughout Belize met at the Ramada Belize City Princess Hotel last Friday to discuss key issues impacting the tourism industry as part of the annual BTB’s annual Tourism Industry Conference. The conference evolves from the BTB’s strategic plan on equipping stakeholders with pertinent and relevant information for the industry’s enhancement. The one-day conference was held under the theme: Rising Tourism Trends and the Impact on our Belize Market. The morning session focused on Revitalizing Tourism through Wellness and Rejuvenation while the afternoon session focused on Birding Tourism and the Millennial Traveller and Travel Trends.

BTB's Tourism Awards 2018
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) celebrated its signature event, the highly anticipated 16th National Tourism Awards Gala Event on Saturday, October 20th at Caribbean Motors in Belize City. The 16th National Tourism Awards was the zenith for the accomplishments made over the past year by our local industry partners. All this hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed as the BTB acknowledged our tourism professionals in the areas of Front line Personnel, Hospitality Award, Hotel of the Year, Small Accommodations of the Year, Tour Guide of the Year, Tour Operator of the Year, Restaurant of the Year, Tour Guide Association of the Year, Major Festival/Event of the Year, Tourism Site of the Year, Top Performing Hotel, the Minister’s Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Halloween Bazaar La Isla Carinosa Academy
Let the Halloween fun begin with us! Join LICA Halloween Bazaar 2018. We promise to make it a memorable event! See you there.

Belizean Jazz Group Travels to Taiwan for 2018 Taipei Jazz Festival
Belizean Jazz Band Omolewa Osain left the country today to participate in the 2018 Edition of the Taipei Jazz Festival to be held in Taipei City, Taiwan. The festival is an annual event hosted by the Taipei City Government, national and international bands are invited to perform at various venues in and around the City in an effort to expose the local public to jazz as a musical genre, increase their understanding of this international musical art form and their appreciation for diverse cultures.

Congratulations to Stella Maris on the opening of their Leela Vernon Music School!
Great work Principal Ocean and staff! I’m honored to be a part of your vision!

The Pesticides Control Board was established on 31 December 1988 under the Ministry responsible for Agriculture for the regulation of pesticides in Belize. This week, the Pesticides Control Board of Belize joins other members of the Coordinating Group of Pesticides Control Boards of the Caribbean (CGPC) in the regional observation of Pesticides Awareness Week 2018 under the theme: Increase Food Safety, Reduce Reliance on Pesticides, Adopt Integrated Pest Management (IPM)!

Belize Hosts CIX Ordinary Meeting of the Central American Council of Tourism Ministers, and XIII Ordinary Meeting of the Central American Tourism Promotion Agency
Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, hosted the CIX Ordinary Meeting of the Central American Council of Tourism Ministers (C.C.T., for its Spanish equivalent), as well as, the XII Ordinary Meeting of the Central American Tourism Promotion Agency (C.A.T.A., for its Spanish equivalent), in North Ambergris Caye, during the week of October 15th- October 19th, 2018. As the President Pro-Tempore of the Central American System for Tourism Integration (S.I.T.C.A., for its Spanish Equivalent), Hon. Manuel Heredia and a joint team of the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Belize Tourism Board hosted over 40 participants from Central America and the Dominican Republic at a series of technical meetings leading up to the Ministerial Meetings of Tourism Ministers of the Central American Integration System (S.I.C.A, for its Spanish equivalent) region, held on October 17th, 2018.

Social Investment Fund on Caye Caulker
Social Investment Fund is here on the Island. The first round of meeting is completed. Please come out Thursday for the Public Consultation at 6:00 p.m. at the CCRC School. There's been a venue change. We need at least 30 percent of population to attend this meeting to make an upgraded health center a reality.

16th National Tourism Awards
A Re-cap of a night to remember "Recognizing Excellence in Service." Lots of photos!

Ascenthium Halloween Costume Party
Ascenthium will be playing this Saturday, October 27th, at La Cabana in Belmopan, for their Halloween costume party. In related news, they'll be playing at Metal Haven VIII on November 3rd in Benque. "Our 2nd stop will be in Belmopan La Cabaña Entertainment on Saturday 27th! Its a Halloween Costume Party! Come out and celebrate with us!"

1st Annual Bi-National Exchange
The Friends for Conservation and Development Youth Group and the Todos por Un Mundo Verde Youth Group from Guatemala had their 1st annual team building last week. Looks like they had a lot of fun sharing their ideas for keeping the region green.

Water Outage today in Belize City
Belize Water Services informs customers in parts of Belize City that there will be an interruption in the water supply, Tuesday, October 23, 2018, starting at 1:00pm. The areas to be affected are Buttonwood Bay and all that area that is bounded to the West by LaCroix Boulevard, to the South by Rootsville and the George Price Highway, to the East by Independence Boulevard, and to the North by Haulover Creek. Motorists are being advised of the following street closures: (i) Goulding Avenue, from its intersection with Dolphin Drive to its intersection with Sea Shore Drive and (ii) Holy Emmanuel Street. Customers are being advised that water is expected to be fully restored by 6:00pm.

Last week the students from Anglican Cathedral College were busy working on their Urban Garden
They were painting the structure with colorful designs and they were learning how to prepare the soil properly for the planting of the seeds. We at the Downtown Rejuvenation Project applaud the students and teachers for their hard work and dedication to make this garden a reality that will benefit many people in the future.

Channel 7

Teen Killed After Night Out
Belize City recorded another teenaged murder over the weekend. On Saturday morning around 10:00, police found the body of 19 year-old Charlston Clifton Cleland on the shoulder of the George Price Highway, between miles 4 and 5. The Wilson Street resident had meet a brutal end: his throat was slashed, he was stabbed twice to the left side his back, and had another stab wound on his shoulder. Police also found abrasions on the right side of the neck. Apart from that, police don't yet know much about the Cleland's last few hours alive. He was seen enjoying an outing at the Sit and Sip on Friday night, and it is believed that he was killed sometime after he left the club. The head of the CIB office in Belize City told the media that investigators are looking for the people with whom Cleland was seen socializing:

Gunman’s Murder Attempt Caught on Camera
A Belize City man narrowly escaped death on Saturday - and he didn't even know it until he saw his own attempted murder on Facebook hours later! It happened on Friday night in front of a restaurant on Mahogany Street - when 19 year old Kelvin Gongora aimed his gun at a man who was leaving the restaurant, and pulled the trigger - but the gun snapped - twice! Surveillance footage shows that the intended target - who had his back turned - wasn't even aware that someone was pointing a gun at him.

Still No Answers In Felina James’ Mysterious Murder
Felina James was found dead four nights ago, and her car has still not turned up. The circumstances surrounding the death of the 36 year old mother of two has confounded police. Today, we also learnt that she had a personal firearm which is also missing:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "So far police have interviewed several persons. However, we cannot ascertain who was the person and the motive as to why this happened to Felina James. And her Kia Sorento still missing along with a firearm. She owns a firearm."

No Clues on Portillo
And - there's also the case of missing woman Ruby Portillo. Tonight, police still have no clues on her whereabouts. She left her Belize City home on Tuesday morning to go to work at mile 8 - and hasn't been seen since. Police told the media that she may have gone across the border:... ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City "I know that police visited 8 miles where she went to work. There were no sighting of her and they also made checks in the other areas where she could have possibly been, but nobody has seen her since then..."

FBI Brought in To Investigate American’s Death
Police say that they aren't quite sure what caused the death of Elizabeth Rigdon in Corozal - and they've called in the FBI to help. The 49 year old American was found dead 10 days ago, afloat in a pool in the Consejo area of Corozal. The only other person at the property was her husband, Robley Smith Rigdon. He told police they had been drinking and he fell asleep. When he woke up, he found her nude in the pool where she had apparently drowned. Initially, Police said it looked like a drowning with no signs of violence, but tonight they are looking deeper. Here's why:...

Sandlighter’s Promenade Transition Into Pizza Parlour
The Sandlighter's promenade in Belize City was designed in the mid 90's as a part of a major infrastructure project, a prime public space, where city residents could breeze out by the sea, or take a morning stroll along the shoreline. The area is right on the sea front next to the Princess - across from the Mexican institute. But a part of this prime real estate with sea frontage is now being developed as a pizza parlour. It's raised some eyebrows and caused some political turbulence, because this is the city's property, and a public space, now being developed for private interests.

PUP Leader Boldy Says Legalize It, Tax It
The interview was conducted at Diab's Charter House Building, where, a few doors down, PUP Leader John Briceno records his weekly statement. This one is making news because Briceno has taken a bold step - he's calling for Belize to do what Jamaica and other countries have done: legalize marijuana, and turn it into an export market. In fact, he appears in front of a screen which says: "Grow the economy. Legalize it. Tax it." That's bold - and Briceno's handlers even pandered to his audience by tracking teh message with Marlon Asher's "Ganja Farmer" track in the background. Yeah, he went there. Briceno was emboldened by Canada's legalization of weed - here's how he explained what it can do for Belize:

Briceno Going On “Listening Tour”
And while Briceno is courting the pro-ganja vote, he's also doing some power balancing in his own party. On Saturday at the PUP Northern Caucus meeting in Chan Pine Ridge - Florencio Marin Jr was elected chair of the northern caucus. Reports say the Briceno camp had hoped for arch-loyalist Kevin Bernard to take the seat, but Florencio Marin - who has never been a Bricenista - announced his interest in the post quite suddenly - and that, reportedly, led to Bernard yielding - in what turned out to be an endorsement. And what may be seen as another concession to detractors, Briceno says that he's also going on a countrywide listening tour to learn how supporters feel about the ICJ:..

Appeals Court Will Decide On Teenager’s Death
The October sessions of the Court of Appeal started today, and one of the first cases to be heard was that of 25 year-old Pedro Moran. He was convicted in November of 2015 of manslaughter for the stabbing death of 15 year-old Albert Alexander Valdez. Moran was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but the DPP's Office thinks that the trial judge was too lenient with that punishment. So, they're asking the Court of Appeal to increase it. Albert Valdez was killed on May 22, 2011 in his home town of San Ignacio. His throat was slashed, and he suffered stab wounds to the heart and other parts of his body. In November 2015, Trial Judge Antoinette Moore found Moran not guilty of murder, but guilty of manslaughter. After listening to the evidence of the case the trial judge was of the view that Moran did not intend to kill Valdez, when he inflicted the injuries which caused Valdez's death. After hearing his mitigation plea, the judge decided that the appropriate sentence that Moran should get is 12 years.

Bartending as Community Policing
Recently, under the leadership of Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett, Police from Eastern Division Region 1 have been attempting some interesting community outreach initiatives, and today, they launched another. 25 Southside Belize City residents are currently attending a training to become bartenders. It's based on the premise that gainful employment has a direct impact on the root causes of crime. So, The Eastern Division Region 1 teamed up with Premium Wines and Spirits, Travelers Liquors, and the Sit and Sip bar to teach this group about how to become professional bartenders - a job much in demand in the tourism sector. 7News stopped by to find out more about the initiative, and here's what the Commanding Officer had to say about it:

Alleged Shooter Charged
19 year-old Trayvon Sherlock Martinez, a resident of Sibun Street in Belize City, is at the Belize Central Prison tonight after he was taken to court for allegedly pulling a gun on another young man. The victim, 18 year-old Delbert Flowers, reported to police that at around 8:00 on Saturday night, we he was walking on Mopan Street, heading towards Vernon Street, when he noticed that Martinez was following him. Flowers told police that Martinez pulled a gun and began firing shots at him, all of which missed. He then ran until he reached the police checkpoint at the corner of Vernon and Mayflower Streets. Cops visited the area where the shooting started, and they found 6 expended 9 millimeter shells from the scene.

Stable After Being Knocked Down and Shot 7 Times
A man on motorbike is lucky to be alive after he was knocked down and then shot 7 TIMES. It happened on Sunday morning at 12:30am, near the Grace Bank junction at mile 21 on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Nathaniel Lockwood was driving his motorbike with a friend on the back when an SUV ran them off the road. Police told us what happened next: ASP Alejandro Cowo- OC, CIB : "Mr. Nathaniel Lockwood was socializing at a house in the Sand Hill area when he met a friend by the name of Lyndon Ramos who asked him for a ride to go to Gardenia Village. As a result both of them got on their motorcycle and Mr. Lockwood drove the cycle towards Gardenia Village..."

Chilling At Home, Man Grazed in Throat
A Belize City man was grazed to his throat in his home on Sunday night. 22 year old Raheem Gordon was at his Causarina street home sitting on the couch when he heard a bullet, which came ripping through his window. Police told us more:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City "Last night sometime after 8:30, police visited #14 Causarina Street where they spoke to one, Raheem Gordon, 22 years old Belizean construction worker of that same address. He mentioned to police that he was sitting in his sofa in his house when he heard what appeared to be a gunshot..."

Six Stabs In a Barroom
A man was stabbed up at a bar in the Young Bank area of Camalote. Police have details:.. ACP Joseph Myvette - Head of NCIB: "The second incident occurred in the Young Bank area of the Cayo District, which on Saturday 20th October, sometime around 10:40PM, police were called to a bar in the Young Bank area where they observed a Hispanic male, later identified as Jose Gonzalez, 33 years old with multiple stab wounds to the body; 5 stab wounds was observed on him. The initial investigation revealed that Gonzalez was socializing along with one Valentino Ramirez and during that time they got into an altercation which resulted in him being stabbed. He was transported to the Western Regional Hospital where he is now in a stable condition. Valentino Ramirez has not yet been arrested and police are seeking him in relation to this investigation."

Armed Attack on Payroll
And, in that same area of Cayo south, Abner Alas was shot at during an attempted robbery in Teakettle Village. Alas was carrying the payroll when a gunman appeared and opened fire:... ACP Joseph Myvette - Head of NCIB: "One Abner Alas, 30 years old farm manager for TKO Farm located somewhere Teakettle Village in the Cayo District reported to police that on Friday last sometime around 11:30am, he was travelling in a white pickup alone towards the farm and upon reaching some 500 yards from the farm gate, a Hispanic male person came out from the bushes and fired several shots towards his direction, damaging the vehicle. As a result, he was able to reverse the vehicle a safe distance where he got out and ran to safety."

Cabbie Drowned In Benque
Foul play is not suspected in the death of a 57 year old taxi driver found dead on the Banks of the Mopan River in Benque Viejo yesterday. Police told us about the death of Abel Chi:.. Chi may have been an epileptic.

Santa Cruz Cannabis Contraband?
The village of Santa Cruz in Orange Walk is across the river from Botes, Mexico - and gets all kinds of contraband traffic coming through - including illicit drugs. That's what police found today when they searched an Albion bus which was coming from that Village. Police found a colourful knapsack on the bus which no one claimed. Inside they found a tightly wrapped bundle of marijuana. It is considered found property.

Honouring Tourism’s Finest
The Belize Tourism Board held its 16th National Tourism Awards Gala Event at Caribbean Motors in Belize City on Saturday. It's the annual event where the BTB recognizes and awards its tourism industry partners. Top awards went to: Nikita Young, an employee of Chabil Mar, who was awarded for being the most outstanding frontiline personnel. The Hospitality award went to the Belize Chocolate Company from San Pedro. The Lodge at Chaa Creek, in Cayo, was chosen as the Hotel of the Year.

Channel 5

Charleston Cleland is Butchered After Leaving Belize City Nightclub
Just after ten o’clock on Saturday morning, the body of nineteen-year-old Charleston Cleland was found dumped in a swampy area near an embankment off the George Price Highway. Cleland was [...]

Shooter’s Gun Malfunctions in Brazen Attempted Murder
It could have turned deadly earlier on Friday night in Belize City when a gunman pulled out a firearm and attempted to kill several persons. Security footage of Tasty Restaurant [...]

Near Fatal Stabbing in Young Bank Area, Camalote Village
A Camalote resident in western Belize was stabbed as many as seven times on Saturday night. Jose Gonzalez was at a bar when his attacker pounced on him. His family [...]

Popular Benque Taxi Man Drowns in Mopan River
In Benque Viejo Del Carmen, police do not suspect foul play in the drowning of a popular taxi operator. Abel Chi lost his life in the waters of the Mopan [...]

Police and F.B.I. Investigating the Death of Claire Rigdon
American National forty-nine-year-old Claire Elizabeth Rigdon was found dead in her swimming pool at her Consejo property in Corozal last Sunday. According to her husband, Robely Smith Rigdon, he and [...]

D.O.E. Issues Stop Order to CitCo, Businessman Haisam Diab Over Proposes Seaside Restaurant
If you’ve been by Marine Parade lately, you may have noticed a building being erected along the seaside, beside the south end of the Ramada Princess Hotel. Construction began a [...]

A Retrial for Calaney Flowers in the Court of Appeal?
In March 2017, Calaney Flowers was acquitted of the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Lyndon Morrison, who was riding his motorcycle with his new girlfriend in the area of Freetown Road [...]

Some Solutions on the Horizon for School’s Sewerage Problem
There is some good news coming out of Sacred Heart Primary School. Today, we got an update from Principal Philippa Hulett and she says they have found a solution to [...]

Belize City Man Shot At While in His Home
An attempt was made on the life of twenty-two-year-old Raheem Gordon. The Belize City man was sitting inside his house on Casuarina Street on Sunday night around eight-thirty, when a [...]

Drive-by Shooting on Highway Leaves 1 Man Injured
In the early hours of Sunday morning, Nathaniel Lockwood of Sand Hill Village was shot several times in the chest and stomach in Gardenia Village. Twenty-one-year-old Lockwood is now listed [...]

Have You Seen Ruby Petino?
Police are asking for your help in locating Ruby Petino. The Guatemalan national was living with a friend on East Collet Canal up to the time of her disappearance on [...]

An Argument to Legalize Weed in Belize
The marijuana debate has fizzled with the decriminalization of a small quantity for personal use in 2017.  Weed smokers across the country continue to enjoy the freedom of possessing up [...]

Red Ribbon Week Declared Open at Wesley College
Wesley College is hosting its twentieth annual “Red Ribbon” week. The school dedicates a week each year to promote awareness of the impacts of drug use and abuse. To do [...]

Professor Explains Process at I.C.J. If Belize Says Yes
A group of Belizean media sat down with an international law lecturer at the Mexican Autonomous University in Mexico City last Friday. Professor Carlos Bernal shared his experience as a [...]

Are There Political Influences on the Judges at the I.C.J.?
An issue in the minds of many is whether there could be any geopolitical influence on the judges sitting at the International Court of Justice? Bernal says decisions are about [...]

Woman Loses Right Eye During Physical Attack
A feud among neighbors has resulted in a young woman losing the use of an eye after being struck repeatedly to the head and body during a physical altercation last [...]

Stella Maris Inaugurates Its New Music Room
The Stella Maris School in Belize City officially opened its “Leela Vernon” music room. The school has added a music programme to its offerings after it received a number of [...]

The Weekend in Sports with James Adderley
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in sports....]


Wesley’s Red Ribbon Week kicks off
This morning there was an opening ceremony to kick off Wesley College twentieth annual Red Ribbon Week, which is being held under the theme “Life is Your Journey. Travel Drug Free.” At this morning’s open ceremony, Mayor Khalid Belisle, addressed the students in attendance. Khalid Belisle Mayor Belmopan: “Anyone within air shot of my voice …

Trivia Challenge
The Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute is celebrating Coastal Awareness Week. As a part of its week of activities, it is holding a trivia challenge for primary school children in Belize City. The Bliss Institute for the Performing Arts is the venue for the trivia challenge, which takes place tomorrow. Love news spoke …

Stella Maris gets music room
Music plays an important role in a child’s development and music can be found in many aspects of our culture including celebrations, entertainment and worship. For a long time, it was missing from Stella Maris’ curriculum, but with the assistance of the Music Ambassador, Shyne Barrow, Stella Maris now has a music room. There was …

World Food Day
A secondary school institution went all out to celebrate and observe World Food Day. Here is Toledo Correspondent, Paul Mahung with an overview of the event. Paul Mahung: “Independence High School held major activities yesterday in commemoration of World Food Day. IHS Principal Omar longsworth spoke to Love News at the event. Omar Longsworth: “We …

Police Give update on Shooting Incident and Missing Woman
A Belize City man from Causarina Street is lucky to be alive as a gunman entered his yard and then fired at him through a screen door. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo says that his injuries are from the ricochet from the wall. ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Last night sometime after 8:30 Police visited #14 …

Body of Murdered 19 year old found
A 19 year old Belize City resident went out to party on the entertainment strip in Belize City over the weekend …. A few hours later, his mutilated body was found in a bushy area on the George Price Highway. Jose Sanchez: “A body was found on Saturday morning near Bravo Motors, a few miles outside …

Attempted Hit caught on Camera
There are always reports of shooting incidents that don’t make it into the police weekly blotter because the shooter missed or shots were merely fired. On Friday, two cameras caught an incident in the vicinity of Santa Barbara and Mahogany Streets in Belize City. Love News examined both videos for clues what could have been …

knocked down, shot, and fighting for life
A Belize City man was gravely injured in a shooting incident on the Philip Goldson Highway late Saturday night. 21-year-old, Nathaniel Lockewood has had no run-ins with the police and he was giving a ride home to an acquaintance on his cycle when he was injured. Love News spoke to Lockewood’s sister, Kayla and his …

Tips to prevent the flu
Influenza commonly called the flu is a viral infection that affects the respiratory system including the nose, throat and lungs. With the influenza season upon us, the Ministry of Health is encouraging at risk groups to get vaccinated. These groups include children six to twenty-three months old, pregnant women, persons suffering from chronic disease and …

FBI Investigates death of American Woman in Belize
An American retiree in Belize passed away under unusual circumstances on Saturday, October 13 in northern Belize. Corozal police had gone to their home in the Consejo area, where houses, mostly belonging to foreigners are built in great distances from each other. At the home six miles into the Consejo Road, officers spoke to Robely …

Will CitCo be constructing houses in Krooman Lagoon?
The Krooman Lagoon is an area in the Collet Division that has been designated as an important reserve for wildlife in the old capital. The contention and controversy surrounding this area has been many, ranging from squatters, claim of ownership and then there is the matter of environmental protection. The quite coveted area is back in the news tonight as the recently elected mayor, Bernard Wagner has his eyes set on Krooman; this time with an idea for housing...

The Reporter

There are reliable reports tonight that the Southern Workers Union is planning a protest at the Southern Regional Hospital tomorrow. Sources say that the Union is angry because of two recent deaths which they say were caused by negligence, as well as the treatment of patients by staff and the general conditions of the facility. We’ll have more details tomorrow.

By: Mike Rudon Jr. – I’ve come to talk to you again! Many, many of the seven people that read my column religiously have told me that lately my writing has gotten darker. I find that interesting. Here I am thinking I’m just this plump little ball of goodness and joy and happiness and warm, fuzzy feelings. I mean, my writing is supposed to inspire, right?

Police are investigating a shooting last night which left Raheem Gordon, 22, with an injury to his neck. Gordon told cops that he was inside his home at #14 Casuarina Street at around 8:30 when he heard a gunshot and realized he had been wounded. He was unable to identify the shooter because the door of the home was closed.


Best of Belize pictures from the last couple weeks....
With our PUR team now in two locations....and lots of enthusiastic picture taking.....we are gathering an absolute TON of amazing images in different parts of Belize. There are almost too many to organize but so many of them are can't miss -- here are our favorites from the last couple weeks!! From the air over San Pedro...

Bird Watching with San Ignacio Resort Hotel
It is always a pleasure to visit the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. As a kid, we would always visit San Ignacio Resort Hotel for great food and an amazing time in their pool and swing sets. Since then, there have been many renovations and upgrades done to the establishment – marvelous nontheless! Derrick, Pablo and I were escorted to the terrace where freshly brewed coffee, milk, sugar and bakery-fresh chocolate chip cookies, along with some binoculars awaited us. We were told that Ms. Jasmine and our birding guide for the day, Nigel, would be joining us in a few. In the meantime, we helped ourselves to a warm cup of coffee to wash away any remnants of sleepiness. For the past couple of weeks we had been waking up early to go bird watching and it has definitely caught up to us. But, there’s nothing a nice cup of coffee wouldn't fix!

Common Languages Spoken in Belize
Belize is completely different than all of its neighbors in Central America because English is the official language of Belize. All government communiques, road signs, and official documents in the country are written in English, but in practice, most residents of Belize speak Kriol as their first language. In addition, most Belizeans are fluent in two or more languages. Sometimes spelled Creole, Kriol is much more than just a dialect of English. Although Kriol is relatively easy to parse when written, it can be difficult to understand for people who only speak standard English. However, most people in Belize can speak standard English and use it when communicating with visitors from other countries.

Fascinating Facts About the Lost City of Xunantunich
Thousands of years ago, the Maya empire stretched from Mexico in the north down to El Salvador in the south. They built enormous stone cities in the middle of the jungle, only to abandon them around the year 900 AD for reasons still unknown to modern archeologists. One of the largest Maya cities ever built, now called Xunantunich, was lost for centuries until it was discovered by accident when a villager in Belize came across a ghost of an ancient Maya maiden in the 1890s.

Sea and Ocean Conservation
If we do not do better to protect our natural environments. In the case of our island, the Caribbean Sea, Belize Barrier Reef, marine life are all top reasons to do better at protecting our environment. For us improperly placed garbage and improper infrastructure is a huge threat, the metals and waste are leeching back into the ground and into our water system is having a strong negative effect on our environment. Thankfully the San Pedro Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association is stepping in to help fight unregulated garbage and is about to do a major clean up starting with the west side of the airstrip.

International Sourcesizz

Quirky quest seeks some flags for a monument in Belize
Roanoke-based Bookbag Santa has supplied Belizean students with no-cost school supplies since 2007. Now, the organization's founder is seeking flags for a mostly forgotten monument in the Central American country.

CCJ Orders Convicted Murderer in Belize be Set Free
A convicted murderer who began serving a life sentence five year ago, is now a free man, after the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) overturned his conviction as a result of unreliable identification evidence from a witness during his trial. The CCJ ordered the release of 25-year-old Japhet Bennett, who was convicted in 2013 of the September 13, 2009 shooting death of Ellis Meighan in Belize City, after hearing his appeal. Bennett’s lawyer, Audrey Matura, said she was pleasantly surprised by the court’s decision, given that the hearing which Anthony Sylvester led for the defence in her absence, was intended to be a leave for permission to appeal the Belize Court of Appeal decision in her client’s case, and not the actual appeal.

Belize Barrier Reef
Running to nearly 300 km on the Carribean coast of Belize in Central America, the Belize Barrier Reef is the world’s second largest such reef system, and the longest in the northern and western hemispheres. This natural system contains within itself several atolls (a ring-shaped coral reef or island or series of islets), sand cays (low banks), mangrove forests, lagoons and estuaries. The region is also home to western hemisphere’s only coral atolls. It is said that, in a comparitively small area, the reef system offers a startling variety of reef types. This diversity, along with the richness and abudance of healthy corals, also offers a glimpse into the evolutionary history of the reefs. As with many other natural systems across the world, factors such as pollution, climate change, and increasing tourism and development pose a challenge to the region. In addition, the invasion of lionfish that destroys other tropical species in the area too has been a reason for worry.

CCJ President Puzzled by Resistance to Regional Court
President of the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Justice Adrian Saunders says he’s perplexed and embarrassed that there is still so much resistance to the regional court. While Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries have all signed on to the Trinidad-based court’s original jurisdiction, only Barbados, Belize, Dominica and Guyana have made the CCJ their final court of appeal, with the others remaining with the United Kingdom’s Privy Council. Grenada and Antigua and Barbuda will each hold a referendum on November 6 to decide whether to make the switch.


  • Los Finados - how to make the candles used in the ceremony, 22min. The celebration of Los Finados is approaching. Nalleli Yacab, Coordinator at the Benque House of Culture showed us how to make the candles used in the ceremony. We made candles out of bees wax. The process is an integral part of the celebration and she explained the significance of the process.

  • The Twice Loved Project - kids donation drive, 15min. Sherlyn Williams - Organizer, Twice Loved Project. Jazzlee Usher - Team Member, Twice Loved Project. Sheneil Sinclair - Team Member, Twice Loved Project. Stephanie Noralez - Team Member, Twice Loved Project.

  • Lord Rhaburn, Florencio Mes and Myrna Manzanres acknowledged by NICH as Artists Emeritus, 1min. here was a powerful moment when Lord Rhaburn shared his latest song which he says is important in all this ICJ talk and a tribute to Florencio Mes. The Maya are the boss of the land. North, south, east and west.

  • Driving the Hummingbird Highway through Armenia village, 4.5min.

  • Elmer M. Morning Show -Belize Diabetes Association, 16min.

  • Snorkeling in Hol Chan in Belize, min.

  • The Downtown Rejuvenation Project at the corner of Cockburn Lane and Regents Street is well on its way, 10sec. Fifteen piles have been driven and the foundation will soon start. When completed the new structure will house a restaurant that will cater to local cuisine and a small museum dedicated to the former owner Mr. Frederic Greenwood.