Infrastructure is expected to get a very big boost with the paving of the Coastal and Caracol Roads:

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister
"The huge Coastal Road project is now concluding its feasibility study and moves to design stage before going out to construction. And for Caracol, that other mega million piece of infrastructure, the design is done; the supervision consultants just about chosen; and the selection of the construction contractor and start of the physical works will happen no later than the end of this year."

"Regarding the ongoing rebuilding of the Hummingbird Highway, the contract has been awarded for the replacement of bridges and improvement and road-widening works, which together constitute the last remaining section of the Highway's reconstruction. The entirety of the project will thus be completed by the third quarter of next year."

"Finally, the replacement of the Haulover Bridge is a companion piece to the Philip Goldson Highway 5th Road Project, which project is in train to completely repave from the Airport Road intersection to the Buttonwood Bay Roundabout. The design of the new Bridge is finished, and an Italian specialist firm has been recruited to help choose and supervise the contractor. Pre-qualification applications have already been received from local contractors, and the final tender award will be completed this very quarter with actual construction to start by year end."

Channel 7