Near Orchid Bay, CZL.

Anything from house sitting to construction to mechanic to farming to machinery to solar to boating to real estate. Will train the RIGHT person for the long term...but you must have some MOXIE.

I look at a WA type situation as a probationary period. After that, it would morph into a job with an ownership stake in the business. I have a bunch of land / machinery / tools / boats / vehicles / infrastructure, ideas, etc...and all will be at your disposal.

Housing provided on site, Sky TV, wireless unlimited internet, vehicle available. This position is not for everybody, and the area here is no garden spot. No AC, plenty of bugs, and nightlife is nonexistent.

If you need a sweet salary to pay your current bills, keep looking. This could be a good situation for somebody getting out of the military, a power couple, somebody divorced and needing fresh start, or somebody adventurous with a fully functional brain. I'm not promising much, but the RIGHT person might thrive.

Belizeora at aol dot com