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Today's Belize News: November 10, 2018 #533207
11/10/18 07:04 AM
11/10/18 07:04 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Head of Police addresses traffic offense controversy and alleged police extortion
Over the past few weeks, several islanders have complained about the questionable behavior of police when stopped during late-night checkpoints. A number of residents claim they were locked up over night, threatened, and in some cases beaten when found without a driver’s license in their possession. Others allege that police officers have tried to extort drivers, informing them that if a fee is paid, they can avoid further troubles with the law. The officer in Charge of the Coastal Executive Unit (Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker) Superintendent Reymundo Reyes weighed in on the reported incidents, stating that he has begun to address the allegations within his personnel. He further encourages residents to not allow any law enforcer officer to violate their rights and to report any wrongdoings immediately.

Ambergris Today

BTIA's Big Garbage Clean Up On Ambergris Caye
The Belize Tourism Industry Association has embarked in a four-day clean up campign for the entire island of Ambergris Caye. Sadly our little island is not so 'bonita' to say, there has been an increase of illegal dumping throughout the island, reducine the esthetics and charm of the natural environment. The BTIA, along with several business and stakeholders, have come together "For the Love of San Pedro" to clean up as much as possible to make our island beautiful once more. Different businesses and groupd have donated their time and employees to help with the clean up. Day one kicked off in the San Pedrito Area, where a massive clean up of the "San Pedrito Highway" is taking place.

Ports Minister Visits Ambergris Caye Barge Berthing Facility To Be Developed
Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management (with responsibility for Ports) Honorable Edmond Castro, was on Ambergris Caye on Wednesday, November 7, 2018, where he visited and inspected the location for the proposed development of a Barge Berthing Facility.

Mirab Launches First Ashley Furniture Home Store In Belize
Mirab Department Store does it once again! Last month it inaugurated the first state of the art and largest department store in the country of Belize and yesterday, November 8, 2018, it opened doors to the first Ashley Furniture Home Store in the country. The 21,000 sq. ft store is located on the third floor of Belize’s newest retail haven, the Mirab Department Store and contains a diverse selection of furniture and accessories to suit every taste.

Misc Belizean Sources


2nd Annual Corozal Bay Bikers Fest
Nov 17th. Starting at 11am-1am, Rainbow Beach.

Coconut Shell Handicraft Training
Over the last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belize in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia held a workshop to train Belizean handicraft artisans in using coconut-based materials. The training was held from 5th – 9th November, 2018 at the ITVET compound in Belize City. A total of forty-five persons participated from various agencies. The training course sought to develop skills and knowledge of participants which are intended to create a platform for sustainable income ventures designed for sustainable development. At the completion of the workshop, participants showcased products that they created during the training such as candle holders, table mats, bowls, mugs, cups, etc.

Belize to Host the Sixth CARICOM Sustainable Energy Forum (CSEF)
The Sixth CARICOM Sustainable Energy Forum (CSEF) will be held in Placencia, Stann Creek from November 18th to November 22nd, 2018. In the promotion of true partnership and brotherhood, Belize, the leader in renewable energy amongst the CARICOM states, is hosting Suriname’s Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Regilio Dodson, and Guyana’s Minister of Public Infrastructure, Hon. David Patterson. During their stay in Belize, the ministers will be touring various generation sites, such as the Vaca Dam, Santander Biomass Power Plant, La Gracia Smart Solar Off Grid System, and the Belize Electricity Limited Submarine Cable System in San Pedro.

Mr. Clifford Kin makes a courtesy call to the San Pedro Town Council
Mr. Clifford King, Director of Local Government and newly appointed CEO in the Ministry of Local Government, Mrs. Sharon Young, made a courtesy call and visited the San Pedro Town Council, where she met with Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Deputy Mayor Ruben Gonzalez, Councilor Gabriel Nuñez, Town Administrator, Mrs. Patricia Tillett and Assistant Administrator, Mr. Marion Mejia. This was a very productive meeting as they discussed vital matters affecting the town of San Pedro where assistance of the Ministry of Local Government could be of tremendous help. Thank you for your visit!

Water outage in San Pedro Wednesday
Belize Water Services informs its customers in San Pedro that there will be an interruption in the water supply, Wednesday, November 13, 2018, starting at 1:00pm. The areas to be affected are Boca Del Rio and San Mateo. This interruption is necessary for the installations of a new water main. Due to the upgrades, customers may experience discoloration when water is restored. Residents of these or nearby areas are advised that water supply should return to normal by 6:00pm.

Remote Latin America 2018
Belize Tourism Board

Project: Open Government Ecosystem Belize
CARSI ESF grant recipient,the Trust for the Americas is awarding of seed funds to eligible Belizean organizations to promote collaboration between civil society and government, to provide innovative and high impact solutions to public services. To identify needs in each district, which specifically demonstrate the benefits and opportunities that open governance, represents (transparency, collaboration and citizen participation).

University Admissions Requirements in the U.S.
If you'd like to study at a U.S. university, you might need to take one of these standardized tests.

San Pedro Cleanup
By the end of the day the unbearable stench of garbage was somehow stuck to Karen's cart and following us. Huge thank you to everyone who helped in one way or another towards the massive clean up on the west side of the air strip today. Especially the guys in the trenches, hours of hot, dirty, dangerous, work pulling garbage from swamp and loading the trucks. Let's keep the enviornmental momentum going. We got drilling for oil banned, we need to do same for dumping wrongfully and stop allowing garbage to be used for landfill it is not healthy. Especially when we know there are some bottomless septic systems on the island :(

Biix celebrated in Patchakan
Tonight the Northern Maya people of Belize celebrating the Sacred tradition of Biix. This is the scene in many homes in Northern Belize. This picture is from the village of Patchakan in Corozal.

Channel 7

August Smiled During Arraignment For Son’s Murder
Last night, police charged Samuel August with the murder of his 5 year-old son, and his mother-in-law. That's after they had initially said that they were seriously considering manslaughter, due to his mental state. Well tonight, the 35 year old is at the Belize Central Prison after being taken to court this morning. He was arraigned this morning before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford, on 2 counts of murder: one for the death of his youngest child, Samir August; and the other for Samir's grandmother and guardian, 53 year-old Louise Young. He was also read a separate charge of dangerous harm which allegedly committed against 13 year-old Britney Young. It all stems from the rampage which played out in the pre-dawn hours of October 31st, when he drove the backhoe to his mother-in-law's home on Fabers Road, where he rammed into the house.

Political Fire In Freetown For UDP Rivals
Last week Sunday, the UDP's Port Loyola Convention was as hot as a general election - and this weekend's Freetown Division promises to be the same. It's a three way race and the frontrunners are considered to be the current Standard Bearer Dr. Carla Barnett and newcomer OJ Elrington. As Jules Vasquez found out, their campaigns are a study in contrasts:… When we met OJ Elrington and his campaign team yesterday afternoon - they were in the heart of the Belama area - rolling 15 deep, with a former standard bearer, flags and even a box booming his ads. OJ Elrington, UDP Aspirant for Freetown: "We're very confident because I think that we've put in the necessary work - we've connected with the people in this constituency. I think that we have been able to deliver on our promises to the people in this constituency and therefore I'm very confident that I will be successful this week Sunday."

Big Fines Paid In Full For Guat Traffickers
Last night, we told you about the huge fines that 2 of the 12 Guatemalans got slapped with, after police settled for charging them with firearms offences. The cops couldn't charge them with drug trafficking for that 1,000 pounds of cocaine they found off the Coastal Road. Well tonight, 7News has learned that the fines of over a hundred thousand dollars have been paid up in full. That means that all the Guatemalans will not be facing jail time and they will be deported. Mario Lopez Moreira, and Bernardo Franco Carias, pleaded guilty to 5 separate gun charges, and 9 separate gun charges respectively. They did that to allow three others accused along with them to go free.

FTC Action Against Atlantic International Could Cause “Contamination” in Banking Sector
Tonight there is concern in Belize's banking sector after Atlantic International Bank was named in a civil complaint by the United States Federal Trade Commission. As we reported, the FTC yesterday shut down Sanctuary Belize, which is described as "the largest overseas real estate investment scam the FTC has ever targeted." Sanctuary Belize is a 14,000 acre development which was set up as an elaborate scam by American principals. It took in over $100 million dollars from investors, but never delivered lots in what was supposed to become a luxury development in Southern Belize. Many US investors were duped and, now, the FTC has asked as US court to stop the scheme and recover hundreds of millions of dollars to compensate the jilted U.S. investors. And that means freezing the foreign accounts of Atlantic International Bank. We understand that even their payroll account was frozen - and there was some uncertainty today as to how the staff would be paid. The bank is headquartered at the foot of the Belcan Bridge in Belize City. They told us today they would issue a statement but none has been forthcoming.

The Impact Of A Double Murder
3 weeks ago, Justice Collin Williams found accused murderers Milton Maza and Eli Avila Lopez guilty of the 2010 double murders of attorney Richard Stuart, and his wife, Maria. Well tonight, they are back at the Belize Central Prison awaiting a decision from the judge on what prison sentence they will have to serve for the guilty verdicts. Today, the judge listened to both sides making the case as to how lenient or severe the prison sentence for Maza and Lopez should be. Crown Counsel Kileru Awich produced 3 victim impact statements for the judge to consider as to how the family members of the Stuart couple has suffered after their murders. Those statements including written testimonies, of Maria Stuart's brother, who took custody of the couple's children immediately after their deaths. Stuart's brother said that the children suffered immense trauma, and they began having behavioral problems.

Students Contemplate Going To ICJ
Earlier this week we told you about the ICJ education forum for teachers and principals. Well, another one was held today at the University of Belize. It is part of the Department of Youth Services' National Youth Week. The department partnered with UB's History club which was launched a couple weeks ago. We were there to find out more about the discussion. Aida Escobar- Communications Officer, Dept. of Youth Services: "This morning we collaborated to host an ICJ youth forum. We are trying to give youths the history. We wanted to give them the ICJ court process; how it works. We wanted to talk to them about that because, at least, I thought it was like a family court system and I think they think that too and it is interesting to find out that it is a completely different system..."

The Yea’s Had It On ICJ
There were also dynamic presentations relating to each side of this dispute. We start off with a portion of the presentation against taking the dispute to the ICJ. A history club member emphasized that Belize would be taking too much of a risk if the matter were to go to the ICJ. Cyleen Morgan- History Club Member: "By endorsing this special agreement Belize will become the only country on earth to place her entire territory and sovereignty at the discretion of an unpredictable court. If we vote yes to the special agreement, Belizeans will give the ICJ unlimited power to determine boundaries of Belize..."

EPZ No More, Try DPA’s
We've been hearing the term Export Processing Zone in Belize since the 90's - and indeed, it has become a standard part of the economic landscape. But, thanks to World Trade Organization rules, that will have to change. The WTO says Belize's EPZ regulations violate its rules on subsidies. So now, EPZ's will be replace with Designated Processing Areas, or DPA's. It's a slow, very slow process of transition that's been going for 9 years - and the switch was to have been made three years ago. But it never happened - and now the Ministry of Trade is rushing to finalize consultations with the private sector before the bill is taken to the House of Representatives by the end of this year.

Motorcycle Man Serious After Early Morning Accident
A motorcycle driver is clinging to life tonight after he was injured early this morning. It happened in Cayo around 3:00 AM where Raul Roaches was coming off the Hawkesworth Bridge and lost control of his Lifan motorbike. He crashed into the wall of Highway super store in Santa Elena town. He was transported to the San Ignacio Community hospital in a semi-conscious state and later transferred to the KHMH. The Ontario resident is said to be in a serious condition at KHMH undergoing surgery.

Another Murderer Gets Bail
37 year-old Jorge Vidal, a carpenter of Benque Viejo Town in the Cayo District, got good news today when Justice Collin Williams granted him the rare Supreme Court bail for murder. He is charged with the murder of Hortencio Contreras, another Benque Viejo resident, who was killed on December 31, 2005. Vidal's attorney, Oscar Selgado, applied to the court on the grounds that Vidal was acquitted of the murder charge in the Belmopan Supreme Court, but he was later re-arrested and charged back in 2015, after the DPP's Office successfully appealed his acquittal.

Cannabis Cabbie Moving Through Corozal Border
One of the major routes for high grade marijuana to be trafficked into Belize is through the north, form Mexico. And today, customs busted a cabbie packing 12 pounds of cannabis. At around 6:20 a.m. 53 year-old Theodore Augustine, a taxi driver from Belize City, was crossing over the border in Santa Elena, when a customs officer searched his gray Dodge Caravan. That officer found 5 parcels of suspected marijuana, weighing 12 and a half pounds

Taking A Chance With Weed In Chan Chen
And while that happened at the northern border, there were also marijuana maneuvers in the northernmost village of Belize, not far from that border. Corozal police busted a man on a bicycle who was carrying 1 kilo, or 2.2 pounds of weed in a ziplock bag. He's 29 year-old Ryan Sutherland, a construction worker from Belmopan, and tonight, he is detained pending charges for drug trafficking.

Village Weed Bust
And, half hour before that, also in Chan Chen village, police found over three pounds of weed in two bags near the entrance to the village. It was deposited as found property.

Tanya Stephens And Aurelio Searching For Soul Music in Bz
She's known for major anthems such as "It's A Pity" and "These Streets", but reggae songstress Tanya Stephens is in Belize to record a Paranda song…or something! The Jamaican artist arrived in country yesterday along with Aurelio Martinez. They were connected through a mutual friend and are fans of each other's music. Now, Reggae and Paranda have never come together - but the pair told us today at the Princess that they want to record something that defies genres:…

Aurelio On Andy’s Anniversary
They have openings booked to record at studios in Dangriga and Benque Viejo. And while we can't wait to hear what they come up with - Aurelio Martinez is also in Belize to give tribute to his great friend and collaborator Andy Palacio 10 years after his passing. He told us about their deep, deep connection:.. The Watina Tribute to Andy Palacio - which is a free concert - takes place on the night of Sunday, November 11th in Dangriga at the Island Breeze Bar and Grill. Aurelio is the headliner with the Garifuna Collective.

Channel 5

Samuel August Sr. is Arraigned and Remanded for Murder
The last time he was seen publicly was a week ago on Friday when Samuel August Senior escaped from a police guard at the hospital, stole a vehicle and then [...]

Accused Murdered Granted $25K Bail
Accused murderer, thirty-seven-year-old Jorge Vidal, was granted bail today by Supreme Court Justice Colin Williams.  Justice Williams offered bail to the tune of twenty-five thousand dollars.  He was represented by [...]

Corozal Police Make Drug Busts
Fifty-three-year-old Theodore Augustine is in custody pending drug-related charges. Police say that Augustine was busted with five parcels of marijuana amounting to over twelve point four pounds.  The bust was [...]

FTC Says Sanctuary Belize Development Was Not Viable
On Thursday, Belize suffered another black eye in the international media.  The Federal Trade Commission shut down a multimillion-dollar real estate investment scam in southern Belize.  It’s cause for great [...]

Belize City Fire Guts 2 Houses, Leaving 9 Persons Homeless
In October, we reported on the attempted arson at the home of Belize City resident Andre Diaz. But tonight, the news is dire for Diaz, since this time, her house [...]

The U.D.P. Battle for Freetown: Carla, OJ or Fredy
The U.D.P. Convention for standard bearer in Freetown takes place in two days. Three candidates have thrown their hat into the ring: the incumbent caretaker, Doctor Carla Barnett, attorney Orson [...]

Elrington Has U.D.P. Endorsements for Standard Bearer
In the 2015 elections, Chang stepped aside to make way for Barnett to run against the P.U.P.’s Francis Fonseca; he was subsequently named President of the Senate.  This time around, [...]

Who’s Responsible for Lights in Belama Phase 4?
In the heat of the campaign, the two front-runners are going at each other.  Elrington has openly taken credit for work in the Freetown division. This is in reference to [...]

Chamber Responds to AG on UNCAC Implementation
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry has responded to Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte in respect of the UNCAC implementation process.  The business organization had pushed for the signing of [...]

Aspiring Attorney Loses Law School’s Challenge at C.C.J.
The Caribbean Court of Justice today delivered a ruling that affects law students across the region.  It ruled against aspiring attorney, Jason Jones and in favour of the Council for [...]

UB Adds Statistics and GIS to Growing Course Offerings
The University of Belize continues to broaden its course offerings, expanding its curricula to include areas of study that translate well in the ever-demanding job market.  The most recent offerings [...]

UB to Lead the Way IN GIS Education
The University of Belize Certificate in Geographic Information Systems aims to be the leading programme of its kind in the region and produce highly trained GIS professionals that will guide [...]

BelAIFA Donates To Liberty Children’s Home
Between October twenty eight and November third, members of the Belize Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors embarked in their annual food drive. Every year BelAIFA carries out this charity [...]

The Winners of the National Primary School Football Championship
From early as eight o’clock this morning, young talented football athletes from twelve primary schools from across the country converged in Belize City for an opportunity of a lifetime. The [...]


OJ for Freetown
The UDP held two conventions last weekend. John August won in Cayo North East and Phillip Willoughby won in Port Loyola. This weekend Freetown is up for grabs as Orson Elrington is challenging Dr. Carla Barnett. Earlier today, the media asked Elrington if the baggage and rumours surrounding his allegedly unfavorable interaction with women would …

American National lost $500,000 US in Sanctuary Belize Scam
We told you yesterday of the decision by a federal court in Maryland, USA that ordered the temporary shutdown of a real estate operation called “Sanctuary Belize,” following a case filed by the Federal Trade Commission. The operation is a scam that has cost investors more than $100 million US dollars over a span of …

BelAIFA donates to Liberty Children’s Home
The Belize Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (BelAIFA) held a food drive as part of Insurance Week which was celebrated from October 28 to November 3. Today, BelAIFA handed over the goods from the food drive to Liberty Children’s Home. Olga Herrera, the President of BelAIFA, told the media that the donation includes rice …

Managed Access for Fishers
Managed Access is a rights-based fishing program that gives traditional fishers access to fishing grounds. By providing traditional fishers with secured fishing grounds, the program should reduce pressure on the ecosystem while providing an incentive to do legal fishing. Managed Access was rolled out in June 2016 and according to Nigel Martinez, the director of …

Green Globe promoting the environment
The Green Globe is an initiative of the environmental community and the Belize Film Festival in an effort to spread awareness of the importance of preserving the environment they have taken on a new campaign. A number of activities has already been held including a film festival for schools and a panel discussion. Presently, a …

Fire destroys home
Belmopan police are investigating what caused a fire that destroyed the home of an elderly man. Police report that 69-year-old Juan Antonio Perez of Bladden Village had left his house on November first and returned on November seventh to find it completely destroyed by fire. Perez told police that he did not have electricity and …

US National Passes away on Ambergris Caye
An American National passed away on La Isla Bonita. It appears the man may have died of natural causes and the police department is treating it as a “death investigation.” On November 11, a security officer was conducting patrols around the Saphire Resort, about 10 miles north of San Pedro Town. At 9:45 p.m. he …

No Character Witnesses to plead in Court on behalf of Convicted Murderers
Justice Colin Williams has reserved sentencing for November 15, for Eli Lopez Avila and Milton Maza who were convicted of the double murder of Richard Stuart and his wife, Maria. Today, the court should have heard mitigation on the behalf of the men, however, their attorney, Oscar Selgado told the court that the duo did …

Police make marijuana busts across country
Corozal Police have intercepted seventeen pounds of marijuana from reaching consumers. Officers made the bust in three separate incidents today. The biggest stash was confiscated at the northern border shortly after six o’clock this morning. Police say that 53-year-old Theodore Augustine, a taxi driver from Belize City was crossing the Northern border into Belize when …

Court offers bail to murder suspect
Today, Justice Colin Williams had set bail at $25,000 for 35-year-old Jorge Vidal, a carpenter of 35 Central America Street in Benque Viejo Del Carmen, who was remanded on a charge of murder. However, up to news time we understand that he was not able to meet bail. Vidal is charged with the murder of …


“You are going to get it!” – Elena
In the early Wednesday morning here, a constant stream of lime-green T-shirts moved along the Ring Road with chants of “Solidarity forever,” as members of Belize’s most powerful and organized trade union, the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU), marched towards the Belmopan’s Civic Center. The teachers were gathering for a rally during which they forcefully articulated their demands for Proposition 22 and the other unfinished business in their negotiations with the Government of Belize. Apart from Proposition 22, the unfinished business includes pensions for teachers from church-managed schools and the withholding of commuting allowances for teachers.

Sanctuary Belize – biggest foreign real estate scam in US Federal Trade Commission’s history!
The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced today, Thursday, that it has uncovered the largest international real estate fraud in its history. “Sanctuary Belize,” the FTC says, is a $100-million scheme that the commission has filed court papers in Maryland District Court to shut down. Sanctuary Belize has bilked US investors out of millions of dollars, the FTC has alleged. Sanctuary Belize attracts investors with a promise to build dream retirement homes with luxury amenities, including an American-staffed hospital and an international airport linking them to the United States. The man behind the scheme has been identified as Andris Pukke, an American felon who is reportedly living in California and goes by several aliases, including Marc Romeo and Andy Story. Pukke has had several brushes with the FTC and has reportedly even carried out his fraud from behind prison walls.

Bert Vasquez, 35, guilty of “attempt to commit rape”
A jury of 5 women and 4 men deliberated for almost 4 hours today in the court of Justice Colin Williams before they found Bert Vasquez, 35, not guilty of forcible abduction but guilty of attempting to commit rape. The verdict for forcible abduction was a 7-to-2 decision, while the verdict for attempt to commit rape was unanimous. Justice Williams has deferred sentencing until November 28 in order to give Vasquez, who was unrepresented, time to prepare a plea for mitigation.

2 Guatemalans fined $101,070 for unlicensed guns and ammo
Five Guatemalans were read charges of possession of unlicensed firearms and unlicensed ammunition, and possession of prohibited firearms and prohibited ammunition, when they appeared before Magistrate Emerson Banner in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on Monday morning. Two of the men, Bernardo de Los Angeles Franco Carias and Mario Rodolfo Lopez, who had initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, changed their pleas to guilty and were sentenced this morning to pay some hefty fines which totaled in excess of one hundred thousand dollars. Magistrate Banner ordered that the two men (one of whom was found with firearms in a hotel, while the other was found with firearms while he was in the company of three other men in the pan of a pickup truck) pay the fines forthwith.

Edreena Lambey is Ms. Garifuna Belize 2018-2019
On Saturday, November 3, the National Garifuna Council held its annual Ms. Garifuna Belize Cultural Pageant at the Ecumenical Auditorium in Dangriga Town. This event followed the National Solidarity Mass held the same morning at the Sacred Heart Church. Six young ladies vied for the title: Shenell Nunez – Ms. Garifuna Belize City; Edreena Lambey – Ms. Garifuna Belmopan; Latoya Castillo – Ms. Garifuna Hopkins; Royisha Mena – Ms. Garifuna Seine Bight; Fredleen Roches – Ms. Garifuna Peini; and Taryn Nunez – Ms. Garifuna Dangriga.

Opposition member’s Private Bill would allow diaspora Belizeans to vote in ICJ referendum
Due to a technicality in the law governing the registration of electors, Belizeans living in the diaspora will not be able to vote in next year’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum (April 10), in which Belizeans will weigh in on whether or not to seek a judicial settlement by the ICJ of the Guatemalan claim to Belizean territory. And the Government of Belize appears to be lacking the political will to remedy what many see as a grave injustice to Belizeans born in the country, especially in light of the fact that Guatemalans, who unconstitutionally obtained Belizean nationality, will be able to vote in the referendum. People’s United Party (PUP) member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Kareem Musa, area representative for the Caribbean Shores constituency, has taken on the task of seeking a legislative remedy that would allow diaspora Belizeans to vote in the referendum next year.

St. Catherine Academy are BDFA Female U-17 Football Champions 2018
On Friday afternoon, November 2, undefeated St. Catherine Academy (SCA) female football team clinched the Belize District Football Association (BDFA) Female U-17 championship at the MCC Grounds where they prevailed 2-1 in penalty shootout against Ladyville Rising Stars, after playing to a 2-2 draw in regulation and overtime. In regulation, both SCA goals were by Aaliyah Herbert (8’ & 37’), while Mary Davis (16’ & 25’) also got both goals for Rising Stars. The score remained the same in overtime, and in the ensuing penalty shootout, Saudy Rivera and Aaliyah Herbert shook the net for SCA, while only Lorraine Stephens converted for Rising Stars.

FFB National Youth Club Championship for Male U-15, Female U-17 and Male U-17
The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) is currently organizing the following youth tournaments for club teams countrywide in the following categories: U15M, U17F, and U17M. For competition purposes, the country was divided into ten competition districts within which a number of registered clubs competed for the right to represent the competition district in the national phase of the championship. The local phase of the competitions has concluded, and there are now 10 U15M champion clubs, 10 U17F champion clubs and 10 U17M champion clubs vying against each other in a series of home-and-away knockout format to produce a U15 M National Youth Club Champion, a U17 F Youth Club Champion and a U17M Youth Club Champion.

2018 RF&G Open results
The conditions at the Roaring River Golf Course were misty, moist and muddy, but that did not deter the intrepid golfers from venturing forth during the second day of the 2018 RF&G Belize Open. While the golfers were taking their swings on the course, the scorecards were reflecting some other swings. Robert Nelson led the net category on the first day of the tournament, but had a 13-stroke swing to the worse on Sunday. Meanwhile, Lloyd Gillet carded the tournament’s best single round gross score of 70 on Sunday, a 12-stroke improvement over his Saturday score. The winner of the gross category, Bill McKenzie, was the epitome of consistency with two days at 72. Robert Cook shot a net 62 and 70 to win the net category. Congratulations to our 2018 RF&G Open winners!

Stann Creek FA 1st Division Week 6 results and standings
The Stann Creek Football Association (SCFA) 1st Division Amateur September Season continued over the weekend with games on Friday and Sunday, November 2 and 4, at the Carl Ramos Stadium. In the opener on Friday night, South Side Warriors dropped Sarawee Strikers, 3-1, with goals from Norman Sutherland (37’) and Leston Garcia (46’ & 72’), while Ramon Olmedo (62’) scored for Sarawee. And in the nightcap, it was Pomona Impacts, 3-2, over Silk Grass SG Ballers. Netting 1 apiece for Pomona were Raymond Peters (54’), Kevin Salguero (57’) and Leonarde Valdez (68’); while Silk Grass got a goal each from Zion Ramos (33’) and Asad Sho (76’).

Editorial: Belizean unionism
Slavery was a straightforward evil. Some human beings forced other human beings to work for them, thus enriching them. The enslavers provided subhuman housing for those they enslaved, a minimum of clothing, barely enough food to survive, and they paid them nothing for their labor. Colonialism was a little more subtle. In the case of British Honduras/Belize, the masses of the people did not have chains on their feet after Emancipation in 1838. But they did not own any land, or any means of production. In order to survive, they generally had to ask the same people who had enslaved them, for jobs. The employers, who had been slavemasters, paid very low wages during colonialism, because the masses were desperate for work.

Former SIS boss writes about the 1981 State of Emergency
The Editor Amandala: I read with interest your article in the Amandala of 25th September, 2018, which commented on the circumstances of the recently declared State of Emergency, and the one which played out in 1981. I, Ephriam Usher, enlisted in the Belize Police Force in late 1977, and in early 1978 I commenced 6 months of training at the Police Training School, which at the time was housed in Ladyville. I received training with the first squad of the Tactical Services Unit as of 2nd January 1978. The Police Force provided me with extensive training locally and abroad. I had enlisted as the 1st (Officer Cadet). I believe the present Commissioner of Police is a product of that programme. The Commissioner at the time was Mr. Esmond Willoughby (his photograph was featured in your article).

All quiet on the Western Front
Dear Editor, On Sunday, November 11, 2018, the world will observe one hundred years since the signing of the armistice to end World War I. The conflict, which caused the lives of some 16 million souls, was known as “the great war to end all wars.” It began on July 28, 1914, an ended on Nov 11, 1918. The war was between Germany and most of the countries of the free world. World War I led to the formation of the League of Nations, which was a complete failure and later replaced by the United Nations after World War II. Since British Honduras was a colony, many of our men served in World War I. They were promised land by the colonial administration on their return. Some of them had to riot just to receive some swamp land. Some streets in Belize are named after some areas of WWI — Euphrates, Amara, Basra, Cairo, Mosul, etc.

Musings by the Curious Non-Conformist
I always want to celebrate those niches in society that highlight the magnificence of youth and that of women. Today I highlight the Belada Magazine and Bembe Vision! Belada Magazine comes out of Belada Caribe, a firm ran by a husband and wife, Abdul and Diafra Nunez. On November 9th, 2018, they launch the issue of their year-old magazine which highlights young people from all over Belize and I got a sneak peek of the great stories of the young Belizean stars. The names of young people I know and work with are highlighted. Names like Adriana Avilez from Punta Gorda Town; Her Excellency Kylah Ciego from Dangriga Town, Belize’s CARICOM Youth Ambassador; and Kristin Marin, originally from Belize City but working out of San Pedro Town and leading the Belize’s chapter of the international organization Projects Abroad.

Bernard could have used page from Yantas’ book
Channel Seven thought the mayor of Belize City, Bernard Wagner, was out of line when he refused to go down the road a reporter was taking him, at an occasion in Belize City this week. After the mayor expressed his displeasure with the line of questioning, the Belize City Council’s public relations officer abruptly ended the interview. At the Belize School of Agriculture, in 1978, our dean, Godsman Ellis, and our principal, Alfonso Tzul, thought that we should be exposed to the great men and women in our country who were leading the way in the building of the New Belize. So, we made field trips to every district, to meet the top farmers involved in the production of vegetables and fruits and grain and livestock. And every week during the second semester, a different leader in our country was brought in to speak with us.

The story of the brilliant and legendary Belizean musician, Bill Belisle,has been long overdue since yours truly of “Belizean Legends” spoke to his brother, Chauncy Smith, Jr., a year ago right here in Los Angeles where Smith lived. Before that we wondered about what the life of this prolific Belizean artist was like, especially for those of us who were too young to have heard the legendary Messengers play, with Bill Belisle flanked by the outstanding saxophone player and bandleader, Pete Matthews. It so happened that a musically-inclined Bill Belisle who was named off his father, Chauncy Belisle, would be raised by Pearlie and Barney Kemp of Belize, though his mother, Claudia Leslie, was in his life. His mother worked with the Kemps,who were a prominent Belizean family from the South. Mr. Kemp also played music and was a Belizean musician before Bill’s time.

The facts not mentioned
The Government’s concerted effort for us to vote on 10th April next year to take the territorial differendum with Guatemala to the International Court of Justice for final and binding resolution using the 2008 Special Agreement [Compromis] as the court’s terms of reference, continues to intensify. At his recent press conference the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister announced that additional brain power was being recruited by the ICJ referendum education unit to properly inform us on the “facts” so that we can vote accordingly in the upcoming referendum. Even so, I have observed that there are very important facts omitted from the presentations of those who promulgate the official position taken by the Government. I therefore wish to direct your attention to some of these omissions that may well be considered the real objective and unbiased facts of the matter.

Romario Pech, 23, released from Mexican prison
Romario Pech, 23, a resident of Yo Creek, has been found not guilty of manslaughter after being jailed in Chetumal, Mexico, for 17 months. Pech was accused of killing his cousin, Saul Pech, 19, at Saul’s apartment in Chetumal on May 2, 2017. Although Pech was arrested last year, his trial only began about two weeks ago due to it being postponed for weeks after a riot broke out at the prison in which he was held. The trial was held without a jury and around midday on Thursday, November 1, the judge found Pech not guilty.

Another robbery caught on camera in Belmopan
Surveillance footage of several businesses being robbed have been circulating on social media over the past few days. Yesterday, around 11:30 a.m., a robbery in Belmopan at Tai Fu Store located on Cemetery Road in the Salvapan area was also caught on camera. In the video, a dark-skinned man is seen entering the store and pulling a gun from under the front of his pants. Amidst the high intensity of what was happening, the robber dropped the gun, and hurriedly picked it up. He then pointed the gun at the cashier and demanded money.

Tracy Betancourt, 21, arraigned for murder of San Pedro businessman, Lamont Lipka
At about 9:30 Sunday night, May 13, 2018, Lamont Edward Lipka, 49, an American citizen and the owner of Tropicana Bar and Grill, located on Coconut Drive on the southern end of San Pedro, was in his restaurant, sitting behind the counter, when an unknown gunman entered the restaurant and fired about 6 shots at him. Police have arrested Tracy Betancourt, 21, an unemployed San Pedro resident, and charged her with Lipka’s murder, and conspiracy to commit murder in connection with the shooting of Lipka. Police are searching for an accomplice in the crime, a resident of San Pedro who is known to them.

Tyrique Myles, 18, third alleged cop killer, arraigned
A third person has been arraigned for the murder of Constable Osborne Martinez, 27. He is Tyrique Myles, 18, a resident of Tibruce Street who was shot in his right thigh by police while he was allegedly involved in a shootout with them. Myles was arraigned on the charge when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. He was also charged with 3 counts of robbery, one count of keeping a firearm without a gun license and one count of keeping ammunition without a gun license. He was remanded into custody until January 8, 2018.

Opposition member’s Private Bill would allow diaspora Belizeans to vote in ICJ referendum
Due to a technicality in the law governing the registration of electors, Belizeans living in the diaspora will not be able to vote in next year’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum (April 10), in which Belizeans will weigh in on whether or not to seek a judicial settlement by the ICJ of the Guatemalan claim to Belizean territory. And the Government of Belize appears to be lacking the political will to remedy what many see as a grave injustice to Belizeans born in the country, especially in light of the fact that Guatemalans, who unconstitutionally obtained Belizean nationality, will be able to vote in the referendum. People’s United Party (PUP) member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Kareem Musa, area representative for the Caribbean Shores constituency, has taken on the task of seeking a legislative remedy that would allow diaspora Belizeans to vote in the referendum next year.

The Reporter

By: Major Lloyd Jones (Ret’d). The lame duck area representative for the Port Loyola division, the Hon. Anthony “Boots” Martinez, raised a few eyebrows when in October he declared himself the King of Port Loyola. I understood well the point that he was trying to make, but to some he came across as being out of touch with the sentiments of the voters in his division. Boots’ royal decree was an attempt to remind the voters that it was he who was in charge of the treasure chest. The elected Area Representative of Port Loyola was therefore putting the voters of “Port” on notice that if they did not support the candidate he endorsed that there was going to be a price to pay. No other than the Prime Minister would later confirm that all goods and services can only flow through Boots.

EDITORIAL – November 9th. 2018
Belizeans were thrilled this week to learn that the Police had captured eleven Guatemalan smugglers and one Belizean businessman along with 15 bales of cocaine weighing in at 1,056 pounds, and a number of pistols including one heavy caliber hand gun. This was big news! Everybody knows that the cocaine is coming in by plane and by boat from South America. But until now we did not know who are the agent or agents in Belize and how the drugs are being sent out.

In previous installments of the Business Perspective column we had discussed the effects of corruption. In particular, we have discussed empirical studies that have repeatedly underscored the fact that corruption weighs negatively on economic growth and development. However, at this juncture, it is useful to discuss the institutions that are designed to prevent corruption.

Investors in the Stake Bank Cruise Port, Stake Bank Enterprise Limited (SBEL), announced that design work for the much anticipated cruise port facility was set to commence this week. The project is expected to have a significant impact on the cruise tourism sector, particularly in Belize City where the need for a cruise port to accommodate larger ships as the industry continues to grow became apparent in recent years.

Independence Police are seeking one person for questioning in relation to the discovery of the body of a newborn, found discarded inside a shallow grave in Trio Village in the Toledo district. An investigation by Police has established that on November 4th, Guatemalan domestic Dominica Mucu, 39, gave birth to a female child at her home in Trio. Police say that Mucu told them that the child was born premature and on the following day the infant suddenly stopped breathing and died and was subsequently buried.

This week a jury found Bert Vasquez, who is already spending 10 years in prison for sexual offenses, guilty of another sexual crime. On Wednesday a 12-member jury found him not guilty on charges of forcible abduction, but guilty of attempted rape, after four hours of deliberation. Vasquez, who was unrepresented, is scheduled to return to Court on Wednesday, November 28 for mitigation pleas, then the Court will decide whether to sentence him at that time or at a later date.

Teachers at Excelsior High School in Belize City are up in arms and are demanding an explanation on why their social security, insurance and income tax payments are several months in arrears when the deductions have been taken out of their salaries. The Reporter has learned from inside sources at the school that in October, one of the teachers received a call from her insurance company, informing her that her payments were two months in arrears. The teacher inquired about it and found out that her deductions were made out in cheques along with everyone else’s but had not been paid to any of the three institutions.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Atlantic Bank Belmopan hosts Auto Show tomorrow
The Belmopan Branch of Atlantic Bank is hosting their annual new and pre-owned auto show tomorrow. […]

Scotiabank donates $2,000 to Salvation Army Kettle appeal
This morning, Scotiabank in Belize city handed over a $2,000 cheque to the Salvation Army at […]

Fire destroys home in Bladden Village
Police are investigating a house fire that occurred in Bladden Village, Southern Belize. Juan Perez,69, told police […]

American found dead in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
Police are investigating the death of a retired American in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Last night, […]

Samuel August to be charged with double murder and string of other charges
In a press conference yesterday, Belize City police confirmed that Samuel August has been discharged from […]

Police: Baby 28 weeks old found in shallow grave in Trio village
Earlier this week we reported that the body of a baby was found in the […]

Shop owner doesn’t file police report in robbery caught on camera
Earlier this week the robbery of Tai Fu store in San Martin, Belmopan, was caught […]

Pregnant woman dies in Dangriga
The Placencia community is reeling from the loss of a beloved young mother. Selmi Franco, […]

Four-year-old abused by stepfather
At yesterday’s press briefing, police stated that they are investigating a report of child abuse […]

Belize represented at Miss Scuba international
Belize is being represented at the Miss Scuba international pageant in Malaysia. Twenty-six-year-old dive master, […]

Artists join hands for benefit concert in Belize
Belizean artists have joined hands to host a benefit concert. The purpose of the concert […]

San Ignacio police find motorcycle used in robbery
San Ignacio police are actively seeking two suspects that they believe robbed Lily’s store in […]

WPC charged for assault
A female police officer has been charged for assaulting a woman inside a nightclub in […]

Tracey Betancourt charged for murder of American businessman
Police have charged Tracey Betancourt, 21, in connection with the death of American businessman, Lamont […]

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The First US Store Opens in Belize: Ashley Furniture Comes to Mirabs Department Store
Yesterday we flew over to Belize City for Jeff’s one week follow up visit with the cardiologist and for the Grand Opening of Ashley Furniture Store in Belize City. Exciting for a few reasons. It was a gorgeous day to fly. Ashley Furniture at Mirab’s Department Store is the first US store in Belize. No Walmart, no Starbucks, no 7-11. The first. And one of their over 860 stores world wide! Based in Wisconsin, Ashley Furniture is the #1 furniture retailer in America and have stores in Costa Rica and Russia and Japan. Exciting because it is the third floor and final floor of the HUGE Mirab Department store that opened just a few months ago in Belize City – but could seriously be in California and still be beautiful and impressive.

International Sourcesizz

International Living’s Retire Overseas Bootcamp 2018 Conference in New Mexico
Belize Tourism Board

The Natural History Museum of Utah's 'Maya' exhibit keeps the ancient culture alive
When ancient Maya stonecutters crafted tall pillars and engraved them with glyphs and images of divine figures, they did so at the requests of kings who wanted to assert their authority and power. Centuries later, Utahns will have the chance to experience the mystery and majesty of the stelae themselves when they come face to face with life-size replicas at the Natural History Museum of Utah’s latest exhibit, "Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed," which opens Saturday. "It’s an amazing, immersive introduction to the culture of the ancient Maya," said Lisa Thompson, the museum's exhibit developer. "It also does a really good job of explaining how we know what we know about the Maya."

8 of the World's Most Lavish Hotel Bathtubs
While some may overlook the hotel bathroom and head straight to the bed to get a glimpse into how well they will sleep at night, the bathroom is becoming a statement of style and serenity in itself. The thought of coming back to your room after a day of exploration and sinking into an oversize tub overflowing with scented bubbles? It likely doesn't get much better than that while on vacation. The ultraluxurious bathtub lends to incomparable views while bathing, and tubs are even planted in a peaceful, outdoor oasis. A luxury eco-accommodation, Copal Tree Lodge is located on a 3,000-acre sustainable farm in Punta Gorda, the southernmost part of Belize. If you’re staying in one of the resort's four Signature Canopy Suites perched above the jungle canopy, you can take in the landscape of the Maya Mountains from the soaking tub situated on the suite’s wraparound balcony.


  • Agouti, 2.5min. While quietly doing a little birding in the garden this morning - I had one of these small experiences, which makes life so much more richer. Agouti's do not see that well and you can see, it senses that I am there, but it is not certain, since I do not move

  • San Pedro Cleanup, 1min. CLEAN UP going on! Be part of the community participation TODAY. LOCATION: main road west of the airstrip going into San Pedrito

  • Belize Christian Academy 25th Anniversary, 1.5min.

  • Schooling with the fish off Silk Caye in Belize, 1min. Schooling with the fish off Silk Caye in Belize. These fish let me join their school for a swim. Although, as you can see a couple of them kept circling back and giving me the fish eye. This was at about 45' shot with Nikon Coolpix W300.

  • Diving dog in Belize, 1.5min.

  • Swimming with sharks, manatees, rays and turtles!, 10min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries, 2min.

  • Grace Flava with a Beat - Belizean Sere using their coconut products, 21min. Grace Flava with a Beat showed us how to make Belizean Sere using their coconut products. On set: Duane Lizama - Resident Chef. Melanie Coc - Senior Brand Manager, Grace Kennedy Belize Ltd.

  • Feel Ah Way" Benefit Concert in Dangriga, 23min. Aurelio Martinez and Tanya Stephens are in country to support the "Feel Ah Way" Benefit Concert in Dangriga. We invited them to talk with us about their work to support our local music industry. The artists explain that they are invested in seeing the cultural music of Belize develop and shared regionally. On our couch: Tanya Stephens - Artist/Concert Performer. Aurelio Martinez - Artist/Concert Performer. Barbara Noralez - Promoter.

  • NCFC launches activity book on Children's Rights, 18min. The National Committee for Families and Children is launching an activity book that teaches children about the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The "Express Yuself with Rights" book helps children learn about their rights and responsibilities while using their creativity and imagination. We spoke with representatives of NCFC's CRC Ambassador program about the creative process and how you can get access to it. On our couch: Michael Fritz - CRC Ambassador. Natasha Pipersburgh - CRC Ambassador. Lindburgh Smith - Former IEC Officer, NCFC.

  • The Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry - Dissatisfaction with GOB's UNCAC implementation, 46min. The Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry is registering its dissatisfaction with GOB's UNCAC implementation framework. They are calling for "rapid, resolute and effective action" from GOB to increase the pace of the progress. Our guests outlined the position and shared their concerns. They maintained that corruption hinders economic growth and as such they are being advocates and offering assistance to support the move towards anti-corruption policies and measures. On our couch: Nikita Usher- President, BCCI. Giacomo Sanchez- Treasurer, BCCI. Ashanti Martin- Secretary, BCCI.

  • The Dangriga Shaka Committee - Shaka competition, 25min. The "Sisira" or Shaka is an essential part of Garifuna music. It gives the depth to what we hear and follows the cue of the drums to create that spiritual experience in traditional ceremonies. The Dangriga Shaka Committee is in its second year of organizing the Shaka competition. Our guests talked with us about the origins of the committee and how the competition will raise funds to support community work. The event takes place on 16th November at the Ecumenical Auditorium. On our couch: Maurice Herrera - President, Shaka Committee. Karima Higinio Lewis - Secretary, Shaka Committee. Kenrick Casimiro - 2017 Winner.

  • St. John's Credit Union (SJCU) is celebrating its 72nd Anniversary, 32min. St. John's Credit Union (SJCU) is celebrating its 72nd Anniversary. The team were our final guests to talk about their accomplishments over the years. They are the fastest growing credit union with current assets of over BZD $82 million. They talked about their strategy to enhance services and meet the needs of their customer base. On our couch: Alvan Haynes – President, SJCU. Daisy Dawson – General Manager, SJCU. Andrew Mitchell – Loans & Marketing Manager, SJCU.

  • High School Battle Of The Drums 2018, 4hr.

  • The Caribbean Spiny Lobster, 1.5min. A short film depicting the work Reef Conservation International are doing on the Belize Barrier Reef to encourage population growth and protection of the Caribbean Spiny Lobster

  • Toledo Belize, 3min.

  • Belize’s East Indian Queen is 2nd runner up in International pageant, 1min.

  • Belize Ambergris Caye, 4.5min.

  • Fly Fishing Belize: 2 Grand Slams in 2 Days, 8min. We never expected it to be this good. On the last two days of our trip to Belize, it all came together. The calm and sunny conditions were perfect for flats fishing. Thanks to our incredible guides, Lincoln and Marlin, two grand slams were boated. Luck was on our side, and Damien got it done.

  • Highlights: Dominican Republic 6 - 0 Belize, 1min. Juan Ángeles scores a brace to give @fedofutbol a 6-0 victory over Belize

  • Just Winging It “Belize”, 16min. Trip to Belize

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