A northern cold front approached Belize and has since been affecting us since last week Friday. And, for us 60's and low 70's in Belize is cold for us. Since the cold front, those warm jackets has since been taken out of the closets. Around the country, the heavy fog has been seen at unusual places like San Pedro Ambergris Caye. Today, in Corozal The weather has changed to light misty rain. That means more cold should be approaching Belize soon. Get your jackets out again for the cool weather because tonight the weather will be cool.

Today, I walked the bay of Corozal as far as I could walk as seen at the picture below. This low tide made me see the biggest rocks on the side of the sidewalk. I saw broken glasses on the water that has never been removed. I saw trash that was brought by the waves. I saw the fishermen out on the catching fish with a taralla. The sand was created by the small waves as the tide went low.

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This polar air over our atmosphere is really giving us the chills. Welcome "El Norte". We missed you. Nice and cool cold front or norther prevails over our Corozal area. Locally known as "Together weather".

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