So, with all those known licensing issues about the PGIA - what are we to make of recent activity at the Placencia Airport in Riversdale? Commercial jets have been landing there recently and we asked Herredia about it:..

Jules Vasquez, reporter
"Recently the Placencia airport at Riversdale was activated for a SICA meeting. It raised some eyebrows, because you have a number of jets from Tag Airlines flying with people to attend this COMISCA meeting in Placencia. Was that authorized? What is the authority on that? How does that work?"

Hon. Manuel Heredia, Min. of Tourism
"That was authorized by the authorities from Belize - Civil Aviation. Also from the other different national security which is also part of it. Then just 2 weeks ago there was a big wedding from a big millionaire where you had also a jet of over 100 passengers and other smaller aircraft landing over there. Again, that is money coming into the country. So we cannot stop development, even though it states that everything are supposed to be here, then why if we have the opportunity over there, why not?"

The Placencia airstrip is owned by minister-friendly developer Marco Caruso.

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