Former Prime Minister and Fort George Area Representative, Said Musa, supports the legalization of marijuana. The idea was thrown unto the national spotlight by Opposition Leader, John Briceno, in October when he published a video in which he calls for the legalization of the herb. The idea was shut down by Prime Minister Dean Barrow at a press conference during which he described the idea as bizarre and downright dangerous.  The Belize Catholic Association Principals of Secondary Schools has also come out against the idea. There are, however, those who support the notion. Musa explained why he supports it.

Said Musa, Area Representative, Fort George Division

“I believe the time is fast approaching when we certainly as a responsible member of parliament and certainly as the future government of Belize should seriously examine this question as to whether we should legalize it and stop messing around decriminalization and all this thing. Why? Because the whole world is moving that way, one. So the market is moving that way and we will be left behind. And two, I have not read any scientific article that is suggesting that this marijuana should remain that serious of a drug where we keep jailing people. If it is have insidious or side effects it should be treated as a health issue.”

Hipolito Novelo

“They say who knows it feels it. Respectfully Sir, have you felt the high of marijuana? Have you taken a joint at any age of your life?

Said Musa

“I would simply answer is by saying, unlike President Clinton if I smoked marijuana I would have inhaled it.”

Musa to Trump: Don’t Blame Us for Your Drug Problem

In addressing the idea of legalizing marijuana, Prime Minister Dean Barrow touched on the U.S. factor.  According to PM Barrow, if marijuana was grown legally in the country, the cartels would openly take over production in Belize. The fear is that the U.S. will bring down the hammer on the country and to quote the Prime Minister, “goodbye correspondent banking, goodbye financial system, goodbye trade, goodbye lifeblood.”  Former Prime Minister Said Musa has a different view. Musa believes Belize’s national policies should not be influenced by how President Donald Trump feels about the issue.

Said Musa, Area Representative, Fort George Division

“I know that they will b e upset because it distorts the market as far as they are concerned but the truth of the matter is for years when we talked to the American and the Europeans for that matter and they tell us about burning the marijuana and controlling. We looked to them and say why don’t you control your market. You all are the one consuming using this drug. So why blame us for the drug problem? That’s one thing. The other thing is this: I don’t why our national policy should be dictated by how President Trump or whoever else in there feels about this issue. That is my position. And I don’t think that is an irresponsible position to take especially since in their own country they are now legalizing it.”


Several states in the U.S. have legalized marijuana, raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year.

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