Over a year ago, the San Pedro Police Department inaugurated a police booth north of San Pedro Town, in an attempt to render better-policing services to the northern island community. Although police claim to be getting satisfying results, the police sub-station is due for much-needed renovations, and recently, was vandalized. One of the supporting posts at the entrance of the structure is broken, and it seems to be supporting the weight of the building barely. The facility has electricity, but it still lacks a bathroom. However, it is often used as a makeshift stop for officers patrolling the area daily.

“We are working on how to give the substation a facelift with some paint at the moment. Someone has already decided to help us with the damaged post,” said Superintendent Reymundo Reyes. “But we need to have more police presence visible in the area to deter any criminal activity.” He noted that more resources and manpower is needed to increase the policing on the island, whose population continues to grow.

As police thrive to keep Northerners safe, they ask the community to work along with the police and assist in reporting any suspicious activities in their areas. In the meantime, any parties interested in making donations for the renovation of the police booth, can visit the police station on Pescador Drive or call 206-2022.

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