Yesterday I visited the San Pedro Artisan Market for the first time ever. Well…that’s not exactly true. The booths were located in Central Park for years…under a large palapa. But a few years back, they moved to the new location on Back Street.

And while I drive past here every day…often parking in the one central parking lot just next door…I’d never taken a walk around the booths. I guess I just figured that I already knew… But I didn’t. Not at all. Sure I’d seen some of the wooden bowls and beaded necklaces before but I found some new stuff…and bought a hammock for a great price…and saw some items that I’d really like to have.

Note: My very favorite part? The vendors are super friendly and not aggressive. After attempting market walks in places like Cancun…with hawkers sometimes shouting at you and following you…this was a sweet relief! I got a little lesson in weaving in Jippi Jappa…and learning about “jungle zericote” vs. local zericote.

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