After over a year without paying docking fees to The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC), water taxi company, San Pedro Belize Express has reportedly started paying for the usage of the municipal dock. The company had relocated following Hurricane Earl in August of 2016 but was not paying anything to use the public pier. Mayor Daniel Guerrero confirmed that after much pressure, as of May of 2018, the water taxi carrier began paying a flat monthly fee of $2,000. However, Area Representative Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr. is at odds with the SPTC, as he claims that the facility is being used by a small sailing boat called ‘La Gaviota,’ whose owner is not paying any fees. This is the alleged reason why the water taxi company had not been paying for the past months, as Heredia reportedly instructed them not to do so until the SPTC began charging the owner La Gaviota for using the said docking facility.

Mayor Guerrero stated that after many months without collecting from the large business, they ended up agreeing to a minimum fee of $2,000. While the amount is not what they initially wanted to charge, the Mayor is glad to be collecting the fee. Guerrero stated that they have reached out to the proprietor of La Gaviota about the issue, but they have not received a response.

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