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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: I Hate Parrots
“Oh, come on,” Sherry said. “We’re only going to be there for a little while.” “No!” I said. “I hate parrots. They’re noisy and rude and I’ve already had too many bad experiences with them in my life.” “She’s my friend,” Sherry told me. “I promised her we would come over because she is so proud of it. Now, you be nice to her.” Half an hour later we were in the golf cart on our way to see Myra’s new talking parrot. “This is Skittles,” Myra said, when she brought the bird out to us on the porch. “Say hello, Skittles.” “You’re a pretty lady. Pretty lady,” the parrot said to Sherry. “Are you a good boy? Are you a good boy?” he asked me. “Oh, that’s cute,” Sherry said.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to the Ministry of Education
Dear Editor, The Minister of Education and his Executives were gracious in their support of the teachers. I want to publicly and personally thank them. The real problem was and still is that the Teaching Services Commission makes new policies or rules without sufficient consultation with partners and then enforces those polices or rules before teachers and managers can adjust to the policies or rules. The no back pay policy? or rule? is really hurting teachers and is unfair. I thought that the Teaching Services Commission did not have the authority to make policies or rules. Mistakes have been made and will be made by the human beings who work with the Teaching Services Commission, the general managers and the local managers.

Doctor Love: Out and About
Dear Doctor Love, With the love and support of my partner, I recently came out to my family as gay. Almost all of them were very accepting but it came as a shock to learn that my mother is homophobic. I didn’t notice it when I was growing up, she never made comments or shunned homosexuals, but she is very upset that I have “chosen this lifestyle” as she calls it. My mother has told me that she prefers my partner does not come to our family Christmas dinner. The unmarried cousins and nieces and nephews are welcome to bring boyfriends or girlfriends, but my mother feels that bringing my same-sex partner will make some of the family uncomfortable. None of the family has said that to me, only my mother has shown that attitude.

Misc Belizean Sources


The Legend of the Blue Hole Monster
“It was HUGE!” Cap’n Ray declared. “The monster arched … and dove … at an incredible speed,” Chris Biagi said. “The water became turbulent”, noted George Strauss. “The creature had a snake-like head with large red eyes that looked like flashlights” recalled Marisol of her strange encounter with what must be the longest sea creature alive. Four people, three Americans and one Venezuelan, a woman, were out diving by the Blue Hole for fun. All four of them saw an unusual sea creature which, for size and elusiveness can compare with the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland. Scientifically, if other independent documentation can be obtained, the Blue Hole Monster could become one of the great biological discoveries of marine life.” The descriptions which follow are taken from the affidavits of the eye-witnesses themselves. The charts and diagrams are from Cap'n Ray's pen.

Maya children of Patchakan(Corozal) dancing the U Pool K'eek'en

Channel 5

Man Chopped Three Times To The Head
About 4:30 a.m on Saturday Police visited the Southern Regional Hospital where they observed Hilbert Smith, 23-year-old Belizean laborer of Pomona Village in the Stann Creek District, suffering from two chop wounds on the back of the head and one on the forehead. Smith told police that he leaving a bar in Pomona Village when he got in an argument with another man who inflicted the injuries. Smith remains in a stable condition.

Canadian Man Shot And Beaten
Police are investigating a near fatal shooting incident which occurred yesterday morning. At round 7:40 am, 71 year old Pierre Blais, a retired Canadian residing in Hope Creek Village in the Stann Creek District, reported to police that he was about to enter his blue Toyota Eco car when two men with their faces covered approached him. One was armed with a firearm and pointed the gun at his head. He fired a single shot which caught Blais behind his left ear. The other attacker hit Blais with a baseball bat, injuring Blais on his left knee and left arm. The two men later tied up Blais and later searched the residence. The men escaped in his car through the Coastal Road where they lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a ditch. Blais is in stable condition. Police are looking for the two suspects.

Alleged Attackers Shot in Cayo
On 2.12.2018 about 3:35 am., Police responded to a report of a shooting incident on Hudson Street, San Ignacio Town. Upon arrival Moamar Zelaya 32-year-old, Belizean technician of Esperanza Village, reported that he and his brother were assaulted and as a result he fired shots at the attackers which resulted in Christopher Hudson, 28-year-old Belizean laborer of Belize City, sustaining injuries to his right hand and a graze to his side and Germaine Pandy, Belizean laborer of Far West Street, San Ignacio, sustaining injuries to his right elbow. Both were admitted in a stable condition. Police investigation continues.

The Reporter

The race to elect a United Democratic Party Standard Bearer for the Lake Independence constituency is currently underway at the Sadie Vernon High School compound in Belize City. Polls opened at 9 this morning and will be closing at five. Sources on the ground say that the crowd has been trickling in slowly and it is estimated that only 400 persons have cast their vote so far. That number is quite low when compared to the 3000+ voters in that constituency.

Nerry Montenegro, the man whom family members believed to have been found dead in the New River in Orange Walk has been found alive and is now back at home. After four days of being reported missing, Orange Walk Police found Montenegro on Thursday night wandering on the San Estevan Road. Apart from injuries to both of his feet appearing disoriented Montenegro was fine.

Belmopan resident Darrell Usher, 32, who was arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrate court on Thursday on as many as 22 counts of criminal charges for allegedly running over five persons with a vehicle has been successful in securing Supreme Court bail.

Today marks the occasion of the much-anticipated live dive expedition and broadcast from the bottom of the Great Blue Hole. The two-hour event will be streamed live at 3 pm Belize time or 4 pm EST on Discovery’s Facebook page and TV Channel. The expedition will feature Richard Branson and ocean conservationist Fabien Cousteau who are going to answer questions live from the sanctuary of a submarine at the bottom of the Blue Hole.

The Ministry of National Security is reporting that despite losing an eye on November 14th at the Sarstoon Forward Operating Base (FOB) Private Fidel Williams is in good health and spirits and is now in Merida undergoing an assessment for a prosthetic eye replacement. A press release from the Ministry notes that Private Williams departed the country on November 29th to undergo an overall assessment and is expected to return over the weekend.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Ramon Witz wins UDP Convention in Cayo South
Ramon Witz, the former area representative for the Cayo South Division won the UDP convention for that division today. Witz received 839 votes, Ralph Huang received 428 votes, and Ramon Aleman received 111 votes.

Dianne Finnegan wins UDP convention in Lake I
Dianne Finnegan has won the UDP convention for Lake I. Finnegan received 273 votes while Samuel Cutkelvin received 6 votes, Jason Edwards received 228 votes, and Cecil Jenkins received 232 votes.


Belize City on the Busiest Day on the Year, Part One
December 1st – I’d been jotting down events for that date for the last few months. International Day of Yoga, Belize City Christmas Expo, Shopping Downtown, a Christmas tree lighting. Add on some errands that I needed to run: pick up Jeff’s Angiogram CD at the Cardiology Center, head to the pharmacy, pick up at The Framing Shop….and I had a FULL day planned., When I hopped on a JAM PACKED water taxi yesterday at 10am on a bright sunny blustery morning – I realized I wasn’t the only one headed to Belize City for the day. Below are two maps from the Moon Guides…that show where the water taxi comes in…and the surrounding area. And then the greater Belize City area. I’ve marked up a bit…where I was. To give you a sense.


  • Results of UDP Standard Bearer convention Lake I, 7.5min.

  • Discovery Live: Into the Blue Hole, 1.5min. The full depth of the Blue Hole is approximately 410 feet deep. The underwater ecosystem continues to completely change as the crew moves towards the bottom.

  • Miss. Chiquitita Corozal, 1min. Coming soon!

  • Tami & Britney Belize 2018,13 min. We had fun!!

  • Dive Trip to Belize November 2018, 7min. My dad and I took a trip down to Caye Caulker, Belize. He shot most all of this footage with a GoPro while I was doing training.

  • Belize Fishing for Spanish Mackerel, 5min. Fishing for SPanish Mackerel in Belize, Trolling using Yo Zuri Crystal Minnows 3.5 inch, Berkley Inshore Rods, Okuma Azores Reels...

  • Sailing in Belize Nov 2018, 2.5min. Discovering the Lighthouse Atoll with unforgetable dives in the Blue Hole and Half Moon Cay. Sailing to Glover Reef and Turneffe Atoll over turquoise water, Kitesurfing and Surfing at Tobacco Cay.

  • My week in Belize!!!, 3.5min.

  • Big Rock Falls in Belize, 2.5min. Hike up to Big Rock Falls in Belize during vacation at Blancaneaux Lodge. The 150-foot waterfall is located in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve on the Privassion River of the Cayo District of Belize.

  • Belize Aggressor IV Dive trip with Action Scuba, 21min. We had an amazing time! saw Sharks Rays Barracuda and tons more.

  • Crooked Tree Belize - By Drone, 5min.

  • Museum in Crooked Tree, 3min.

  • PM Barrow to stop gillnets?, 1.5min. ogether, the people of Belize said no to offshore oil in 2018. Now it appears, PM Barrow and his administration is getting ready to stop the nets

  • Gillnets are walls of death, 13min. t's time to stop the nets. With support, the 169 licensed gillnetters can transition to alterate gear types and alterantive livelihoods.