The Maya Golden Landscape – Ya’axché’s area of work stretching from the Maya Mountains to the Caribbean coast – has one of the world's richest assemblages of biodiversity, but hunting and illegal logging are major threats to the landscape.

Equipped with new technology, Ya’axché’s rangers monitor wildlife populations, assess the quality of streams and rivers, and carry out patrols across 770,000 acres of forests. Ya'axché is working tirelessly to safeguard this incredible landscape.

Communities here depend heavily on these forest resources; working closely with them is crucial to the success of our work. Unsustainable slash and burn farming puts the land under immense pressure, but there are alternative farming methods like cacao-based agroforestry. In 2014, Ya'axché has established Belize's first agroforestry concession within Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve, a protected area. Farmers are supported to grow nitrogen-fixing inga trees improve soil quality to reduce the cutting down of forests for farming. Another alternative, beekeeping also brings benefits to communities and forests. These climate-smart techniques provide healthy food for families and ensure the surrounding forest and wildlife can flourish once again.

Increasingly, small-scale livestock farmers are coming into contact with jaguars. Simple mitigation measures have drastically reduced attacks by jaguars.

Ya’axché continues to inspire the next generation. Ya’axché promotes harmony between nature and human development for the benefit of both.