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Today's Belize News: December 12, 2018 #533753
12/12/18 06:56 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Belize Hosts Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Health of Central America and Dominican Republic
Belize is hosting the 49th Ordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Health of Central America and the Dominican Republic (COMISCA) December 6th and 7th, at The Placencia Hotel and Resort, in Placencia village. Topics to be discussed include Executive Report of the Secretariat for COMISCA for second Semester 2018; advancements in the process of Health Regulations within the framework of SICA; proposed Health Agenda for Central America and Dominican Republic; presentation of Regional Strategic Plan for the Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy in the region; Strategic Plan for Health Promotion, 2019-2025, among other important topics.

PLB semifinals begin: San Pedro Pirates lose 4-1 against Verdes F.C
The San Pedro Pirates hosted Verdes F.C at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town for the first round of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) semifinals 2018 on Saturday, December 8th. The island team fought hard to win their first semifinal match against Verdes F.C but fell short to the visitors. For the San Pedro Pirates to advance to the finals, they will have to shut-out the Verdes F.C at least 4-0. For the second round of the semifinals, the San Pedro Pirates F.C will be traveling to San Ignacio Town to face Verdes F.C on Wednesday, December 12th. The game is scheduled to start at 7:30PM at the Norman Broaster Stadium. For more information on how to accompany the Pirates as a fan, you can contact 623-0772.

Ambergris Today

Belize Cultural Wedding Listed On Belief Awards: Best Wedding Of 2018
The ones who already got married can confirm this: having a good wedding planner makes all the difference when it comes to reliving your stress and managing tasks for the "big day". Luckily, there are countless professionals who can help you with that around the world– but what if you could hire an awarded and certified wedding planner? That is not only possible but also pretty easy to find – the Belief Wedding Planners, an international community for top professionals in the industry, selects twice a year the best weddings around the world. And the results are utterly inspiring! The Belief Awards unveils a carefully-chosen collection of top-class wedding around the world. On the 10th edition, more than 500 entries, from 26 counties, were received – it was the biggest edition so far. 27 wedding planners, from 19 countries (5 continents - Asia, Europe, South America, North America and Africa), made to the final cut.

Misc Belizean Sources


Book Launch of Mr. Tony Rath's "Images of Ambergris Caye"
You are invited to attend the official book launch and presentation at the Parham Plaza Hotel in San Pedro Town. Join us at 10:00 AM on Wednesday December 19, 2018, Mr. Tony Rath shall be releasing his latest work “Images of Ambergris Caye”. A new series by Cubola Productions. Get your signed copy at a discounted price.

Hunab Ku is a Colonial period Yucatec Maya reduce term meaning "The One God". The earliest known publicly available written reference to the term "Hunab Ku" (which translates as "Sole God" or "Only God") appears in the 16th century Diccionario de Motul, where "Hunab-ku" is identified as "the only living and true god, also the greatest of the gods of the people of Yucatan. He had no form because they said that he could not be represented as he was incorporeal". The term also appears in the Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel . The term Hunab Ku is unknown in any pre-Conquest inscriptions in Maya writing. Hunab Ku was closely associated with an indigenous creator Itzamna, in an effort to make use of religious syncretism. Hunab Ku is believed to be a reduce term and Christian concept of "One God" .

And its a wrap... BHA Biannual Meeting 2018!
The Belize Hotel Association held its Biannual Meeting on Friday, December 7, from 1:00PM- 5:00PM at the Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza in Belize City. Almost one hundred persons attended this prestigious event including members of the BHA Board , BHA Members and other Tourism Stakeholders. Also in attendance were Mrs. Karen Bevans, Director of Tourism, Ms. Karen Pike, Director of Marketing, of the BTB and Mr. John Burgos, Executive Director of the BTIA. Keynote speaker at the event was Mrs. Stacy Cox, the CEO of the Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association (TCHTA). Mrs. Cox is also the President of the Caribbean Society of Hotel Association Executives, (CSHAE), comprised of over 32 Caribbean Hotel Associations and serves on the Executive Board of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association ( CHTA).

On TreeTuesday, we highlight the Soursop tree (Annona muricata)!
Soursoup is native of tropical America and the Caribbean. The genus name Annona is from the Latin word anon, signifying “yearly harvest”, which refers to the fruit production habits of the various species in this genus. Other Annona species known in Belize are custard apple and cherimoya. This tree is small and evergreen, averaging 3-10 m in height. Mature trees have a spherical crown roughly 3.5 m in diameter. Trunks are straight with smooth, grey bark that becomes rougher with age. The tree can be further distinguished by its leathery leaves with a glossy top surface; large, yellow-green flowers with 6 fleshy, heart-shaped petals; and heart-shaped fruit covered with 6 mm long soft spines. Ripe fruits can weigh up to 7 kg.

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint “A Navidad Sunset”.

KISS New Year's Eve Party
Are you making plans for New Years? You know it has to start with a kiss! At the Holiday Hotel. The biggest New Years Eve Party of Belize is here! Join us for our annual New Years Eve Party starting at 9PM. *Music by Caribbean Kings and DeeJay Dev and DJ Kad from Belize City! You can’t miss this the first 200 women to enter get a free Light House! *Party favors will be provided

On Monday, December 10, 2018, The San Pedro Town Council hosted the monthly Mayor's meeting. All mayors from the different municipalities gathered at the conference room of the San Pedro Town Hall as they discussed their pending matters from their agenda. Guest appearance at the meeting was Hon. Carla Barnett, Senator and Minister of State of Government of Belize. At the end of the gathering, Mayor Daniel Guerrero presented each guest with a little gift for the holiday seasone

Launch of INVESTBelize Magazine Volume 6
The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) launched its Volume 6 of the Invest Belize Magazine, a signature piece which encapsulates business opportunities in Belize; under the theme, “Our Green Economy, Your Trade Opportunity”. In the continued quest to promoting long-term development, the Volume 6 magazine was printed on sustainably grown paper, with the intent to resonate sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the public and private sector.

The Sixth Edition of INVEST Belize

Commercial Fisher Folk License Renewal 2019
Reminder to all Fishers and users of the Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. Dates for Sarteneja, Copper Bank, Chunox & all other fishers from Corozal & Orange Walk - January 7th - Janaury 11th at the the Belize Fisheries Department Office in Belize City. A grace period for renewals will be in place until January 31st, 2019.

The week started with windy conditions and then we had good weather for the second half. Snook fishing around the Mangroves remains good. At the age of 84, Clare caught her first fish ever: and it was a nice sized Permit on a spinning rod! Congrats to Clare!

Recycled Christmas Tree Competition
With the help of our Toledo Field Representative, Analee Chuc, we held Oceana Belize's first Recycled Christmas Tree Competition this week. The 1st place winner was Julian Cho Technical High School and in 2nd place was Toledo Community College! We would like to thank all our participants and our many sponsors - Belize Bank, PGTV, the Belize territorial volunteers, Stacy Martin/ Asha's Culture Kitchen, BTIA PG, the Department of Environment, JICA, and the Punta Gorda Town Council. Here's a look at the creative ways they showed us that recycled materials can be beautiful too!

LOVE FM Christmas parade in San Pedro
Captain Conch and the SP BTIA will join the fun this Sunday, December 16th for the LOVE FM Christmas parade. We have secured a vehicle to carry our lighted frame from the Boat Parade (we WON second place!), and the Captain is ready to dance through the streets spreading his message, ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A CLEAN SAN PEDRO!

Channel 7

Bus Owner Drowns On Ill-Fated Fishing Trip
He owns one of the largest bus lines in the north, but, yesterday evening, Rudy Morales was on the sea when he lost his life. The 41 year old bus owner's boat went under at the mouth of the New River - at the entrance to Corozal Bay. He and four friends and relatives were on a fishing trip. And tonight, we can confirm that his body was found this evening near Cerros - about a mile away from where the boat capsized. Our 7News team was in the area all day and Jules Vasquez has this report from when the search was ongoing - and his body had not yet been found:..

Corozal Businessman's Mysterious Murder
And, also in the Corozal District, a prominent businessman was murdered last night under very odd circumstances. Michael Arnold was shot to the head on a desolate road. Jules Vasquez has more:.. 58 year old Michael Arnold's Chrysler minivan was found here in the Baeza Layout last night at 10:40. This shattered glass - presumably from the vehicle window - marks the spot where his van was parked. He was reportedly in the passenger seat with two apparent gunshot wounds to the left side of his temple and one exit wound to the right side of the temple. A third shot is believed to have shattered the window.

Still No Sign Of Anisha, Family Fears Worst
The search continues tonight for 23 year old Anisha Young. The family says at this point it seems there is no hope in finding her alive. As we told you, she went missing early Sunday morning. She went to her staff Christmas party on Saturday night and then went to Sit and Sip with her boyfriend and three friends. They all left Sit and Sip in a taxi. The taxi dropped her friends off first and then took Young and her boyfriend home. No one has seen or heard from Young since then. This morning we caught up with her family and friends who were getting ready to search for Young. Here is more from Young's cousin. Sheree Salgado, Cousin: "According to her friends, three of her girlfriends were with her, they were dropped off first and then Anisha and her boyfriend, the taxi claims he dropped them home, yes they were the last to go home."

Mayor Tackles Pier One Problem
Last night, we told you about 20 year-old Asher Saunders who was murdered at Pier 1 Bar and Grill on Friday night. Best reports say that his murder resulted from a confrontation between two rival gangs. Police officers provide security at Pier 1, but, that still did not prevent a gunman from shooting Saunders in the head, in the middle of the club. It sent club patrons and BTL park-goers scrambling in a wave of panic. This incident has brought public heat on the management of Pier 1 with many in the public demanding that action be taken against the Club for the sake of public safety. Of course, that's because the night club adjoins BTL Park, and critics say its presence in this public space is making the park unsafe for families and children.

Robber Shoots Truck Driver, Comes Under Police Fire
This afternoon there was a commotion in the city when a water truck was robbed on Holy Emmanuel Street in the Gungulung area. Two people were in the truck, the driver and a sideman. The sideman got out to deliver ice - and the driver got jacked. But the suspect wasn't content with just that and he shot the driver in the leg - shattering the window on the passenger side. Fortunately, the sideman wasn't sitting there - he was making a delivery. Police set chase after the gunman with a vengeance and much firepower - and tracked him down all the way to Pen Road extension - where there was an explosive exchange of gunfire. This video captures the frightening report of gunshots - from the GSU:

Light Bill Gwen Up? If BEL Has Its Way
Your power company, BEL has asked the Public Utilities Commission to increase electricity rates. The company notified the PUC yesterday, that there has been significant increases in the cost of power since May 2018. They are proposing that the mean electricity rates be increased from 39.3 cents per kilowatt hour to 41.5 cents per kilowatt hour from January 1st, 2019 to June 30th, 2019. The company notes that since May higher prices from Mexico and below average production of the local hydro plans resulted in an increase in the cost of power purchased from suppliers. BEL says that it was able to use its strong financial position to temporarily absorb the 18.9 million dollar increase in costs. They note that as per PUC regulations, BEL is required to recover this increase through a rate adjustment.

Lady Justice & Man Justice
Addressing gender based violence in the social sphere through campaigns, policies and workshops is only one part of the process, dealing with such cases at court is also very important. And the Belize Judiciary along with UN Women and the Caribbean Association of Judicial Officers want to ensure that when such cases go to court that magistrates and judges fairly and justly arbitrate the matter regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, or economic status. Today the team launched what's called Justice through a Gender Lens: Gender Equality Protocol for Judicial Officers. There will be a series of training's for these judicial officers to promote this protocol. Here is more from the launch. Hon. Kenneth Benjamin, Belize's Chief Justice†"A good starting point is a discussion on gender equality. We should turn to the first preamble that appears in our constitution and it affirms the dignity of the human person and the equal and unalienable rights with which all persons of the human family are endowed by their creator."

Opposition Diaspora Bill Goes To House
Tomorrow will see the last House Meeting of the year. But It's going to be the first sitting at which PUP Area Rep. Kareem Musa is going to push for his private member's bill. As we've told you, he is hoping to get bi-partisan support to amend the Representation of the People's Act, which would allow for Belizeans living abroad to vote in the Referendum on the ICJ, which is scheduled for April 10th, 2019. He's already done all the necessary preparations for the bill, and he formally submitted it yesterday to National Assembly Clerk Eddie Webster. But, there is a potential hurdle that it must pass, for it to even be tabled tomorrow in the House of Representatives. He explained it to the press today, and he appealed to the Government at least allow the conversation to take place on the national stage:

AG Doubtful About Diaspora Bill
We also got a chance to ask the Attorney General about Musa's Private Members Bill. He's the former Speaker of the House, with knowledge of the parliamentary procedure required. And, if Parliament were to pass the bill, he would play an integral role in its implementation. He told us that from his brief look at Musa's proposed amendment, there appears to be some logistics which he thinks aren't well thought out. Here's how he explained why:

Cops Say Kyle Came At Them
Tonight, 27 year-old Kyle Chaplin, a resident of Mayflower Street in Belize City, is at the Belize Central Prison after he was taken to court for firing a weapon at police officers. 4 officers, a corporal and 3 constables, say that on Sunday, December 9th, they went through an alley near Mayflower Street, responding to reports of shots being fired. The cops say that they saw a man running away from them, and they pursued him. He temporarily gave them the slip, but according to the cops, this same man emerged a short while later, and he had a weapon in his hand. The cops say that this man fired 4 shots at them. All missed. They returned fire, and again, this assailant was able to evade them.

Alleged Ladyville Rapist To Court
Last night, we told you about 31 year-old Adam Meighan, the resident of Ladyville who police charged for raping a 49 year-old American woman in the village. Tonight, he's at the Belize Central Prison after being taken to Magistrate's Court today. He was arraigned before Magistrate Albert Hoare on 1 count of rape, and 1 count of theft. Since rape is an indictable offense, no plea was taken, and he was remanded to Prison until February 12th, 2019. The victim reported to police that she left her home in her pick-up truck when she saw Meighan walking toward her with a rusty machete in his hand. She said that she stopped her vehicle, and got out leaving the driver's side open. She wanted to ensure that the vehicle could get pass a muddy part of the road she was driving on.

Mercy! Another Machete Maim
Last night we told you about the man from St. Margaret's Village who was maimed after a bar brawl. His hand was severed from the forearm down. Well, last night in the neighboring village of Armenia, 37 year old Lucio Ruiz got it even worse, his entire arm was severed by a machete, and he got chopped all over the body. Investigations revealed that a male person attacked him while he was asleep in a hammock under his house. Police have a suspect who they are seeking.

Double Murderer "Dangalang"ť Begs Court For Mercy
25 year-old Ernest "Dangalang" Thurton Jr has been on remand for 3 months awaiting a sentence for a double murder conviction. Tonight, he's back at the Belize Central Prison while he waits for Justice Adolph Lucas to decide what that sentence will be. On September 12th, Justice Lucas found him guilty in a trial without jury of the murders of Frank James and Robert Young. At today's mitigation hearing, Crown Counsel Portia Ferguson read the statement of the common-law wife of Frank James. She said that he was a hardworking man, and a good husband. She said that her health has deteriorated since her loss. The prosecutor also read the statement of Robert Young's sister, who said that his death has severely affected her and her family, and they are now robbed of their peace of mind.

Brackett Talking About The ICJ
Students from St. Catherine's Academy had their own ICJ referendum education forum today. The school invited activist Geovanni Brackett and his team to talk about why Belize should not go to the ICJ. The students seemed quite engaged in the presentation. Kalima Enriquez, Head of Humanities Dept. SCA: "What we are doing is that we are trying to present enough information about the ICJ whether the Guatemala dispute referendum to students and what we did is we presented an objective view last week so we invited members of the ICJ referendum unit and today we had a no argument and we are planning for a strong yes argument in the future, then on January 18th we are going to have student doing a debate about whether they should go to ICJ or not and we are going to have a mock election where we will try to model it exactly how the adults will be voting."

Fired For Bogus Birth Certificate
Back in July 2016, the beheading murder of Pastor Lewellyn Lucas made headline news, and William Danny Mason was later charged as the supposed murder mastermind in this heinous crime. You may also remember that part of the scandal of his connection with persons in high places was a fraudulent birth certificate. He had several assumed identities, but the authorities uncovered a fake Belizean Birth Certificate which claimed that Mason was born in Crooked Tree Village to parents James Mason, a farmer from Cooked Tree, and his common-law wife. From as far back as that time, the Prime Minister was alluding to internal investigations which indicated that 4 public officers from the Vital Statistics Unit aided in the production of this fraudulent document.

The UNCAC Audit Is In
Peyrefitte was far more expansive on the latest developments in the Government's push to implement the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. For the past few months, we've been closely following the step-by-step process that AG Peyrefitte has been following to ensure that Belize is compliant with all the mechanisms necessary to bring the anti-corruption convention into effect. Well, the international experts have inspected the country's current legislation, and in a 5,000 word executive summary, they've outlined all the gaps, and amendments they think are necessary for effective implementation. We asked the AG about that report, and he says while significant progress has been made, there still a ways to go:

The Punto Final On A Woman's Period
Period: we aren't talking about the punctuation mark, we are talking about Aunt Flo, Crimson Tide, The Big Red - Yup, that time of the month. It is not a topic openly spoken about especially around men but UNICEF along with it's partners want to bring everyone into the discussion thorough the first ever Menstrual Hygiene Management Initiative. The coordinating team conducted a year-long survey at various schools to find out how girls are dealing with their periods and also to see if boys are also learning about the cycle. It was an interesting study and the results show that there is need for more education and awareness among adolescents and increased access to basic sanitary products for girls such as pads and tampons. Here is more from the launch.

PUP Blasts BEL
Earlier on we told you about BEL's request for an increase in electricity rates. Well, the PUP says it is a dose of Christmas Cheer, UDP style. Somehow already concluding that this rate increase is already a done deal, the PUP notes, quote, "months ago, BEL had requested an increase of 7.1% in the cost per kilowatt hour, and the PUC approved a 6.24% increase which should have been in effect for 2 years. Now, just five months after, BEL is requesting another increase." End quote.

Channel 5

Missing & Presumed Dead; Where is Anisha “Annie” Young?
The family of Anisha Young continues to hope for the best, but is bracing for the worse. Today, a search party was organized by her family and went looking for [...]

Popular Corozal Businessman Found Murdered
Corozal police are tonight investigating the callous murder of Michael Arnold, a beloved figure in the community. Arnold was found with two gunshots wounds to the head on Monday night. [...]

24 Hours Later Body of Rudy Morales Found at Sea
After being missing for more than twenty-four hours, the body of prominent Corozal businessman, forty-one-year-old Rudy Morales of Morales Bus Company was found late this evening. His body was floating [...]

Will the Cost of Electricity Increase in 2019?
Brace up, because the first order of business in the New Year is an increase in the cost of electricity beginning, January first, 2019. If approved, it will be the [...]

P.U.P. Says B.E.L.’s Proposed Hike is Shameful Act of Duplicity by G.O.B.
The People’s United Party calls the hike a shameful act of duplicity on the part of both the Government of Belize and the state-owned B.E.L.  A release states that just [...]

What’s the Future of Pier One Bar?
Pier One Bar is under the radar once more; the bar is located within the B.T.L. Park, a popular venue for recreation by families. For some time, we have reported [...]

CitCo’s Part Payment for Damages to Pier One Facility
The ten-year lease to principal shareholder of Pier One, Joseph Kee, speaks to the payment of three hundred and fifty dollars monthly for rent of the overwater structure. Mayor Bernard [...]

CitCo Assisting the Young Family
Back in early November, City Council employee Samuel August Senior stole the council’s backhoe and used it to kill his mother-in-law and son when he mowed down the house they [...]

A Bill to Allow Belizeans in the Diaspora to Vote on Referendum Day
Caribbean Shores Area Representative Kareem Musa had lodged a bill which, if passed, will allow Belizeans living in the diaspora to be able to vote in the upcoming referendum on [...]

Will the Bill Be Tabled in the House on Wednesday?
Musa hopes that the bill would be tabled for first reading as soon as possible in order to allow for the necessary preparations to take place before the referendum on [...]

Adam Meighan is Arraigned for Rape of U.S. National
A Ladyville resident was taken to court this morning and arraigned for the rape and robbery of a U.S. national. The heinous crime occurred in broad daylight in the Vista [...]

Kyle Chaplin is Arraigned for Shooting at Cops
Tonight, Ghost Town area resident, twenty-seven-old Kyle Chaplin, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison after being charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm upon four [...]

Gender Day at COP 24
The severity of storms in the last two years in the region has displaced and disenfranchised thousands. But did you know that women are the ones most affected by these [...]

When is the Next Super Sale Zone in Downtown Belize City?
This coming Saturday, the Belize City Council will be launching its first ever tree lighting ceremony at the Battlefield Park in downtown Belize City.  A forty-foot Christmas tree will be [...]

Marvin Mora is New N.T.U.C.B. President
The National Trade Union Congress of Belize has a new president.  Established unionist Marvin Mora succeeds Floyd Neal at the helm of the umbrella organization where he will be steering [...]

N.T.U.C.B. to Take on In-house Changes
According to Mora, a number of items were on the agenda at the AGM and among the organizations priorities is a restructuring exercise.   Marvin Mora, President, N.T.U.C.B. “There were [...]

Gender Equality Protocol Introduced in Belize’s Court System
Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin addressed the judiciary this morning at the Radisson Hotel. The CJ was among several notable speakers at the gathering on gender equality protocol which is part [...]

Menstrual Hygiene Management and You!
Many girls and women face difficulties with managing their menstruation safely.  Aside from existing taboos, the ability for women and girls to manage their periods is affected by several factors [...]


American National Killed in RTA
An American National was killed in an accident on December first. The victim, 85-year-old John Thomas was driving a van in Louisville Village in the Corozal District when a Dodge Calibre driven by 44-year-old Martin Carillo mowed down Thomas inside his vehicle. The police say that they were unable to take blood samples from Carillo …

Cacao Growers Association Meet to get to the chocolate of the matter
Gifting chocolates may be one way people show affection and also another way to add more calories to your diet, but before they become sugary treats, the fruit that bears them must be grown. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung reports on the twenty-second Cacao Growers Annual General Meeting. Paul Mahung: “The 22nd annual General meeting of …

Mora speaks about future plans of the NTUCB
Marvin Mora is the new president of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB). Mora was elected as President at the 52nd Annual General Meeting of NTUCB held over the weekend in Corozal Town, where delegates from all ten Member Unions attended. Today, Love news caught up with the new president and learned about …

Where is Anisha Young? Three days after she goes missing her family is hoping for her safe return
23-year-old Anisha Young has been described as a very friendly and outgoing person and it has been three days since she has gone missing. Today, we found the family frantically searching for her body on the George Price Highway. Shortly, after we arrived on the scene, the families got back into their vehicles and followed …

Menstrual Hygiene Management
Menstruation occurs naturally in females; however, it has been a very taboo subject which may have hindered female effectively managing their menstrual cycle. UNICEF is hoping to change all that and as such conducted a study on menstrual hygiene management last year. Today, UNICEF launched the findings of the study at the Radisson Fort George …

Shots fired in the Mayflower area
Mayflower is one of those special neighborhoods in Belize City that has its own permanent police checkpoint. Shootings incidents had occurred in the area before. The area off Vernon Street has been the source of tension over the years with police. Over the weekend, a man escaped shortly after exchanging gunfire with the cops. CIB …

Ben the Builder Jacked at Gunpoint
Thieves are getting more brazen. Bennys, one of the larger businesses in the City was targeted by thieves late Friday evening. The police say that an armed man held up an employee at Bennys Bargain Center and stole thousands of dollars. The officer commanding CIB, Alejandro Cowo said the employee had no choice but to …

Belizean Citizens Abroad want to vote in the Referendum
PUP Caribbean Shores Area Representative and Attorney Kareem Musa launched a private members bill which he hopes will be read at the Special Sitting of the House of Representatives on Wednesday in Belmopan. He had launched the concept to assist the Belizeans Citizens Abroad association to assist them in their goal to vote in the …

Bus owner Rudy Morales’ body found 24 hours after disappearing under water at the mouth of the New River
The body of Rudy Morales has been found late this evening. Morales, the proprietor of Morales Bus Line had joined his cousin Miguel Rubio on a fishing trip on Monday afternoon as they do on a regular basis. This time they were joined for the first time by three others, including a fifteen year old …

Mayor looking for Legal ways to address Pier One Bar violence
A Friday night murder in Belize City did not occur in a gang affiliated area, but on the entertainment strip. It was only a matter of time until someone lost their life at the BTL Park at a bar which sells alcohol. Violent incidents had occurred at the Pier One bar, but none had resulted …

Belize City Mayor Plans to erect a Christmas Tree to Improve the Xmas Spirit
On the other side of the political divide, another politician is trying to spruce up the former capital for the season. Mayor Bernard Wagner told us this morning that he intends to put up a huge tree in the main area of downtown Belize City …

A cycling Criterium for the Albert Division
The UDP Area Representative for the Albert Division in Belize City is riding the all the way into the Christmas holiday. Over the weekend Tracy Taegar Panton sponsored a cycling criterium. She told Love News that it was quite successful …

Accused Murderer ‘Dangalang’ back in court
Today, Justice Adolph Lucas heard pleas for mitigation from Attorney Anthony Sylvestre and, the accused, Ernest Thurton Jr. aka “Dangalang”. On September 12, Thurton was found guilty of the murders of Frank James and Robert Young by Justice Lucas in a trial without a jury. James and Young were shot and killed on the night of October 25, 2012, in a dock yard on North Front Street …

Two more persons disappear without a trace
In the south, a 17-year-old minor from Middle Sex Village has also disappeared without a trace. The last time family members saw 17-year-old Amanda Naeli Sho was on the 9th of December. On Monday, her mother Jacoba Sho told the police that she received a call from her son Lorenzo Sho at 6 a.m. on Sunday telling her she was missing …

BEL Desires a jolt in Electricity Prices
The price of electricity may go up because on Monday, the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) notified the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) that due to significant increases in cost of power since May 2018, the Company is proposing to increase the Mean Electricity Rate (MER) to $0.4150 per kWh for the remainder of the Annual Tariff Period January 1 to June 30, 2019 …

Cops and Robber in the Gungulung
Residents of the Gungulung area which is between the Complex building on Mahogany Street Extension and the Chetumal Bridge had some excitement this afternoon. Sometime after 1:30 p.m. shots rang out like pop shots when the police foiled a robbery. A truck was targeted and robbed …

Corozal Businessman Murdered
Police in Corozal has found the body of a prominent businessman who had ties to the free zone when it first opened. On Monday night at 10:40 p.m., officers were on a mobile patrol in the Baeza Layout Area of Corozal Town when they spotted a white Chrysler van that was parked on the left side of the road …


Jealousy leads to chopping death of Guatemalan
Dimas Gregorio Choc, 49, a Guatemalan caretaker living on a farm in Cristo Rey, died early Saturday morning after he was reportedly chopped in his head, hands and back by Filiberto Itche, another Guatemalan living on the same farm. Both Guatemalan men were living with their wives. Police believe that Itche got into a jealous rage and inflicted the fatal wounds to his friend, after he accused him of having an affair with his wife. Both couples were hanging out, talking and drinking when the incident occurred.

Welder, 20, executed in BTL Park’s Pier 1 Bar
Asher Saunders, 20, a welder of Baghdad Street, Belize City, died after he was shot in the side of his head at about 11:30 Friday night while he was socializing with friends in the Pier 1 Bar, located at the BTL Park. A witness who doesn’t wish to be identified told Amandala that at about that time, Saunders and others were sitting at the counter in the bar when a sound like that of a firecracker erupted. Seconds later, however, the patrons in the bar realized that it was not a firecracker when those near Saunders became splattered with blood.

Woman, 23, missing after attending Christmas party
Aneshia “Anny” Young, 23, has been reported missing after she attended a workplace Christmas party on Saturday, December 8. She was reportedly last seen at 3 a.m. on the following morning, December 9, at Sit n’ Sip club, located in Newtown Barracks. Some reports over social media say that she was seen getting into a taxi with a man. Young, who is a resident of Nargusta Street, was last seen wearing a long, blue dress, as pictured. She has a brown complexion and is slim-built with a narrow face and straight, black hair. She is about 5 feet 1 inch in height.

2 plead guilty to manslaughter
Two men, Roberto Rodriguez, 21, and Clive Geban, 25, who have been accused of the grisly murder of a 60-year-old man, Ervin Moralez, in Maskall Village, Belize District, in January 2013, appeared in the Supreme Court of Justice Colin Williams this morning with their attorneys, and both men pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. This afternoon, the two were brought back to court so that the Crown, represented by Crown Counsels Janelle Thomas-Shorter and Riis Cattouse, could read the Crown’s evidence into the court record.

Candice Miller versus Belize City Council goes into case management
Attorneys representing former Belize City Administrator, Candice Miller, and Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner were called into the chambers of Supreme Court Justice Courtenay Abel this morning, shortly after 10:00 a.m. for a case management hearing. When the parties emerged from Justice Abel’s chamber, it was disclosed that each party can file up to eight witness statements by February 1, after which there will be a another case management hearing on February 4.

Fin Sec says government will not pay CCJ-ordered refund of GST to Gegg companies
Cruise Solution and Discovery Expedition, tour companies owned by Belizean David Gegg, have had a protracted legal battle with the General Sales Tax (GST) Department that ended up at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). On Friday, October 12, 2018, a panel of CCJ justices ruled that the GST Department must refund Cruise Solution and Discovery Expedition the GST taxes those companies paid, because the services they provided to cruise passengers were categorized, for tax purposes, as zero-rated. The CCJ thus ordered that the GST Department refund over $400,000 that the companies had paid in taxes.

FFB Inter-District Youth knockout semifinals completed; finals in Belmopan on Saturday
The first Football Federation of Belize (FFB) sponsored National Inter-District Youth Club Championships, which got under way on November 10 with the 10 football district champions in 3 categories – U-15 Male, U-17 Male and U-17 Female – completed its knockout semifinal games this past weekend at various venues. All the semifinal games were played on Sunday, December 9; and the championship finals in all 3 categories are now scheduled to take place this Saturday at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan.

FFB hosting international U-17 friendly vs Guatemala on Friday at Marion Jones Complex
The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) is calling the following U-17 players to camp on Thursday, December 13. The players are to report at the FFB by 4:00 p.m., where they will prepare for the In The GAP INSTITUTE friendly match against Athletico Ariga FC of Guatemala. The game will be played on Friday, December 14, at the Marion Jones Sports Complex at 3:00 p.m.

Ahmadiyyah Basketball League wins 2 Gold Medals at tournament in Chetumal
Over this past weekend, December 7-9, the Ahmadiyyah Basketball League competed in the COPA International Gatorade Tournament in Chetumal, Mexico. They took two teams, U18 and an Open team, and won Gold for both categories. According to Umar Akbar, one of the team’s organizers and their photographer, they started preparing for this tournament well in advance by first choosing the team from a pool of players that were interested in travelling abroad. They held an audition from them, and chose the best players to be a part of the team.

Peace Cup games cancelled due to weather
The sun came out brightly on Saturday morning, but reports are that from midday on Friday the National Sports Council had already cancelled all football games for Saturday at the MCC Grounds following heavy rains on successive days. The field was in good shape for the Sunday afternoon Inter-District U-15 semifinal; but CYDP Peace Cup fans will have to wait until this coming Saturday for their much anticipated quarterfinals 2nd leg matches.

Editorial: Did our leaders blink in 1981? Will Belizeans in 2019?
As the discussions and debates pick up more momentum towards the referendum date of April 10, 2019, it has been remarked by some vocal advocates of the “No” position that they are not being given equal status in the publicly sponsored presentations, so that the “Yes” advocates are having more prominence and opportunity to address the citizenry. It has been mentioned that on one occasion the “No” person was sandwiched between two individuals promoting the “Yes” argument. In court, both sides are given equal opportunity to present their case – the prosecution and the defence. In the House of Representatives, both the government and the “Queen’s Loyal Opposition” are given their say; although the majority side always gets its way. But the people can listen and make up their own minds; and eventually they get their chance to have THEIR WAY on the next election date.

Clear cut YES to ICJ victory in PG
Richard Bradley, who represented the NO side in Punta Gorda on Saturday night, said that Ambassador Rosado lied (a very hostile word) when he said, in response to a question about our not keeping the border line between us and Guatemala clean, that it isn’t done because Guatemala doesn’t recognize our western border. Ambassador Rosado said that created a little difficulty because it should be a joint thing. Bradley said that Rosado lied. Bradley said that the British used to keep the border line clean. What Richard Bradley said was the truth, but he was talking apples and Rosado was talking oranges.

Miss Afro 1973, Dorla Lewis, on a visit 45 years later
During the black consciousness awakening period that swept through the colonial society of British Honduras in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s, when the cultural group the United Black Association for Development (UBAD) was promoting its “black is beautiful” cultural revolution, there were no difficulties finding beautiful sisters to participate in UBAD’s “Miss Afro Honduras” beauty pageant, which was the organization’s answer to the Queen of the Bay and the Miss Belize pageants, which were usually held. The first winner of the first Miss Afro Honduras pageant was Sheldon Vasquez.

In absence of his body, Milo Paz’s family unable to find closure
Six days after he left his home on San Pedro, on October 9, word came out of Panama that Milo Paz, a veteran pilot of Tropic Air, had died in a plane crash in that country. His family in San Pedro then made arrangements to retrieve his body from Panama. It has been exactly two months now, but the closure that Paz’s family would have had if his body had been returned to Belize for burial has been eluding them.

2 women shot; 1 dies
Two women tragically became victims of gun violence last night, December 6, with one of them losing her life. Jennis August, 35, is currently in a stable condition at the Western Regional Hospital (WRH), while the body of her friend, Brenda Castellanos, 25, lies in the morgue. The incident occurred around 7:16 p.m. while August and Castellanos were socializing in their yard on Bishop Martin Street. The two shared a home on the property, with Castellanos living in the lower flat and August in the upper flat.

Benny’s on Freetown robbed of almost $5,000
A cashier was held up at gunpoint and robbed at about 4:30 Saturday evening at the Benny’s Bargain Center on Freetown Road, Belize City, and the bandit got away with over $4,765 in cash. Police said that Nathaniel Perera, 22, was at the store with a bank deposit bag containing money to be deposited when an armed bandit held him up. Perera became fearful for his life, and the bandit stole the money bag and ran.

American woman robbed of $8,000 after being raped
An American woman was raped and robbed while she was about to leave her home in Ladyville on Thursday, December 6, at about 9 a.m. The woman, 49, told police that as she was getting into her car, a dark-skinned man armed with a machete approached her. The man, she told police, knocked her to the ground and then raped her before stealing an envelope containing $8,200 in different denominations, which was in the vehicle.

Fin Sec says government will not pay CCJ-ordered refund of GST to Gegg companies
Cruise Solution and Discovery Expedition, tour companies owned by Belizean David Gegg, have had a protracted legal battle with the General Sales Tax (GST) Department that ended up at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). On Friday, October 12, 2018, a panel of CCJ justices ruled that the GST Department must refund Cruise Solution and Discovery Expedition the GST taxes those companies paid, because the services they provided to cruise passengers were categorized, for tax purposes, as zero-rated.

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The Reporter

Another Suspected Drug Plane
Two Guatemalans found near Graham Creek in the Toledo District were today charged for illegal entry. The men, identified as Jorge Humberto Vasquez Reyes and Wilson Wilfred Vasquez Reyes, were picked up by a BDF patrol stationed at the Sarstoon Forward Operating Base on Friday...

The Reporter has received this footage of a shootout between elements of the Police and what we are told are persons who tried to rob a chicken delivery truck in the Gungulung area of Belize City. There is confirmation that Police have detained one person. We’re trying to get more information.

In October 2 Guatemalan Police Officers Jose Juan Garcia Palma and Armando Hub Pop were arrested at the Western Border after Police searched their vehicle and found an UZI. The men were charged for Keeping a Prohibited Firearm and for ammunition without a license.

Anisha Young Missing – UPDATE
The family of Anisha ‘Anny’ Young, missing since early Sunday morning, today organized a search for her, starting near the home on Nargusta Street where she lived with her boyfriend. Sources tell the Reporter that Anny last posted on Facebook at 4:16am Sunday morning, but something in her post alarmed family members.

BY: Nefreterry Marin. The blatant corruption Belize has suffered since Independence has put our economic development, ethical values and justice at very high risk and has undermined our entire democratic process. The poor and the working class are the ones at the bottom of the destabilized, crumbling pyramid economy, created by corrupt politicians. It is they who suffer the harmful daily effects of political corruption. It is they who we must now protect.

The Belize Coast Guard is searching for a man missing at sea. On Monday night at 8:30 Coast Guard personnel were called to the Corozal Bay near the entrance to the mouth of the New River.

Well known Corozal businessman Michael Arnold has been murdered. On Monday night just before 11:00 Police on patrol in the Santiago Baeza Layout found a white van parked on the side of the road.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man charged for shooting at police in Ghost Town
Belize City police today charged Kyle Chaplin, 27, with four counts of aggravated assault. This is […]

Two Guatemalan charged for illegal entry
Confirmed reports are that two Guatemalan men were charged with illegal entry into Belize. They have […]

PUP blasts GOB for proposed hike in electricity rates!
The Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) today issued a statement condemning a proposed hike in electricity […]

Suspected robber nabbed by police in Lake I
Quick police response has led to the apprehension of a suspected robber. Sometime this afternoon, an […]

Belize accepts chairmanship of AOSIS
Caribbean Climate today reported that Belize has accepted the chairmanship of the Alliance of Small Island […]

Man chopped multiple times while sleeping; In a critical condition at the hospital
Belmopan police are investigating a chopping incident that occurred this morning. Around 2:15 am, police went […]

Police issue official report on boat accident in Corozal
Police have issued an official report on a boat accident that happened last night in Corozal. […]

Guatemalan man busted with uzi pleads guilty
Two Guatemalan policemen who were jailed for entering Belizean territory with one of their service weapons […]

Man found murdered inside vehicle in Corozal; Police are investigating
Corozal police are investigating a murder that occurred lastnight in that vicinity. According to reports, yesterday […]

Caretaker missing in Orange Walk
Teresa Obrien, 71, of Trial Farm Village reported to authorities that since December 7th, 2018, her […]

NTUCB holds executive election
This National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) elected a new executive over the weekend. […]

Stolen vehicle found burnt!
A vehicle that was reported stolen was found burnt near Hattieville on Saturday. Lisa Stanford, […]

More Education – Less Vilification To ICJ or NOT to ICJ
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

Kyle Chaplin detained for shooting at police in “GhostTown”
Last night police responded to shots being fired on Mayflower street in Belize city in the […]

Benny’s Bargain Center robbed
On Friday around 4:35 p.m. there was an armed robbery inBelize city. Nathaniel Perera, an […]

Police: No confirmation that Milo Paz died in plane crash
On Friday, Mrs. Ermijines Paz of San Pedro town reported that her husband, Jose “Milo” Paz […]

Police issue missing person report for Anny Young
Authorities have issued a missing person report for Aneshia ‘Anny’ Young, 23, of Belize City. Young […]

Mental health patient dies in traffic mishap
On Friday night there was a fatal road traffic accident reported in the west. Belize City […]

Kareem Musa proposes bill to allow Belizeans abroad to vote in ICJ referendum
Yesterday, the People’s United Party (PUP) Area Representative for Caribbean Shores Constituency, Kareem Musa, made a […]

Man loses arm after dispute at bar in St. Margaret
Sometime around 1:00 yesterday morning, Belmopan police visited the Western Regional Hospital. There they met, Jose […]


Behind the scenes of an island icon: PepperOni’s
We got to live our dream when we went behind the scenes and into the hallowed kitchen of an island icon: PepperOni’s Pizza. Established in 2001, PepperOni’s has been the island’s go-to pizza place ever since, offering amazing cheesy, meaty, saucy, bready goodness to the masses. From its humble beginnings inside a trailer to its expanded location featuring outdoor seating (both covered and uncovered), and a nice big kitchen, PepperOni’s has evolved, but one thing that has not changed is its delicious recipe!

Stuff that Washes Up on the Beaches of Ambergris Caye
Take a walk up the beach on Ambergris Caye and you are bound to find a few things. A tiny shell, a piece of drift wood, a plastic bottle or…maybe a cool looking piece of coral. But here are some of the more regular visitors on your shores. Pumice – You can almost always find a scrap or two of this floating rock – but there are certain times when it is all over the beach. Since pumice is a volcanic rock – and there are no volcanoes in Belize – where is it coming from? The short answer is…a volcano. And since it floats, it could be coming from anywhere around the world – probably volcanoes deep below the sea. But here is a picture of the volcanic islands/active volcanoes of the Caribbean… Sea beans: Also called drift seeds. These are my new sea-obsession. They are seeds from around the world that can float short or long distances. The most famous is the coconut. Here is a website devoted to all things seabean.

A Brief History About Corozal's Past
The Central Plaza of Corozal Town has been used for various activities and events since the town was founded in 1849. Social, cultural, sporting events and even a brief occupation in 1870 by Marcus Canul, General of the Ecaiche Maya, have made space a gathering place for Corozalenos'. In 1955 Hurricane Janet dramatically transformed the Central Plaza. Longboard buildings called "barracks" were built to house the homeless while Mayor Felipe Santiago Ricalde had the daunting task of rebuilding the town. In 1965 Honourable Santiago Ricalde inaugurated the Corozal Town Central Park; he honored the fallen doctors and nurses with a plaque inside the park's fountain. The fountain was originally donated by the Mexican Government to the people of Belize City just before Hurricane Hattie.

International Sourcesizz

Belize on Travel Pulse's 25 Places to Travel in December
Belize has made quite a few must see lists this year, the latest being on Travel Pulse's 25 Places to Travel in December. While they forget to mention Caracol, Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, Barton Creek, and scores of other sites around Cayo, they specifically mention the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, and praise it for its wildlife and rainforest feel. "From exploring the ancient Maya Ruins; cave tubing and diving amidst lush rainforests and majestic waterfalls; touring the Great Blue Hole, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and snorkeling in crystal clear waters Dec. is a great time to visit this country. Other adventurous activities offered include zip lining, hiking, canoeing and more, making it an ideal destination for those who like to stay active during a vacation. Also good to know is this country is home to incredible diversity, perfect for lovers of nature and wildlife.

Belize has taken over the chairmanship of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), a coalition of small island and low-lying coastal countries that share similar development challenges and concerns. Belize Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Lois Young, who accepted the chairmanship during the AOSIS Ministerial meeting on the side-lines of the 24th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 24) said her country was taking over the leadership “with a profound recognition of the challenges ahead. Belize will officially assume the post in January 2019 from the Maldives. Belize will hold the chairmanship for two years to be followed by Antigua and Barbuda in 2021.

Caribbean News Roundup For Wednesday Dec. 12, 2018
Here are the top headlines making news from across the Caribbean for today, Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018.


  • Bruk It Down Miss Jenny, 35min.

  • Harvest Caye Belize, 18min. Harvest Caye Belize , a small private island destination for Norwegian Cruise lines ships. Footage taken on the island early morning. With afternoon views of Norwegian Getaway alongside, plus reef snorkeling near another island.

  • End of the World Marathon 2018 - Placencia Belize, 2min. Having fun at the End of the World Marathon 2018 , Naia won best water station.

  • Scorpion Fish, 15sec. almost missed him. Absolutly breath taking.

  • Beautiful corals and french angle fish1.5, min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries, 1.5min.


  • Plaza Diner Food Review, 3.5min. Plaza Diner is a Restaurant located at Downtown Plaza Belize City on Albert Street. This restaurant thrives to build a family based ambiance with superb tasting food.

  • 360 Video, heading To Caye Caulker, Belize, 2.5min.

  • BELIZE, BIRTHDAYS, CARNIVAL, ATVS AND STUCK UNDER A BRIDGE???, 22min. My birthday trip to Belize in September with friends and family.

  • Jungle Trek, Cave Exploration and Blue Hole Swim Belize Mainland, 8min. Today we are going on an epic excursion on the mainland of Belize. We will explore the Crystal Cave, St. Herman's Cave, and the famous Blue Hole. Come watch as we navigate the jungle, exlore the caves, and cool off in the crystal blue waters afterwards.

  • Sailing Belize in catamaran - Lagoon Caye, 4min. Great sailing from Ranguana Caye to Lagoon Caye, dolphins on the way. Excellent mooring in Lagoon Caye. Drone View. Paddle and snorkelling in the lagoon

  • Volunteering projects in Red Bank - Belize, 5min. In our first three months of service period with Humana People to People, we have been working at Red Bank Village in 8 of the 10 lines developed as a guide to work with different communities in Belize.

  • Police Check Point Talk Show, 60min.

  • This is the Maya Golden Landscape, 5min. The Maya Golden Landscape – Ya’axché’s area of work stretching from the Maya Mountains to the Caribbean coast – has one of the world's richest assemblages of biodiversity, but hunting and illegal logging are major threats to the landscape. Equipped with new technology, Ya’axché’s rangers monitor wildlife populations, assess the quality of streams and rivers, and carry out patrols across 770,000 acres of forests. Ya'axché is working tirelessly to safeguard this incredible landscape.

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