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Mrs. Jane Usher passes away #533760
12/12/18 01:48 PM
12/12/18 01:48 PM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
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Love News has received word of the passing of a Belizean icon Mrs. Jane Usher, Senior JP, CBE at the age of 101. Mrs. Jane as she is affectionately known passed away at 5:05 this morning.

Dr. Usher who was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Galen University played a significant role in the development of the Holy Redeemer Credit Union (HRCU). In March 2017, the US Embassy recognized Dr. Jane Ellen Mary Usher as the Embassy’s Woman of the Year 2017 for her life-long contributions to economic empowerment and dedicated public service. The award, recognizing, quote “the achievements of remarkable Belizean women and celebrates the honorable causes to which the awardees devote their lives” The Management and Staff of RSV Ltd. extend condolences to the family and friends of the late Mrs. Jane Usher.



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The Government of Belize wishes to extend its deepest sympathies to the family of Hon. Dr. Jane Usher.

Dr. Jane Usher served Belize as a politician and area representative of the Pickstock constituency for two consecutive terms. She also served as a Cabinet minister and as President of the Senate. Dr. Usher has been recorded in Belize political history as embroidering the first Belizean flag.

She spearheaded a strong wave of women political consciousness in Belize during her tenure as President of the National Women’s Commission, as CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Violence Against Women) was adopted into policies and legislation in Belize.

The work of Ms Jane, as she was popularly known, at the Holy Redeemer Credit Union, which was established in 1944, is legendary. She successfully lobbied for legislation to establish the Credit Union League of Belize. Ms. Jane vastly expanded the assets of Holy Redeemer Credit Union, impacting positively upon the lives of thousands of Belizeans. Even at the age of 101, Ms. Jane continued to work at HRCU.

Dr. Jane Usher was born to William Cadle Price and Irene Escalante in 1917 and was one of 11 siblings, the oldest being Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price.

Photo credit/NICH


Statement by Hon. John Briceño Leader of the People’s United Party On the passing of Mrs. Jane Usher S. JP Former Member of the House of Representatives

All of us in the People’s United Party are grateful for the life of Mrs. Jane Usher. Her contribution to the development of this nation is unmatched. Miss Jane, as everyone fondly knows her, spent her life in the service of others. As a PUP Minister of Housing or as the head of her beloved Holy Redeemer Credit Union, Miss Jane was about the people. She worked in the service of regular Belizeans who, through their small contributions, were able to build their homes, educate their children, or bury their parents. I am proud to be the leader of a Party that was beloved by Miss Jane. In the PUP, we celebrate her contributions, we give thanks for her years of guidance and sensible counsel and we stand here in solidarity with her children and grandchildren because we know that through all her years of service, Miss Jane was first and foremost a matriarch, a mother and grandmother who loved all her children and grandchildren. So from all of us in the PUP, to the Price and Usher Families, we say thank you and we are with you at this time. Miss Jane joins her husband Henry and her brother, our beloved Mr. Price and the rest of her family members who have gone before her to that eternal reward which our Lord has prepared for those who love Him.

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The U.S. Embassy expresses our heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Dr. Jane Ellen Mary Usher.

Remembering the life of a remarkable woman who tirelessly gave her time and resources to others as a role model and mentor. In 2017, the Embassy chose Dr. Usher as Belize Woman of the Year for her life-long contributions to economic empowerment and dedicated public service.

Rest in Peace Dr. Usher.

Re: Mrs. Jane Usher passes away [Re: Marty] #533768
12/13/18 06:20 AM
12/13/18 06:20 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 70,276
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Jane Usher, Titan of Credit Union Movement, Dead At 101

Tonight, Belize has lost a national icon, and a pioneering legend of the Credit Union movement. Jane Ellen Usher, known to all as "Ms. Jane" from the Holy Redeemer Credit Union died at 5:00 this morning. She passed at home surrounded by family at the age of 101.

She had been working in the Credit Union up to last year November when she had a fall and broke her pelvis. From there, her health slowly deteriorated, leading to this morning's passing from symptoms associated with old age.

Her legacy is among the most celebrated and enduring in Belize's history - but to the everyday person, "Ms. Jane" wasn't up in the political stratosphere like politicians or big-time bankers - she was down to earth, right there in her office on Hyde's Lane, a daily presence - and almost like a family member to the almost 60 thousand members of the Holy Redeemer Credit Union. In the 70 plus years she was there, her personality came to define that institution, its success - amply demonstrated in the 600 million dollar asset base - was, really, a reflection of her personal imprint. Indeed, the legend of "Ms. Jane" is woven into the very fabric of Belizean existence.

Her grandson Henry Usher spoke about her credit union career and her political accomplishments at the PUP's Independence Hall today:

Henry Usher, Grandson
"The Price/Usher family and the family of Holy Redeemer Credit Union announce the passing of their matriarch Mrs. Jane Ellen Mary Usher. She was known by many names; Grany Jane, Lady Jane, Dr. Jane, Gem, by her late husband, Henry Eagle Usher and of ofcourse Miss Jane by all. She left us this morning at 5:05am December 12, in peaceful prayer surrounded by family. Rather fittingly on the feast day of Our Lady og Guadalupe, the Mother of Jesus."

"A little over a year ago Miss Jane suffered a fall from which she never fully recovered. When it became difficult for her to go to work, her son Clement set up her desk and computer at home at 5 Miles Price Bank, for she wanted to continue her service to the members owners of Holy Redeemer Credit Union. She never stop working, even when the pain was almost unbearable. A true testament to the perservaraince and work ethic of this good Belizean woman. Her name became synonimous with HRCH. How often thet are here, I need to go see Miss Jane or Ah gwine save mi money with Miss Jane,"

"She was transferred from SJC to HRCU in 1954 and at that time the assests would have been around $60,000. Today, the assests of HRCU are appraoching 600 million dollars, for over 57,000 members owners."

"In 1977, her brother George asked her to deliver the Pickstock seat for the People's United Party and she readily agreed, so that he could continue his march to independence. She was warmly received by everyone with not a household turning her back, even the UDPs. She told the voters that her life was one of hard work and that she wanted to work to improve the lives of everyone in Pickstock. Of course she won her seat and was made a deputy minister in the ministry of health, housing, cooperatives and credit unions and led the opening up of the healthcare system, making it available counrtywide."

"In 1984 the UDP won a landslide victory, but Miss Jane was able to secure her seat, the only PUP to win in Belize City. She is one of very few politicians who have serve in the lower house of parliament as minister of state, member of the opposition and in the upper house of parliament as president of the senate. The first woman to hold that post."

"She truly left her mark on Belizean politics and left behind a legacy to be admired. Many dont know that she sewed the very first Belizean flag right at the Price house on Pickstock Street."

"Miss Jane was married to the late Henry Charles Usher, also of credit union fame and was the mother of 10 children, not 12 as I've seen in certain sections of the media; 5 boys and 5 girls."

Jane Usher was born Jane Price, in Belize City in 1917. One of eleven children, she was the big sister to National Hero, George Price.

House Members Take a Moment For “Ms. Jane”

Today at the House of Representatives in Belmopan, both sides of the floor recognized the contribution and the legend of their former parliamentary colleague. The Prime Minister even donned his best blue shirt:..

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister
"I chose the closest thing I could find to the PUP blue to wear this morning in honor of Ms. Jane."

" asking if you would permit this house, or indeed call upon the house, to stand in a moment of silence with respect to the passing of Ms. Jane, who was, of course, not just a parliamentarian and a minister of government, but indeed an institution. We talk about Holy Redeemer Credit Union, but she was synonymous with that credit union."

"But HRCU continues to endure, and it is due principally to the outstanding leadership of that outstanding Belizean woman. We know that she is the sister of our national hero, but in her own right, she was a Belizean heroine."

Hon. John Briceno, PUP Leader
"We in the PUP love Ms. Jane and admire her greatly and yes, the Prime Minister is right that Ms. Jane was the area representative for the Pickstock division and even the minister of housing. But very few people remember that, you know, people remember Ms. Jane for the work that she has done at Holy Redeemer Credit Union. Most people, when they talk about HRCU, they are going to say, I'm going to see Ms. Jane, meaning that they are going to Holy Redeemer Credit Union. And it was amazing the life that she had, that she worked probably until some time earlier this year when she had a spill and broke her pelvic bone. It was just amazing what Ms. Jane has done; that she has touched the lives of thousands upon thousands of Belizeans. The small man and woman, that do not have access to the bank, can go to Ms. Jane, borrow money for their children to have an education or build a small house. And from that, she built an institution that is probably considered the most important financial institution in this country."

"And I am sure that thousands of Belizeans are going to join us in mourning the death of our beloved Ms. Jane."

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister
"We mark her passing with a moment of silence."

After the speeches, the House observed a moment of silence for their one-time parliamentary colleague.

PUP Claims “Ms. Jane”

And while both sides of the House honoured Jane Usher - to the PUP, she was family: George Price's big sister and a former representative in Pickstock.

Today at Independence Hall, PUP Secretary General Linsford Castillo read a statement on behalf of the PUP which highlighted Usher's political life and her service to the PUP and the people.

Linsford Castillo, PUP Secretary General
"I will now read a statement from our party leader which was issued to the media earlier today; "All of us in the people's United Party are grateful for the life of Mrs. Jane Usher. Her contribution to the development of this nation is unmatched. Miss Jane, as everyone fondly knows her spent her life in the service of others. As a PUP minister of housing or as the head of her beloved Holy Redeemer Credit Union, Miss Jane was about the people. She worked in the service of regular Belizeans who through their small contributions were able to build their homes, educate their children or buried their parents. I am proud to be the leader of a party that was beloved by Miss Jane. In the PUP, we celebrate her contributions, we give thanks for her years of guidance and sensible counsel and we stand here in solidarity with her children and grandchildren, because we know that through all her years of service, Miss Jane was first and foremost a matriarch, a mother and grandmother who loved all her children and grandchildren.""

Jane Usher's funeral is set for Tuesday December 18th. It will be an official funeral. She leaves behind 10 children, 34 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren and 4 great great grandchildren.

Jane Usher’s Impact on Financial Sector

Financial analyst from Legacy Fund Ervin Perez also gave us an insight into Ms. Jane's Holy Redeemer empire. He shared his most recent interaction with her and emphasized how her work at the HRCU impacted Belize's financial sector.

Ervin Perez, Managing Director - Legacy Fund
"I think for the entire its like losing a grandmother, but for us in the financial industry its like losing a pioneer in terms of the financial market and what she was able to do within the credit union sector. My most memorable experience with Miss Jane is when we were working with the St, Catherine's education bond and we were having some challenges in terms of having individuals really understand how this would work. This was in 2015 I believe and we went over and had a meeting with Miss Jane and her board and she was like, 'oh come on, this school has been there for ages, its older and me and we are going to definitely support this school and invest.' HRCU made a significant investment, I think it was a win win for both the school and for Miss Jane, but her willingness for pioneering into new areas even at her wisdom age, extremely good. I hope that for our generation that in our passing we could leave the same legacy like in capital markets as she has done in the credit union."

Jane Usher dead at 101. Her official funeral is set for Tuesday December 18th.

Channel 7

The Iconic Miss Jane Usher Passes

Re: Mrs. Jane Usher passes away [Re: Marty] #533773
12/13/18 06:49 AM
12/13/18 06:49 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

At One Hundred And One Years Old, MISS JANE, as she was lovingly known to thousands of Belizeans, from all walks of life, left her signature of LOVE in so many people's hearts and minds..

MISS JANE served the Belizean Nation and its people, as a Servant of the people,- As a Consoler of the afflicted, as an adviser to so many in distress. - She was always willing to listen to people.

Mrs Jane Usher was among the Founders of Credit Unions and Coops Movement, But also, along with her husband, Mr Henry Usher, guided these two Movements to great success.

But in Public Life, The Honorable Jane Usher was elected to Represent the Pickstock Division, and served as a Minister in the Cabinet. At one time, she also served as President of the Senate.

BUT among her many attributes, I am HONORED to say that Ma Jane was one of the the Architects of the Belizean Flag, from its designing to its creation - SHE SOW THE FIRST VERSION OF WHAT WAS TO BE, THE NATIONAL FLAG OF BELIZE.


Hector Silva

Re: Mrs. Jane Usher passes away [Re: Marty] #533839
12/17/18 01:26 PM
12/17/18 01:26 PM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
In respect of the late Hon. Dr. Jane Usher, The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister has ordered that all Belize Flags be flown at half- mast today, Monday, December 17th, 2018 and tomorrow, Tuesday, December 19th, 2018, until Hon. Dr. Jane Usher has been laid to rest.

Re: Mrs. Jane Usher passes away [Re: Marty] #533859
12/19/18 05:09 AM
12/19/18 05:09 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

In respect of the late Honorable Dr. Jane Usher all Belize Flags were flown at half- mast for the past few days until Usher was laid to rest. Jane Usher, the credit union icon was laid to rest at the Price-Usher home on the highway. Before the body was laid to rest, she was escorted by the military through the streets of Belize City for anyone who wished to pay their respects. Love News reports on the final hours of Jane Usher, known to many Belizeans as Miss Jane.

Jose Sanchez: “At 12:30 in the afternoon her body was taken by soldiers on a slow march by North Front St. and then to the Holy Redeemer Cathedral for the funeral service which was led by Celebrant Bishop Larry Nicasio. Inside the church the Governor General Sir Colville Young, the Leader of the Opposition John Bricenio and in addition diplomats and members of the Diplomatic Corps paid their respects. Albert’s area representative Tracey Ortega Panton addressed the gathering.”

Honorable Tracy Ortega Panton: “As we come together to celebrate this extraordinary life of this wife, mother, grandmother, public servant, Politician, Parliamentarian, CEO, financial advisor, role model, mentor, proud daughter of Belize. It is only fitting that as a Government and a people that we pay the highest tribute to Ms. Jane’s work in public life and for the great legacy that will forever be enshrined in the institution she founded and nurtured with unwavering dedication and perseverance. Miss Jane Usher was a warrior woman in every respect. She was ahead of her time, she had a clear vision for Belize and there was no one and nothing that would deter her from brining this vision to life. As we mourn her passing know that a grateful nation will continue to lift her up in positive thought and prayer. May the Lord bless and keep you, may he make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you and may he grant you his abiding peace at this very difficult time.”

Jose Sanchez: “ Usher’s son Robert spoke about her last moments.”

Robert Usher: “The wonderful great Belizean lady has passed, we gather here to lay to eternal rest Jane Ellen Mary Price Usher or as so often been said over her long life our beloved granny Jane, the respected Lady Jane, the honored Dr. Jane, beautiful Ma Jane and the favourite term of endearment most widely used often by all so lovingly Ms. Jane. She died peacefully in her bed at home finally at rest at 5:05 in the morning of December 12th, the feast day of our Lady of Guadalupe. The coincidence of the timing seeming to confirm to all of us her never ending love for her 5 boys and her 5 girls. In her final days when she lay in bed she always had a flashlight at her side and at different hours of the night in the dark she would turn it on and flash the beam on a picture on the wall of her 10 children and sometimes she would say each name quietly one by one. I think she would appreciate and agree with these well known final words sometimes overused but very apt for today’s occasion. There was a great president of the United States of America born in 1917 who said in his inaugural address in 1961” Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for you country” and she did just that, Mi Madre may you rest in peace.

Jose Sanchez: “ The body was then taken into Queen St. where in front of the PUP headquarters a ceremony was held in her honor. Usher was the former Pickstock area representative for two terms. The motorcade then carried her body to the Price Usher home on the Philip Goldson Highway for her final resting place. Jose Sanchez for Love News.”


Farewell Miss Jane

National icon, Jane Usher was laid to rest today and it was a full day of celebration in her memory. It began at 6:30 this morning where members of the family said their farewells, then at 7:00 the BDF escorted Usher to the Holy Redeemer Credit Union where she was lying in state until 12:00. When we got there at 12:30, the BDF were escorting her to the Holy Redeemer Cathedral where the funeral service was held. Here are a few speeches from the mass.

Hally D. Haynes, Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions
"Her passing is undoubtedly and immeasurable and irreplaceable loss to HRCU and Belize. We are the Caribbean confederation of credit unions would like to record our sincere appreciation for her sterling contribution to the development of the Belize Credit Union Movement. She gave selflessly to the credit union movement and live the credit union prayer, bring hope to those with whom she made contact. Miss Jane kindness, love, inspiration, humility and warmth will always be remembered by all of us at the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions. We love you Miss Jane."

Hon. Tracey Taegar-Panton, Minister of Trade
"The government and people of Belize owe her Honorable Doctor Jane Ellen Mary Usher nee Price, a debt of gratitude. She has touched the lives of thousands of Belizeans in ways that many may never know. The role she played in Belize's national development is un-parallel. Hers was a journey of many personal sacrifices. Yet her mark is stamped on the very soul of this nation."

"Dearest Gran, on behalf of all your grandchildren, I simply want to say we love you and we will miss you. To say that you have been an inspiration to all of us is the greatest understatement ever spoken. You are our role model. Your life was the best example of how we should strive to live ours. You showed unconditional love to us. You were selfless and you were committed. By simply trying to be half the person you were, we have all be able to do great things and lead great lives. All we have accomplished is because we stood on the shoulders of the giant, you. We love you Gran and we will miss you. Every single one of us has countless memories of playing at 5 miles, whether it was Sunday dinner, climbing mangrove, paddling dorey, playing basketball or sitting on the verandah talking fool. You were always there rocking in your chair, blessing us with your presence and ready to offer words of advice, love and encouragement."

In attendance were leader of the opposition John Briceno, Former Prime Minister Said Musa, Francis Fonseca, Godfrey Smith among other officials. Jane Usher was buried beside her husband at the Price-Usher family home at mile 5 and a half on the Philip Goldson Highway.

Channel 7

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