A team of nurses and medical practitioners at Belize Healthcare Partners Limited has been certified in the field of hemo-dialysis treatment.† The accreditation follows an offer that was extended by the Mexican Nephrology Association to assist with putting together a local program that would meet international standards.† This included examinations geared at establishing protocols.† Ingrid Gomez is a certified dialysis nurse at BHPL.

Ingrid Gomez, Certified Dialysis Nurse

ďWe had an invitation from the Mexican Nephrology Association, first of all to carry an emergency response team examination with them.† We were assisted to go for that certification and after that certification it required that eighty percent of the unit should have that same certification so that the unit could also be certified and qualified for international standards.† Other than doing a practical and theoretical exam, we also had to do certification of the unit which would imply, they had revision and supervision of the unit protocols and requirements internationally standardized and that are kept in our unit.† So we also had several evaluations by the Ministry of Health where we were guided, what needed to be done to provide service within our country.† Thereafter, we also did the same protocols and procedures by the Nephrology Association in Mexico because in Belize we donít have a nephrology association so we were guided by the nephrology association in Mexico City.Ē

A Big Day for Dialysis Treatment in Belize

Today marks the culmination of that process.† For Gomez, it is a momentous occasion because the unit that they have put together at BHPL is being internationally recognized.

Ingrid Gomez, Certified Dialysis Nurse

ďItís a big day, itís something big for the hospital itself because we have other units also but itís the first unit in the country that has been recognized internationally.† So we have met standards internationally, not only for the country but as a world.† So we have been following protocols and procedures for such certification today. †This is a surplus for any unit that would be able to do it because we are not only prepared as a nurse but you are prepared specifically for a hemo-dialysis unit to attend any emergency that may arise.† Itís not the same to have a dialysis patient in an emergency and to have a regular patient in an emergency, so you would be able to identify the difference and be able to tackle the situation at the moment.Ē

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