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The San Pedro Sun

Belize Media lands in Guatemala!
Ahead of the referendum to be held in Belize in April 2019 on whether to take the Guatemalan territorial claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), a group of Belizean journalists are in Guatemala City, Guatemala to get the pulse of the Guatemalans on the territorial dispute. The trip, from Sunday, December 16th through the 19th, is the second phase of the program dubbed 'From Fear to Facts: Demystifying the ICJ,' sponsored by the Embassy of the United States of America in Belize.

Recall of Del Monte FIESTA CORN Seasoned with Red & Green Peppers
The Ministry of Health in partnership with the Belize Agriculture Health Authority (BAHA) and the Belize Bureau of Standards has been advised on a recall announcement from Del Monte Food Inc. of Fiesta Corn Seasoned with Red and Green Peppers. Although Del Monte Foods Inc. has not been notified of any reports of illness associated with the product, 62, 242 cases of this product carrying a specific code and date are being recalled due to under-processing which could lead to life-threatening illness if consumed.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Talking Creole
“I’m worried that my son now speaks almost nothing but Creole,” Bill said. “He’s never going to get into a good university in the U.S. if he doesn’t break that habit.” “All of the kids in Belize do what they call talking Creole,” I told him. “I wouldn’t worry about it.” Bill and I were having coffee on the deck at the Holiday Hotel. He and his wife and fifteen- year-old son, Billy, moved to Ambergris Caye four months ago. I said, “Let me call my friend, Malcom.”

Signing of the Chiquibul and Vaca Forests Joint Enforcement Protocol
December 13th, the Ministry of National Security (MNS), Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration (MAFFESDI), and Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) signed the Chiquibul and Vaca Forests Joint Enforcement Protocol. Signing the protocol were the Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar; Chief Forest Officer, Mr. Wilber Sabido (MAFFESDI); and Executive Director of FCD, Mr. Raphael Manzanero. The protocol sets out a formalized Chiquibul and Vaca Forests Joint Enforcement Program to address illegal activities occurring within the forest which put the integrity of the forest ecosystem at risk and threaten the national security and territorial integrity of Belize.

Doctor Love: Second-Best
Dear Doctor Love, My sister has always been my mother’s favorite. I learned to accept it and move on. But I have noticed the same pattern happening with our children. We both have daughters around the same age, and it is obvious that our mother favors one grand-daughter over the other. My mother will go to the city to get my sister’s daughter the exact item she wants while my daughter gets something like what she wants with little effort made to try to get her the exact thing, even when it is available. If both girls draw a picture, my mother makes a big fuss over my sister’s child’s drawing but has little in the way of encouragement for my daughter.

Misc Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Town Hall on the Referendum and the ICJ
Tonight at 7:00 p.m. Come out and get the facts on an important issue.

An opportunity for opposition parties to win the next general election in Belize
By Wellington C. Ramos. Since the United Democratic Party (UDP) government of Belize and the People’s United Party (PUP) both agreed to take the Guatemalan claim over Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the Belizean people at home and abroad have become more insecure. Historically, in all the elections that were held in Belize the two main political parties, UDP and PUP, would bring up this issue and accuse each other of making concessions to Guatemala. But the only time this issue was front and center of Belize politics was back in the days when the leader of the National Independence Party (NIP), the late Philip Goldson, made it his top priority issue. I remember when some members of the PUP said he was crazy and that Guatemala will end up leaving Belize alone. Today, we can see that he knew what he was talking about because Guatemala still remains a ghost to our future.

LoveFM Christmas Parade
SPTC presented the Nativity Scene. Photos by Daniela Guerrero

The Reporter

To celebrate the Christmas season, The Reporter is having a five-day Christmas challenge starting tomorrow, December 17. The challenge includes completing a different activity each day, leading up to a grand prize give-away. The challenge is open to all our loyal followers and readers.

Belize Electricity Limited announced this week that the high cost of purchasing power from Mexico has forced the company to seek an increase in electricity rates from the Public Utilities Commission. BEL said that it made the formal submission to the PUC on Monday for an increase in the Mean Electricity Rate (MER) from 39.3 cents per kilowatt hour to 41.4 cents per kilowatt hour, which would take effect for the remainder of the tariff review period from January 1 to June 30 2019.

Arson near Pier 1?
Last night a concrete bench with a thatched roof at the BTL park erupted into flames. Onlookers stood by as the small structure, which has no electricity wires of any kind link to it, burned wit flames high enough to be seen from a distance.

A man died in the Toledo district after he was brutally chopped with a machete. Police say that the incident happened in Bladen Village, between miles 52 and 53 on the Southern Highway. Guatemalan farmer Marcos Chen, 41, got into an altercation with one Dario Sho.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Gaspar Vega not seeking re-election, his successor elected in convention
oday, the United Democratic Party (UDP) held a convention to elect a standard-bearer for the Orange Walk North constituency. When the final ballots were counted, Homero Novelo emerged victorious with 684 votes. His challenger, Eddie Mendez, only collected 477 votes.

Armed robbery reported in San Pedro
San Pedro police have issued an official report on a robbery which occurred on Friday night. According to reports, sometime around 8:30 p.m., two men entered Tienda Alissa in the San Mateo Area of Town. Once inside, one of the masked men pointed a firearm at the business owner, Maria Canek, 62.

Two men shot in Roaring Creek
A shooting in Roaring Creek, Cayo has left two men injured. They are Amer Estuardo Morales, 29, and Celio Ogaldez, 22. Moralez was shot to the right leg while Ogaldez was shot to the left hand.

Man chopped to death in Toledo
A man was chopped to death in Bladen, Toledo on Friday evening. He has been identified as Guatemalan national, Marcos Chen, 41. Information to BBN is that on Friday evening Chen was involved in a dispute with another man identified as Dario Sho.

Belize City Police investigate suspicious fire at Pier One
Sometime last night there was a fire inside BTL Park in Belize City. According to reports, a palapa near Pier One was set ablaze. Fortunately the fire was extinguished before it could spread and no one was injured.

San Ignacio shooting: Three men ‘targeted’ by gunman
nformation to BBN is that three persons were injured in a shooting incident last night. According to reports, sometime before midnight the persons were socializing in front of Tim’s Restaurant in San Ignacio, Cayo when a gunman emerged.

Former CEO wrote Minister Hulse months ago about diaspora inclusion in ICJ referendum
Former Chief Executive Officer of the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute, Imani Fairweather, has publicly shared a letter she had penned in July to Godwin Hulse, the Minister of Immigration and Nationality, regarding the issue of the diaspora vote in the upcoming referendum.

Teen shot in Ladyville, Belize
A teenager is in a critical condition in the hospital after being shot yesterday in Ladyville. He has been identified as Norman Haulze, 17. Information to BBN is that yesterday, he and two other persons were at a home in Ladyville when a man arrived.

Family concerned over whereabouts of missing relative
At a time when many Belizeans have gone missing without atrace, the family of Iver Neal is concerned about his whereabouts. His sister posted to social media that on Wednesday he told family members that he was in El Rancho, Belmopan and en route to Punta Gorda, Toledo.


Art In The Park was held on December 15, 2018
On December 15, 2018, it was the last Art in the Park for 2018. I headed to the event at Corozal Central Park, and I saw the place quite filled by a lot of locals in Corozal. This my first time seeing this event quite full with locals from Corozal. I reached just in time for music. I heard the host talking on the mic. I turned around, and I observed a white cloth tied up on the four corners and a Projector pointing on it. I saw words on it and from the distance, I couldn't recognize which song it was. I enjoyed watching them singing karaoke. From Christmas Karaoke, Spanish songs, Country Music, whatever the participants asked for was played. The Second thing I liked was the Cho! Cho! Train parking in front of Central Park. The Colored Christmas light was decorated and had several color lights. The Jumper for kids at the Art in The Park has always been used by kids. And, every time I walk here I can see that Red, Blue, and Yellow colored jumper, kids jumping inside of it. One of my favorite spot to buy food has always been Ms. Deb's Food. She sells her burger faster than any other food booths around Central Park. Her burger taste so great that I can't stop thinking about her food even after the event. She Always has the longest line, if you haven't tried her's as yet, you should come out and try her burgers.

Corozal Town held theie Christmas Parade 2018
Corozal Central Park was filled with Corozalenos, Tourists and from across Belize on December 16, 2018. They came to witness the Corozal Christmas Parade 2018 that commenced at 6pm. When I arrived at the Central Park I have already seen the colorful Christmas floats already lined up. I could have heard Christmas music from several floats. I heard the Siren from the distance coming towards me. One -by -one the floats came passing by as I snapped photos of each floats. There where a several number of businesses, Corozal Hospital, Marching Band; one from Mexico, cars and Motorcycles came out to participate in this years event. I saw some floats that had Santa Clause all dressed. The Marching Band played some great Christmas Music. Each member of the marching dance with great rythm movement. They perform very well. My favourite thing was seeing the floats decorated with different colors of Christmas lights. Seeing the Children, enjoyed getting some sweets, T-shirts that where being thrown at the street side.

International Sourcesizz

1.5 to stay alive
Change Centre, Belmopan, Belize. Two years ago in Paris, at the Conference Of Parties (COP) of the United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC), the global community concluded the historic Paris Agreement, which was hailed at the time as the platform for serious global action to address the existential risks engendered by climate change. The agreement called for countries to take action to significantly reduce their Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, so as to limit the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 degrees centigrade, and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degree centigrade above pre-industrial levels, recognizing that this would significantly reduce the risks and impacts of climate change. The two degree target was agreed at the COP in Copenhagen in 2009 but at that time, the Caribbean and other Small Island Developing Countries (SIDS) espoused a 1.5 degree limit for global warning, as successive studies emphasized the dangers of a two degree warming world and the difficulty of avoiding “runaway” climate change were global warming to exceed the 1.5 threshold.


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