Annually, the Commissioner of Police would carry out a tour to the various jurisdictions. Today, he headed to the cayes where he met with the rank and file of the San Pedro Police sub-formation. Its purpose is to acknowledge officers for a job well done as well as to find out what are the challenges of the formations and how the senior brass of the department can assist. In the island town of San Pedro, there is need for more equipment and man power to mitigate criminal activities on Ambergris Caye. News Five caught up with Officer in Charge Superintendent Reymundo Reyes and ComPol Allen Whylie just at the close of today's session at the San Pedro High School compound.

Allen Whylie, ComPol

"As the Commissioner of Police, as the leader of this organization, I need to be out to speak to my officers to encourage them to continue to do good work. We know 2018 has been a challenging year; there was a spike in terms of criminal activity early on and we've been grappling and battling and as the leader, I have to be out here and let the officers know that despite the various challenges, I believe that they have been successful in trying to keep the peace here in San Pedro and continue to motive and push them to do a little bit better."

Supt. Reymundo Reyes, O.C., San Pedro Police

"As mentioned, human resource is one. Apparently, there is intention to have an intake early next year, which maybe we will then be provided with some additional officers here on the ground. Equipment; that is being looked at also…mobility and so forth so that the officers can work more comfortably and cover more grounds within San Pedro."

Allen Whylie

"Aside from the issue of transportation and human resources is the influx of criminal elements from Belize City; some of the playadores in terms of those persons who go and comb the beach up in the north. And so we've been doing a number of operations. We had brought in additional officers from the mainland; they have been out here, they continue to operate and they will continue to be out here for the foreseeable future."

During the meeting, officers were recognized and issued certificates. Best dress officers selected by ComPol Whylie during his inspection were WPC Bejerano and PC Ciego.

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