The already congested Barrier Reef Drive, in the heart of San Pedro Town, is getting worse with the addition of golf cart rentals relocating to the busy street. Residents are unhappy with the rental companies that are using the public parking area to keep their golf cart fleet. They believe that public parking areas should not be overwhelmed by these businesses, and instead keep their rental fleet in their garages from where the vehicles can be delivered to their clients. The local authorities from The San Pedro Town Council have not commented on the issue, even though they held a meeting with golf cart rental companies in 2017 to address traffic-related issues.

A golf cart rental owner, who asked not to be identified, stated that he is against the practice of using the public parking areas for their rentals. I have my garage south of town where I keep my golf carts. I do have one golf cart here in front of my place most of the times, but no more than that, he said. If I get a request for maybe two or three golf carts, I call my employees, and they deliver the carts. But I do not keep them here on front street.

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