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I just wanted to share a couple of learnings from a great holiday in Merida Mexico which we have just returned from:

- Cars traveling outside Quintana Roo, including to Merida Yucatan, need to get a temporary import permit ($400 US refundable deposit + $59 US fee/tax, valid 6 months).

- Visitors to Mexico for more than 7 days need to pay exit tax. If you are getting a temporary import permit for your car, the driver has to pay this in advance whereas the passengers can pay in arears on leaving the country.

- Mexico have a computerized car registration system (I suspect linked the USA system), so if there is a problem with your vehicle VIN number they won't let it in.

However, the Belize vehicle registration system is not computerized, and the registration documents in the systems (used by the districts outside Belize City) are filled out manually.

If the VIN number has a missing a letter, when trying to enter Mexico, you have to return to the Belize registration office to fix it before they will issue with a temporary import permit.

[It should be noted that: a) this was relatively easy for me to fix as the car was now registered in Corozal, rather than Belize City previously; b) This is the second time this problem has happened to me in Belize (in Corozal and Dangriga), and c) You have to pay to change it - so please check your VIN numbers when your registration number is issued]

- Visitors to Belize now have to be out of the country for 14 days, before their visitors visa date is reset. So if your guests are staying in Belize for longer than a month they will have to get a visa extension, if staying longer than a month in Belize, even if they go out for 7 days to Mexico.

- And finally..

> I would thoroughly recommend Merida Mexico as a wonderful place to go on holiday. There is more than enough to keep you entertained for a week in the city and immediate vicinity. It is less than 250 miles from Belize's northern border.

> Merida is also a very good, and well set up, health tourism destination (one hospital there was the US president's regional emergency hospital when I last had surgery there in 2016 - but I don't know what the US is doing now).