Happy Happy Happy Boxing Day – such a CIVILIZED holiday that we celebrate in Belize. I’m not sure WHY the ex-British American colonies did not hold onto that one.

A day for eating Christmas candy and left-overs, napping, travel…just a buffer between the holidays and going-back-to-work.

I just started opening emails and am a bit overwhelmed THE QUESTION: What should be do on New Year’s Eve. (I skimmed this in grammerly and I THINK I got the punctuation correct – it’s tricky!)

I am hardly one to stay up late…and I haven’t been out in town for YEARS on NYE but here is what I’ve gathered. And it depends…do you want a dinner and mingling with a smaller group? Do you want to be in the middle of it all? Do you want to dance-dance-dance? Is seeing the fireworks at midnight a must?

Here are some great choices.

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