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Bowen & Bowen Recruitment
Positions Available: Production Coordinator, Account Coordinator, Digital Media Coordinator.

U.S. Embassy Belize: Government Shutdown affects
Due to the lapse in appropriations, our Facebook account will not be updated regularly. Please visit @StateDept on Twitter for updates. Scheduled passport and visa services will continue during the lapse in appropriations as the situation permits.


New Years Eve Rocking Party
Monday, December 31, 2018 at 9 PM, Palapa Bar and Grill, Boca Del Rio (over the water), San Pedro. SPECIAL DINNER : from 4-9 with Coconut Crusted Mahi on grilled pineapple or seafood kebabs with sauteed vegetables. Then at 9pm DJ Patron rocking the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s tunes. Great snacks offered and of coarse our complimentary Jell-O shots and champagne to Bring in the New Year with the best view of The Islands Fireworks. NEW YEARS DAY: we will be back at it again at 10am with our Annual Make your own Bloody Mary Hangover Bar! Lots of fun in the sun!

Belize District Agriculture Department office now located in Sandhill Village
The Ministry of Agriculture takes this opportunity to inform the public, especially residents residing in the Belize District, that the Belize District Agriculture Department office is now located in Sandhill Village at Mile 14, Philip Goldson Highway (adjacent to the NEMO office). The telephone and fax numbers for the office remain the same (telephone no. 203-2842 and fax no. 203-2856).

Channel 7

An Execution on Boxing Day Is Product of Dangerous Family Dispute
The 2 day Christmas holiday was cut short for a family in Belize City after their loved one, Daniel Hughes, was gunned down close to home. The 39 year old Fisherman of Aloe Vera Street was driving on a road close to his home yesterday afternoon when killers came it him. Emanuel Pech tells us what happened next, and how it is part of an ongoing blood feud in this neighborhood that has led to at least four deaths:  Paulet Gibson - Sister-in-law of Deceased: "He was a tall, nice young man, no problem with nobody you know and was humble. Go to sea every day, come here hang out, when he's tired of hanging out here, he go home to his girlfriend or go to his other friend that he is hanging out with or so. That's all I know about him, I don't know that is any trouble man." But trouble found him. Yesterday Daniel Hughes was ambushed in broad daylight within his own neighborhood.

Retaliation By Attempted Arson?
And - even though a man was dead - it didn't end there.  Later last night, someone poured gasoline on a house in that same neighborhood - with the intention to burn it down.   The Fire Department was quick to respond and was able to put out the fire.  They confirmed it was attempted arson: Orin Smith - Station Officer, National Fire Service: "On December 26 2017, 2018, sorry, at 6:25 pm, the Belize City branch of the National Fire Service responded to reports from the police of a structural fire on Tibruce Street, Lake Independence area Belize City. On arrival on scene, there were no visible flames or smoke from the structure. Found was a 30 by 50 wooden structure..."

Christmas Morning Gang Shooting In OW
And while that murder and attempted arson is the product of a long standing rivalry - that's also what led to a Christmas morning shooting in Orange Walk Town which left 2 men injured. Police have confirmed that it is a product of the ongoing rivalry between 2 gang groups in that municipality that's been playing out for months now.  As we told you, these gangs in the north are extensions of the gangs from Belize with the same name. The victims from this latest shooting are 21 year-old Senon Pablo Reyes, aka "Pebbles", and 28 year-old Llamont Wade, 2 men well known to police. On Tuesday morning, they were about to leave Reyes' house on Muffles Street when a gunman roared past on a motorbike and opened fired on them both. 

Hit and Run Driver Crashed Into Cop
A police officer was knocked off his motorcycle in a hit and run last night.  
25 year old Keenen Bennett, attached to the Special Patrol Unit, was on duty in the St. Martin Area when, around 10 pm, while riding on Mahogany Street a car hit him from behind. ASP Alejandro Cowo told us more. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "He was knocked down from behind by a white colored vehicle. The vehicle sped off and made good his escape. Police in the area pursue the vehicle and there later on detained 2 persons that were inside the vehicle a male and a female. The police was taken to the hospital where he's still admitted and in a stable condition..."

Brace For A Bigger Light Bill: PUC Approves BEL Increase
2 weeks ago, we told you how BEL made a formal request for the PUC to approve an increase in electricity rates. They were asking for the rates to go up from 39.2 cents per kilowatt hour to 41.5 cents per kilowatt hour.
Opposition Leader John Briceno put the government on blast for it at the last House Meeting, and he reminded the general public that BEL got a rate increase only 6 months ago. Well, the PUC has reviewed BEL's proposal, and the commission has done its own investigation into BEL's numbers.  And the news tonight is that it has approved the increase, and tacked on a little more.

Pair of Homes Destroyed in Boom Fire
Two families in Burrell Boom had to spend the holidays without a home. 6 days ago, on last week Friday afternoon, the houses of Kimberly Seguro and Temeka Card were completely destroyed by a fire. The fire is suspected to be electrical and started in Seguro's bedroom; it then quickly spread to her sister's home. It was eventually contained with the help of their neighbors and friends who alerted the fire department, but by then, it was too late. Although none of the five residents were harmed, both families lost everything. Today, we spoke with one of the victims. Kimberly Seguro - Fire victim: "It happened about around 1 o' clock in the afternoon. I was inside my sister's house watching TV with her because I had just finished washing some clothes and I send my son to the grocery store to purchase some things because I wanted to go and cook..."

Lost Their House on Christmas Day
The holidays were miserable and sad for the Chi family in San Pedro; their home burned down on Christmas morning. Juan Chi and his family were inside their home when the kitchen erupted into flames. They escaped and the fire was contained, but their home was destroyed. Here's more from the police. ASP Alejandro Cowo, CIB - Eastern Division: "San Pedro police visited the Marina Drive in San Pedro Town, where upon arrival they observed an elevated board house engulfed in flames. The house is owned by one Mr. Juan Chi of that same address. Initial police information is that Mr. Chi was inside of his house along with two minors when he observed the eastern side of the building engulfed in fire; that is where the stove is located.

OW Fire Was Arson
To add to this week's wave of fires, an Orange Walk business owner also fell victim to one this week. However, this may be a case of arson, since investigators found a possible fire starting device in the yard of the building. Orin Smith from The Belize City Fire Department tells us more. Orin Smith - Station Officer, National Fire Service: "On Wednesday, December 26th 2018, at 1:30 am, the Orange Walk branch of The National Fire Service received and responded to reports of a structural fire in Carmelita Village Orange, Walk District . On arrival on scene, found was a concrete structure that it appears, attempt had been made to burn down.

Be Careful This Holiday Season
And, In light of all these recent fires before, and during Christmas, Smith urges the public to exercise extreme fire safety during New Year's celebrations:… Orin Smith - Station Officer, National Fire Service: "New year's celebration, that's something that a lot of people look forward to year after year. It's a particular time of the year when they go out to party mostly all night. Those families that have young children, I advise that if they are planning on going out, leave them under the care of a responsible adult. By all means, do not leave children to look after children and when I say responsible adult, I mean someone who is not really a senior citizen that cannot keep up with the activities of these children..."

Late Evening, Man Shot on Fabers
Shots were fired a short while ago on Faber's Road in Belize City. It happened near the corner of Faber's and Baldwin Drive where police currently have the area locked down. Reports say - a shooter went to the area to open fire on some men who hang out there. Reports say they had a dispute form earlier on about a horse. But when the gunman opened fire, a licensed gun-owner opened fire on him. Images sent to us from the area show a small trail of blood. We have just confirmed that a victim has been taken to the KHMH. We'll have more on this tomorrow.

Alleged Pedophile Gets Off, Was He Framed In Family Dispute?
44 year-old Jose Aquino, a Honduran with permanent residency in Belize, is free of a sexual assault charge tonight after he was acquitted in the Magistrate's Court. Aquino stood trial in front of Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer where his female accuser testified against him. That complainant, who was 9 years-old at the time, told the court that the incident happened on May 12th, 2013 in Belize City. She said that Aquino fondled her privates. In his defense, Aquino denied the allegation under oath, and he said that his family and the family of his accuser had a dispute. He further alleged that as a result of that dispute between the 2 families, this child told lies on him, and falsely reported him to the police.

Going Back To Graham
We've got three newscasts left in 2018, and we'll be using those nights to pick our three favourite stories of the year.  One of those has got to be Daniel Ortiz's Graham Creek odyssey.   He went there in October with the Teachers Union to demonstrate what hardships teachers in remote areas have to endure just to do their jobs.  But what we didn't know is how much those hardships would bring even the durable Daniel to his knees.  Here now is a repeat of that story:.. Our very first trip to Graham Creek started in Crique Sarco, a village difficult to get to by road. We were told that the trip to the southernmost village in the Toledo District was an arduous one, but nothing could have prepared us for what it actually was like.

From The Land Of Snow, Sun Country Airlines!
On Saturday, one more US air carrier started regular weekly flights to Belize. Sun Country airlines made its charter flight out of the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport directly to the PGIA. The non stop service is seasonal and is Belize's first reach into the the Upper Midwest of the US.  The seasonal service flies once weekly on Saturdays from December 22, 2018 to April 20, 2019.

Don't Take a Chance On A Raffle Without Lotteries Commission
When money's tight, or some funds need to be raised for a worthy cause, selling a raffle is a sure way to raise some cash in a hurry.   You sell a few chances and the lucky winner gets the prize; it's that simple - or at least it should be. And practically everyone does it: schools, small non-profit organizations, a family in need of money for a surgery, or perhaps even your favorite aunt. Nothing fishy or too unusual about it.  However, what many don't know is that what you're doing actually might be illegal. In a press release issued today the Lotteries Committee highlighted the illegalities of promoting or conducting any lottery or raffle without a license or letter of authorization from them.

Regular Fuel May Tip Down Again
On Monday, we reported that the new price of Premium gasoline is $10.41, but that was only the initial announcement.  Within a few hours, the Ministry of Finance had made a minor adjustment and the price that went to the pump at midnight was actually $10.47 - 6 cents higher, but still an 85 cent decrease per gallon. So, will prices continue to trend down with crude oil trading at less than 45 dollars per barrell in the US?  Our sources say, don't count on it.

Channel 5

Belize City Fisherman, Daniel Hughes, is Executed on Boxing Day
A Belize City fisherman was shot and killed on Wednesday and police strongly suspect that the homicide may have been the result of a longstanding feud between two families.  Daniel [...]

Orange Walk’s Gang Feud Leaves 2 Persons Injured
Police in Orange Walk are trying to stem the bloodbath in an ongoing gang feud which left two persons injured on Christmas Day. Twenty-eight-year-old Llamont Wade and twenty-one-year-old Pablo Reyes [...]

Police Officer Victim of Hit and Run
Twenty-five-year-old Police Constable Keenon Bennett is tonight at the K.H.M.H. recuperating after he was knocked down on Wednesday night. Bennett, a member of the Special Patrol Unit, was on duty, [...]

Another Increase in Electricity Rates, Twice in 2018
The cost of electricity is set to go up yet again, for a second time in 2018.  This follows a formal request by Belize Electricity Limited to the Public Utilities [...]

“This is simply a time for consumers to repay B.E.L.” – John Avery
The commission, in its decision, has approved a Mean Electricity Rate of point four-two cents per kilowatt hour.  According to Avery, BEL has had to incur an increase in the [...]

Director of Energy Explains the Need for Rate Increase
Director of Energy Ambrose Tillett also says that the rate increase being proposed is both wise and acceptable for the supply of service to consumers.    Ambrose Tillett, Director of [...]

Gas Prices Dip Again at the Pumps
On Christmas Day, gas prices at the pumps dropped for a second time in forty-eight hours. The cost of premium gasoline reduced by eighty-five cents to ten dollars and forty-seven [...]

Teachers’ Salaries Docked, B.N.T.U. Seeking Legal Recourse
On Friday, the Belize National Teachers’ Union came out swinging at some school managements, calling them the Grinch that stole Christmas. That’s because certain school managements decided to dock the [...]

President Elena Smith Says it’s Union Busting
According to President Elena Smith, the docking of teachers’ salaries is not only seen as ‘downright mean-spirited,’ but also as a form of union busting.   Senator Elena Smith, National [...]

Sisters in Burrell Boom Lose Homes to Fire
Within the past week, there have been several fires across the country. The first fire happened in Burrell Boom Village in the Belize District. Two wooden homes were destroyed by [...]

National Fire Service Still Investigating Fire in Steadfast Village
On Monday, we told you about a fire along the Stann Creek Valley Roadthat left a family of eight homeless. Sometime after ten a.m. last Saturday, a fire completely destroyed [...]

Christmas Day Fire; Family Loses Everything in San Pedro Town
And on Christmas Day a family was left homeless when a fire broke out inside their home around ten in the morning. It happened on Marina Drive in the DFC [...]

Police investigates Fire in Orange Walk
On Boxing Day there were two separate fires one in Orange Walk Town and the other in Belize City. The fire in Orange Walk happened around one-thirty in the morning. [...]

Fire on Tibruce Street; Blaze Extinguished by Cops
The second fire on Boxing Day happened right here in Belize City. The National Fire Service says that around six-thirty that evening flames were spotted inside a wooden home on [...]

B.E.L. Gives Back for Christmas
On Christmas morning, most of us spent the day at home with our families or out celebrating with friends. For B.E.L employees, it was a morning to keep with the [...]

The Philip Willoughby 7-a-Side Football Tournament
U.D.P. Standard Bearer for Port Loyola, Philip Willoughby is organizing a first-of-its-kind football tournament on New Year’s Day. Dubbed the Philip Willoughby Seven-a-Side Football Marathon, it is open to the [...]


There is help available for victims of abuse
Many women in Belize are trapped in abusive relationships and some even die at the hands of their abuser. However, there is no need for persons to die in an abusive relationship since there is help available to protect these victims. Love news spoke with Inspector Martha Rhys, the Officer in Charge of the Domestic …

Philip Willoughby organizes football marathon for New Years Day
Sports aficionados, particularly football lovers, are all invited to a New Years Day football marathon. The event is being organized by Philip Willoughby and the event is, as a matter of fact, called the Philip Willoughby Football Marathon and it takes place at the Wilton Cumberbatch Field. Willoughby says there is still time to register …

Electricity hike due to deregulation in the peninsula area of Mexico
The cause of the increase in electricity has come as a result of deregulation in the peninsula area of Mexico. When the Electricity Giant CFE was splintered into several companies, the business model changed from a standard price to one that the market could afford. This means that electricity prices across Mexico vary and the …

Price of fuel at the pump goes down as Electricity ready to go up
The price for Premium Gasoline has decreased by 85 cents from $11.32 to $10.47 per gallon. The price of Diesel went down 92 cents from $10.75 to $9.83 per gallon. The Government of Belize says that the plunging fuel prices are principally due to weakening global demand reflecting concerns about economic growth prospects in 2019, …

Police Nab Gun in Capital
Police confiscated a firearm on Christmas day in the San Martin area of Belmopan. Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz filed this report. Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: “Acting upon a telephone call received from the community sometime around 12:30PM on Christmas day led Roaring Creek police to an open lot in the San Martin area of Belmopan. …

Two families lose everything in separate fires
A family from San Pedro Town is also reeling from what could have been a tragic event. They’ve lost everything in a fire. In Steadfast Village, in the Stann Creek District, another family also lost everything when their home went up in flames on December 22nd. Orin Smith, the Station Manager for the National Fire …

NTUCB hopes to find solutions that will diminish crime
There have been several initiatives undertaken to curb the escalating crime in Belize including criminal legislation, implementation of a State of Emergency and accompanying curfews. However, crime still continues to occur at an alarming rate. Marvin Mora, the President of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, (NTUCB) told Love news how his organization plans …

Police Officer is knocked down; culprit escapes scene
On Boxing Day, a police officer was hit while he drove his motorcycle in Belize City, but the driver of the vehicle did not stop to render him any aid. ASP Cowo says it happened around ten o’clock in the night. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Belize Police Department: “Police Constable Keenon Garbutt, who is attached to …

Man murdered in broad daylight on Boxing Day
For one family, their Christmas celebration was shattered when they learnt of the death of their loved one. Daniel Hughes Sr. was shot and killed in broad daylight on Boxing Day in Belize City. The father of ten met his demise whilst driving in his vehicle. Johnelle McKenzie tells us more in this report. ASP …

Gang rivalry in Orange Walk results in two more men being shot on Christmas Day
Two men are injured in another shooting incident in Orange Walk Town. ASP Alejandro Cowo of the Crimes Investigation Branch says that, again, the incident is connected to an ongoing gang rivalry in that municipality. ASP Cowo says the shooter was on a motorcycle when he ambushed 21-year-old Senon Reyes and 28-year-old Llamont Wade on …

The Reporter

A man was shot sometime after 6:00 this evening on Faber’s Road in Belize City. Police believe it happened while two men aggressed a man in his yard and the resident’s father opened fire at the gunman. Police sources have informed this media house that Dennis Hislop Jr., 24, was standing with Kyron Samuels, 21, in front of their residence, at #40 Faber’s Road, when the two men, one of whom was armed with a gun, chased Hislop behind his house.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man shot on Fabers Road, Belize City
A man was shot a few minutes ago in Belize City. He has not yet been […]

License requirements for lottery and raffles
The lotteries committee inform the public that no person shall promote or conduct any lottery or […]

Police man knocked down on Boxing Day
A police officer was knocked down from his motorcycle in Belize City last night. He has […]

Fire in San Pedro!
Yesterday just after midday there was a fire reported in San Pedro Town. Police visited Marina […]

Police provide update on murder of Daniel Hughes Sr.
Today police presented an update on the death of Daniel Hughes Sr. According to Assistant Superintendent […]

Anny Young missing for 19 days
The family of Anisha “Anny” Young is still seeking answers to the disappearance of their loved […]

BEL and staff gift hampers to 150 families and the elderly
During the month of December, Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) and its employees contributed to several initiatives […]

Belize: 143 murdered for 2018
There have been 143 Belizeans murdered in 2018. On January 1st the first victim was reputed […]

Child injured by firecrackers
Over the Christmas holidays, many Belizeans are accustomed to including firecrackers as a part of the […]

Fair weather to continue
A moderate East to Southeasterly airflow will maintain fair weather today. Sunny skies with some cloudy […]


Wet and Happy Holidays With More to Parties Come
If you want to keep busy, there is always no shortage of parties to attend around Christmas. While I do miss celebrating with my family, I do not miss the “rat-race” of Christmas. These past few years I have been quite happy to do nothing for the holidays. This year was no exception and my temporary roommate Dennis agreed. His thought was “stay close to home” the furthest we needed to go was DandE’s frozen custard on Middle Street, only a stones throw away (4 blocks.) I had to do one small errand that led me a bit further – pick up a package from Maya Flats airstrip at Tropic Cargo and put it on a San Pedro Belize Express water taxi to Caye Caulker. Thankfully it was not rainy at the time like on the 24th, we got about 3 inches that day. I sure was glad for my lightweight waterproof trenchcoat on my errand run. Boxing day also gave us rain, however, Christmas day was its usual Sunny Self.

International Sourcesizz

Rwanda, Matera and Belize; three exotic destinations you definitely need to visit in 2019
There's a reason why Imtiaz Ali makes movies about travelling. It isn't just about exploring new destinations, but to find yourself. Apart from being all alone in an unknown city, travelling is a great opportunity to meet people from different walks of life, understand different cultures and explore a different side of yourself. Travel enthusiasts are often questioned on why they love to travel. The answer is simple. Travelling is one activity where you can truly challenge and test yourself. Apart from pushing you out of your comfort zone, each new trip you undertake brings an innate sense of pride, joy and energy. Located in Central America, Belize is bordered by the Caribbean Sea on the east. With the combination of Belize Barrier Reef, the place is famous for its water sports. Scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and rafting, Belize is also famous for the jungles and wildlife reserves of fauna and flora.

Taking the Kids -- Places Made Memorable in 2018 by What We Ate
SNORKELING FOR OUR DINNER. We were in the clear waters teeming with tropical fish about six miles -- a 20-minute boat ride -- from the private island resort Cayo Espanto in Belize where we were staying, and not far from San Pedro, the town and tourist hub on Ambergris Cay, Belize's largest island. This immense barrier reef (second only to Australia's and, according to the Belizeans, much healthier) stretches for scores of miles along the Caribbean Coast (Belize is south of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, east of Guatemala and north of Honduras). Using a hook, our guide caught two spiny lobsters hiding under "tribes" made from corrugated tin and logs by fisherman. My husband and the guides caught a baker's dozen of small snapper while we got an onboard lesson in making ceviche from the conch.

‘He shoots insects in the wild.’ Unique bug photos take Lexington man around the globe
Tom Myers makes a living as president of a Lexington pest control company, but he also is known as a world-traveling photographer of insects, spiders, scorpions and ticks. Among his subjects: termites that shoot glue out of their heads, an African spider that throws a web over its prey, an ambush bug that covers itself in debris to disguise itself. His pursuit of exotic bugs has taken him to all seven continents (yes, there are tiny insects that live in icebound Antarctica). His photos have been exhibited in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and published in USA Today, National Geographic’s Traveler magazine and “Truman’s Scientific Guide to Pest Management Operations,” the “bible” of the industry.


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  • BELIZE SNORKELING, 6min. Diving/snorkeling in Belize 2018.

  • Shark Encounter at Half Moon Caye, 1min. Diving with sharks can be hazardous... to your GoPro!

  • Sailing to an Uncharted Island | Sapodilla Cayes & Hunting Caye Belize, 18min. While Sailing to and exploring Sapodilla Caye and Hunting Caye, Belize, we spot a uncharted island in the distance and decide to sail to it. What we find underwater is incredible!

  • El Festival Del Pueblo in San Lazaro, min. Nojoch Tata Pedro Carrillo welcoming the people in Máaya t'áan (also known simply as Maya or Maya Yucateco) for El Festival Del Pueblo in San Lazaro. Nojoch Tata Pedro and his son Hugo Carrillo Cocom have been organizing the event of El Festival Del Pueblo. Video take December 16,2018 by Belize Yucatec Maya/Ak kuchkabal Maya.

  • Chronicle of a disaster: Hurricane Janet, 8min. In this capsule we present you a part of what was the catastrophe that changed the life of an entire city and its inhabitants, the event that frame an end and the rebirth of a new city that demonstrated to the world the courage of a people and the Love for his land Chetumal.

  • Nurse sharks and stingrays in Belize, 2.5min. Nurse sharks and stingrays at Shark/Ray Alley near Ambergris Caye, Belize.

  • Green Moray Eel, Belize, .5min. Green Moray Eel eating a conch at Hol Chan Marine Reserve off Ambergris Caye, Belize.

  • Kids First Scuba Dive, Belize 2018, 3min.

  • Meet MR King | Toledo Belize, 1.5min. What can we say....some folks love Belize so much that they decide to stay and make Belize their home.

  • Meet The Hosts Of Belize Mek We Know, 3min. Learn what makes this traveling couple perfect for this show!

  • Cayo Belize OFF Road Jungle Adventure, 8.5min. Ever wanted to Off Road in the Jungles of Belize? This is your opportunity to experience this adventure through the eyes of our hosts. See what it is one of the most thrill seeking adventures!

  • Caribbean Getaway Lime Caye in Toledo Belize, 25min. Lime Caye is one of Belize's most unspoiled island. The low visitation makes this island a secret island beach break that most locals enjoy. Have you been there?

  • Rio Blanco WaterFall Getaway Toledo Belize, 17min. Toledo Belize is one of Belize's Districts that keeps on giving. This inland waterfall is one of the locals favorite spots. This is a must if you visit Toledo.

  • Scuba Belize Spotted eagle ray, 3/4min.

  • Sailing Belize in catamaran - South Water Caye, 3min. Sailing family cruise in Belize - Coming from Lagoon Caye, stopping first in new marina in Sapodilla Bay for water and shopping. Then heading South Water Caye through Blue Ground Range. Mooring in South Water Caye. Paddling, visiting the island

  • Kukulkan is a god or a real person?, 3min. Whatever it was Kukulkan had a huge impact in Mesoamerica and especially to the Maya(Yucatec Maya) . In the Books of Chilam Balam tells us the story of Kukulkan reaching to the Peninsula of Yucatan but also tella us the prophecy of his return.

  • Hanal Pixan, 4min. Hanal Pixan is a Belizean Extreme Metal band who sings in Yucatec Maya and Spanish. For those who like this kind of music check their album U K'ayo'ob K'uyo'ob.