From the Prime Minister’s Annual New Year’s Message:

Honorable Prime Minister Dean Barrow: “We will be able to proudly announce a ten million dollar Micro-Credit Facility through the National Bank of Belize. I stress that all Micro enterprises will qualify, this includes small farmers with their corn and wheat crops and their pigs and cows, urban and rural arts and crafts makers and those small cruise tourism tour operators. This funding should help to launch and float up many start up and fledgling enterprises and the importance of this is underscored by a statistic I just saw: 60% of all new jobs in the Western world are being created by SMA’s. I said earlier that the ten million dollar Micro-Credit Facility GOB that will charter this year will also be available to small farmers. That would nationally include those all important small citrus farmers and we are trying to do one better and are in discussion with SSB to provide a dedicated financing stream to small citrus growers. This would be in addition to the 15 million dollar facilities set up already like SSB for industry wide global expansion, fertilizer and replanting.”